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  1. could complex non-technological life develop spacefaring capabilities?
  2. Phenomena That Do Travel Faster Than The Speed of Light.
  3. Teacher Fired over SETI@Home Downloads
  4. Dream up a non-humanoid ETI
  5. Our Improbable Home
  6. Why still there is no Alien contact ?
  7. Galactic habitable zones
  8. Will you join the SETI program?
  9. Complex life in Jupiter size rocky planet
  10. Complex life in LMC or SMC
  11. What in it for this new planet
  12. Self-Organized Criticality
  13. Multi Gender Alien Life
  14. Watch an Octopus use tools
  15. Is it possible for a non-humanoid alien species to be...
  16. Evolution vs. Emotion ?
  17. How large might Aliens get?
  18. Detecting alien radio/TV signals?
  19. Mars Terraforming and Ice Caps
  20. New research rejects 80 year theory ...
  21. Genetic Gradualism and the ET Origin of Life
  22. Dark Matter is Dyson spheres
  23. The Clangers
  24. Longshot idea: Detection of Enceladan life by Cassini?
  25. Where are the "Broadcast Galaxies"?
  26. Life support systems
  27. Seti at Home and SETI ...an outcomes poll
  28. ETIs don't need to colonize other star systems
  29. My input on life in the Universe
  30. Rule 13 and the LiS forum
  31. Life in the Universe and the Infinite Monkey Theorum
  32. What can we expect?
  33. Tiny RNA catalyzes a key reaction
  34. Is the idea of Planetary Habitability wrong?
  35. Protecting Terraforming Bacteria While They "Work"
  36. Life began outside our Solar System. Here's why:
  37. Open containers on the moon
  38. Musings on the Origin of Life and Panspermia
  39. Life-Enabling Molecules Spotted in Orion Nebula
  40. Giving a speech on why life most likely exists in the cosmos. Need Help.
  41. Island on the "Goldilocks Enigma"
  42. immortal aliens?
  43. Intelligent Life on Rogue Planets
  44. Fresh meat
  45. Its all based on water
  46. To Say 'Hello'?
  47. Complex Anaerobic Life Found!
  48. "only 400,000 possible civilizations"
  49. Seeding Life
  50. Detection of alien signals
  51. Bipedalism is not especially difficult to achieve.
  52. Are we more likely to create an AI before we encounter an ETI?
  53. Microbes that make their own water- implications for solar system life?
  54. What will ET make of us?
  55. New book asserts '75 Viking Lander DID discover Life:
  56. Why we needn't fear the extraterrestrials
  57. likelyhood of a galactic government
  58. Sending The Beatles
  59. Hawking on aliens
  60. Can life naturally transfer from planet to planet? LIFE Experiment: Phobos
  61. Alien life discussion (Hawking, fear, etc.)
  62. NASA says, maybe life on Mars (again)
  63. How We Might Adapt To Different Worlds
  64. Mars methane
  65. Alien in a Can
  66. 2010 Astrobiology Conference abstracts are up.
  67. Chances of Different Biologies Being Edible to Each Other?
  68. If aliens existed would they protect us from cosmic disasters? and if so why?
  69. Life Found on Mars?
  70. communication with ETI
  71. The Wow! Signal
  72. Alien farming
  73. Are we on the brink of discovering other Earth-like planets?
  74. Voyager 2 "hijacked"?
  75. Water not always a guide to finding life
  76. Should Humanity keep quiet and will beng "noisy" come back to hurt us?
  77. Can Brown Dwarfs Support Life?
  78. Journal special issue: "The Search For Life in the Universe"
  79. What are the odds for "close contact"?
  80. Life in Space for Kids
  81. Low-pressure life?
  82. Primitive life on Titan?
  83. Numerical simulations0---> "solar system formation" and astrobiology
  84. Directed Panspermia...wouldn't it be cool if...
  85. Life on early-Earth-like worlds? Please tell me if my scenario has any holes in it.
  86. Transpermia
  87. Minerals as a signature of life
  88. Is the lack of fixed N on Mars dammnig for the search for life?
  89. Alien Modified Stars - Any Shred of Evidence?
  90. Life on Europa?
  91. Intelligent life in space - an evolutionist's perspective
  92. Super Complex Organic Molecules Found ...
  93. What are the Vegas odds on a habitable planet discovered within 1 year?
  94. Questioning Jupiter's role as protector of life on Earth
  95. Odds of parallel Earth...
  96. Role of plants in planetary evolution?
  97. Time to radically revise SETI?
  98. Using Earth as a Powerful and Gigantic Alien Beacon
  99. Maximum age of intelligent aliens
  100. Could "blue holes" offer clues about the biology of extraterrestrials?
  101. Life From Scratch
  102. Feedback on my alien design
  103. Do you think much more advanced aliens have solved their ethical and moral dilemmas?
  104. Some guy was on BBC Hard Talk
  105. Ideas about life and evolution----> Poll
  106. Using Io's Flux tube as energy source in Jovian system
  107. Prime Directive: is it natural?
  108. Intuitive number base...
  109. What's last to happen?
  110. Formaldehyde Life
  111. Look for AI, not aliens
  112. Bugs in orbit unlock secret to life in spac
  113. Cometary Panspermia? Maybe, maybe not
  114. Alien space probes already here?
  115. Can any microbes survive in space?
  116. Human habitats without planets
  117. Thinking outside the box is a NECESSITY in search for alien life. BURN THE BOX!
  118. Might Titan have 2 different types of life?
  119. Maybe Viking Did Find Organics on Mars
  120. Alien spacecraft lands in major city.
  121. Knowing the Truth about Extra-Terrestrial Existence
  122. out-of-equilibrium atmospheres and life
  123. space habitats
  124. Can humans survive on other worlds?
  125. Gliese 581g -- in the habitable zone (barely)
  126. Inflated gas like balloon creatures on the Saturn monn Titan, possible?
  127. How the Gliesians see US.
  128. Organics and carbonates on Enceladus.
  129. Poll: Is our Solar System awash with life?
  130. Hypernarrowband intergalactic signal
  131. Earth(s) as a source of Panspermatic Flux?
  132. Theory of Interstellar Trade
  133. Do you think that human analogues exist somewhere in the cosmos?
  134. Am i thinking this right about Mars
  135. Is it possible for life to develop in space?
  136. Ths "they started in nice enviroment first" argument against extremophile life
  137. What are the chances of other life in space?
  138. Extraterrestrial Lamarckism?
  139. How Evolvable are Various Features?
  140. Hardy bugs could survive a million years on Mars.
  141. NASA Astrobiology Finding -- Conference at 2 pm Thursday Dec 2
  142. Arsenic-based life.. what changes?
  143. Why do Scientists search for life in space?
  144. Flipped worlds
  145. Energy signatures of advanded alien civilizations
  146. Time Estimations on the Discovery of ET Civilization
  147. Evidence for ET is mounting daily, but not proven.
  148. What if we slam Ceres (or smaller asteroids) onto Mars?
  149. Light diet: Animals that eat sunshine.
  150. Does the expanding universe prevent us from being contacted?
  151. What would happen if we add another moon to Mars? (A pretty big one.)
  152. Song Parody: "What Shall We Do That Desert Planet".
  153. Alien visitations, European mainstream scientists and the French curriculum
  154. Making Moon habitable.
  155. Mid-aged K-stars or Red Dwarf stars, which are more promising for lives?
  156. Exoplanet
  157. Just wondering
  158. Life on another planet
  159. Life's Building Blocks May Have Been Found on Mars
  160. NASA announcement of new exo-planet today, Monday Jan. 10th, 20:30 UT
  161. what isn't out there?
  162. How do we know any extraterrestrials we may come across will be varied?
  163. Spacecraft detection
  164. The difference between larger M-star and smaller ones?
  165. "Alien life deemed impossible"
  166. Do we share the same technologies as ET?
  167. How could an ape creature walk bipedally like a man?
  168. Subsurface water could exist near the equator on Mars.
  169. So...... [living in space soon? (connected groups)]
  170. UFO ???
  171. One suggestion: alwasy prepare for surprises.
  172. When the first confirmed alien signal will come... we'll talk about it here! :-)
  173. The Steppenwolf: A Proposal For A Habitable Planet In Interstellar Space
  174. Habitability of the Goldilocks Planet
  175. Help me out
  176. SETI and Kepler
  177. "Has life been found in a meteorite?"
  178. Can life really thrive under 10X earth gravity? (Given it is a rocky world)
  179. Red (?) Rain---Non-ATM---Update
  180. Gravitational Radio - Quick Question
  181. Are the aliens from "ALIENS" going to be more alien than real aliens?
  182. What does phrase "Earthlike planet" mean?
  183. Drake Equation.
  184. Exo-evolution: Aliens Who Hide, Survive
  185. Planet with habitable moons found?
  186. Fast Evolution.
  187. How might robotics play a role in human adaptations to space life?
  188. Habitability via computer models of Gliese 581 system
  189. NSA FOIA Case 41472: Possible Alien Message?
  190. SETI shut down: can we crowdsource?
  191. 1991 "candidate alien artifact"?
  192. What is the deepest gravitational field something living could survive in?
  193. Heaven is a fairy tale, says physicist Hawking.
  194. Hive mind a realistic possibility?
  195. Gliese 581d could harbour life
  196. rare earth or rare milkey way galaxie?
  197. What are the chances of other life in space?
  198. Is it fair to say they will most likely be carbon based?
  199. Color of Plants in Solar System
  200. Should we colonize and or terraform Mars if life is found there?
  201. Humanoid Aliens
  202. An intelligent alien species classification
  203. ET microbes or intelligences which are we likely to find first?
  204. fourth demsional objects
  205. little (and large) green men
  206. Making some hypothetical worlds more realistic? Scenario One.
  207. Habitability within the Milky Way
  208. Most likely starships.
  209. Do UFO's match the behaviour we might expect from robotic space probes?
  210. SETI is dead long live SETI
  211. High Gravity Living
  212. Terraforming at Epsilon Eridani
  213. Red Rain of Kerala, India 2001-non ATM
  214. Simple route to natural RNA precursors
  215. underwater intelligence
  216. alien sushi ethics?
  217. Humanly habitable planets
  218. Aliens will destroy humanity
  219. Most Likely Rendezvous
  220. DNA in space?
  221. Habitable Zones vs Atmospheres & Geological Processes
  222. Habitable super Earth
  223. Habitable planets around red darwf stars with 10% of the mass of our Sun
  224. no ETs in universe
  225. Topics about panspermia [Split from Feedback]
  226. Protozoan panspermia
  227. Abiogenesis discussion
  228. Megastructures, Etc.
  229. Tears other such stuff in space
  230. Evolving artificial life
  231. ET is listening to our broadcasts?
  232. Ancient Astronauts.
  233. How long would it take an aggressive species to devour the galaxy?
  234. Using the sun as a space weapon.
  235. Are we alone?
  236. Space-travelling civilisations: A sample size of zero?
  237. NOVA @ 9pm E PBS
  238. Large UFO's orbiting the sun?
  239. The Search for Life on Mars - and Earth: A Call for Objectivity.
  240. Detection of the Water Reservoir in a Forming Planetary System
  241. Great example of "why nobody thought of it before?"
  242. Do we have technology worth trading?
  243. Forced evolution?
  244. Bugs in Space (three exclamation points)
  245. alien cities
  246. What would an intelligent alien society be like?
  247. Follow the methanol to find building blocks for life
  248. Nonterrestrial artifacts hard to pin down
  249. Aliens don't need a moon like ours
  250. Proof of Alien life??