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  1. A suggestion about the new member intro thread
  2. Bad Astronomy vs Universe Today
  3. Self moderation of ATM
  4. This is really annoying and I don't know where else to say it!
  5. Symbols ?
  6. How to make discussions of ATM ideas less frustrating - a suggestion
  7. Why does the title field t i m e bug persist?
  8. Duplicate mail notifications
  9. BAUT and Educational Institutions
  10. Motion
  11. Strange posting bug? (post went through? or not?)
  12. Space Exploration vs Space Flight
  13. Mods, I Need A Rules Clarification
  14. What happens when BA blog comments are "awaiting moderation"
  15. Thread Locking
  16. Principal offenders
  17. Censorship here excessive?...
  18. Possible Malware in a google ad that was on baut
  19. BA post count.
  20. test to see if I can start a thread
  21. Introductions
  22. Links to BAUT forum?
  23. ATM Rules Discussion
  24. BAUT moderation now using infraction system - discuss
  25. BAUT and Firefox
  26. Good-bye
  27. Unlucky? (to have someone put your ATM idea through the wringer)
  28. Thread View Options
  29. Issue Bothering Me To The Point Of Sleepwalking
  30. BAUT favicon
  31. thanks to the members of baut
  32. "Semantics", and ATM presentations
  33. Hi from new member, Stever
  34. Trouble staying logged in
  35. Third "Proving Grounds" category?
  36. Post approval?
  37. Suggestion on suspensions
  38. "Server too busy" message
  39. Where is a "Who these forums are for" answer?
  40. Why have I (EDG_) been banned?
  41. What constitutes a useful reply?
  42. Reporting Posts
  43. Wow... Suspensions doled out for PM's now...
  44. What is a Vulcan Administrator?
  45. Is BAUT still a benign dictatorship?
  46. The Benign Dictator II
  47. Inserting hyperlinks
  48. Moderators getting it wrong.
  49. Another complaint about the same subject
  50. Mentors--Are they needed?
  51. Where's Fraser?
  52. Why does this forum seem so up tight?
  53. Bad Astronomy... ?
  54. Global warming threads should be closed on BAUT
  55. Ignore lists? Bad idea
  56. 70,000 members? O Rly?
  57. Word salad, statistical feedback
  58. Consistency
  59. Get Rid of Ridiculous Google Ads!
  60. Getting error when trying to start new thread
  61. Rules, Regulations, and closed Threads!
  62. I can not seem to start a new thread [ T I M E ]
  63. a thread response
  64. BAUT chatroom?
  65. Would You Agree With A New Sub-Forum
  66. We Might Have To Rethink Conspiracy Policy
  67. Tech suggestions
  68. Trouble posting threads
  69. Thread Ownership
  70. atm questions (could "insert egmatic mainstream concept here" be caused by...
  71. I Respectfully Request A Three Day Suspention.
  72. im criticizing how the ATM boards are policed
  73. Hi there! i am complementing the members on how intrinsically...
  74. I cannot submit a new thread?!
  75. Should there be an official APOD thread?
  76. To the Mods and Admins, thanks!
  77. vBulletin 4 and server move
  78. Missing AstronomyCast Podcasts
  79. I am trying to post something...
  80. Excessive moderation
  81. Complaining about Moderation
  82. Straw poll on moderation.
  83. Straw poll on public complaining.
  84. You think you have problems? (like me)
  85. Not So Interesting Topics?
  86. Something Different Is Happening.
  87. hhEb09'1 name change
  88. My thread was there a few minutes ago..
  89. Civility on Universe Today comments?
  90. Lost threads?
  91. What did I miss?
  92. Forum access and security problems 2010
  93. "Time" in title problem seems to be fixed at last
  94. Good Golly, Those Giant Envelope Icons Are Distracting!
  95. Ignored by Moderator(s), Now Complaining in Public
  96. Red Envelop Icons vs Blue Envelop Icons
  97. Where is the User CP?
  98. URL In change-of-address Notification Doesn't Work
  99. Forum keywords (or whatever)
  100. spam from BAUT
  101. New Forum needed? "SF ideas"
  102. BAUT a Virus threat?
  103. Cant upload attachment
  104. Are Lifetime bans too harsh? Might we be better off here scrapping them?
  105. I'm not a spammer.
  106. What is the Order of Kilopi?
  107. What's up with Phil's blog?
  108. "What's New" button - love it.
  109. ATM moderation...
  110. How can we report spammers before they spam
  111. Moving a thread has caused lost posts
  112. Thanks For The Hard Work
  113. Forum Quirks
  114. Quick reply, I love it!
  115. Forum format
  116. User Control Panel
  117. Spoiler tag?
  118. Is There Any Way to Kill the "Quick Reply" Box?
  119. Cosmology board instead of Q&A?
  120. Ebedding youtube - is there a problem?
  121. Theories
  122. "Spelling Flame"
  123. Mobile mode for BAUT?
  124. What happened to our search function?
  125. Any update on a chat room?
  126. Problems With Quoting
  127. Is BAUT's Q&A section becoming intimidating?
  128. Forum slows down and freezes?
  129. Q&A problems, and suggestions for practical solutions
  130. How does the ignore function work?
  131. So I really need some time off
  132. Is there any real need for half displayed thread titles?
  133. Q&A policy changes
  134. mod mode - time for some consistency?
  135. Conspiring Minds?
  136. longer duration cookie
  137. I need help with search function.
  138. A matter of principle
  139. Search based on the "replies" link, and the failure thereof
  140. To all Mods: I'm curious on a procedural matter!!!
  141. Rule of law, rule by law
  142. Do people here know how to make polls?
  143. Critics should be invited to leave?
  144. Hey Mods
  145. What to do when someone on this board is cyber stalking you?
  146. Does this board have a mission statement?
  147. Polls in the ATM forum.
  148. Q&A Answers
  149. Got my Copy of Death!
  150. Go to Last Post >> takes you to FIRST post ...
  151. ATM Observations
  152. Covert spam messages?
  153. Concrete suggestion re ATM section
  154. Can we ask "have you read this thread?" (ATM question)
  155. Universe Today Has Been Crashing My Broswer Last Week Or So
  156. [BertL asks about chemtrail threads in CT sub-forum]
  157. So When The First Myriapi Members Develope...
  158. Do we need an official HLV debate thread?
  159. Eek!
  160. Problem With Search Function
  161. Strange last visit times.
  162. Having trouble posting messages.
  163. [member:invisible on BAUT and its rules]
  164. How much money does this place make?
  165. Why was Project Orion originally banned?
  166. Request to reopen thread
  167. ATM Advice and Rules
  168. BAUT Review for Parents and Teachers
  169. UT Forums?
  170. Plusses in "Currently Active Members"
  171. What are 'Referrals'?
  172. Alternative theories and questions (ATM) cannot be “discussed” anywhere on BAUT
  173. Moderators' intentions are not BAUTian
  174. where to post for info about possibly non-mainstream theories?
  175. Formula Language?
  176. How much info is too much info?
  177. old baut links
  178. This Forum is Different
  179. A tiny bug, hardly worth mentioning
  180. Where did the "Report Button" go?
  181. latex integration
  182. moderator improvement
  183. Why does it take so long to post in ATM?
  184. Funky signs and letters
  185. Where are the rules for this forum?
  186. Quality of moderation - OUTSIDE ATM/CT
  187. Quality of moderation - ATM/CT
  188. ATM added feature
  189. Order of Moderation in ATM
  190. longer suspensions instead of bannings
  191. how to see infraction list of banned members?
  192. About The New Expanded Rules On Language.
  193. Forgot password function?
  194. What Level of Mathematical Formalism is Expected for ATM Ideas?
  195. Language Censorship Options
  196. Board malfunction
  197. Promotional Links
  198. Bug: "replies:0"
  199. Can't Reply
  200. work around procedure until problem is fixed
  201. My post was turned into a "word wall"
  202. tex tags with custom bbcode
  203. Infraction system improvement
  204. Request: Clan of the Kiloroot
  205. A suggestion about software display [timezone setting]
  206. An amusing ethical/philosophical question.
  207. Order of Randi
  208. attn: Forrest Noble
  209. Noticed an annoying trend...
  210. Question about use of brackets [in thread titles]
  211. where's my avatar image
  212. Finding new posts
  213. Policy on homework questions?
  214. ATM thought - additional posting restriction
  215. The nature of utterly pointless posts
  216. What are referrals?
  217. Back from the cooler.
  218. Problem with image attachments.
  219. PM Spam
  220. New Rank
  221. BAUT running slow?
  222. Goodbye
  223. Moderation discussion
  224. Show detail for suspensions & bannings?
  225. Discussion of Religion on BAUT
  226. Rule 13 revision discussion
  227. Question about the ATM forum
  228. Having a switchable swear word filter
  229. How to Answer a Question
  230. Not really missing
  231. Wow [comments on ATM]
  232. I resign
  233. Too much moderation = excessive
  234. [a comment on moderation]
  235. Is it rude to point someone towards an answer?
  236. Arbitrary Enforcement
  237. The Demise of BAUT
  238. I think this was harsh
  239. Exact post count for kilopi
  240. Why are there so many rules?
  241. Kindly ban the abbreviation BA in accordance with your own rules.
  242. Just wanted to say thanks to all the mods
  243. uggg ... ATM vs Q/A
  244. WARNING: incoming klutz
  245. [Language] you swift
  246. [tommac complains about moderation]
  247. Why are all threads that show Baut in a negative light closed?
  248. Split Discussion: DIY Moderation
  249. BAUT donations?
  250. Lost Post