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  1. Another Planet X conspiracy....
  2. Blue Glowing Astronauts
  3. Danish Airforce opens its UFO files...
  4. Nick Pope...
  5. Bokeh is the new lens flare...
  6. Bonneville Crater Glitch
  7. Recession Engineered to Kick the Oil Habit
  8. NASA and occult?
  9. Youtube video attempts to show Chinese spacewalk as faked underwater
  10. 4 videos, a billion questions
  11. Using Electromagnetic fields for propulsion.
  12. Iridium 33 Cosmos 2251 Collision Not An Accident!
  13. raburgeson on NASA image
  14. Survey on E.T.'s
  15. Apollo slow-scan TV tapes and panorama photographs
  16. Apollo Inflamed?
  17. Feynman quote on UFOs...
  18. Why UFOs Cannot Be Classified Top Secret Planes?
  19. Economic Debunking of the Moon Hoax
  20. Moon - Please help me identify this.
  21. An example of Pareidolia ?
  22. Astronauts and UFOs
  23. I am not crazy about any conspiracy theory
  24. A different view to my NASA Smearing. UFO Probes?
  25. NASA photo duplication
  26. Mr. Platts is not alone...
  27. UFOs Explained?
  28. STS-51A Debunked ?
  29. Is Anbody Here Familiar with William Rutledge and Apollo 20
  30. Can STS-114 Be Debunked?
  31. The trained observer of UFO's...
  32. Stephensville revisited...
  33. I enjoy a good yarn but...
  34. 2012 end of the world?
  35. Closer to home : our Moon
  36. I'm trying to understand ... where are we headed?
  37. Old Sol is DIMMING.
  38. Moon rising?
  39. High schoolers use Apollo recordings to measure moon distance
  40. United Nations UNGA Decision 33/42 (1978)
  41. Advice for Conspiracy Theory Supporters
  42. NASA didn't put men on the Moon
  43. Morristown NJ UFO
  44. The Lunar Module Too Flimsy?
  45. O'Hare video appears...
  46. The Aztec UFO case...
  47. Friedman on Roswell
  48. Do you think that Aliens can Coexist with us in Warp state?
  49. 27% of American's are HBs
  50. Can someone do me a favour?
  51. Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, Enlarged and Revised Edition
  52. Yet another Roswell story...
  53. UFO Press Conference today
  54. hale crater ESAs images
  55. Planet X: The South Pole Telescope
  56. Chinese space walk conspiracy
  57. I personally debunked NO STARS in MOON PICTuRES
  58. papadipongo's UFO thread
  59. Judy Wood: a suspicious Hurricane on 911
  60. Nibiru first sight? Disprove please.
  61. 200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon
  62. why we may have not went to the moon
  63. How to end the Mayan Calendar 2012 nonsense
  64. Reptilian and Semitic influence
  65. 1976 by the Viking Lander
  66. Seeking Apollo hoax stories
  67. objects in the space or a trash fake ?
  68. 57th Bilderberg Meeting
  69. Hoagland Ad Quotes Fictional Expert
  70. Nibiru in Orion? (phase2_gsc2 image)
  71. Ustica accident and UFO
  72. Piknar's JFK claims
  73. Proof of Roswell?
  74. Regarding Tunguska, etc.
  75. Alien Abductions, my final statement
  76. The Truth Behind NASA's UFO Videos
  77. Historical irony
  78. well,
  79. Did we go to the Moon?
  80. Obama...a Muslim?
  81. Johnny87's UFO thread
  82. Thoughts please
  83. Understanding Space Radiation
  84. Believers? What do you think alien spacecraft are here?
  85. moon laser reflections
  86. If all is conspired?
  87. Beware, Apollo hoaxers! Your silly theory is finally coming to an end!
  88. LRO/LCROSS conspiracies
  89. Nibiru traffic
  90. Roswell Crash technology
  91. Apollo 20
  92. Crop Circles!
  93. Tunguska, bizarre theory posed.
  94. Why doesn't NASA sue a hoaxbeliever?
  95. Posted for those who desperately need it.
  96. Hi there, all you moon landing believers!
  97. Hm...boring UFOs again?
  98. Apollo 13, "Houston, We've Had A Problem" Spacecraft Films Film Question
  99. Bart Must Be Getting Desperate
  100. Hoagland reveals NASA conspiracy ...to expose NASA
  101. Lost technologies
  102. Krishnas on the Moon Hoax
  103. Apollo 11 Landing : FAKE of CENTURY
  104. New NASA footage has brought out the HBs
  105. LRO Apollo images, tomorrow!
  106. Apollo 11 splashdown event in Toronto
  107. [Busted] NASA caught faking Gemini-10 Spacewalk Photos?
  108. Strongest Forensic Evidence Proving Apollo Mission
  109. A question about this paricular forum
  110. Question about color of connectors on A7L
  111. JayUtah in Newsweek
  112. show about Apollo hoax
  113. Need help explaining Apollo 11 to a CT
  114. LRO images Apollo Landing sites
  115. Bart Sibrel On Geraldo
  116. HBs and Neil Armstrong's flubbed line
  117. A new HB hits the scene
  118. Stanley Kubric faked Apollo 11??
  119. Whoopi Goldberg a hoax believer?
  120. A battle royal.
  121. Russian cosmonauts - hoax believers.
  122. Landing transcript.
  123. Object moving between stones on Mars . Explain THIS skeptics!
  124. Did NASA Officials Commit A Crime by Obtaining and Destroying the Apollo Tapes?
  125. Military Aspects and the Moon Hoax
  126. Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified
  127. Shadow length in LRO images
  128. Serious problem with "The Stars"
  129. Apollo astronauts able to walk about when they returned to Earth
  130. The "one way or the other" issue.
  131. A story about Apollo astronaut you may not heard
  132. Say it ain't so Buzz!
  133. No crater under LEM 9982 lbs engine?!
  134. I think the Apollo hoax talk went well
  135. No stars? Fake.
  136. Betelgeuse Nukes Earth, anyone debunk this comical woo woo?
  137. The Moon Landing Hoax show is definitely over
  138. CW Leonis AKA Planet X. Please help me debunk.
  139. Dear Scientific American, why?
  140. Lunar Rover threads wear
  141. The gauntlet is thrown.
  142. Wisnewski: "One Small Step"
  143. Werner von Braun: war criminal 1980
  144. Video of the Earth from the Moon's surface
  145. Stars
  146. NASA black'n white conspiracy nuts...
  147. good luck mister gorski
  148. University of Mars - Hale Crater
  149. What color is the Moon anyway?
  150. NASA fixing photos again?
  151. Film clips that are a bit odd
  152. The Ultimate Conspiracy Lunar Landing Hoax The Ultimate Debunking Site
  153. Philip Schneider
  154. UFO As Global Risk
  155. Nazi Saucers
  156. [THE KEY] Number to the Universe
  157. Dear BAUT. Binary Brown Dwarf is now a proven fact. No debunking.
  158. So you think there is a moon landing conspiracy...
  159. Solar Impact - 8/22/09?
  160. Mars meteorite conspiracy
  161. Apollo 11 Lunar UFOs
  162. New claim: lunar module ascent stage too nimble
  163. The Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy
  164. UN Agenda 21 and the coming pole reversal scare
  165. A good ufo video-capture ?
  166. Brink is back.. with a present for BAUT. Binary Star, A gift.
  167. finally- photographic PROOF that the landings were faked..
  168. 'Moon rock' in Dutch museum is just petrified wood
  169. USAF Lunar Bridge???
  170. The Deafening Silence on the Chemtrail Phenomenon
  171. 3 Basic Questions on the Van Allen Belt
  172. The Dumbing down of School Children
  173. Retroflectors - Is This A Joke?
  174. A friend of mine no longer a Moon hoax believer :)
  175. Lol? Conspiracy theorist convinces Armstrong that the Moon landing was faked
  176. The True Purpose of the Pyramids
  177. Apollo 12-Surveyor 3 duo found on the Moon!
  178. Van Allen Belts
  179. The punch
  180. Is it really possible to photoshop a lunar lander without getting caught?
  181. The psychology of rationalizing what you want to believe
  182. A little help, Photos of Lunar landing from Space?
  183. Did ISRO try to hide from the public problems surrounding Chandrayaan-1?
  184. best/strangest ufo footage ive seen in awhile
  185. Interesting FOIA trivia
  186. Where did the lunar regolith come from?
  187. Brown dwarf orbiting the Sun
  188. Are there any conspiracies you believe might be based on some truth?
  189. Blast Crater for Lunar Module
  190. Stealth Blimp?
  191. Caught Red Handed [water on Moon info withheld?]
  192. Sorcha Faal's cometary "The Blood of God"
  193. No stars here, no stars ther. . .WTH?
  194. Water on the Moon: A Conspiracy?
  195. Lunar eavesdropping in Louisville, Kentucky
  196. Huge Nozzle on Mars? (help with explanation)
  197. Something strange in orbit.
  198. Did man really land on the moon?
  199. Is there even something to this?
  200. McGowan's "Wagging the Moondoggie"
  201. UFO Mass Hallucination?
  203. My Apollo Hoax theories talk
  204. LCROSS skepticism
  205. An objection to the moon landing.
  206. Overly vague/complex answers we give to CTers
  207. Moon hoax talk: Got the title, now I need material
  208. Apollo Landings and the Hoax Believers
  209. Ufo Dives Underwater... and disinfo tactics.
  210. Raphael on CERN
  211. Investigating the Investigative Organisations
  212. What would you do if..........
  213. Apollo 15 Landing Site Topography Digitally Reconstructed from Kaguya 3D Data
  214. two astronauts in reflection
  215. Another Moon hoax thread
  216. NASA is a military organization
  217. Russian Navy discloses UFO files
  218. True or not?
  219. A Possible Tool in the Fight Against HBers
  220. NASA FAQ: 2012: [...] Why the World Won't End?
  221. IEA using overinflated oil reserve numbers -- peak oil already here
  222. Ancient Aliens
  223. Planetary Society space-imaging-class conspiracy
  224. milky way , 2012 etc.
  225. Moon hoax debunk these please
  226. What are Alien Abductions about?
  227. Theory on alien visitors
  228. An HB claim to deal with
  229. Black smudge on COR1 (Nasa 'STEREO' spacecraft)
  230. footpad dust and conspiracy recants
  231. Comparing Vostok 1 to Friendship 7
  232. Hello [Question about image]
  233. Denver to create UFO Commission
  234. Thomhegs Apollo questions
  235. The mother of all woo woo sites.....
  236. Hey Ladies!!! What's this? (Norway Spiral)
  237. *** Moon Rising *** A Must See UFO Film about our Moon!
  238. Norwegian spiral not Russian missile
  239. The Hessdalen Lights
  240. what is in this video? jupiter or wormwood?
  241. New here
  242. Here's how you DON'T prove the Dulce base exists.
  243. Neptune's Mass Recalculated
  244. Best ufo cases
  245. Not entirely sure where to put this, so I'll put it here.
  246. Update to rules
  247. Dwarf Star
  248. The Dr.JamesHansen Conspiracy
  249. Yuri Gagarin Conspiracy
  250. Jose Escamilla