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  1. Complex Organics Made By Stars?
  2. A process still at work?
  3. Zarmina has life?
  4. The Fermi Paradox, Self-Replicating Probes, & Interstellar Transportation Bandwidth
  5. Curiosity Had Planetary Protection Slip-Up
  6. NASA confirms super-Earth that could hold life
  7. Life possible on "large parts" of Mars: Study.
  8. The Origin of Meteoritic Amino Acids
  9. alien birth
  10. How would the discovery of life on Mars effect our society?
  11. Stars within 200 light years of earth could see earth transiting the sun.
  12. Life on other planets??? Need YOUR opinions!
  13. Life Spotted on Venus - Russian Scientist
  14. An interesting thought
  15. Life in Lake Vostok
  16. A map of all the water in the solar system
  17. Biochip for Mars Life Detection
  18. Cellular Fossils Resulted from Pseudomorph
  19. Could humans eat extraterrestrial creatures?
  20. billions-of-potentially-habitable-planets
  21. how many ways are there to be 'intelligent'?
  22. [47 Tucanae]
  23. Evidence for ET More Likely Biased
  24. Galactic net
  25. Kolmogorov Complexity, String Information, Panspermia and the Fermi Paradox
  26. Exo-Oceans Not Detectable ?
  27. ESA EChO Exo-Gas Mission
  28. Origin of first cells at terrestrial, anoxic geothermal fields
  29. humans in white dwarf era
  30. Is Life Inevitable ?
  31. SETI idea: information partcles
  32. Designing a fictional extrasolar planet
  33. communication with aliens: thought experiment
  34. "Exo-life" or "life in the universe"?
  35. How realistic are Xenomorphs (Aliens)
  36. Thru Wormhole epi "Alien Contact" 45-degree slope; SETI's Doyle
  37. Archaea use a different fundamental protein
  38. Question about Life in the Universe
  39. If there were 10 Kardashev Level 2 civilizations in the Milky Way, would we know it?
  40. "...His last conscious memory was of the water on his tongue beginning to boil."
  41. If mars had a large moon and large core could it support life?
  42. Geography problem with bumping into E.T.
  43. EXPOSE-E(d) life in space!
  44. Sub-atomic sentient life?
  45. Alien invasion scenarios
  46. What is the logic of assuming the existence (or nonexistence) of alien life
  47. Vatican Looks for Signs of Alien Life
  48. News from Titan
  49. Any updates to the uranium "biological life" story (Savannah River Site)?
  50. Will it become necessary for some humans to leave Earth and keep intelligence alive?
  51. Mars Organics and Curiosity
  52. Satlellites of large planets (in other systems), could some be life supporting?
  53. How not to freak out your readers
  54. Possibility of Life in the Universe
  55. If we could visit an inhabited planet, but inhospitable to us, what would we do?
  56. Could cultural distance make interstellar messaging unworkable?
  57. Better odds for panspermia?
  58. 0g Architecture
  59. Detecting Tidally heated ExoMoons
  60. Just inside the Goldilocks Zone
  61. Life on Titan: would it be Earth-like enough to detect?
  62. Alien life may require rare 'just-right' asteroid belts
  63. From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter
  64. expert says aliens dont exist
  65. Space Bees
  66. Spiders, cobwebs, and life: alien and not-so-alien...
  67. Extremophiles ~ Evolved in-niche or evolved elsewhere? (Extremists are bad examples?)
  68. At last, how many alien civilizations are there?
  69. Astrobiological Complexity with Probablistic Cellular Automata
  70. Robots rule the galaxy!
  71. How Small Can Life Be?
  72. Stellar transmitter.
  73. Methane on Mars and Earth
  74. Abiogenesis - The Information Model
  75. Metabolism First Strikes Back!
  76. Life, a universal virus?
  77. Study about Aliens
  78. What is the next earth?
  79. deliberately bringing plants to a planet with a CO2 atmosphere?
  80. Multiple habitable planets in one solar system?
  81. Life in a close cluster & likelihood of them having interstellar travel
  82. Intelligent Life Common Across Universe
  83. Would an autocatalyst dominate its environment? Why? Why not?
  84. Copernican Fallacy & 'Numbers'
  85. Mini Review: Probing the limits of extremophilic life...
  86. Dyson spheres and Black hole emit no light; How do we tell the difference?
  87. Viruses, eukarya, bacteria, archaea...
  88. POLL: Is there life beyond Earth?
  89. Searching for ET flyby probes with SOHO and other solar observations
  90. Is there life beyond Earth? New and Improved Poll.
  91. How many planets with bacteria, according to Alan Bond?
  92. Ecosystems and Meteorology of a Ringworld.
  93. Detecting Distant Life
  94. Alien genetics
  95. Unpredicting Evolution
  96. Alien (film series) - What if...?
  97. Chaos theory and the 'Life-outcome'
  98. White Dwarfs and Life
  99. How many living cells are there on Earth?
  100. Why would aliens be friendly?
  101. Sci fi about ETI: can it be more than entertainment?
  102. How to get noticed?
  103. Ocean-Land % on other planets
  104. What was in those droplets on the shaded legs of the Mars Phoenix Mission?
  105. Can we live farther away from the Sun
  106. Exo-extremophiles detection method by spectroscopy
  107. Astrobiology and space exploration: Is G. Gaylord Simpson's joke still relevant?
  108. Why life as we know it?
  109. amateur METI
  110. Earth-sized planets in habitable zones are more common than previously thought
  111. Stanford torus or equivelent space city
  112. SETI@home
  113. Astrobiologists claim meteorite carried space algae
  114. Most depressing ET message
  115. Lab experiments on Titan's atmospheric chemistry
  116. Mars Soil Resembles Veggie-Garden Dirt, Lander Finds
  117. Life Before Earth
  118. A plant by any other name
  119. Could we be detected from Alpha Centauri?
  120. Alien civilizations in the MilkyWay.
  121. The limits on life.
  122. Lowest ever reported temperature for bacterial growth - does this change anything?
  123. The new explain of Fermi paradox
  124. How many Earth analogue's could we build (if we had the technology) from...?
  125. Methane in Martian atmosphere may not be an indication of life
  126. questioning The Goldilock Zone
  127. Advanced alien communications
  128. Complex Hydrocarbons Detected in Titan's Atmosphere
  129. Is Nightfall realistic?
  130. Titan and the search for answers/clues about life
  131. Titan .. Adapt or Die!
  132. Biogenetic Carbon from Mars!
  133. If life was shown to exist only on Earth
  134. The search for organics on Mars
  135. Manganese in Abiogensis?
  136. Speculating on Galactic Expansionism
  137. Space Chemistry
  138. Possible organosedimentary structures on Mars
  139. Jill Tarter and the Long Search
  140. Serpentinization Hypothesis
  141. Natural affinities may have helped RNA life
  142. Irrational Exuberance
  143. The Sirius Mystery
  144. Terraforming Venus
  145. Birds and insects, what would an ecosystem be without them?
  146. Lowest temperature for metabolism
  147. What if the solution to the Fermi Paradox is mining-related...
  148. Did life here, start out there?
  149. Life beneath ocean floor
  150. Drake Equation Revisited
  151. Models of abiogenesis: Stuart Kauffman and Addy Pross
  152. Life Arises Easily - ?
  153. Low/No Methane on Mars
  154. Finding Alien Life via Spectroscopy - Dr. Isrealian
  155. Pre-life evolution, ecological niches, complex systems
  156. Global Abiogenesis Model
  157. Are we all Martians?
  158. Extraterrestrial life in our galaxy visiting Earth
  159. Double-strand DNA break repair at -15 C
  160. Humans can live in the vacuum of space?
  161. Life no fluke??
  162. Geology and life on other planets
  163. "8.8 billion Earths in our galaxy alone"?
  164. 'Dirty' Clean Rooms?
  165. Chlorophyll
  166. Seeding Life on the Moons of the outer planets
  167. The Oceans Of Neptune?
  168. Earth-Like Planets - Kepler Mission
  169. Which Earth-like planet that has been discovered is most like Earth?
  170. Analog science article
  171. Making RNA: the next chapter
  172. PSA for aliens...humorous.
  173. Biology Associated With A Titanium Sphere Isolated From The Stratosphere
  174. Water and organics in found in space dust
  175. Europa - Hubble observations suggest geysering water
  176. Life bearing moons vs planets
  177. NASA Sued over Martians!
  178. Project Dolittle - Animal civilization
  179. The Habitable Epoch of the Early Universe
  180. Superhabitable Worlds
  181. visits by ancient astronauts
  182. Bringing life to Mars
  183. Oxygen Unnecessary for Complex Life?
  184. Drake Equation: Equation based on total number of stars
  185. Hydrogen breathers
  186. Fossils in Mars meteorites ? -- New and better evidence
  187. Where would you send the Voyagers to intercept other life forms
  188. SETI - Keep The Program Going or Not?
  189. Should We Advertise Our Existance?
  190. What can dissolve in Titan's lakes? Results of a lab simulation...
  191. What's the next step if spectroscopy revealed high levels of oxygen from a exoplanet?
  192. Gamma Ray Bursts rule out Panspermia?
  193. What is more probable to happen....Us finding aliens or aliens finding us?
  194. Basic necessities for civilizations
  195. SETI: How much data?
  196. Space Suit Failure In Space
  197. In the spirit of the new Godzilla movie. How big can life get on other planets?
  198. Is life unusually chaotic?
  199. An atmosphere that let in more cosmic rays would it accelerate evolution?
  200. Summing up the Fermi Paradox solutions for new and old alike.
  201. Milky Way may bear 100 million life-giving planets
  202. Requirements and limits for life in the context of exoplanets
  203. Primordial Soup samples finally analyzed
  204. Tides may have helped life on land
  205. Would we find alien babies cute?
  206. Fermi paradox. Maybe once you get technologically advanced enough there's no point.
  207. There's now a catalog of potentially habitable exoplanets
  208. Noise, and evidence of absence
  209. Why extraterrestrial life exists, but we haven't made first contact yet.
  210. Could an Alien Probe be Watching Us Now?
  211. The Youngness Paradox
  212. How far away are we from true self-replicating technology?
  213. Diatoms on the Space Station
  214. Will Children born away from Earth suffer from allergies?
  215. Extremophiles, now on earth, can survive in space as well.
  216. NASA Refines Criteria for Life Signs on Exoplanets
  217. C'mon, what's it take?
  218. Technologically advanced species, can it develop on a water world?
  219. Human Universe
  220. Could sand be decomposed silicon-based bacteria?
  221. Bacteria still dying on Voyager.
  222. Goldilocks Zone of a Hypergiant
  223. How many advanced civilizations would be artificial intelligence?
  224. Microoganisms On ISS Windows
  225. The Last of the Dinosaurs
  226. Resource use as a motive for interstellar expansion
  227. Mini Nazca-signs on comet 67-P (Rosetta)?
  228. Curiosity detects methane on Mars
  229. Is it accurate like in Prometheus they say "no weapons, it's a science mission"
  230. Temperature zones beneath planets crust
  231. Is evolution of single cell to multicell complex beings inevitable?
  232. Maybe we could do better...
  233. I have found this forum on habitable exoplanets!
  234. Tiny metal spheres spewing goo
  235. Detailed study of ultra-small bacteria
  236. Hypothetical Titan lifeform
  237. Other WOWs?
  238. New research suggests Titan's atmosphere is from a chemically active interior
  239. Limits of Knowledge Questions
  240. The Copernican principle applied to biology
  241. Putting Ceres into Mars orbit (a new moon for Mars)...
  242. Galactic biodiversity and distribution of complexity in the galaxy
  243. Search for Signs of Alien Civilizations in 100,000 Galaxies Returns Empty Handed
  244. Your prediction about extraterestrial life
  245. Terraforming Pluto / Outer Bodies
  246. The Guzman Prize
  247. Could simple exotic organisms on Titan be mistaken for minerals?
  248. Enceladus water is salty, alkaline and microbe-friendly
  249. Seeding Europa
  250. Microbes Can Survive In Meteorites If Shielded From UV Radiation, Study Says