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  1. It is humans at the helm of UFOs
  2. Is SETI Barking up the Wrong Tree?
  3. temperature differences on a tidally locked world
  4. Photo evidence of life off Earth
  5. Hypothesis' on the Fermi paradox.
  6. Searching for Aliens: Interview with Chris McKay
  7. Pre-life Molecules Are Present in Comets
  8. panspermia or something more mundane?
  9. What happened about the 100,000year old Tungsen filaments found in Russia?
  10. What is the status on this SETI story?
  11. The other side of pacifism
  12. Mars meteorite ten years on
  13. a "web of life" on Titan?
  14. Amino Acids from cryovulcanism?
  15. Colwellia, extreme life form
  16. Pre RNA world question
  17. Hypothetical question on UFO
  18. NASA: Electricty May Be Key To Mars Mystery
  19. rare
  20. solution
  21. et life unlikely
  22. Dyson Spheres
  23. andromeda
  24. Question for atmosphere idea I have
  25. Tardigrade
  26. habitable
  27. Is SETI funding legal?
  28. Water Worlds
  29. What would happen if the TPF found a lifebaring planet?
  30. is this Roswell clip a hoax?
  31. Faces on Mars?
  32. Water On Neptune Makes Us Safe
  33. rarity
  34. The impact on Society and Religion should life be found.
  35. It's time to donate our cameras...to NASA
  36. Will any proposed projects be able to detect life?
  37. Major Seti Anouncement 17/10/06 ?
  38. seti
  39. Mars May Be Cosy Place for Hardy Microbes
  40. Methane Devourer Discovered in the Artic
  41. Was there water on Mars long enough for the origination of life?
  42. Bacteria Found Nearly 2 Miles Underground
  43. The Inner Part Of The E.T.'s
  44. One gigantic UFO, caught on satelite photo.
  45. What are the chances of aliens sniffing us out?
  46. hd92788
  47. Life in space vs Close Encounters
  48. Will Life Always Start In Favorable Conditions?
  49. habitable galaxies
  50. extreme
  51. If evidence is ever found
  52. Earth: The Lone Pale Blue Dot?
  53. Phone ET?
  54. Alien Taxonomy
  55. Alien Senses
  56. curious
  57. 'Battle Of Los Angeles'
  58. Aliens could attack at any time...
  59. British UFO chief finds evidence credible
  60. question
  61. Crystalline entity
  62. Basic question about the theory of Panspermia
  63. planets
  64. Improbability?
  65. Life in a star cluster
  66. How did they find us!!?
  67. Astrobiology primer
  68. How can we know for sure its alien..?
  69. Extraterrestrials and Evolution of Space Travel
  70. Plasma Life
  71. Forthcoming close approaches
  72. Is seeding life ethical?
  73. The Martians are here already!
  74. I am taking on life in our Solar System on my blog
  75. Does life have to be Biochemical?
  76. The holidays on another planet?
  77. About That Stardust Probe
  78. Physicist suggests life from comet
  79. Which planet is most suitable for life?
  80. Alien autopsy Roswell in 1947 : Video
  81. Bioengineering Mars to Make it Habitable
  82. Little Green Microbes
  83. New instruments could detect Earth-like civilizations
  84. Did we kill the Martians?
  85. A Definitive Answer To The Question of ET Visitation to Earth
  86. Seeing Humans From Distant Planets
  87. More than 1 life bearing planet in a solar systems HZ
  88. Venusian Musings
  89. Interesting...
  90. Intelligence is certainly not rare
  91. Potential contact results
  92. Spuds in space!
  93. What are SETI's top 10 achievements in last 5 years, and next 5 years?
  94. Broadcast signals questions
  95. Martian Snow
  96. more Planets
  97. how?
  98. SETI -- How useful are they?
  99. The Feathered Onion - Creation of Life in the Universe
  100. Could we tell alien life from native?
  101. Seriously...
  102. 2 questions on UFOs
  103. Should it not be easy to find an Alien Sentinal on the Moon?
  104. Requirements for Life
  105. UFO study by Teodorani Massimo
  106. red ran and alien origins
  107. Radio Waves and You.
  108. Bobcats on the moon
  109. Could coral live on land?
  110. How was Space formed and is it still being formed?
  111. Possible New Mars Caves Targets in Search for Life
  112. Reconsidering spy satellites and the reason for the WOW-signal
  113. Do you believe UFO's are aliens, or what?
  114. When that day will come?
  115. If lower forms of life can camouflage themselves from us- is it possible that higher
  116. We will be living when scientists finally announce the existance of E.T. life?
  117. Black Holes May Fill the Universe with Seeds of Life.
  118. Discovery of most Earth-like planet to date
  119. Life near a red dwarf
  120. Increased expectation of discovery of intelligent life beyond Earth?
  121. Alien Greys Home World
  122. Extra Terrestrial weapons
  123. We are the "aliens"
  124. Alien music--how alien would it be?
  125. Engineers write defence-against-aliens manual
  126. human is on top ...
  127. 2007 May 5 - near the southern edge - fascinating image
  128. Here ye, hear ye...
  129. Is the north side of the Milky Way dangerous?
  130. New amazing high resolution UFO case
  131. would the oldest star be a good place to look for life?
  132. The Universe does not conform to our expectations
  133. How much quicklime would it take to terraform Venus?
  134. Diatoms on Mars
  135. Stanley Miller dies at age 77
  136. Is SETI a waste of money?
  137. Heftier stars are more likely to host planets.
  138. To all seekers of non human life
  139. "habitable zone"...?
  140. SETI Net Kicks it up a notch
  141. Message for the curious...
  142. Making Venus livable
  143. Quantum telephones
  144. The colour of alien atmospheres
  145. Jovian life
  146. I do not understand why you think there are aliens
  147. Life's Origins: Either Or?
  148. A new empirical approach in the search for ET.
  149. Planetocopia
  150. Dying star generates the stuff of life
  151. Fungi feeding on gamma radiation?!
  152. Planet does not have to earth-like to support life
  153. National Academy of Sciences report on ET life
  154. Interesting questions
  155. Primordial Sea On Earthlike planets
  156. Temperature tolerance evolution
  157. what do u think about this doubt of mine!!!
  158. Supergiant star spews molecules needed for Life.
  159. Interstellar Chemistry Gets More Complex...
  160. Life on the Planets we know of Already?
  161. We already interact with non humans
  162. Aliens breathing other gases than oxygen.
  163. Hakui, "UFO Central" of Japan
  164. Could alien life exist in the form of DNA-shaped dust?
  165. NASA seek life on Mars
  166. Did Life Begin In Space? New Evidence From Comets
  167. Frigid enceladus: an unlikely harbor for life
  168. Bacteria built for space travel
  169. Life on planets with elliptical orbit?
  170. Elliptical planetary orbits and life?
  171. Philip Schneider UFO Lecture
  172. Interstellar Dust Aliens
  173. Study: Martian soil may contain life
  174. Magma life
  175. Subglacial lakes on Earth - similar to Europa...?
  176. Drake equation estimates?
  177. Aliens friend or foe
  178. Aliens would they colonize us or leave us be
  179. Aliens - what are they made of?
  180. Uncertain
  181. Is it true that life chain started on earth transfer from a comet
  182. Orbital Habitats - A Flexible Solution for Humanity
  183. Researcher presents origin of life theory for young Earth..life on other planets
  184. Are Star Trek bumpy-head aliens really that wrong?
  185. Deep-sea photosynthetic bacterium: a model for life on other worlds?
  186. Double Biosphere
  187. Will it be wrong for humans to exterminate Aliens
  188. Are we monsters?
  189. A solution for the Fermi's paradox
  190. Planets of Milky Way satellite galaxy stars
  191. Venus habitable 2 billion years ago?
  192. FOR REAL: Space Combat
  193. MacLaine speaks for Kucinich
  194. Alien - Friend or Foe?
  195. Allen Telescope Array
  196. Space Collony Furniture
  197. Space pathogens
  198. Torroidal cells?
  199. War in Heaven.
  200. How long has life existed in the universe?
  201. What if we receive an accidental communication?
  202. Did the halt of high energy radiation allow for Earth to develop multicelluar life?
  203. I think they don't know how to do a landing on earth!!
  204. Aliens among us
  205. I'm sorry, are we boring you?
  206. Martian Fossil, looking good.
  207. Stepped evolution for space travel
  208. Life's ingredients detected in far off galaxy
  209. [False alarm] Arecibo picks up possible ET signal?
  210. Contact: What happens if a Signal is Found?
  211. What if Earth was permanently covered in clouds?
  212. Biological Determinism in Sci Fi
  213. Man on mars..?
  214. What if Earth had an inhabitable sister planet?
  215. Technology in the Land of the Blind?
  216. How should first contact be handled?
  217. Mars: The Great Salt Lick
  218. Europa! What is your opinion?
  219. Intelligent life on other distant worlds
  220. Biological Niches for Alien Life
  221. Natural processes seem to favor amino acid "handedness"
  222. Microbial rock inhabitants survive hypervelocity impacts
  223. life on Enceladus?
  224. Hypothetical distant Earth
  225. Life on moons.
  226. Possibly Once-habitable Ancient Martian Lake Discovered
  227. Alien theory from different angle...Is there any truth !
  228. Stick a Fork In Us. We're Done.
  229. Spitzer Finds Organics and Water Where Planets May Grow
  230. Some new news on Saturns Moons
  231. Why is water considered an essential for life?
  232. Organic Molecule, Amino Acid-Like, Found
  233. The Color of Alien Plants
  234. A reminder that intelligence is not rare
  235. What's the current state-of-the-art?
  236. "Life in the Universe" - The Book
  237. What is intelligence? What is life?
  238. SETI Net is back on the air
  239. Why the aliens will be nice
  240. Astrobiology, 21st century alchemy?
  241. reverse time
  242. Phoenix UFO
  243. Hawking: Alien but primitive life likely
  244. Astro DVD
  245. Why I hope the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing.
  246. What does the Bible say about UFO's and extraterrestrials? (ETs as demons?)
  247. SETI scientists get a new tool in search for extraterrestrial life
  248. Intelligence is not rare; nor special nor confined to humans...
  249. would aliens have the same 3-d perception as we do?
  250. Why the aliens will NOT be nice