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  1. Russia to Send Monkeys to Mars
  2. Universe Today Astronomy Picture of the Week: NGC 3199 - The Interstellar Snow Ploug
  3. New Earthrise and Earthset Movies from Kaguya
  4. Finally, A Sport for Geeks: Rocket Racing League Announces First Live Exhibition
  5. More Space News From Russia
  6. What was Before the Big Bang? An Identical, Reversed Universe
  7. New Technique Can Estimate Size and Frequency of Meteorite Impacts
  8. Podcast: Getting Around the Solar System
  9. Universe Today Exclusive - Cygnus Nova V2491 Revealed for Readers
  10. Binoculars for Astronomy
  11. Milky Way's Black Hole Gave Off a Burst 300 Years Ago
  12. Coolest, Darkest Brown Dwarf Star Discovered
  13. Astrosphere for April 15, 2008
  14. Reference to UT from Coast to Coast AM
  15. Where In The World (and What World) Is This?
  16. Latest News on Apophis: 13 -year-old Boy Corrects NASA's Estimates of Earth Impact
  17. Radiation Sickness, Cellular Damage and Increased Cancer Risk for Long-term Missions
  18. The Pioneer Anomaly: A Deviation from Einstein Gravity?
  19. Galactic Ghosts Haunt Their Killers
  20. Inflation Theory Takes a Little Kick in the Pants
  21. Mars Express: Looking Beneath Mars’ Surface
  22. Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness
  23. Carnival of Space #50
  24. A Portal to Another Universe?
  25. Name a Star - Real or Ripoff?
  26. What's Up - The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast
  27. Stuart Blasts Star Naming Companies
  28. NASA Official Wants a Six Month Stay on Moon
  29. The Odds of Intelligent Life in the Universe
  30. Australian Observatory First To Capture New Nova In Sagittarius
  31. The Debate Continues: Water or Land Landings for Orion
  32. Soyuz Crew Safe After a Violent Re-entry and Landing 400km Off-target
  33. Branson to be the First to Marry Couples in Space
  34. Light Echo from X-Ray Flare Reveals Existence of a Molecular Torus Surrounding a Supe
  35. NGC 3718 by Dietmar Hagar
  36. It’s That Time of the Month for the Moon
  37. Space Questions Answered
  38. Space Questions for the Week Ending April 21st, 2008
  39. The "Best Engineering Tool" in Space: Duct Tape
  40. New Facts Emerge from Soyuz Emergency Landing
  41. Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders Reflects on Earthrise Picture
  42. Binocular Astronomy - Monthly Sky Lights
  43. Soyuz Capsule Hatch Nearly Burned Up and Crew's Lives Were on a "Razor's Edge"
  44. Questions for April 22, 2008
  45. This Week's "Where In The World (and What World) Is This?"
  46. Solar Sail Space Travel One Step Closer to Reality
  47. Galaxy Zoo Gets a Makeover
  48. Celestron SkyScout Review
  49. Podcast: Detectors
  50. Nova Sagittarius 2008 Is Brightening!
  51. Opportunity’s Robotic Arm Stalls
  52. Magnetic Fields Shape the Jets Pouring Out of Supermassive Black Holes
  53. Mars Was Recently Blanketed By Glaciers
  54. New Hubble Images Reveal Plethora of Interacting Galaxies
  55. Carnival of Space #51
  56. Nova Sagittarius 2008 UPDATE
  57. Soyuz Hard Landing: The Facts
  58. Trailer for the International Year of Astronomy 2009
  59. Potential Global Warming "Fix" Will Damage the Ozone Layer
  60. Space Golf and Other Zero-G Sports on the ISS
  61. ATV Jules Verne Boosts Space Station to Higher Orbit (Video)
  62. UT and the Slashdot Effect
  63. Self-Healing Computers for Damaged Spaceships
  64. The Earth's Cities at Night
  65. Globular Clusters Are Less Evolved than Astronomers Thought
  66. Podcast: The End of the Universe Part 1: The End of the Solar System
  67. Book Review: The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter
  68. 10 Satellites Launched in Record Setting Mission for India (Video)
  69. Europe Launches the Most Accurate Clock in Space
  70. Looking For a Free Ride To Venus?
  71. Why Can't We Launch Trash Into Space?
  72. Hubble Surprise: Heavyweight Baby Galaxies
  73. Global Warming is Accelerating Faster than can be Naturally Repaired
  74. I'm using Twitter?
  75. Supermassive Black Hole Kicked Out of Galaxy: First Ever Observation
  76. Cassini Watches Five-Month Lightning Storm Rage on Saturn
  77. Titan Launch Pad Tower Blown Up at Cape Canaveral (Gallery)
  78. Where In The Universe?
  79. Shape Shifting Robot Can Reassemble After Crashing Apart
  80. Spirit's Dust Dilemma
  81. Gaia Hypothesis: Could Earth Really be a Single Organism?
  82. Explore Earth's Ionosphere with Google Earth
  83. Jupiter’s Rings Are ‘Made in the Shade’
  84. Carnival of Space #52 - The Anniversary Edition
  85. Questions for May 1, 2008
  86. What's Up - The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - May 2-4, 2008
  87. New Type of White Dwarf Stars Discovered
  88. Ocean Currents May Cool the Climate for a Decade
  89. Triple and Double Craters on Mars
  90. Happy Space Day!
  91. Could Jupiter Wreck the Solar System?
  92. Searching for Water and Minerals on Mars - Implications for Colonization
  93. Mission to the Sun
  94. Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks
  95. Send Your Name to the Moon
  96. IC 2944 - Astrophotography by Ken Crawford
  97. Titan’s Hydrocarbon 'Sand' Dunes
  98. Satellite View of Deadly Cyclone in Myanmar
  99. Another (Better) Opportunity to Send Your Name to Space
  100. Podcast: The End of the Universe Part 2: The End of Everything
  101. Digging for Dark Matter: The Large Underground Xenon Detector
  102. Frames not showing up correctly
  103. XMM-Newton Discovers Part of Missing Matter in the Universe
  104. Water in Interstellar Space
  105. Comet Strikes Increase as We Pass Through the Galactic Plane
  106. Asteroid Impact Created a Worldwide Rain of Carbon Beads
  107. How to Detect Watery Worlds Around Other Stars
  108. Only 11 Space Shuttle Missions Remain
  109. Finally, Some Help
  110. Did Earth Have More Than One Moon?
  111. Will Mars Astronauts be put in Suspended Animation for the Journey?
  112. NASA Considers Manned Asteroid Mission
  113. JAXA Releases Boomerang Experiment Video
  114. Where In The Universe? #4
  115. Snow on Mercury?
  116. Lightning Storm Generated by Chilean Volcano (Images)
  117. Photos of the Earth and Moon - From Other Worlds
  118. Spock's Astro Quiz
  119. The Space Traveler's Guide to Surviving Without a Spacesuit (Part 1)
  120. Volunteers Sweat for NASA
  121. Astronomy Day - May 10, 2008
  122. Legendary Astronaut John Glenn Speaks Out On Shuttle Decommissioning
  123. Shuttle Launch Controllers Prepared to Press "Self Destruct" Button
  124. Popular Space Elevator Video Not "News," says LiftPort Founder
  125. Long-term Observations Reveal Patterns in Saturn's Atmosphere
  126. Carnival of Space #53
  127. NASA Flips for Petaflops
  128. Unknowns in Mercury’s Gravity Field Provides Challenges for MESSENGER Mission
  129. Stars Orbiting Close to Black Holes Flattened like Hot Pancakes
  130. The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: May 9-11, 2008
  131. After the Shuttle, Should Astronauts be Launched on Satellite Rockets?
  132. Rumor Mill Churns With NASA's Upcoming Announcement
  133. Space Hotel Prototype Makes 10,000th Orbit
  134. Solution to NASA's Glove Problem
  135. Hubble Image of the Colliding Antennae Galaxies (with Video)
  136. Learning to Breathe Mars Air (Video)
  137. That's WMAP, Seen from Earth
  138. "Tricorder" Checks for Unwanted ISS Microbes
  139. ISS Astronaut on Colbert Report
  140. Scientist Says Texting is More Expensive Than Downloading From Hubble
  141. Celestron Sky Scout Scope 90 Review
  142. Revealing The Undiscovered - Van Den Bergh 149/50 and Lynds Dark Nebula 1235 by Tom D
  143. Help Find the Mars Polar Lander
  144. Scientific Data Recovered from a Hard Drive that Crashed With Columbia
  145. Podcast: The Hubble Space Telescope
  146. It's Almost Time for the Mars Phoenix Landing
  147. Lower Gravity Will Help Lunar Dust Get Deep Into Astronaut Lungs
  148. Rising Temperatures Could Shut Down Plate Tectonics
  149. Phobos Might Only Have 10 Million Years to Live
  150. Imminent Discovery of Life On Mars?
  151. Vatican Astronomer Says Its OK to Believe in ET
  152. Looking for Black Holes in … Water?
  153. This Week's "Where in the Universe?" Challenge
  154. Comet C/2005 L3 McNaught Brighter Than Expected
  155. The Big Announcement: Chandra, VLA Find Youngest Supernova in Our Galaxy
  156. New NASA Study Links Humans to Climate Change
  157. Pole Shift on Europa?
  158. How to Escape From a Black Hole
  159. "Fusionman" Soars the Skies
  160. Elusive Molecule Found in Venus' Atmosphere
  161. Carnival of Space #54
  162. Mapquesting the Solar System
  163. Mars Is REALLY Cold
  164. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - May 16-18, 2008
  165. 7 Minutes of Terror for Phoenix Spacecraft (Video)
  166. Unusual Crater in Mars' Mamers Valles (Gallery)
  167. Ultimate Recycling on the ISS: Urine to Water
  168. Strange, Super-Sized Pulsar Stumps Scientists
  169. Satellite Images of China Earthquake
  170. Jupiter - How Many Moons Does Jupiter Have?
  171. Job Posting: Apply Today to Become an Astronaut
  172. Fly Over the Columbia Hills at APOD
  173. There's A lot of Dust Out There in the Universe
  174. Wow! Satellite Catches Bright Solar Flare – From a Another Star
  175. No Doomsday in 2012
  176. Podcast: Adaptive Optics
  177. Closer to the Heart - 47 Tucanae
  178. How about less spacey stuff?
  179. Spare Telescope Parts Could be Used for Homeland Security
  180. What Would You Say to ET?
  181. World's Strangest Telescope - The IceCube
  182. Phytoplankton Bloom Erupts in the North Sea
  183. Get Your Free Dione Atlas Here!
  184. Spaceship Sighting Alert
  185. Could Dark Matter be the Root Cause of Flyby Anomalies?
  186. Test Your Knowledge With Another "Where In The Universe" Challenge
  187. Caught in the Act: Astronomers See Supernova As it Explodes
  188. Congress Considering Additional Shuttle Flight and More Science Funding
  189. More Satellite Images of China's Earthquake
  190. Avoiding the Technicolor Yawn In Space
  191. Solar Sonic Boom: Eclipses May Generate Atmospheric Shocks
  192. Over 100 Explosions Observed on the Moon
  193. Exoplanet Count Rises With New Discoveries
  194. Hubble Spies Third Red Spot on Jupiter
  195. The Human Brain in Space: Euphoria and the "Overview Effect" Experienced by Astronaut
  196. Spirit Unearths Former Yellowstone on Mars
  197. Soyuz Hard Landing: Equipment Module Failed to Separate - Official
  198. Carnival of Space # 55
  199. Navigation for Spaceships Using X-ray Pulsars: Introducing XNAV
  200. Channels, Craters and Phoenix's Landing Site From MRO
  201. Dear Phoenix: All Our Hopes
  202. 2012: No Planet X
  203. Welcome Back to Mars: Phoenix Lands Successfully!
  204. First Images from Phoenix
  205. Phoenix's First Views With Color
  206. One-Way Mission to Mars: US Soldiers Will Go
  207. More On Phoenix: MRO Captures Descent and Videos
  208. Life Found a Mile Below Terrestrial Seabed; Implications For Life on Mars
  209. Astronomers Image Dying Supergiant Star
  210. The Wizard Takes Off Without Dorothy: Skydiver's Balloon Leaves Him Behind
  211. Solar Blast Seen in Unprecedented Detail (Video)
  212. China Launches Second Olympic Satellite; Will Help Earthquake Zone
  213. HiRISE Does It Again; Captures Phoenix On Mars' Surface
  214. Another HiRISE Stunner: The Full Descent Image
  215. Why the Phoenix Landing Site is Perfect
  216. The A-Train: Using Five Satellites as One to Analyze Polluted Clouds
  217. Communication Glitch for Phoenix, MRO
  218. Comm Glitch Resolved; New Raw Images from Phoenix
  219. Countdown Begins for STS-124; Will Bring Supplies for ISS Toilet Repair
  220. Listen to Phoenix Descend
  221. Spitzer Spies Ghostly Magnetar
  222. "Where In The Universe" Challenge #7
  223. What is the Fastest Spinning Object in the Solar System? Near-Earth Asteroid 2008 HJ
  224. Eta Carinae and the "Cosmic Cauldron" in Unprecedented Detail - New Images from the V
  225. Europe Unveils Concept for Manned ATV
  226. Buzz Lightyear Joins Space Shuttle Crew
  227. New "Map" Could Help Solve Ancient Mysteries of Our Galaxy
  228. Japanese Special Brew: Space Beer
  229. US Wants to Defend Satellites From Laser Attack
  230. Phoenix News & Weather; Full Panorama Complete, Arm "Raring To Go"
  231. Temperature Conditions of a Supernova Recreated in UK Laboratory
  232. Meet Us in St. Louis
  233. Lunar Art
  234. Phoenix Spies Possible Ice; TEGA Short Circuit Likely
  235. Warm Coronal Loops May Hold the Key to Hot Solar Atmosphere
  236. It Really Looks Like Ice on Mars
  237. Harvesting Solar Power from Space
  238. Get Ready for High-Energy GLAST
  239. Launchpad Damaged During Saturday's Shuttle Launch
  240. Phoenix Digs on Mars
  241. How To Weigh a Black Hole: Just Look At It
  242. AAS Meeting in St. Louis, June 1-5
  243. Planet Discovered with Only 3 Times the Mass of the Earth
  244. Carnival of Space #56
  245. Astronomers Weigh the Coolest Brown Dwarfs
  246. Famous People Wandering the Halls of AAS
  247. Podcast: The Scientific Method
  248. Re-use, Recycle and Share Your Spacecraft to Find Exoplanets
  249. Book Review: Canada's Fifty Years in Space - The COSPAR Anniversary
  250. How do you Model the Earth's Magnetic Field? Build your own Baby Planet…