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  1. The HBs keep saying that Armstrong doesn´t give interviews,
  2. HBs "Apollo FAQ" posted in various newsgroups
  3. HB Photo shows three astronauts on moon
  4. NASA Caught In The Act New Saturn Anomalies count em 14 vers
  5. NASA to fund Moon Hoax debunking book?
  6. What Was NASA Thinking? Now Featuring the BAD ASTONOMER!!!!!
  7. Russia's Many Space Failures
  8. I Am Writing A New Pro Hoax Book
  9. heise.de quoted the BA on moon hoax!
  10. Lunar cyclic periods
  11. Bible and beliefs
  12. Have you ever been a U.S. government contractor?
  13. NASA and the Department of Agriculture
  14. Very simple argument against hoax
  15. 2003 TIME DRIFT
  16. Reuters reference - Congrats!
  17. I know a way to make everybody a believer!
  18. MSNBC references this web site and quotes Phil
  19. NASA throws book at HBs (on CNN)
  20. Attitude
  21. The Helmets Of the Space Suits Boy Did They Crack Me Up Beca
  22. Lunar Rover
  23. Bad Astronomy Makes CNN!
  24. Trial and Error
  25. NASA Cancels 'Moon Hoax' Refutation Monograph
  26. Stars' Disgust at Moon Skeptics
  27. Goodness gracious, a new debunk site.
  28. BBC and hoaxbusting with attitude!
  29. 'Token hippie'?
  30. what about the commies?
  31. Success(!)(?)
  32. The Rant (one of many over the years...)
  33. Apollo 1 Accident or MURDER!!!
  34. Radiation AN INVISIBLE KILLER!!!!!!!!!
  35. Unanswered Questions
  36. SaturnV's Unanswered Questions
  37. And Now For Something Completely Different
  38. Lunar flag(s)
  39. UNpublished BOOk
  40. Question on Aldrin - Spacewalk pioneer?
  41. Sibrel vs. The Bad Astronomer, Round 2
  42. Bad Astronomy and The Fox Conspiracy Theory Connection
  43. Slightly OT: The "Where Were You" website
  44. Sibrel's site quotations....
  45. Jim Lovell speaks up again HBs (brand new piece - Nov. 14)
  46. Conclusive proof that the moon is a fake!...
  47. A humorous video and my response
  48. Communication
  49. can sibrel be prosecuted?
  50. More evidence it was faked!
  51. First Russian spacewalk was faked?
  52. A question regarding B.S interview on MSNBC
  53. Phil and JimO in the news
  54. Man NEVER landed on the Moon!
  55. The LM and the Harrier
  56. Wait! Yes we did!
  57. NPR to host Oberg/Plait and call-ins Wednesday 11 AM EST.
  58. MSNBC transcripts are up!
  59. Another Website - Pro Moon Landing
  60. Weekly World News Switches Sides
  61. Discrepancies
  62. An Informative Photography Equipment and Techniques Website.
  63. Golf Shot
  64. Friends: Could have done without that
  65. Another funny hoax site
  66. Moon vs. Rest of Solar System
  67. Illustrations for 'A Pall Over Apollo'
  68. The Free Republic discusses the waving lunar flag...
  69. Luminance
  70. Why I Don't Believe We Landed On The Moon
  71. Moon Conspiracy, Nasa Nazis, Planet X, and a whole heap of P
  72. LLRV/LLTV figures
  73. Lunar Dusk and Dawn
  74. Question for JayUtah about remote controlled video
  75. OT: Just for fun...
  76. Visor up
  77. Beware the drumhead!
  78. new moon hoax sites...
  79. Oh no a new moon hoax phenomina!!
  80. Telescope to look for lander
  81. a parody on the Moon hoax
  82. First step on the moon?
  83. Cosmic Radiation
  84. They'll fake the pictures, too
  85. pdx TV 2
  86. Finally!.......Nancy explains it all!....
  87. 'Moon Hoax' Topic on Art Bell Tonight
  88. JayUtah's Mistake- A Refutation of His Explanation
  89. Clementine sent back no proof
  90. GREAT Nov.27 article from The Independent (UK)
  91. Who is the Author
  92. Amounts of Radiation Received By Astronauts
  93. BOO is amused
  94. Attn: Phil Plait (Art Bell recording)
  95. Excellent Article
  96. Fairly old, but large Moon Hoax page
  97. WHEN are we going back to the moon?
  98. NASA mooning moon shot, TransOrbital to go in October 2003
  99. Anyone know what is going on here?
  100. ABC News' Peter Jennings goofed
  101. Radiation in Space and on the Moon
  102. Shameless website plug time...
  103. Zond 5 "Are you a turtle?" UPDATED
  104. Aulis' handwaving
  105. Examples of Previous Fake Discovery Claims
  106. Apollo 15: Complete Downlink Edition (slight problem)
  107. More on radiation on the moon
  108. Smaug's first Saturn observation
  109. From the Auckland Astronomical Society...
  110. Some solar info for BOO
  111. "Why Did the USSR Lose the Moon Race?" - from PRAVDA, Decemb
  112. Free to choose?
  113. A question about the Saturn V
  114. Apollo tribute in Hollywood on Saturday - limited number of
  115. Check this out!
  116. A nice article about Apollo 17
  117. Apollohoax on Dead Ringers
  118. This was surreal.
  119. Apollo 13 Documents On-line
  120. Filling Out My HB Library
  121. James Oberg vs. Bart Sibrel on German tv
  122. Reverse Moon Hoax
  123. New "Stuff" at Clavius
  124. A lunar experience
  125. Microsoft compares Trustworthy Computing to Moon Landing
  126. Apollo 17 anniversary
  127. Cernan on lunar dust
  128. Degree of Doppler shift for lunar tracking
  129. Photos of Apollo on way to Moon
  130. Good news, Occam's Razor works
  131. Bill Kaysing interview...Oh boy
  132. VCR Alert: Sunday, December 15
  133. photos with earth as seen from moon surface
  134. Moon Hoax .... and ... Bible Stories ....
  135. LM ... did it really work ???
  136. May 11th 2003
  137. Belief
  138. Do you know, that there are still people who believe the Apo
  139. Apollo 11 .... Listening/Monitoring by Soviets ....
  140. A Great New Apollo book
  141. Funny ebay item
  142. .... is this Forum Biaised ?? ...
  143. Small request
  144. Neil Armstrong on CNN
  145. Jack Schmitt at Elementary School
  146. Combination proof & tourist idea
  147. introducing Philippe LHEUREUX, a french HB
  148. Hasselblad Space Camera Story
  149. I've a twisted sense of humor? Anyone else appreciate this?
  150. Bart Gets a Boner...Award, That Is
  151. Plausibility question
  152. LOL!
  153. was Hergé a Visionary ??
  154. New space.com article
  155. Get Fuzzy appropos to hoax debate
  156. This just keeps getting loopier
  157. Lunar Soccer
  158. Did this get mentioned already? Sorry if it's a repost.
  159. Saturn 5 Rockets
  160. Soviet Union would of been first to say it was a hoax
  161. HB: Why billions $ Apollo/Saturn hardware?
  162. Washington Times has nominated Bart Sibrel for "Knave Of The
  163. Celebrity Justice and the Moon Hoax
  164. Hammer and feather falling on the moon
  165. CNN Article on HB'ers
  166. Article about Moon Hoax
  167. Herr Gernot Geise .......... a German pro Hoax
  168. JimO beaten by the British!!!
  169. Soviet/Russian postage stamps with Apollo
  170. Bill Thompson's Letter to Buzz Aldrin
  171. KHOU-TV 11 Story
  172. Article on tracking Apollo missions
  173. transcript for BA vs Bart Sibrel round 2
  174. JimO - question about your book
  175. Damage to Apollo and Shuttle
  176. Questions about dust
  177. Bart Sibrel on "Coast To Coast AM" 1/6/03
  178. Some Books
  179. Free Republic and the monn hoax ....again.
  180. They took the funny site away!
  181. Lunny Anthropologies
  182. NASA ..... victim of it's own Honesty ? .........
  183. Some of the missing references for Clavius
  184. This may be a Jay-specific question about cameras...
  185. My Favorite Apollo Picture
  186. Most famous photograph of earth taken from outer space
  187. This takes the cake....
  188. Dear Folks
  189. needle and thread
  190. This is good!
  191. Wierd, Old Book on Ebay.
  192. Mirror on the Moon?
  193. AS A 7 aka Lun.Grav
  194. Apollo-12 Descent Video of Surveyor-3
  195. Nasascam updated!
  196. A couple of Moon Hoax Comic Strips
  197. Clarke misquoted to support hoax
  198. APOD has a great photo for the HBers
  199. RE Aldrin's hotspot
  200. Arthur C. Clarke (1954) > Twinkie (2003)
  201. Skeptics vs. Believers
  202. Scientific American weighs in
  203. star field from the Moon
  204. Student's to investigate moon landing
  205. TV Alert
  206. The Monet Hoax
  207. I have a few questions for those Hoax theorists
  208. Never mind Stanley Kubrick, what about Peter Jackson?
  209. Hubbell Telescope
  210. Have you seen this one?
  211. soap bubbles in space
  212. Moon is part of evil axis?
  213. Le Voyage Dans Le Lune 1903
  214. LM fuel missing ... a HB claims
  215. BA mentioned in SciAm
  216. The artful treachery of the BBC
  217. Check-quotes from Rene book
  218. Is Anything Being Covered up about the Apollo Moon Landings?
  219. Photographic proof the moon landings were faked here!
  220. Slightly Off (or ON?) Topic
  221. Happy Birthday
  222. Anyone read this book?
  223. Video of UFO filmed by astronauts around the moon.
  224. This takes the cake!!
  225. Visibility of rocket flame in vacuum
  226. Neil Armstrong Live - If you've got the money
  227. Exposure page at Clavius
  228. Apollo 16 landing site?
  229. Interesting psychology project
  230. Not new...
  231. "Self-Taught" Thermodynamics Re 'Rene'
  232. Flag on the moon (not about waving!)
  233. Brick-solid proof surfaced that moonlandings were staged
  235. Snopes.com: Moon Truth
  236. Former HB's?
  237. ESPN links to BA. Weirdness ensues
  238. Quick logic check
  239. Thanks to the BadAstronomer.
  240. Would any purpose be served in going back?
  241. Man selling property on Moon now in jail
  242. Aron Ranen's "Did We Go?"
  243. Warning Time for Aug 1972 Super-Flare
  244. UK and Australia after our anti-gravity technology!
  245. Letter to Rene re Gemini-10 EVA Image
  246. Post confrontation trauma
  247. HB site challenges badastronomy.com claims
  248. Neil Armstrong Book
  249. "The Moon is a hoax" thread
  250. Columbia lost?