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  1. Vatican astronomer talks about aliens
  2. 1984 Minsk UFO solved
  3. There is two big questions about ET life:
  4. Fermi Paradox Talk, for your info/entertanment
  5. ET Communications: Neutrinos instead of photons
  6. Twinkle, twinkle, any star - Sun not so special
  7. Life Falling (for A.DIM)
  8. Huge hidden biomass lives deep beneath the oceans
  9. Reproduction rate
  10. Phoenix results: Place your bets!
  11. Membership of ICAR
  12. Aliens in the Galactic Core?
  13. A couple of questions from a future Sci-fi writer
  14. FT (Former Terrestrial) Sci Fi
  15. define life
  16. The Denver Alien Video
  17. possible or not ?
  18. Will NASA find Bio Crawlies in the newly exposed Martian ICE
  19. So what if they DO find something...
  20. Gliese 581 C
  21. Newly discover extrasolar planet is smallest known...
  22. Alien Martial Arts?
  23. Brazilian Tribe Unaware of Modern World
  24. SETI: Look for aliens that may have found us
  25. SETI impossible?
  26. Phoenix and the Intraterrestrials
  27. Energizer Bunny Alien Commercial
  28. What we identify ourselves as
  29. Panspermia confirmed?
  30. Is the length of magnetic chains an indicator of biomarkers?
  31. Extreme Life On Mars? Article...
  32. Some actual entities found on a Planet
  33. Disbelief in Alien Life Illogical?
  34. SETI Net hit in Iota Orionis
  35. Practical functions of life in the universe?
  36. UFO cluster.
  37. Man did not land first on the moon
  38. Hot super-Earths could host life after all...
  39. Life On Other Planets is a FACT - PROOF HERE (video)
  40. Life 700 million years prior?
  41. Plants using qm as an efficiency tool?
  42. Life on Mars, Titan, Europa, extra solar planets, and even Venus.
  43. Sunflowers on Europa
  44. Life from Venus blown to Earth?
  45. Fish in space
  46. Is human speech really such a big deal?
  47. The evolution of technology
  48. Frazer's Announcement
  49. A logical conclusion to Drake's equation?
  50. Why philosophers, not scientists, should answer the UFO questions
  51. A poll thread
  52. Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes
  53. What are the real odds for alien visations to earth?
  54. Taking a call from another solar system - a how to guide?
  55. Can "hiding aliens" be taken seriously?
  56. The Pseudoscience of Organic Chemistry
  57. ABC Primetime: UFOs … Seeing is Believing – Sep 16
  58. Immigrant Sun
  59. Interstellar Space Molecules... Identified.
  60. Analyzing Fermi's paradox
  61. How to find extrasolar probes in our solar system
  62. Martian habitable zone:
  63. ufo in texas?
  64. Meteorite experiment deals blow to...
  65. Diamonds May Be Life's Birthstone
  66. Possibility of life on Venus surface
  67. Boiling seas and life?
  68. Planetary seeding
  69. Gravity Questions
  70. Single-Organism Ecosystem Discovered in Africa
  71. Stardates
  72. Communication from past universes, idea.
  73. Other Lifeforms Out There? Yes or No? If so, why has there been no direct contact?
  74. UFOs - 1966 Popular Science Article
  75. Establishing Causality Between Life and the Classification Criteria
  76. Magnetic Hunger
  77. Non carbon life forms?
  78. Has Cassini revealed the presence of life on Saturn's moon Enceladus
  79. My ideas about complex inorganic life
  80. epsilon Aurigae (wild speculation)
  81. Must aliens be alien?
  82. Possibility of life in the space
  83. Hypothetical Exoplanet Discovery
  84. A passively observant universal community?
  85. "Why I hope the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing" essay
  86. Astronomer searches for Dyson spheres
  87. SETI Astronomer Envisions Technology...
  88. If we find a second Earth - what should we do with it?
  89. They are noy that young anymore. Thats' why they won't come.
  90. Basic sugar found outside galactic center
  91. Aliens making first contact.
  92. Red rain panspermi analysis Reports.
  93. Colonies and Habitats
  94. Electrostatic planitary and moon hazards.
  95. Good aliens are bad?
  96. Habitable worlds around red giants
  97. Why the universe may be teeming with aliens.
  98. Fossils on Mars...Would we recognize them?
  99. Contacting aliens ect = big mistake.
  100. Kardashev Classes of Civilizations
  101. LIFE experiment
  102. Habitable protoplanets
  103. Aliens are green, apparently
  104. Planetary Systems as Potential Sites for Life
  105. Methane on Mars
  106. Expanding earths biosphere into space
  107. Life on Earth as failed Von Neumann Probes
  108. Death in Space:
  109. 150 years of searching
  110. Sci-Fi-Related: Why Do We Keep Assuming That Aliens Are Bad?
  111. Fermi Paradox solved?
  112. Quantifying Our Ignorance
  113. Chlorine Atmosphere
  114. Elliptical orbits
  115. Could a planet with negligible sunlight support life?
  116. new estimates of the no. of ETs
  117. Astronomers Unveiline Life's Cosmic Origins
  118. Why do we assume aliens will be at all like us?
  119. CETI - Are aliens doing the twist?
  120. Life at a 50-degree tilt
  121. Are we alone?
  122. what will you do if you will meet u.f.o ??
  123. The Other Space Stations not ISS shaped
  124. Are We All Martians?
  125. If TPF detects life, does this settle origin of life on earth?
  126. Human Bacteria
  127. How to make our other civilisations see us
  128. Galaxy may be full of 'Earths,' alien life
  129. Life evolving around F star or M star more likely?
  130. Is Earth the Optimal for Life?
  131. New nearest star to sun?
  132. Weird Systems: Binary Stars, Moons
  133. Lunar Gravity
  134. UFO phenomena: the first logical explanation?
  135. Forces of breathing
  136. Manufactured by Extraterrestrial Visitors?
  137. Clues To A Secret Of Life Found In Meteorite Dust
  138. Discovery of New MicroOrganisms in the Stratosphere
  139. Human DNA Broadcasting?
  140. Liquid Saltwater Is Likely Present On Mars, New Analysis
  141. Confessions of an Alien Hunter
  142. If we find extra-terestrial life how will we define it as intelligent?
  143. Do you think aliens will...
  144. Intergalactic Internet
  145. Does anyone here know what this UFO might be...?
  146. A possible reason SETI hasn't found anything
  147. What if we are alone?
  148. Most Achievable Technology
  149. BA Blog: Life around cool stars may be different than us
  150. Too Much Nickel Could Hinder the Development of Life
  151. Blood Oxygenation question...
  152. Ruminations on other worlds
  153. Where aliens come from?
  154. Do aliens share our genetic code?
  155. Stardust Sheds New Light ...
  156. Two Highly Complex Organic Molecules ...
  157. Using Chirality, Polarization to Detect Life
  158. Did Comets Contain Key Ingredients For Life On Earth?
  159. The Origin of Life: Descent of Electrons
  160. strange life on Uranus?
  161. life on Titan?
  162. Aliens on Pluto
  163. Self Destruction?
  164. Old trees on mars ?
  165. Bipedalism in other animals
  166. Chemists see first building blocks of Life on Earth
  167. Australian optical-Seti observations received signal
  168. Human dreams of other places
  169. Endoskeleton/Exoskeleton alternatives...
  170. Beneath the surface
  171. Flight in human-like organisms...
  172. Is this posible ? ET life could be easer to find
  173. Could it be this easy?
  174. Could LIFE on mars be lost from a asteroid ?
  175. Little [green] spider-monsters--literally
  176. How strange is the life in space?
  177. Extremophile Hunter
  178. Math professor says universe is fine tuned ...
  179. The possibility of life in underground seas on Mars
  180. Oxygen catastrophe on Mars?
  181. Origin of universe is humanly incomprehensible
  182. RIng UFO above Kings Dominion
  183. Caltech Scientists Predict Greater Longevity
  184. Aliens living among human beings
  185. Essential elements for life
  186. Good 2know We're not Alone
  187. Meteroite yields answers about origins of Life on Earth
  188. Chemical alternatives to carbon biochemistry
  189. Phoenix Results Point to Climate Cycles
  190. UFO releasing orbs.
  191. How small can a habitable body be?
  192. Fun with Math: Are we a doomed species?
  193. Emergence and Arrival; Practical Considerations.
  194. New paper on Fermi paradox
  195. Life on Earth Came From Other Planets
  196. New paper on detection of habitable exomoons
  197. Chariots of the Gods
  198. Evidence Of Liquid Water In Comets Reveals Possible Origin of Life
  199. Life on a neutron star
  200. Panspermic Velocity
  201. 3 opportunities for exobiology
  202. Pomegranate
  203. Aussies shout-out to berserkers
  204. How Rare Is Complex Life in the Milky Way?
  205. Interesting picture
  206. Any idea what these UFOs were?
  207. Need help figuring atmospheres and aliens..
  208. A Case for Atmospheric Biology on Mars
  209. Life in Space
  210. What would happen on earth.....??
  211. Drake´s Equation revamped
  212. XKCD on the Search for Alien Life
  213. Water Found On Moon's Surface
  214. Would a nuclear blast on an exoplanet be detectable from Earth?
  215. Morality of colonization
  216. Morality of colonizing Earth
  217. Are civilisations self destructive?
  218. How Spectroscopy Could Reveal Alien Life
  219. Can we survive without our ecosystem?
  220. Mitochondria and Alien life
  221. Impact of discovering Life via Spectroscopy
  222. The Origin of Life in the Multiverse
  223. most likely place for an alien probe
  224. Russian UFO coverup
  225. Within our lifetime...
  226. Detecting life on Titan
  227. What are the chances...
  228. Astronauts of the future ... and past?
  229. Panspermia
  230. What if they're not looking for CHON?
  231. The Origin of Life: Descent of Protons
  232. How far will we come in the next decade?
  233. dusty Mars stuff
  234. Space Hotel Expected in 2012
  235. Interstellar propulsion
  236. Origins
  237. Could waterborne intelligences be spacefaring?
  238. WOW Message
  239. Life in Space
  240. RE: Methods of finding life in Solar System
  241. CETI question
  242. the Vatican & Aliens
  243. whose rock is it anyway?
  244. Updating the Drake equation
  245. Life on earth and the universe
  246. Supplying a Retrograde Colony Cluster
  247. Martian Life image compilation
  248. Kardashev scale-a relic of the past ?
  249. Martian Meteorite ALH 84001 Revisited. New evidence of Martian biology?
  250. How to make a virtual sky?