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  1. Double Your Science: Starburst Galaxies Found with Active Quasars
  2. Mars Settlement Pioneers Will Face Huge Psychological Challenges
  3. Watch Press Conferences on Astronomy Cast LIVE
  4. Podcast: The Search for Water on Mars
  5. The Case of the Missing White Dwarf
  6. Largest Picture of the Milky Way Unveiled
  7. Reminder: Astro-blogger Meetup Tonight
  8. The Milky Way Has Only Two Spiral Arms
  9. So, What Do Astronomers Do With A 55 Meter-Long Image?
  10. Honest opinions about Universe Today website.
  11. Japanese Lab Kibo Attached to Space Station (Video)
  12. Press Conference via Astronomy Cast Live
  13. Beer and Burgers With a Side of Science
  14. Recipe for Giant Lunar Telescopes
  15. Map of Milky Way Redrawn (again)
  16. Odyssey Possibly Hit by High-Energy Particles; Phoenix Science Run About to Begin
  17. Toilet is Fixed and Kibo is Switched On - A Great Day Aboard the ISS
  18. Closest Images Ever of Mars Dust Grains
  19. Planetary Potential from Protoplanetary Disks
  20. A Look at Mars Soil Before It Bakes in TEGA
  21. SkyWatcher Alert: Moon, Mars, Saturn and More…
  22. Phoenix Suffers Unknown Problem with Sample Analysis Oven
  23. Possible Solution to Solar Flare Damage to Satellites
  24. Images From The STS-124 Mission
  25. Can a Wormhole Generate its Own Magnetic Field?
  26. Listen to Terra Chat Live Tonight: 2012 and the Mayan Prophacy
  27. Mystery Moonlets Cause Constant Changes in Saturn's F Ring
  28. Hanny's Voorwerp - Still Alive and Kicking….
  29. Where Is the New Horizons Spacecraft?
  30. Can Light be "Squeezed" to Improve Sensitivity of Gravitational Wave Detectors?
  31. Phoenix Will Try New "Sprinkle" Technique
  32. What Do You Do If Someone Blows Up Your Satellite? Call a Space Lawyer
  33. Equipment Review: Meade 8X42 Travel Binoculars
  34. Listen to Paranormal Radio Live Tonight: The 2012 Controversy
  35. Hubble Zooms In On Coma Galaxy Cluster
  36. Podcast: Missions to Mars, Part 1
  37. Unique Telescope Facility Opens In Swiss Biosphere
  38. Space Station Astronauts Could Get Stranded in Kibo
  39. Arecibo Joins Forces with Global Antennae to Simulate 6,800 Mile Telescope
  40. Double Spaceship Sighting Alert
  41. New Details on Venus' Clouds from Venus Express
  42. Launchpad Damage Threatens Future Missions
  43. Phoenix Sprinkles Successfully
  44. GLAST Blasts Off
  45. IAU Throws Pluto a Bone: "Plutoid"
  46. "Shake, Shake, Shake" Gets Soil into Phoenix TEGA
  47. XMM-Newton Discovers Strange-Shaped Supernova Remnant
  48. Where In The Universe Challenge #8
  49. New Transistor Could Side-Step Space Radiation Problem
  50. Comet Boattini Sails Towards the Sun
  51. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - June 13-16, 2008
  52. Where are the Sunspots? Are we in for a Quiet Solar Cycle?
  53. Alien Mineral From Comet Dust Found in Earth's Atmosphere
  54. The Latest in Space Fashion from NASA
  55. Carnival of Space #58
  56. Ulysses Mission to End After 17 Years
  57. Crew Sees Object Float Away From Shuttle
  58. Doritos In Space
  59. Wilkins Ice Shelf Continues Break-up, Even During Winter
  60. Thinking About Time Before the Big Bang
  61. Latest Phoenix Images: Ice or Salt?
  62. STS-124: A Mission in Pictures
  63. Rare Asteroid Studied by Hawaiian Scientists
  64. Three "Super-Earths" Found Orbiting One Star
  65. New Radio Telescope to Help SETI Scan Unexplored Frequencies for Extraterrestrials
  66. Simeis 147 by Davide De Martin
  67. Phoenix Finds No Water on Mars Surface… So Far
  68. NASA Says Launchpad Damage Shouldn't Impact Shuttle Schedule
  69. Telescope Review - Celestron NexStar 102 SLT
  70. Super-Earths: How Much Are They Like Earth?
  71. University Returns $3 Million in Savings to NASA
  72. Seals Use Astronomy as Navigation Aid
  73. New Lunar Prototype Vehicles Tested (Gallery)
  74. Interview in Australia Today (or is it tomorrow?)
  75. Just in Time for Summer: The Milky Way Loses Weight
  76. Feeding Your Black Hole is Easy
  77. Phoenix Digs Again; More Science Data on the Way
  78. Identical Twin Stars Not So Identical
  79. Supermassive Black Holes are Not Fussy Eaters
  80. 2012: Planet X is not Nibiru
  81. Another "Where In The Universe" Challenge
  82. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: June 20-22, 2008
  83. New Instrument Could Reconstruct Planetary and Moon Origins
  84. When Cloud Seeding Goes Wrong: Cement Chunk Falls From the Sky
  85. Disney-Pixar and NASA Join Forces to Explore Space with WALL-E (Video)
  86. Phoenix: "It Must Be Ice"
  87. New Satellite Will Monitor Rising Oceans
  88. Phoenix Press Conference Update: Proof of Water Ice
  89. Are the Laws of Nature the Same Everywhere in the Universe?
  90. Podcast: Missions to Mars, Part 2
  91. Carnival of Space #59
  92. Saturn's "Dualing" Aurorae
  93. 2012: No Killer Solar Flare
  94. Photographer Images Satellites That Do Not Exist
  95. Newsflash: The LHC Won't Punch a Hole in the Earth After All…
  96. Paranormal Radio's "2012 Just Another Day" Interview Now Available!
  97. NGC 6302 by Don Goldman
  98. Rare Binary Pulsars Provide High Energy Physics Lab
  99. US Senator: NASA Job Losses Could Generate Jobs for Russian Space Program
  100. Unusual Galaxies Eat Their Neighbors
  101. ATV Jules Verne Surpasses All Expectations (Videos)
  102. Homer's "Odyssey" May Chronicle Ancient Eclipse
  103. Huge Camera to Observe Dark Energy
  104. Primordial Stars Frozen Indefinitely by Dark Matter
  105. Mars Atmosphere Once Held Enough Moisture for Dew or Drizzle
  106. Two Faces of Mars Explained
  107. Ares V Rocket Gets an Upgrade: It will be Bigger and Stronger for 2020 Moon Mission (
  108. Dark Matter is Denser in the Solar System
  109. Reaching for the Ring: M57 by Dietmar Hager
  110. Twin Spiral Galaxies Dance Together
  111. LCROSS Passes Pre-Flight Tests Before Kamakazi Mission to Find Water on Moon
  112. Phoenix: Mars Soil Can Support Life
  113. Launch Pad Repairs to Begin; Hubble Repair Mission Should Go As Scheduled
  114. SOHO the Comet-Finder — And You Can Help
  115. The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: June 27-29, 2008
  116. Cassini Primary Mission Complete; Ready to Tackle New Assignments
  117. Cosmic Mystery: NGC 7008 by Dietmar Hager
  118. Forget Neutron Stars, Quark Stars Might be the Densest Bodies in the Universe
  119. Solar Sail To Launch This Summer
  120. Aldrin Warns that NASA will fall Behind Russia and China in Space Exploration
  121. Hubble Does Independence Day With Stars and Stripe
  122. Tammy's Telescope - Last Look At Mars…
  123. President Sarkozy and the French (Space) Revolution
  124. Canada to build World's First Asteroid-hunting Satellite
  125. "Almost Perfect" Samples are Scraped From Mars Surface For Analysis
  126. Proposed Mission Could Study Space-Time Around Black Holes
  127. STEREO Maps Far Reaches of Solar System
  128. GLAST Powers Up
  129. Where In The Universe Challenge #10
  130. Next TEGA "Bake" Could Be Last for Phoenix
  131. Explosive Spacewalk?
  132. International Group Studies Mars Sample Return Mission
  133. MESSENGER Provides New Insights on Mercury
  134. Theory of Relativity Passes Another Test
  135. WeekEnd SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 4 - 6, 2008
  136. "Starlight Zone" Interview Now Online
  137. Satellies Keep an Eye on Wildfires Around the World
  138. The Cosmic Cocoon: IC 5146 by Tom V. Davis
  139. The 16" Meade LightBridge - That's What I Like About You…
  140. Exploding Asteroid Theory Gains Evidence
  141. Phoenix Brings New Sample to Wet Chemistry Lab
  142. Planetary Alignment Dazzles Weekend SkyWatchers
  143. How Long Would it Take to Travel to the Nearest Star?
  144. The Yin and Yang of the NeXT Spacecraft
  145. StarGazer's Telescope - Last Dance With Mars
  146. Wind Power From the Ocean (With Help from Space)
  147. Sun-like Stars May Have Low Probability of Forming Planets
  148. Where In The Universe Challenge #11
  149. Phoenix Relegated to Scraping the Sidewalk
  150. The Sunny Side of Asteroids
  151. Large Hadron Collider Could Generate Dark Matter
  152. One More Item Found in Astounding HiRise Image of Phoenix Descending
  153. Particle Physicists Discover Lowest Energy "Bottomonium" Particle
  154. Let's Study Law: Kepler Would Be So Proud!
  155. How Old Am I? Star Cluster Perplexes Astronomers
  156. Cruising the Cloud Tops of Venus With a Solar-Powered Airplane
  157. Baby Boomer Galaxy Found
  158. Listen to Terra Chat Live Tonight: Cosmic Occurances, Planet X and Space Travel
  159. Nano-materials Could Protect Spacecraft and Satellites From Debris
  160. Phoenix Lander Tries Out Soil Probe and Atomic Microscope
  161. Spacewalk Retrieves Explosive Bolt
  162. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 11-13, 2008
  163. NASA Needs to Take Space Sex Seriously
  164. Cosmic Monster - N44 by Don Goldman
  165. StarGazer's Telescope: So Long, Saturn…
  166. StarGazer's Telescope: So Long, Saturn…
  167. Comet W1 Boattini Now Visible For Northern Skies
  168. Binary Asteroid Glides Past Earth
  169. Newest Dwarf Planet (and Plutoid): Makemake
  170. Where Do Meteorites Come From?
  171. Echus Chasma From Mars Express
  172. Observing an Evaporating Extrasolar Planet
  173. The "Other" Moon Rocket Some NASA Engineers Believe is Better Than Ares
  174. Eta Vs. Peony: Which Star Will Go Supernova First?
  175. What's the Weather Like on Extrasolar Planet HD 189733b?
  176. Griffin: China Could Beat US in Moon Race
  177. Evidence for a Wetter, Warmer Ancient Mars
  178. Colonizing Venus With Floating Cities
  179. Phoenix's Rasp Works to Create Ice Shavings
  180. Take Up a Collection For NASA
  181. Japanese SELENE (Kaguya) Lunar Mission Spots Apollo 15 Landing Site (Images)
  182. Where In The Universe Challenge #12
  183. Snuggling Up to Venus
  184. Geologists Predicted Mars Avalanche
  185. "Baby Red Spot" May Have Met Demise on Jupiter
  186. A Match Made in Space
  187. A Cold War Meeting in Space 33 Years Ago Today
  188. Problems Surface For Constellation Program
  189. An Alien View of the Moon Transiting Earth
  190. The Space Station as an Interplanetary Transport Vehicle?
  191. The Mysterious Mars Mounds
  192. The Exploding Star Everyone Missed
  193. X-Ray Satellite Discovers Overlooked Supernova
  194. How Future Missions Could Detect Organisms Inside Rocks on Mars
  195. Super-Sensitive, Ultra-Small Device Heightens Infrared Capabilities
  196. Mars Arctic in 3D from Phoenix
  197. How do you Weigh a Supermassive Black Hole? Take its Temperature
  198. Hubble Survey of Gravitational Lenses Yields Measure of Dark Matter in Distant Galaxi
  199. NASA's Use of Cadavers to Test the Orion Capsule
  200. The "Jewel Box" by Don Goldman
  201. NASA to Develop GPS-Like System for the Moon
  202. Successful Test Firing of Orion Jettison Motor (Video)
  203. The Cosmic Void: Could we be in the Middle of it?
  204. Large Chunk of ISS Space Junk Becomes Easy to Observe (Video)
  205. No Life Possible at Edges of the Pinwheel Galaxy
  206. Phoenix Lander Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night
  207. Observing Alert: Dwarf Nova VY Aquari Re-Brightens
  208. Podcast: Quasars
  209. Book Review: Floating to Space
  210. Carnival of Space #63
  211. Polaris Brightness Variations are Revived, Astronomers Mystified
  212. Ancient Galactic Magnetic Fields Stronger than Expected
  213. New "Sunglasses" Help Astronomers See Light Near Black Holes
  214. This Week's "Where In The Universe" Challenge
  215. What Are YOU Doing for the International Year of Astronomy?
  216. Phoenix in the Land of Mars' Midnight Sun
  217. Project Lucifer: Will Cassini Turn Saturn into a Second Sun? (Part 1)
  218. Bridge Across Space: "Keenan's System" by Martin Winder and Dietmar Hager
  219. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 25-27, 2008
  220. Apollo Astronaut Mitchell Says Aliens Have Visited Earth
  221. Carnival of Space #64
  222. Astronomers Discover a Supernova/Gamma Ray Burst Hybrid
  223. If Life Exists on Venus, Could it be Blown to Earth?
  224. Mars' Sticky Soil Strikes Again
  225. IBEX Mission Will View the Final Frontier of the Solar System
  226. Bad Idea: Blowing Up Asteroids with Nuclear Missiles
  227. By 2020, Droids Will Explore Space For Us
  228. A Midsummer Night's Dream: NGC 4618 and NGC 4625 by Martin Winder
  229. Unusual Exoplanet Dances in Sync With Its Sun-Like Star
  230. Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo Sees Sunlight for the First Time (Gallery)
  231. Behind the Power and Beauty of Northern Lights
  232. Summer Showers: The Delta Aquarid and Capricornid Meteors Sparkle This Week's Skies
  233. Friday's Total Solar Eclipse can be Watched on the Internet
  234. US Signs International Deal to Collaborate on Lunar Missions
  235. Coronado PST - Personal H-Alpha Solar Telescope
  236. Two Galaxies Walk Into a Bar…
  237. Area Beneath Phoenix Lander Is Changing
  238. Astronomers Find New Evidence for Dark Energy
  239. Podcast: The Milky Way
  240. Phobos Up Close from Mars Express
  241. StarGazer's Telescope: Jumpin' Jupiter!
  242. Where In The Universe Challenge #14
  243. Liquid Lake on Titan Confirmed
  244. Project Lucifer: Will Cassini Turn Saturn into a Second Sun? (Part 2)
  245. Social Networking Site Bebo Wants to Contact Aliens
  246. Astronomers Simulate the First Stars Formed After the Big Bang
  247. "We Have Water" on Mars, TEGA Test Confirms
  248. WeekEnd SkyWatcher's Forecast: August 1-3, 2008
  249. Electrical Activity on Titan Confirmed: The Spark for Life?
  250. Latest from HiRISE: Stairs, Polygons, Dunes and Troughs