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  1. Please help identify these moon anomalies
  2. Heliocentrism vs. Geocentrism - what the...?
  3. Moon Pics. Need Help :D
  4. apollo 11 video camera
  5. Bart Sibrel has been busy
  6. Whats the point of these threads.
  7. Fact or Fiction
  8. Books of 2012! -
  9. Hoaglandīs, MarsAnomaly and other, "Mars Forest" explained
  10. A possible explanation for Abduction...
  11. Transformers marketing consipracy
  12. 2007 = 2012
  13. The Camera and Neil Armstrong
  14. Finding a Moon Hoax DVD
  15. Don Alejandro - Mayan Elder.
  16. Funny conspiracy video (satire)
  17. Recording sounds from space
  18. Latest in Woo - "Big Machines Parked in Orbit"
  19. Wayne Green again..Flying Apollo wires?
  20. Perusing an old thread...
  21. White men did it
  22. Fighting Bad Astronomy with Bad Astronomy
  23. AGW conspiracy
  24. Did Pete Conrad nearly suffocate?
  25. New "Apollo 11 Smoking Gun" fakery accusation
  26. Roswell's weakest link
  27. New MRO images
  28. The moon footage ?
  29. Grand unfied theory
  30. Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA
  31. feedback on John Lear ideas
  32. Funny place to go 15 mags up!
  33. Proof of aliens
  34. Idle speculation...
  35. Texas UFO Sightings?
  36. Please do the exp..shut the old coot up!
  37. shadow of the moon
  38. apollo trip or not. I don't think so.
  39. No stars on Japanese moon pictures ?!?
  40. "Barsoomian Bigfoot Spotted"
  41. Minor detail on the Apolloīs footages
  42. Faked photographs
  43. Some more Apollo woo
  44. Bill Clinton said he's convinced that Roswell did not involve UFO's
  45. NIBURU - Brown Dwarf, The DESTROYER
  46. Moon Landing leftovers?
  47. Dr Jacques Vallee on C2C
  48. Moon Landing Conspiracy
  49. anyone know of this?
  50. Top Conspiracy Theories
  51. Favourite UFO Footage
  52. Apollo 16 ... vistors
  53. Fire Figthers trained for Future UFO contact
  54. Oh no! A UFO post!
  55. New evidence for 2012 TEOTWAWKI!!!
  56. I've moved beyond a NASA stooge
  57. UFO over London
  58. Thought experiment on faking the moon landing
  59. French Oscar winner endorses 9-11 conspiracy theories, also doubts Moon landings.
  60. 1944 The World turned nut (?)...the UFO era.
  61. Phil on CTs
  62. A14 first on moon .. and NASA owns up ?
  63. Hoagland VS Phil??
  64. Ziltoid The Omniscient!!!
  65. Chemtrails or Contrails?
  66. Global Warming
  67. Mar's Attack: Critical Review
  68. 360° footage during the Moon Landings
  69. New Video proves we went to the moon. What? There ARE pictures of the stars?
  70. An Moon Hoax Beliver quote I just have to share.
  71. Enceladus flyby conspiracy
  72. The Coca-cola Bottle on the Moon
  73. Does The Onion Have a Crystal Ball?
  74. Methane on the moon
  75. Yahoo lists Top Ten Space Conspiracy Theories
  76. Did anyone see this
  77. What is this thing?
  78. Is NASA hiding the truth?
  79. Apollo 11 landing site imaged by Japanese lunar orbiter.
  80. "Apollo Moon Hoax" Hoax Planetarium Show - Boulder, CO
  81. wires footage video?
  82. C To C
  83. Atmospheric moon(bear with me please)
  84. Shameful & painful to read Stephen Hawking UFO declarations
  85. How did you enter the fray
  86. Evolution of CT (Lizards vs Greys)
  87. HBs fight back
  88. can i say something please on planet x
  89. Smoking Gun Case: UFO Officer and Code Red.
  90. Nibiru
  91. A Couple of Tools For Sticks, BertL and Others To Use in Other Forums.
  92. Falcon Lake
  93. Phil vs Joe Rogan
  94. UFO files released by the UK government
  95. "Brainwash naive with UFOs" agenda: Measuring how important it is
  96. Interesting new Apollo Hoax Evidence On YouTube
  97. Top Ten Conspiracy Theories
  98. Great "science" hoaxes: Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs (Statins)
  99. Proof of Satellite Based Weather Modification / Chemtrails etc.
  100. Plait Vs Rogan - listen to the audio
  101. Ed Dames on C2C===we're all gonna die!!
  102. New Luna Cognita Video Posted - STS 112 Astronaut suit without an occupant!
  103. Richard Hoagland addresses Libertarian Party convention
  104. Phoenix Photo Game
  105. Phoenix has landed, how long till a Hoagland conspiracy?
  106. Moon Hoax video on Youtube
  107. Well, kiss geocentric nonsense goodbye...
  108. Luna Cognita replies
  109. Life on Mars
  110. finally ,the "proof" we've al lbeen waiting for..
  111. Why should UFO's be investigated?
  112. UFO's finally understood and explained.
  113. UFO or Previuosly classified aircraft.
  114. Moon "hoax" lesson results
  115. What did I see?
  116. it runs on water
  117. This Is Not A Real Photo Of The Inside Of A Chemtrail Plane Folks
  118. Nwo
  119. Proof of a fraud...JayUtah Exposed
  120. Gridkeeper and Jonn Lenard Walson-Complete frauds.
  121. Coincidence? Skeptical Nibiru post
  122. UFO over Cardiff?
  123. Why in the world?
  124. Painted on stars
  125. Some help please
  126. Google Sky is in on the Planet X Conspiracy
  127. Good: Of course a flag can wave in a vacuum , Hah
  128. I give up! (Moon Landing)
  129. UFO waste heat
  130. A call to arms
  131. Big Bang Cosmology sans Blackbody
  132. UFO in Costa Rica recorded on camera
  133. Apollo Validation Missions
  134. Planet X Redux
  135. Element 115
  136. dont buatfroums is a the goveermnt
  137. UFO Theories?
  138. UFO attack future false flag stunt?
  139. For the "Apollo/moon hoax" crowd
  140. the Scorpion Planet
  141. A couple of quick questions
  142. Definitive Proof the US of A Never Lended On The Moon...
  143. UFO or Illusion? Wooo-oo-o...
  144. Google Sky Weirdness
  145. UFO statement from Edgar Mitchell recently
  146. NASA dragging their heels on purpose
  147. What is an HB?
  148. Conspiracy As Conspiracy
  149. The BAUT logo conspiracy(Poe laws apply)
  150. How woo can I go?
  151. A possible origin for the whole Nibiru thang
  152. Nikola Tesla
  153. Flat Earth
  154. Thanks BAUT.
  155. Hello ,I'M new and have a NASA cover up here.
  156. Need help! Several UFO "incidents"
  157. What IS it with H.B.'s about rockets landing?
  158. Moon: It's impossible to convince HBs
  159. No Stars Argument....
  160. More twists and turns
  161. Disappointment over Mythbusters not touching anything to do with 9-11 Conspiracy, etc
  162. Conspiracies are real - and they do exist... etc
  163. The UFO conspiracy
  164. Conspiracy connections
  165. The Lost Civilisation of Mars
  166. 911 Conspiracy Debate. Sept 12th in Toronto
  167. RCH: Explorer I and Antigravity?
  168. the cumberland spaceman
  169. Moon Landing Hoax???
  170. Polar Shift in 2012?
  171. The END OF THE WORLD!!!!
  172. The END OF THE WORLD!!!!
  173. ufologists blaming skeptics for being biased
  174. A few points about Ufology....
  175. The Moon, the "Protective Layer", and the Lie.
  176. Footprint on the Moon
  177. New Anti-Pseudo-Astronomy Blog
  178. Criticism of CT title section
  179. the malmstrom case
  180. the cash-landrum encounter
  181. UFOs and Nukes
  182. Bit behind the times, my appologies
  183. Anyone here listen to Coast to Coast AM?
  184. Mars Express Images - Rex Heflin UFO Analysis
  185. Google Earth reviled UFO and Alien anomaly,Buenos Aires,Argentina,2008
  186. Alex Jones Unhinged
  187. Congratulations China ... but was that a live tv launch broadcast ?
  188. Chinese flag waves during their first spacewalk
  189. Discovery channel eyewitness,UFO over Tepic Nayarit Mexico City,Mexico, 2008
  190. All the Truth about 2012
  191. UFOs in WWII Navy film? I think not.........
  192. UFO at Shenzhou launch
  193. Confused about 2012 (yes, another one!)
  194. October 14 UFO,2008 Blossom Goodchild,clarification,2008
  195. A Couple of Quick Calamity Questions. (Wow, alliteration's fun!)
  196. The truth at last!
  197. Breaking news - UFO
  198. A good explanation for UFO phenomena
  199. Another paranoia mind due to 2012
  200. UK National Archives release new UFO related documents
  201. In a thread far, far away
  202. The world is going to end December 31st, 2099!
  203. Arecibo Reply
  204. SHGb02+14a - theory
  205. Paul Hellyer statement
  206. Can someone please refute this?
  207. Little Britain USA; Astronaut Bing Gordyn
  208. Utilization Refusal of Tesla's Invention to Reserve Means of Charging the Public
  209. light on earth
  210. Moon landing denied. Stephen hawking
  211. Question about Asteroid
  212. Thoughts on CT's in general
  213. Why does the media perpetuate pseudoscience?
  214. Debunk Apollo Hoax Theory
  215. Todaytomorrow UFO Thread
  216. Why disclosure will never happen
  217. Who and what are all these people?
  218. martian wood
  219. two absolute definitive answer proving man on the moon is not a hoax
  220. Harry Potter and the Big Bang Hoax Theory
  221. Is BAUT a part of the conspiracy?
  222. I said to a coleague of mine: "You are a conspiracy nut" :)
  223. Let Me Enlighten U's claims
  224. Zvezdichko's UFO thread...
  225. Scott Grissom
  226. A trick I played on the Nibiru folks
  227. Sorry to do this to you all but...well...take a look...
  228. MORE 2012 magnetic field nonsense, help!
  229. Former Canadian Defence Minister admits of Alien Technology operated by USA
  230. Submitted for your entertainment.....lol
  231. here's a fun conspiracy- actually a few of them all rolled into one..
  232. Can someone please help?
  233. the physics of nighttime UFO
  234. A solution to the moon landing debate
  235. Police officer saw 600 Foot UFO Over Stephenville,Texas,USA
  236. If Global Warming exists, how long do we have until we are gone?
  237. Hey guys, guess what I have, another Planet X thread!
  238. Another sensless act of bad science
  239. Ufo hits wind turbine ?
  240. Are there NASA employees who believe that Apollo was faked?
  241. proof that Phil is in on the moon hoax
  242. A Very Objective Coverage
  243. Earliest Roswell UFO Inference
  244. are "whistleblowers" tooting their own horn?
  245. Obama briefed on "ufo intelligence reports"
  246. Hey NASA Thanks for the smearing
  247. Those poor cattle
  248. The "you have never been there" argument. What do you do?
  249. Unfortunate Coincidence or Evidence of an Anti-Satellite Weapon?
  250. Video of 'UFO' at Inauguration Gets Internet Buzz