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  1. ours or theirs?
  2. My Unique Theory On Alien Intervention...
  3. Michael Horn, American Rep. for Swiss UFO-Contactee, Visits My Blog
  4. Discovery UFO in 1991
  5. Former poster still around
  6. The problem with Conspiracy theories..
  7. Do these new photos weaken or strengthen the 911 conspiracy claims?
  8. Planet X
  9. Battle of L.A. Video
  10. Walking on the moon
  11. David Jacobs UFO Abduction Experts
  12. Sand has betrayed NASA!2
  13. OrbiterFan's photo analysis
  14. Sauron's Methodolgy thread
  15. Accused of photoshopping on my first HB-busting movie
  16. LRO team is sitting on imagery, Lunas and Lunokhod pics
  17. Moon Rising "Fake" UFOs Debunked They are Craters!
  18. The gauntlet has been thrown down!!!
  19. magnetism for energy
  20. Alien Abduction - Is this guy mistaken, or lying!?
  21. Sententia's Chemtrail Claims
  22. Has anyone seen this 2012 WooWoo garbage?
  23. UFO Photo Proves Aliens Created Nazca Lines
  24. What did i see
  25. UFO at Maui
  26. 2010 EW45 --> Asteroid #### Harlod Camping? ;)
  27. The astronomy argument against alien visitation
  28. NASTA Apollo hoax discussion
  29. Disc Shape UFO Photographed Over Argentina
  30. SETI on 'Sunday Morning'
  31. Just how easy is it to fake a UFO video?
  32. Grrr! Look what came top of a Google search!
  33. Project Cloverleaf - The Science Behind it
  34. Jarrah White fan
  35. The Heck Is This Thing?
  36. J Riff Conspiracy Thread
  37. [Question on construction of Apollo 16 flag]
  38. Google Moon - Blacked-out Areas
  39. SOHO image from April 19th 2009
  40. What did IRAS find?
  41. A new wild theory: Voyager spaceships hijacked by aliens!
  42. What would be the effects of Nibiru on the asteroid belt?
  43. skipped a theory from the hbs
  44. Mythbusters
  45. Moon Hoaxers
  46. Planetarium software for Nibiru hunters
  47. Spiral Over Australia - Another Rocket?
  48. Westall 66
  49. Set of YouTube.com Videos Explaining Astronomy of 2012
  50. Stanton Friedman is at it again... UFO coverup - Cosmic Watergate...
  51. So people still believe Nasa is constantly lying to the public?
  52. The Bart Sibrel Facebook Page.
  53. UFOs and the National Security State by Richard M. Dolan & Jacques F. Vallee
  54. What's the matter with the "Battle of Los Angeles"?
  55. The Disclosure Project?
  56. Moon hoax: why do people believe it?
  57. update
  58. Investigations asked to "control and limit", discusions of certain conspiracy events!
  59. Apollo 16 site snapped from orbit
  60. Yet more [people] who believe in Nibiru...
  61. Moon and the Psychics
  62. Excellent primer for debunking the moon hoax
  63. Moon Hoax instigated by CIA
  64. If I am not "Toseeked" check this Onion Page out.....very funny!
  65. John Xenir's Questions about the Moon Landings
  66. Catalog actions against your state from each arm of the NWO starting from 1961 - 2009
  67. Yet Another really, really bad YouTube video
  68. I have proof life existed on Mars, but...
  69. Not Really Venus?
  70. Did UFOs buzz the white house 1952?
  71. Mars pic: Artificial or Natural?
  72. New analysis of Apollo jump footage apparently proves wires were used
  73. Reality has a liberal bias!
  74. 5 UFO Sightings
  75. Hawking said to get out Earth. But how?
  76. Tony7777's ChemTrail Ideas
  77. The BBC and the Richard Feynman Lectures?
  78. Spoof of the Moon Landing Hoax
  79. What Do You Think of My Prediction?
  80. American Global Warming WMDs, now with lasers!
  81. Michio Kaku ????
  82. Hoagland's link to NASA?
  83. The Biefeld-Brown Effect and Flying Saucers
  84. When Do the CT's Claims and Accusations Cross the Line?
  85. Here's a great link
  86. Ex-Military Personnel to Speak at National Press Club About Aliens
  87. Tracking of Apollo 11
  88. [Sunrise and 2012]
  89. Footage of UFOs disproves Moon Landing
  90. [Mars image artifacts (or not?)]
  91. Hurrah for QI!
  92. ok, so if the maya don't believe anything to happen in 2012...
  93. UFO 'Theme Park' in Blackpool UK
  94. Ufo forces airport shutdown ?? Oh dear
  95. 2012 sunspot cycle theory
  96. Saved from the dark side: reformed HBs
  97. Mayan Calander off by 50 years (we wait til 2062 for the end)
  98. Budget of NASA 1960 - 1973
  99. Weltraum's UFO thread
  100. what do you make of this?
  101. Interesting reflection in Apollo 9 video
  102. Multiple UFOs - what are these?
  103. Need help debunking a couple of Moon landing hoax claims
  104. Mars Anomaly Research - The Book
  105. Eric12407's UFO thread
  106. Saved from the dark side
  107. Why alien spaceships instead of mistakes?
  108. Tombaugh, UFO's and 'portholes'
  109. Death Star Entering the Solar System?
  110. is the asteroid 2023 Asaph a threat?
  111. 1987 New Science and Invention Encyclopedia
  112. Roger Leir, Derrel Sims and implants
  113. more nibiru chaos and now the moon's tilting?
  114. NASA - deliberately delaying the end of the Space Shuttle program to save jobs?
  115. Shocking video! We've already been to Mars! ;-)
  116. Lid of Palenque - stargazing aid?
  117. Nibiru & The Bilderberg Group
  118. the great moon fake debate.
  119. 3 Very Large Objects In Space Flying To Earth
  120. Here is one for Robert Hastings....
  121. [Photo evidence of prior life on Mars]
  122. Humanity's True History - Ancient Aliens
  123. It must be true! It's in Pravda!
  124. Hm... a Russian pro-Apollo hoax article gains popularity ...
  125. Kaboom's pyramid thread
  126. Apollo landing sites photographed by LRO....
  127. A Galactic Eclipse to happen in 2012?
  128. Middle earth in Antartica
  129. Moon Landing
  130. Is there any truth to this?
  131. Birds dropping from the sky?!
  132. Your thoughts on dealing with non-responsive CT's in other forums and settings?
  133. what is in this SOHO video?
  134. Are svector's videos still available anywhere online?
  135. Yes, yet another thread regarding aliens
  136. List of Apollo sample allocation
  137. HB assistance - blast crater
  138. Itanimulli dot com
  139. Help debunking UFOs
  140. Military secrets are science secrets, science is power
  141. Transference of Credibility -- Has anyone else encountered this?
  142. Eyewitness recollection
  143. Major UFO Sighting Witness UFO shot out of sky
  144. Sitchin's Nibiru size?
  145. Apollo 12 Moon photo: false Sun?
  146. Egyptians, the number 33, Sirius and Orion crazy talk
  147. Do conspiricy people always assume that bright stars are nibiru?
  148. Must be a REALLY slow news day!
  149. [thomheg claims on Apollo missions]
  150. A Newbie Needs Help Answering HBer...
  151. FEMA responsible for Earthquakes?
  152. Why do you think there are very few Moon photos from India/China/Japan
  153. UFO nonsense?
  154. Conspiracy!
  155. Mars photo strip
  156. Was the Tokyo earthquake started by a recent Large Hadron Collider experiment?
  157. Comet Elenin Cause Of Earthquakes?
  158. Impossible Nasa shots
  159. WISE shutdown conspiracy
  160. UFOs Generals Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record
  161. Be mindful of the eye-mind connection
  162. present nature of UFO photos/videos
  163. Sovereignty and the UFO
  164. Official UFO coverup (not)
  165. the tehran ufo incident of 1976
  166. Mars lakes and forests?
  167. Mars University's Thread
  168. The Moon in all its splendor.
  169. "Yuri Gagarin was never in space"
  170. [classic on Roswell]
  171. Possibly the funniest ever HB video
  172. Eye Witness Testimony & Memory
  173. Moonfunk's thread
  174. naiveharry's thread
  175. More grist for the UFO mill
  176. If you give a mouse a cookie....
  177. wooism
  178. The Tether Incident (Space Shuttle Mission: STS-75)
  179. 'Faulty Wiring' ?
  180. The Phoenix Lights
  181. The Great, "Can Stars be Seen with the Naked Eye in the Lunar Sky" Controversy
  182. Could Neil Armstrong See Stars When He Delivered the Famous "ONE SMALL STEP LINES"
  183. Fake Apollo 11 Clip
  184. Alan Bean Didn't Know about the Van Allen Belts
  185. The Apollo Astronauts Are Fake and Phony!!!!
  186. Astronauts Cannot Keep Their Stories Straight
  187. Wow, six out of the top eight topics locked!
  188. Why Cernan saw stars and Armstrong did not
  189. Bogus Lunar Module Landing!!!!!
  190. 9/11
  191. Comet Elenin Confirmed to be causing Earthquakes?
  192. UFO Crash at Roswell: Soviets Pretending to be Aliens
  193. Mars Express [images]
  194. Perhaps the most intriguing human like face found on mars
  195. Open Thread For Comet Elenin Updates
  196. A Blogg
  197. Bio-Station Alpha
  198. [pepiboy32 introduces oscar santamaria huertes]
  199. Block in SOHO image.
  200. NASA Safety Brief
  201. do you support a conference to PROVE the apollo landings were REAL
  202. What Is Next To Our Sun?
  203. [J Riff on early spaceflight]
  204. Sun In Mawson, Antarctica?
  205. UFOs seen in London skies: viral video spotlight
  206. Bogus Physiology as Proves Astronauts Lie
  207. Charles Berry was in on the Apollo Fraud
  208. ufos on the ground
  209. Why All The Antagonism?
  210. Is It CW Leonis or Not?
  211. Comet Elenin [again]
  212. Comet Elenin Is Of Intelligent Design
  213. [first ever major earthquake to be predicted]
  214. The Inconstant Moon
  215. The people its crazy?
  216. [Debunking the Comet Elenin conspiracies]
  217. UFOs on NASA Official Photos. STS 88
  218. orange and yellow object
  219. von Braun, What a Big Creep!
  220. What is this IBEX Ribbon conspiracy?
  221. UFO found on ocean floor?
  222. Have a new Conspiracy Theories?
  223. Nibiru in Russian Media
  224. [CuriousKiwi's comet thread]
  225. LRO to take more detailed photos of Apollo landing sites!
  226. Monstrous planetary- comet alignement August 17 2011
  227. Moon photos vs Mars photos - photos reveal moon hoax
  228. Conspiracy invitation
  229. Are climate alarmists trying to prevent Venus missions from approval?
  230. Elenin and Google Sky
  231. [Ong on LRO]
  232. [Zvezdichko's LRO / Moon Hoax thread]
  233. [Don J's UFO thread]
  234. [PaulLogan's UFO thread]
  235. Dr. David Lewis Anderson shows that time chaning and traveling
  236. Ong's hat/Incunabula papers
  237. Illinois Triangle UFO Sighting
  238. UFO very close observation TURKEY KASTAMONU ANDIRAZ
  239. The matter of UFO's is a real one
  240. Has anyone heard of a Dr Karl Hoffenheimer?
  241. Chemtrail, mind control and a BioAPI. You won't believe it.
  242. Mayan Elders National Council
  243. Crop Circle T367
  244. [UFOs and Observers]
  245. Miranda Bach...astronaut?
  246. THRIVE: To be released on the 11:11:11
  247. Evolutionists will "find" martian organisms?
  248. Dr. Carol Rosin and the staged aliien invasion theory
  249. Canada Admits: Alien Technology Operated by US...
  250. Mayan filmakers release photos that will "prove" that the Mayans met aliens