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  1. Wes Penre/Annunaki
  2. My Own Personal UFO account
  3. Nibiru is now a ghost?
  4. A new moon hoax book.
  5. NSA Releases UFO Files Reveals "Alien Messages" Received
  6. Whitehouse claims responded by Stanton Friedman
  7. The Perfect Conspiracy Movie...
  8. Why are grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli here?
  9. [aliensdidit pyramid thread]
  10. CW Leonis
  11. What are these objects
  12. Need help debunking this guy
  13. Alien serpants living in the atmosphere?
  14. i can prove neil armstrong is fony
  15. Did the US sabotage Russia's Phobos-Grunt? (My Take: ...No)
  16. What happened at Roswel?So much has been made
  17. NASA discovers STRANGE STAR heading for earth
  18. Solar flare wake around Mercury is giant spaceship
  19. Russians I have known
  20. Chris Everard -The Ether of Spce/LHC trying to create black holes on purpose
  21. Mass UFO Sightings - Skeptical
  22. NASA <Insert silly claim> Conspiracy Theory Observation
  23. Kim Jong Il dead - killed in a coup led by his son?
  24. why only USA?
  25. [Nidio_Ohio's UFO thread]
  26. how does one make money out of ufology.... discuss
  27. [Astronauts] cannot find stars
  28. the astronauts never landed on the moon because the moon lander was not good .
  29. Why NASA has never returned to The Moon?
  30. Pane Andov
  31. "Houston, we have a problem!" (Yugoslavian space program)
  32. [Moon temp versus PLSS]
  33. Why Obama Canceled Moon Base
  34. Holding Back Technology - Magnets & Gravity.
  35. Asteroid to hit Antarctica This Fall
  36. Tranquility Base, 20JUL1969. Surface temperature?
  37. GRO J1655-40 is coming to Earth?
  38. Earth's Core
  39. Nutron explosions were cause of last years sescmic activity in Virgina and Colorado.
  40. Mysterious Object in Austrailia
  41. Conjunctions
  42. the Bachelor tv show is a conspiracy like Neil Armstrong
  43. Apollo 18 and Stanton friedman
  44. The Secret World (in Development Conspiracy Theory/Legends MMO Game)
  45. I proved Neil armstrong fony
  46. Ike met aliens
  47. Nuclear Lies! All nuke weapons are hoaxes!
  48. Moon Hoax at the British interplanetary Society
  49. Sitchin as NASA consultor
  50. Apollo hoax [Radiation 7 vs 11]
  51. Proof that JAXA photoshopped their Apollo 15 images!
  52. HBs and astronomy in general
  53. [enio's Moon Hoax thread]
  54. I really do believe we are on to something
  55. what is causing this: "earth sized ship sucking energy from the sun".
  56. Miscellaneous Apollo hoax discussion
  57. Where is the flag's shadow?
  58. Professional Pilot Testimony
  59. Apollo hoax and the VA Belts
  60. [brilongstaff's UFO thread]
  61. Wait, Bart Sibrel is PART of the "Cover Up"?????
  62. Is this true? [area 51, Art Bell, aliens ...]
  63. Funny Web page abotu COnpiracies in general
  64. About UFO's. [why fake evidence?]
  65. Ufo Continued Debate on the Nature of these Craft and Possible Origins
  66. The Colares Flap Incident
  67. Noob With A Question [HB's with legitimate credentials?]
  68. FBI had a conspiracy theory about Richard Feynman
  69. Ancient Aliens TV Show - Werner Von Braum, elongated skulls, a few questions.
  70. S band weapon against Apollo HB's
  71. Jack White dead
  72. Smoking Gun NASA STS-75 UFOs proven real: Forensic Analysis + Commentary
  73. XKCD vs the Moon Hoax crowd.
  74. Forum Name Change Tonight
  75. Thot I was banned
  76. Research finds correlation between conspiracy beliefs and climate change denial
  77. Samuel Noah Kramer & Sitchin?
  78. Object in Lobachevsky crater
  79. Planet Orbit are off?
  80. Debunking NeddyFlandersRollsss's videos....
  81. Earth appears too small?
  82. Apophis October 2012
  83. Peter Levenda's "Secret Space Program"
  84. Why does the Martian sky appear to be so bright and earthlike?
  85. Stumbled Across a Video on YouTube
  86. UFO secret revealed once again
  87. Pyramids in the Antarctica!?!
  88. speculation: US has unused space shuttles in reserve, otherwise Russia takes over
  89. Can Someone Explain This
  90. I am perplexed by UFO claim
  91. Clinton Admits Investigating Area 51.
  92. They want to believe -- but it's just so very hard
  93. Apollo cameras on the moon
  94. [solon's fluorescence process thread]
  95. The truth about the Mayan Calendar
  96. Medvedev says "Men in Black" is a documentary...
  97. Black rift
  98. Question about dec 21
  99. Sun's glare shape in Apollo pictures
  100. How a secret mission to the Moon in the mid 60 may have happened?
  101. Black Knight Satellite
  102. NEO Apophis CT
  103. DoD directive S-5200.13 about military space program and civil contractors.
  104. goodnights' Moon Landing Hoax thread
  105. Whatever happened to Svector?
  106. A tool I felt some here might find useful
  107. [humor] - Evidence, finally!
  108. Conspiracy theory poll
  109. The Aliens are already here......
  110. Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
  111. ET UFO's
  112. [Sirius film]
  113. Sun ejects perfectly circular "CME" which changes direction
  114. Have you ever seen a UFO?
  115. Are ET''s trying to communicate with us via anomalies in NASA images?
  116. Apollo 17 Ascent stage thrust and its acceleration.
  117. How to talk to Moon hoax believers.
  118. U.F.O's...What would amount to Proof....
  119. Mini-Hubble
  120. The Flag Anomaly Proves the Hoax by Itself
  121. Tips on Dealing with Family Members who are Conspiracy Theorists
  122. Are star/constellation positions changing ?
  123. Comet ison....same old stuff
  124. Strange objects seen on NASA stereo
  125. NASA and US space mission patch symbology
  126. has this been covered yet? Spirit images a "car" on Mars... in 2013...
  127. Planet X now seen in constellation of Capricornus
  128. Leslie Kean book review.
  129. Poll on news site
  130. debunk this conspiracy theory:
  131. Planet X 2014
  132. Hermetic Beliefs that changed World history.
  133. ‘Biometric Classroom’ Monitors Students’ Eye Movements And Conversations
  134. Nibiru - Planet X
  135. Bizarre 'alien base' spotted on Google Earth image of surface of Moon
  136. Latest Apollo Hoax Proof
  137. Mars Curiosity Rover
  138. Moon is covered by a hologram.
  139. Just when you thought the hoax was dead.
  140. Alien Spacecraft? Moon 'Fly'? 'Moon monsters'?
  141. To the member here known as "Strange"
  142. The 1947 Roswell NM Crash: Where Did The Craft Come From?
  143. If the Multiverse is real does that mean travellers from outside could have found us?
  144. Brother Bart - Bart Sibrel that is.
  145. What's in SOHO Image from Nov. 11, 2005, 07:19? Cosmic Ray? Something Else?
  146. Why was NASA Solar Eclipse website taken down for a week in February of this year?
  147. Area 51, Moon Landing and Man in Black documentaries
  148. chaos cloud in 2014, what do you think? really a hoax?
  149. ISS live feed of Earth: fisheye hoax.
  150. Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul Hill
  151. Which Buzz Aldrin Interview is this Clip From?
  152. the many uses of aluminum foil..
  153. Horizon is always on eye level.
  154. Thigh Bone on Mars
  155. Status of HB's
  156. how to interpret these images of Stereo?
  157. Another nail in the coffin for Apollo hoax theories
  158. Space Shuttles behave exactly as the Sun. Apparent motion bluff.
  159. This asteroid ( 2014 gd 15 ) is it really a threat? ( GLP forum )
  160. A (fake) black out in 2014?
  161. the asteroid (2014 UR116) is not a threat to earth?
  162. Moon Hoax/NASA Cover-Up I don't know what to call this book I found on Amazon.
  163. The Grangemouth - Electric UFO & Similar Sightings
  164. The Origins of the term 'Conspiracy Theory'
  165. Mare Serenitiatis Made By Extraterrestrials
  166. September 24 2015 asteroid collision
  167. Ancient Aliens is a load of bunk
  168. Roswell Hype won't stop
  169. "Mysterious Planet X May Really Lurk Undiscovered in Our Solar System"
  170. Moon objects in Armstrong's wardrobe
  171. Are Walson's video real?
  172. This Friday asteroid is safe?
  173. Apollo 12 Lunar TV Camera , There was a plaque hidden inside of it by the engineer.
  174. [RakshasasWolfmoon's moon hoax thread - belief systems]
  175. A Vexing Moon Puzzle
  176. The Super ETH
  177. There are still Planet X believers
  178. Stereo Parallax?
  179. Moon Landing Investigation
  180. Pyramid on Mars
  181. UFO's - another possibility
  182. JayUtah I have a question for you.
  183. An Odd Document
  184. "How do we know the Pluto images are real?"
  185. Why argue about UFOs?
  186. Jal 1628 ufo
  187. I saw a UFO Friday night.
  188. Asteroid september ?
  189. Interview With Charlie Duke
  190. Fly me to the Moon - For all Mankind
  191. There is a pizzeria in neptune's atmosphere.
  192. Chemtrail analysis
  193. A fresh view. Where should I start?
  194. Do people just start conspiracy theories to be annoying?
  195. Youtube
  196. The Ariel Phenomenon..
  197. Henry Ford's Soup
  198. Conspiracy theory ... theory :)
  199. The Freemason Chapel of Outer Space
  200. Living Underground on Mars
  201. [Doubting Thomas' moon thread]
  202. Evolution of themes in 70 years of ufology
  203. Need help debunking Planet X - gravitational pull
  204. The Apollo lander
  205. Curious thing I've seen on Mars.
  206. How I Faked the Apollo Moon Landing
  207. Free Store's Planet X thread
  208. Podesta on ufo disclosure
  209. Will the Nibiru thing ever end?
  210. Apollo lander rendezvous with command module
  211. Alleged UFO Videos
  212. Apollo 11 press conference
  213. [CT Beliefs of Spaceflight Fakery]
  214. Apollo on trial
  215. Gordon Cooper's Testimony
  216. What is the earliest recorded conspiracy theory?
  217. Chemtrails Debunked
  218. Youtube music producer 'Moralz' claims to have decoded wow signal, (conspiracy-ish)
  219. Tumbler's SpaceX Conspiracy
  220. Does this Planet X never end now
  221. Where would a real UFO thread go?
  222. Apollo 11 Hoax
  223. This is the best one yet
  224. ANyone know where I can find Zechraia Sitchin's interview with Robert S Harrington?
  225. How to handle the ufo question
  226. Moved: A Dream I had. Earth Like Planets orbitting around Tau Ceti that have life
  227. Apollo 11 Hoax
  228. My aunt casually said yesterday she's reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  229. Artificial satellites and ISS
  230. Adam Steltzner - chief engineer ?
  231. The Alan Godfrey case.
  232. British tabloids and ufos
  233. Have you ever asked a CTer this question?
  234. Clark C McClelland for real?
  235. Should I watch this video?
  236. Mecca, Great pyramid of Giza, Baalbek - Great Triangle?
  237. David Roffman mars conspiracy
  238. Planet XSp.
  239. Moon Landing Question
  240. [Moon dust kicking up]
  241. A question about chemtrails
  242. [Radiation questions, v.2]
  243. Is NASA hiding something? No.
  244. Curiosity and Skycrane
  245. Flat Earther With Rocket
  246. LM Hatch "Too Small" - A Debunking Project
  247. Has anyone gone through the entire Moondoggie series and debunked it?
  248. Project Blue Book 2.0?
  249. Aulis Gone Wild - The Surveyor photos are the wrong color
  250. Jarrah White turned ally?