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  1. Astrosphere for February 19, 2008
  2. Hubble Finds Dozens of Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies
  3. Bubble Experiment Fails to Find Dark Matter
  4. Bubble Experiment Fails to Find Dark Matter
  5. Valles Marineris, the Deepest Chasm in the Solar System
  6. Building a Base on the Moon: Part 3 - Structural Design
  7. A Mission in Pictures
  8. Planet Hunter Prepped for Tests
  9. Meteor Blazed Above the Pacific Northwest Tuesday, February 19
  10. Mysterious Mars Formation May be Caused by Bursts of Water
  11. US Cruiser Strikes Dead Spy Satellite
  12. Solar Variability Most Likely Not the Cause of Global Warming
  13. Pulsars are Exploding Unexpectedly and "Magnetars" Might be to Blame
  14. The Mysteries Behind the Dynamic Global Weather of Venus
  15. An Elegant Proposal for Near Earth Asteroid Deflection
  16. Ulysses Spacecraft Dying of Natural Causes
  17. Carnival of Space #42
  18. Send in Your Eclipse Pictures, Tell Your Stories
  19. Milky Way is Twice as Thick as Previously Believed
  20. Time to Observe Saturn - Opposition Occurs February 23!
  21. Aliens Might Be Moving Stars to Communicate With Us
  22. Could Primordial Black Holes Deflect Asteriods on a Collision Course with Earth?
  23. Space Debris May be Catastrophic to Future Missions (and Google Earth is Watching…)
  24. Record Breaking "Dark Matter Web" Structures Observed Spanning 270 Million Light Year
  25. Watch Out For The Zodiacal Light!
  26. Two Meteor Showers Sparkle the Skies… Beginning Tonight!
  27. Mercury and Venus Team Up on Tuesday
  28. Be A Carbon Hero
  29. New ESA Rover Will Look For Life On Mars
  30. Nanotechnology and "Electrochromics" Successfully Tested On Board Satellite MidSTAR-1
  31. New Technique for Finding Space Diamonds
  32. Your Photos of the Total Lunar Eclipse
  33. Book Review: Final Countdown
  34. Podcast: Where is the Centre of the Universe?
  35. "Foresight" Wins First Prize in Apophis Asteroid Tagging Competition
  36. Pluto's Moons, Nix and Hydra, may have been Adopted
  37. Nano-Engineered Liquid Mirror Telescopes
  38. Earth Life Forms Ejected on Asteroid Impact Could Survive and Return Again
  39. Your Eclipse Photos, Part II
  40. NASA's Ultimate Off Road Truck - For the Moon
  41. An Entire Galaxy, Seen in Ultraviolet
  42. UK Reinstated as Full Member of Gemini Project
  43. New NASA Animation Lets You Land on the Moon
  44. Carnival of Space #43
  45. Help Map Our Dark Skies
  46. Development Problems May Delay Mars Science Laboratory Mission
  47. NASA and ESA Orbiters Join Forces to Prepare for Phoenix Arrival on May 25th, 2008
  48. Massive Stars Need Their Smaller Siblings To Grow
  49. What Happens When Supermassive Black Holes Collide?
  50. Final Detector in Place at the Large Hadron Collider
  51. Shuttle Endeavour to Launch on March 11th; View the STS-123 Interactive Mission Timel
  52. First Experiment Starts in ISS Columbus Module Testing Plant Growth
  53. Mars Gullies Produced by Dry Granular Debris and Not by Recent Water Flow
  54. UK Urged to Focus on Satellite Technology, not Manned Exploration of Space
  55. Latest Mars Images Round-up
  56. Tracking Debris from US Spy Satellite USA 193; Delays to Rocket Launch
  57. HiRISE Captures Stunning Images of Mars Avalanches in Action
  58. Looking Down the Barrel of A Gamma Ray Burst
  59. A One-Way, One-Person Mission to Mars
  60. Earth and Moon, As Seen From Mars
  61. Podcast: What is the Shape of the Universe?
  62. Measure Light Pollution and Help Save Our Dark Skies
  63. Book Review: A Dictionary of Astronomy
  64. That Dark Stuff, Matter and Energy
  65. Do Advanced Civilizations Communicate with Neutrinos?
  66. Observing the Atmospheres of Venus and Mars Leak into Space (Video)
  67. Extreme Observations of the Aurora in a Land of Polar Bears and Frostbite - Images of
  68. Origins of the Earth's Atmospheric "Hiss" Energizing Van Allen Belt Particles Reveale
  69. Carnival of Space #44
  70. Traffic Jam at the Space Station
  71. The Ultimate Fund-Raising Scheme: Transmit Adverts To Aliens
  72. Run, Don’t Walk, To Your Nearest Moon Base
  73. Cassini To Fly Through Enceladus' Plume March 12 (Video)
  74. Rings Detected Around Saturn's Moon Rhea
  75. Greedy Supermassive Black Holes Dislike Dark Matter
  76. ESA Automated Transfer Vehicle Blasts Into Space (Video); See the ATV Mission Animati
  77. Jupiter has Van Allen Belts too, Just Bigger; Implications for Space Weather Predicti
  78. Podcast: How Big is the Universe?
  79. Digg Mars Madness
  80. Astronomy Cast is Liveblogging All this Week from Houston
  81. Discovery of the Earth's Inner, Inner Core
  82. Planets Might Actually Shape Planetary Nebulae (plus a gallery)
  83. South Korean Astronauts Switched After Rule Infraction
  84. Passing Through the Plumes; Enceladus Flyby on Wednesday
  85. What do you want to know about me>?
  86. Cosmic Neutrinos, the End of the Dark Ages, and Inflation: 5 Years of WMAP Data
  87. If Alpha Centauri Has Earth-Like Planets, We Can Detect Them
  88. The World's Most Powerful Telescope Sees First Light
  89. Binocular Astronomy: Get Sirius!
  90. Endeavour's Launch Lights Up the Night Sky
  91. Party Videos of Endeavour's Launch
  92. Germs Living in Space "Almost Three Times as Likely to Cause Disease"
  93. Relief as Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Propulsion System is Fixed
  94. Orion Crew Module to Begin Testing in Run-up to 2020 Mission (Gallery)
  95. Ancient Lake on Mars Found by HiRISE a Good Place to Look for Life
  96. Carnival of Space #45
  97. The Constantly Changing Vortex on Venus
  98. Could AA Tauri Hold the Biochemical Key to Extra-Terrestrial Life?
  99. Plans for a "Doomsday Ark" on the Moon are in the Works
  100. Meteorites Can Be Rich With the Ingredients of Life
  101. A Disk of Sand Found Orbiting a Young Binary System
  102. Cassini Survives Close Flyby of Enceladus
  103. Google Sky Takes You There
  104. Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnent N132D
  105. When Will Space Traffic Control Be Necessary?
  106. Making the Best First Impression, with Aliens
  107. 404 err - Where are the UT podcasts?
  108. Life Thrived After More Than 100 Meteorites Struck the Earth
  109. Galileo Returns to the Vatican
  110. Corona Australid Meteor Shower Peaks on March 16
  111. Genesis Scientists Finally Have Some Luck: Clues to Oxygen Content of Solar Wind
  112. Heavy ATV Must Learn to Apply the Brakes Before Docking with the ISS
  113. STS-123 Photo/Video Journal
  114. When Black Holes Explode: Measuring the Emission from the Fifth Dimension
  115. Space Junk, Toxic Fuel Rains Down on Siberian Region
  116. Advertise on Universe Today, Astronomy Cast, and Other Space Sites
  117. Making Lunar Soil Usable
  118. Book Review: To the End of the Solar System
  119. Godzilla Wakeup Call
  120. Satellite Fails to Reach Proper Orbit
  121. Preventing Pearl Harbor in Space
  122. Happy Birthday Vanguard 1, and Welcome Home?
  123. Moon and Saturn Team Up On March 19
  124. A Step Toward Quantum Communications with Space
  125. New, Unexpected Spots Found on Jupiter
  126. Mars’ Violent, Volcanic Past … and Possible Future?
  127. Peruvian Meteorite May Rewrite Impact Theories
  128. Celebrate Sun-Earth Day 2008 on March 20
  129. Why are Saturn's Rings Disappearing?
  130. Big Plans for Mass Production of Advanced Spacecraft for Tourists (Video Simulation &
  131. Arthur C. Clarke Dies
  132. Arctic's Oldest and Thickest Ice is Melting Away
  133. Vernal Equinox Is Coming… Balance Eggs Or Believe In Science?
  134. Organic Molecules Seen in an Extrasolar Planet
  135. Great Images From the STS-123 Mission
  136. Geologist Finds a Meteorite Crater in Google Earth
  137. Gravity Waves in the Atmosphere can Energize Tornados (Video)
  138. ATV Jules Verne Reaches "Parking Orbit" 2000km from ISS
  139. Podcast: Craters
  140. Underground Oceans Discovered on Titan
  141. Carnival of Space #46
  142. Salt Deposits on Mars Might Be the Right Place to Search for Life
  143. Could Cosmic Rays Influence Global Warming?
  144. Biggest Ever Cosmic Explosion Observed 7.5 Billion Light Years Away
  145. Ancient Asteroids Discovered
  146. Incredible SRB Video
  147. Astronauts Test Shuttle Tile Repair Techniques
  148. Camelopardalid and March Geminid Meteor Showers Peak on March 22
  149. Rocketplane Gets a New Pilot
  150. Delays For Shuttle Program?
  151. See that Record Breaking Gamma Ray Burst Go! (Video)
  152. The "Mars Curse": Why Have So Many Missions Failed?
  153. Countdown to Earth Hour 2008…
  154. Building a Base on the Moon: Part 4 - Infrastructure and Transportation
  155. Light Echos from 400 Year Old Supernova Observed for the First Time (Time-lapse Video
  156. Does a Boomerang Work in Space?
  157. Dextre vs. HAL
  158. Spirit Rover is Switched Off to Save NASA Money
  159. A Space War would be a Seriously Messy Business
  160. Award Winning Images from the STS-123 Gallery
  161. Time Traveling With Spitzer
  162. NASA U-Turn Over Mars Rover Funding
  163. The Sun Bursts to Life: Sunspots, Flares and CMEs
  164. XCOR: Economy Class Space Tourism?
  165. Alan Stern Resigns From NASA
  166. Cassini Sniffs Organic Chemicals Leaking into Space from Saturn Moon, Enceladus
  167. What's Up - The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast
  168. Endeavour and Crew Back Home Safely (Video)
  169. Carnival of Space #47
  170. Book Review: Rollback
  171. Podcast: Questions about the Size, Shape and Centre of the Universe
  172. Is Our Universe Ruled by Artificial Intelligence?
  173. 13.73 Billion Years - The Most Accurate Measurement of the Age of the Universe Yet
  174. Planet Formation Revealed?
  175. Break Up of Antarctic Ice Shelf
  176. Galaxy Zoo Results Show that the Universe Isn't 'Lopsided'
  177. Why There's More Matter Than Antimatter in the Universe
  178. Under Construction: SpaceShipTwo, on Course for 2009 Testflight (Pictures)
  179. Hawaiian Man Files Lawsuit Against the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
  180. Darkness Washes Around The Globe As Earth Hour Descends
  181. The Mysterious Case of Two Spheres Falling to Earth in Australia and Brazil
  182. The Deepest Canyon on Mars in Stunning High-Definition: New Images from the HRSC
  183. Want to Find Evidence of Life on Another Planet? Look for Cellulose
  184. Explaining Dark Matter and Contradicting the Big Bang
  185. What is Phoenix? It's a Mars Mission Question on Jeopardy!
  186. NASA to Burn Sponsor Logos into the Surface of Mars
  187. SuperWASP are Super Planet-Finding Observatories
  188. Solar Corona Revealed by Medical X-Ray Techniques
  189. Old Galaxies Stick Together In A Young Universe
  190. Supernova Alert: “Supernova Factories” Discovered
  191. Early Universe Had Burst of Star Formation
  192. National Astronomical Meeting 2008 Coverage
  193. Podcast: Space Junk
  194. Virgin/Google's Mission to Mars: Virgle
  195. Astronomers Find the Smallest Black Hole
  196. So, What Does an Anti-Satellite Weapon Actually Look Like?
  197. STEREO Spacecraft Captures Footage of a Solar Tsunami
  198. New Search Technique May Lead to Discovery of Extra-solar Earth-Like Planets
  199. Venus' Variable Evolution
  200. The Sun's Magnetic Fountains
  201. Lumpy Neutron Stars can Generate Gravitational Waves
  202. Jobs Eliminated as Shuttle Program Transitions to Constellation
  203. Meteor Shower… On Mars!
  204. Planet Finder Catches a Comet!
  205. A Black Hole Observed in the Heart of Mysterious Omega Centauri
  206. Source of the Slow Solar Wind Found (Video)
  207. Using Laser Combs to Find Exoplanets
  208. There is No Sun-Link with Global Warming
  209. Jules Verne Pulls Into Port at the ISS
  210. What's Up - The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast
  211. Rocks Roll on Mars Too: New Images From HiRISE
  212. Report: Constellation Program Has Serious Issues
  213. UK "Time Machine" Reveals The Formation Of Distant Galaxies
  214. Star Formation Extinguished by Quasars
  215. Carnival of Space #48
  216. Supernova Precursor Discovered in Spiral Galaxy NGC 2397
  217. Did a Cooked Meteorite Seed Life on Earth?
  218. What is the Biggest Star in the Universe?
  219. Meteorites Make a Big Splash on Mars: New Images of Secondary Craters by HiRISE
  220. SkyWatcher Alert: The Moon and M45 Meet… Again!
  221. Hanson: Earth at Crisis Point
  222. Universe Today Astronomy Picture of the Week - NGC 6188: An Interstellar Portrait
  223. Slowing to Mars Speed
  224. If ET Calls, Would We Be Told?
  225. Soyuz Launches With South Korea's First Astronaut
  226. A Case of MOND Over Dark Matter
  227. Astronomy For Kids: Fun With the Moon
  228. Intel to Protect Microchips from Cosmic Rays
  229. Need an Idea for a Solar System School Project? Build a Scale Model of the Solar Syst
  230. Help Move An Asteroid and Other Space-Related Opportunities
  231. Amazing Image of the Martian Moon Phobos
  232. Space Station Sacrifices Progress Module to Dump Trash into Pacific
  233. What Happens When Three Black Holes Collide?
  234. Smallest Exo-planet Found
  235. Evidence of Asteroid Impact For Sodom and Gomorrah?
  236. Book Review: Woman Astronomers - Reaching for the Stars
  237. Podcast: Wave Particle Duality
  238. Carnival of Space #49
  239. What's Up - The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast
  240. Why Pluto is No Longer a Planet
  241. How Long Does it Take to get to the Moon?
  242. Space Debris Illustrated: The Problem in Pictures
  243. Phoenix Spacecraft Maneuvers for Mars Landing
  244. The Value of Space Exploration
  245. Shortest Single-Photon Pulse Generated: Implications for Quantum Communications
  246. Russian Memorial for Space Dog Laika
  247. Nova Alert!!
  248. Mars Mesas Stripped of Sand, Forming Dunes: Amazing Images from HiRISE
  249. Mysterious Omega Centauri Dazzling in Infrared: New Spitzer Observations
  250. Japanese Moon Mission Returns Detailed Maps of the Lunar Surface