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  1. Earth and Mars May Have Shared Seeds of Life
  2. Jupiter analog discovered
  3. $100M boost for SETI
  4. New theory about probiotic chemistry on ancient Earth
  5. Washington Post: "Why haven’t we found it yet?"
  6. Another route to polypeptides
  7. No Hunting Allowed!
  8. A good book on the history of SETI?
  9. Kepler 452b
  10. The last word on alien life is in.
  11. What if we discover extraterrestrial life?
  12. I am really confused about SETI
  13. what physical properties are most likely universal for macroscopic organisms?
  14. listened to the "WOW!" signal...
  15. Has the "RNA World" come to an end?
  16. Question about "multiverse"
  17. why did we send the Arecibo message?
  18. Gradual emergence of life from energy-rich chemistry
  19. Why we haven't discovered life on other planets - yet
  20. Aliens could DESTROY Earth if discovered
  21. interesting study using moore´s law for evolution of life in the universe
  22. Search For Advanced Alien Civilizations In Our Local Universe Finds Nothing
  23. aliens will look like humans
  24. A virus is not a "living organism"?
  25. Peaceful versus aggressive advanced civs, if they exist at all.
  26. Will Intelligence Always Evolve?
  27. Up to 22% Dips Detected in Starlight 1,500 LY Away
  28. "Where are they ?"
  29. Fine, I'll start a Dyson Sphere thread.
  30. Earth early to the party
  31. Do we live in the "best" part of the galaxy as far as life is concerned?
  32. Is there life in Space?
  33. Super Earth discovered orbiting hot "Neptune"
  34. Kind of a farfetched idea regarding star systems and intelligent life
  35. How complex would a galaxy of civilizations be?
  36. Are there any lifeforms on Earth that could be seeded on Mars w/o genetic engineering
  37. The Fermi Paradox II — Solutions and Ideas
  38. is life only evolving chemistry?
  39. should we seed the solar system wth life whilst we can?
  40. The Limit of Life?
  41. New pathway to extraterrestrial hydrocarbons
  42. You don't have to be perfect for life
  43. [Martian bacterial fossils]
  44. Ok I`m new here but....some tech already exists
  45. Proposal: 1% of the stars in the MW are Matryoshka Dyson Spheres
  46. Gamma ray SETI
  47. Two First Contacts
  48. Life on Mars speculation, 1962
  49. Can we eat it? Testing edibility of alien life.
  50. Life on Titan - new concept paper
  51. Minimum time to evolve ETI
  52. particles
  53. Chance KIC 8462852 is ETI site
  54. Project Meti
  55. Scientists have found a new way to detect messages from aliens
  56. Could star clusters be a good place to look for advanced civilizations?
  57. Is non-chemical life possible?
  58. SETI Institute to Listen for Signals from 20,000 Red Dwarfs
  59. ailen's appearance
  60. Origin of the complex cell - freak event, or gradual process?
  61. Stuff (of Life)
  62. My first Fermi Paradox video us up!
  63. No Kardeshev III civilizations
  64. Cranking the Drake Equation for the umpteenth time
  65. Other ways an advanced civilization could send messages instead of light/radio waves?
  66. Time to reach K2
  67. Intelligent life with twin heads
  68. Bacteria found to thrive better in space than on Earth
  69. Minimum hydrosphere for habitable planet
  70. Lava Tubes as habitable areas
  71. SETI detection distance for leakage signals from earth-like civilization?
  72. Should we make a huge symbol(of some kind) on Earth so that aliens may see it?
  73. Forward contamination is the issue.
  74. In search of vanishing stars
  75. Habitability of the Polaris system
  76. Temperate regions of Mercury
  77. Are cyanide polymers doing life-like stuff on Titan?
  78. ET, when will we see you?
  79. Necromorphs/Reapers and other genocidal ETIs
  80. An interesting SETI candidate in Hercules
  81. "Voyage of Time: Life's Journey (2016)" the film
  82. Will Venus be the new Australia for life science?
  83. "Stephen Hawking warning: If aliens call..."
  84. GRBs and Galactic Habitability (arxiv paper)
  85. Aggression and intelligence
  86. Did ET phone Us?
  87. Reading "Mars As The Abode Of Life"
  88. Santilli Telescope 'entities'
  89. Biological integration
  90. Was the primordial soup a thick soup?
  91. Funnel on Mars Could be Place to Look for Life
  92. One Fermi Paradox Explanation
  93. Collecting evidence of life on Europa without drilling?
  94. Life on Brown Dwarfs?
  95. Will aliens use genes?
  96. Weather on a tidally locked planet
  97. A modest proposal
  98. Gliese 1132b Earth-like Exoplanet Found to Have a Dense Atmosphere
  99. Life On a Circumbinary Planet
  100. Life High in Earth Atmosphere--and Elsewhere
  101. Rate of metabolism in space
  102. fraction of planets that have life in Drake equation
  103. Photosynthesis in Gusev Crater
  104. New weird Earth-life - Now in crystals in caves
  105. Trappist-1 has 7 earth sized planets
  106. Elliptical orbits means things get colder
  107. Evotheory and life in the space
  108. Why life needs a liquid (tho maybe not water) - explanation by Chris McKay
  109. FRBs might power ETI light sails
  110. Water Worlds? How habitable might they be?
  111. Alien 'life' in the movie 'life': (spoiler alert).. will aliens have tissues?
  112. Atmosphere Discovery GJ 1132b
  113. Tidal Forces and Biogenesis
  114. Would we know if we were in a "Startrekverse"?
  115. Enceladus as cradle of life?
  116. Are Animals Rare?
  117. Likelihood KIC 8462852 is an ETI site
  118. Vegetation Evidence from the Earth's Spectrum?
  119. What would a K2 look like?
  120. Would 'biosignatures' prove life?
  121. Aliens are hibernating until the computers get faster
  122. Is SETI doing it wrong?
  123. The Drake Equation
  124. What if No life is Ever Found?
  125. Cosmic Modesty
  126. The Futility of SETI
  127. All sky laser seti
  128. 'Very Peculiar' Signals from Ross 128
  129. Global Sterilisation is Unlikely from Catastrophe.
  130. Would exolife use nucleic acid genes?
  131. Titan has building block for cell-like membranes
  132. Dyson swarm or interstellar colonisation — which would logically be done first?
  133. Dragonfly mission to Titan could look for prebiotic chemistry or chemistry of life
  134. Boron found on Mars
  135. PLANETS and ELF
  136. The "Big Bang Problem"
  137. N. Sentinel Island, non-intervention, and the Fermi paradox
  138. Life and the LHB
  139. Molecule with phosphorus and no carbon may be key to origin of life
  140. ET anatomy
  141. Can oceans be too deep?
  142. Philosophical implications of extraterrestrial life
  143. Terrestrial Exoplanet Skies – I've Made a Visual Chart. Is It Accurate?
  144. The Cosmic Zoo
  145. Dragonfly Titan mission reaches NASA New Frontiers short list
  146. Fossils Found on Mars?
  147. Organic compounds and water found in meteorites
  148. is life evolved chemical tetris?
  149. Did ET call?
  150. Do you think a non-industrial animal could become space fairing?
  151. Making 100% right-handed and left handed molecules
  152. Biosignature reading for your Handbook of Exoplanets
  153. Geology over Interstellar Distances from Light Curves
  154. Microbes in Venus clouds?
  155. TYC 1220-91-1 and GAIA
  156. Space borne Fungal spores and Bacteria Terraforming planets?
  157. How many habitable exoplanets in the galaxy?
  158. New Microorganisms Discovered In Earth's Stratosphere
  159. Mars' Methane - Martian Microbes?
  160. Life in red dwarf solar systems
  161. Hydrophobic molecules found on Enceladus
  162. Study says we are probably alone in the universe
  163. How to talk to aliens
  164. Titan - Where to search?
  165. Is Mars Too Dry for Life?
  166. Europa - doomed to not have life? What about the upper atmosphere of Venus?
  167. Life about 10 billion years from now
  168. Dyson Spheres in recent news
  169. Astrobiological papers from Arvix and everywhere
  170. Thought Experiment: A Mercury-like Earth
  171. How quickly could an intelligent race go from their neolithic to the space age?
  172. A timescale for the origin and evolution of all of life on Earth?
  173. Short Protein Could Have Existed in Early Life
  174. Fire & the Drake equation
  175. An alien being with a true hive mind - is such a thing possible?
  176. Have we reached 0.72I yet?
  177. An Astrobiology Strategy for the Search for Life in the Universe
  178. Super-Earth civilization
  179. Ole McDonald had a Pharm..on Mars? the Moon?
  180. Methane-based life - any news about this?
  181. Mars's Last Inhabited Spots?
  182. Symbiosis as critical for anything but bacteria and archaea?
  183. Rain Not Good for Mars Life
  184. ATP Activates Prebiotic Peptide Synthesis
  185. odds of functional proteins emerging by chance?
  186. Teeming Deep Earth Life
  187. Planets With Oxygen Don’t Necessarily Have Life
  188. What do you think is the most likely explanation for the Fermi paradox?
  189. Galactic Panspermia?
  190. Do species have to co-evolve to catch each other's diseases?
  191. Would common ancestry occur everywhere life evolves?
  192. If there is an alien civilization at the same technological stage as us
  193. Aliens with olfactory consciousness? (Warning: highly imaginative question)
  194. Artificial DNA (Hachimoji DNA)
  195. Evolution of Intelligence: A Comparison
  196. Could a benthic, ocean floor culture develop metallurgy by employing volcanism?