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  1. Bigger Risks from Smaller Asteroids?
  2. Cancer Rates Rise and Fall with Cosmic Rays
  3. When Solar System Went from Dust to Mountains
  4. Astronomers Track Flares on a Distant Star
  5. Astrosphere for December 19th, 2007
  6. Galaxy Has 1,000 Times Our Rate of Star Formation
  7. ISS Astronaut’s Mother Killed
  8. ET Would Know There's Life on Earth
  9. Supernova Generates Enough Dust for 10,000 Earths
  10. Carnival of Space #34
  11. 2009 Will Be the International Year of Astronomy
  12. Maybe Sulfur Dioxide, Not Carbon Dioxide, Kept Mars Warm
  13. How Long is a Day on Saturn?
  14. MIT Shoots For the Moon
  15. Hinode Discovers the Sun's Hidden Sparkle
  16. Magnetic "Ropes" Connect the Northern Lights to the Solar Wind
  17. What's Up this Week: December 24 - December 31, 2007
  18. It’s a Bird! It’s Tinker Bell! It’sThree Galaxies!
  19. Fast Food Delivery: Progress Docks With ISS
  20. Studying Planets With Sunglasses
  21. Happy Birthday Johannes Kepler
  22. Podcast: Globular Clusters
  23. 1-in-75 Chance Of Tunguska-Size Impact On Mars
  24. SoHO Celebrates its 12th Birthday
  25. Book Review: Rocketeers
  26. Quadrantid Meteor Shower Will Sparkle on January 3rd
  27. Shuttle Launch Decision on Tap
  28. Controversial NASA Aviation Report Released
  29. Reader Meetup: January 8, 2008 in Austin
  30. SETI@home Needs You!
  31. White Dwarf or Pulsar?
  32. Carnival of Space #35
  33. Antares Meets the New Moon In the Old Moon's Arms On January 5
  34. Former Astronaut Herrington Resigns from Rocketplane
  35. Shuttle Launch Date Still Uncertain
  36. Organic Molecules Found Outside our Solar System
  37. Book Review: Our Changing Planet
  38. Meteor Shower Throws Over 100 Meteors per Hour
  39. Podcast: The Large Hadron Collider and the Search for the Higgs-Boson
  40. New Solar Cycle Begins With New Year…
  41. AAS Meeting All This Week
  42. Landing Sites for Mars Science Lab Narrowed to Six
  43. Branson Wants to Fly Space Tourists into the Northern Lights
  44. Comet, Cometary Dust Formed in Different Parts of Solar System
  45. Matching Cyclone Found at Saturn's North Pole
  46. China Plans for Big Year in Space
  47. The Plan to Fix Hubble
  48. A Snapshot of NASA's Science Plans
  49. A Powerful Blast From the Distant Past
  50. Time Lapse Animation of Galaxy Jets
  51. Massive Disk Galaxies Collapsed From a Single Cloud of Gas
  52. Beautiful View of the Cygnus Loop
  53. Drinks From Space
  54. The Universe Held a Party, and We Missed It
  55. Hidden Quasars - Found!
  56. Earth, Barely Habitable?
  57. If You Crashed Neptune and Jupiter Together…
  58. There May Be Hundreds of Rogue Black Holes in the Milky Way
  59. There's a Lopsided Halo of Antimatter Surrounding the Centre of the Milky Way
  60. Some Stars Can Go through a Second Stage of Planet Formation
  61. Researchers Find a Planet, Right Where They Expected
  62. Asteroid Won't Hit Mars
  63. Supercluster Ruled By the Pull of Dark Matter
  64. Hubble Sees a Double Einstein Ring
  65. A Quartet of Stars, Locked in a Tight Embrace
  66. Carnival of Space #36
  67. The Building Blocks of the Grand Spirals
  68. Black Holes Seen Spinning at the Limits Predicted by Einstein
  69. Death Echos of Material Destroyed Near a Black Hole
  70. Galaxy's Arms are Rotating Backwards
  71. AAS Photos Rocki!
  72. Super-Neutron Stars are Possible
  73. MESSENGER Flyby of Mercury January 14th
  74. Fat Black Holes Can Lurk in Thin Galaxies
  75. Gas Cloud on Collision Course with the Milky Way
  76. Red Dwarfs Have Teeny Tiny Habitable Zones
  77. Radioactive Hot Spots on Earth's Beaches May Have Sparked Life
  78. 2008 Launch Calendar and Preview
  79. Significant Mission Events in 2008
  80. Make Room at the Moon
  81. Book Review: An Ocean of Air
  82. Podcast: How to Win a Nobel Prize
  83. Finding Dark Energy in a Supercomputer
  84. Ulysses Passes Over Sun's North Pole
  85. A Winged MESSENGER Flies By Mecury
  86. A New Supply Ship for the ISS
  87. Get Ready for the Great Moonbuggy Race
  88. Podcast: Gravitational Waves
  89. Our Virtual Reality Universe
  90. Using Gravity to Find Planets in the Habitable Zone
  91. NASA Wants Your Opinion on the Lunar Lander
  92. Study Shows More Antarctic Ice Loss
  93. Ice Clouds on Mars Create Shade
  94. Astronomers Could Detect Oceans on Extrasolar Planets
  95. Nobody Has Ever Seen This Side of Mercury
  96. Astrosphere for January 16, 2008
  97. Sea Launch Rocket Success
  98. Britain Proposes New International Space Station Modules
  99. Regulating Traffic in the Final Frontier
  100. A View of Mercury's Far Side
  101. Has a Signal from ET Really Been Detected?
  102. Carnival of Space #37
  103. High School Students Discover Asteroid
  104. Get Ready for the 2008 Space Elevator Challenge
  105. Astrosphere for January 18, 2007
  106. More Images of Mercury are Pouring In
  107. NASA's Planning its Own Version of World of Warcraft
  108. Most Advanced Ion Engines For 2013 BepiColumbo Mission to Mercury
  109. 2007 was Tied for the Second Hottest Year on Record
  110. Scaled Composites at Fault for Fatal Explosion
  111. Engineering, Budget Problems for NASA’s New Spacecraft
  112. A Possible Answer to Flyby Anomalies
  113. Flying Telescope Passes Its First Stage of Tests
  114. Using GPS Could Better Tsunami Warning System
  115. Podcast: Cosmic Rays
  116. When Do Asteroids Turn Dangerous?
  117. Forget Black Holes, How Do You Find A Wormhole?
  118. Branson Outlines His Vision For Virgin Galactic, Video Interview
  119. Should NASA Overhaul Its Vision?
  120. Astrosphere for January 22, 2008
  121. Mercury in Living Color
  122. Researchers Plan to Launch Paper Airplane from ISS
  123. Virgin Galactic Unveils SpaceShipTwo
  124. Near Earth Asteroid 2007 TU24 Make a Close Approach on January 29, 2008
  125. "What's Up" With Tammy Plotner?
  126. Large Hadron Collider Could Detect "Unparticles"
  127. New Chandra Image Is Eye Candy
  128. NASA Astronaut Survey: No Launch Day Drinking
  129. Carnival of Space #38
  130. Will Time be Replaced by Another Space Dimension?
  131. Researchers Observe Extra-galactic Meteor
  132. Gigantic Storms on Jupiter Grow in a Single Day
  133. No Humanoid on Mars, Just Rocks
  134. Comet Dust is Very Similar to Asteroids
  135. Amazing Panorama of Mars' Victoria Crater from Opportunity
  136. Astronomers Get First Images of Near Earth Asteroid 2007 TU24
  137. Observing Near-Earth Asteroid TU24
  138. US Spy Satellite Could Crash To Earth In February
  139. Scientists Design "Ion Shield" To Protect Astronauts From Solar Wind Radiation
  140. Paper Boomerang will be Tested on Space Station
  141. Hyperfast Star Ejected from the Large Magellenic Cloud
  142. UK Astronomy Community "Deliberately Sabotaged" By Funding Cuts To Gemini Observatori
  143. Podcast: Questions Show #8
  144. Stars Form Better in the Cosmic Suburbs
  145. Natural Particle Accelerator Dwarfs the Power of the Large Hadron Collider
  146. A Nova Doesn't Create, It Destroys
  147. Are the Martian Winds Still Resurfacing the Planet?
  148. Alarmist Asteroid 2007 TU24 Video
  149. Are We Living in a New Geologic Epoch?
  150. Tricky January 30 Spacewalk to Repair ISS Solar Array
  151. Method to Test String Theory Proposed
  152. Venus and Jupiter Dazzle the Eye on February 1
  153. A Young Star Grows Up
  154. New Technique for Finding Intermediate Mass Black Holes
  155. Astrosphere for January 30, 2008
  156. Recovering from a Mass Extinction is Slow Going
  157. Innovative Laser Trap Captures Most Neutron-Rich Substance Made On Earth: Helium-8
  158. NASA Announces the Next Shuttle Launch Attempt: February 7, 2008
  159. Mercury is Less Like the Moon than Previously Believed
  160. ‘Suits and Ties’ Collaborate on Successful Space Station Repair
  161. 50 Years Ago: Explorer 1
  162. Carnival of Space #39
  163. Astrosphere for January 31, 2008
  164. The Environmental Impact of a Return to the Moon
  165. Will Earth Survive When the Sun Becomes a Red Giant?
  166. Global Map of Iapetus
  167. “Across the Universe” Day for NASA and Beatles Fans
  168. Memorial Service Honors Columbia Astronauts
  169. Night Lights - Astronomy For Kids - Discovering Orion
  170. Cassini Finds Patterns and Rhythm in Saturn’s Rings
  171. Astronaut Treadmills are on the Wall
  172. Microbes Make the Best Climate Engineers
  173. Poland "agrees" to host controversial US missile defence system
  174. Get a Better View of Saturn from Cassini, in 3D
  175. Solar Eclipse - Moon Takes a Bite Out of the Sun On February 7….
  176. Building a Map of Dark Energy
  177. Astrosphere for February 4, 2008
  178. Centaurid Meteor Shower Delights Southern Hemisphere…
  179. Podcast: Antimatter
  180. Atlantis Will Fly, Despite Bent Hose
  181. Venus Express Detects Water Vapour in Low Altitude Clouds
  182. Observatory Installed on the Coldest, Driest Place on Earth
  183. Large Hadron Collider May Help Us Glimpse Into another Dimension
  184. Earth's climate will slip past "tipping point" within 100 years
  185. Hubble Sees an Ancient Elliptical Galaxy
  186. Book Review: Astronautics
  187. Cargo Ship Launches to the Station
  188. Mars in Thrilling 3-D!
  189. British Engineers Design Hypersonic Passenger Jet
  190. Astrosphere for February 5, 2008
  191. Enceladus is Supplying Ice to Saturn's A-Ring
  192. Stream of Hydrogen Connects the Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds
  193. Terrible Weather Will Probably Delay Atlantis Launch
  194. Astrosphere for February 6, 2008
  195. Dark Matter and Dark Energy… the Same Thing?
  196. Review: Infinity 125 mW Green Laser
  197. Researchers Explain Enceladus' Icy Plume
  198. Could Nitrogen Pollution Give Tropical Flora a Much Needed Boost?
  199. Building a Base on the Moon: Challenges and Hazards
  200. Large Hadron Collider Could Create Wormholes: a Gateway for Time Travelers?
  201. Another Asteroid Passes Close to Earth
  202. Carnival of Space #40
  203. Name That Satellite
  204. Astrosphere for February 7, 2008
  205. The "Astronomical Unit" May Need an Upgrade as the Sun Loses Mass
  206. Are we sending a bit too much information into the cosmos?
  207. STS 122 Mission Rockets to Space
  208. Deep Impact Begins Searching for Extrasolar Planets
  209. Asteroid Occulation Alert - Observers Wanted!
  210. Extremophile Hunt Begins in Antarctica, Implications for Exobiologists
  211. Testing a Europa Probe Prototype
  212. Medical Problem Delays Spacewalk
  213. Building a Base on the Moon: Part 2 - Habitat Concepts
  214. Video of Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-122) Pitch Maneuver Prior to ISS Docking
  215. Celebrate Valentine's Day With Eros!
  216. Astrospies on Nova, February 12th, 2008
  217. Lightweight Disk Could Harbour Planets
  218. Astronomers Use Light Echos to Measure the Distance to a Star
  219. Columbus Module Attached to ISS after Eight Hour Spacewalk
  220. "Listening" for Gravitational Waves to Track Down Black Holes
  221. Get Ready for the February 2008 Total Lunar Eclipse…
  222. Young Stars in a Blanket of Gas and Dust
  223. Podcast: Stellar Populations
  224. Hubble Finds One of the Earliest, Brightest Galaxies in the Universe
  225. Astrosphere for February 12, 2008
  226. Star Flips its Magnetic Field
  227. Cautious Welcome for UK Research Council U-Turn on Gemini Observatory Funding
  228. Synthetic Black Hole Event Horizon Created in UK Laboratory
  229. Spies Caught Selling Shuttle Secrets to the Chinese
  230. Could the First Stars have been powered by Dark Matter?
  231. Titan has "hundreds of times more" liquid hydrocarbons than Earth
  232. Real-time solar storm warning now operational, protecting astronauts and satillites
  233. I Heart the ISS: Ten Reasons to Love the International Space Station
  234. Arecibo Spots a Triple Asteroid
  235. Book Review: Life in the Universe
  236. Researchers Find a Supernova, Before it Exploded
  237. Another Solar System Found with Saturn and Jupiter-Sized Planets
  238. US Planning to Shoot Down Dead Spy Satellite
  239. Human Damage to World Oceans Mapped, 40% "Strongly Impacted"
  240. Carnival of Space #41
  241. Finding "Tightens the Noose on the Possibility of Life" on Mars
  242. What Would Happen if a Small Black Hole Hit the Earth?
  243. Countdown To February 20/21 Total Lunar Eclipse…
  244. Shuttle Crew Says Goodbye, Undocks from ISS
  245. Podcast: Lagrange Points
  246. Rocky Planets May Form Around Most Sun-like Stars
  247. Listening to the Universe from the Far Side of the Moon
  248. World Needs to Aim for Near-Zero Carbon Emissions
  249. Space Program At Risk, Panel Says
  250. Cassini Uncovers Invisible Rings at Saturn