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  1. 50 Years of NASA
  2. John Glenn Speaks Out Against Future Moon Base
  3. Lunar Missions Postponed by US Military X-37B Spaceplane Launch
  4. The White House is Briefed: Phoenix About to Announce "Potential For Life" on Mars
  5. Live Webcast: SpaceX Surprise Launch of Falcon 1
  6. Elon Musk: "I Will Never Give Up" After Falcon 1 Loss
  7. The Colors Of Summer - Albireo and Ras Algethi By Dietmar Hager
  8. Live Now on Paranormal Radio: "The Lucifer Project"
  9. Conflicting Results from Phoenix Science Instruments Prompts Further Study
  10. Rosetta Begins Tracking Asteroid Steins for Flyby
  11. Globular Clusters Like to Be Near the Center of the Action
  12. Perchlorate on Mars Could be Potential Energy Source for Life; Phoenix Team Fires Bac
  13. Phil Plait for President
  14. The Politics of Space: Obama Wants to Increase NASA Funding
  15. New Study Finds Clumps and Streams of Dark Matter in the Milky Way
  16. Starlight Zone Interview
  17. Cassini Prepares For Close Flyby of Saturn's Geyser-Spewing Moon
  18. Get Ready for September 10th: CERN Announces LHC Switch-On
  19. Our Solar System: An Island of Calm in a Violent Universe (and it's special, too)
  20. Where In The Universe Challenge #15
  21. Next Generation Magnetoplasma Rocket Could be Tested on Space Station
  22. Could Jupiter and Saturn Contain Liquid Metal Helium?
  23. 11th Annual Mars Society Convention on 14th-17th August
  24. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - August 8-10, 2008
  25. Evidence for Widespread Water on Early Mars
  26. Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks On August 12 - But Start Now!
  27. From Space to the Olympics
  28. Constellation Project Parachute Tests: Ares I Success, Orion Failure
  29. The Pluto Revolt: Leading Astronomers Want the Plutoid to be Reinstated as a Planet
  30. Hubble's Odometer Hits 100,000 Orbits
  31. Warp Drive and Cloaking Devices: Not Just Science Fiction Anymore
  32. Ghost of Summer - M20 by Toni Heidemann
  33. Podcast: Advanced Propulsion Systems
  34. Carnival of Space #66
  35. Big Things Come In Small Packages - The Celestron C65 Mini-Mak
  36. The Chinese "Weather Manipulation Missile" Olympics
  37. Cassini "Skeet Shoot" of Enceladus a Success
  38. This Week's "Where In The Universe" Challenge
  39. Have a Question About Space? Ask an Astronaut
  40. Solving the Asteroid – Meteorite Puzzle
  41. Former Astronaut to Bike Across US for Education
  42. Mars Dust Grains Imaged by Atomic Force Microscope
  43. Research and Technology to Help Psychological Issues of Space Travel
  44. Tyson and Sykes Duke Out the Great Planet Debate; Flatow Almost Flattened
  45. Could Conflict in Georgia Block US Access to the Space Station?
  46. Cassini Pinpoints Source of Jets on Saturn's Moon Enceladus
  47. Film Review: "Fly Me to the Moon"
  48. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - August 15-17, 2008
  49. Can Google Earth 4D Ionosphere Aid Amateur Meteor Observers?
  50. GLAST Science Operations Underway – Now, About That Name…
  51. Astronomers Answer Your Questions About "Celestial Geode"
  52. Milky Way Creates a Mess by Stealing Stars from Nearby Galaxies
  53. Video of SpaceX Falcon 1 Flight 3 Launch Shows Stage Separation Anomaly
  54. Phoenix Camera Snaps Frost on Mars
  55. Dark Matter is Missing From Cosmic Voids
  56. India has Big Plans for Lunar Exploration
  57. August 17, 2008 Partial Lunar Eclipse Caught "Down Under"
  58. Astronomers Find a New "Minor Planet" near Neptune
  59. NASA Cancels Spacesuit Contract to Avoid Litigation
  60. The Battle for the Space Vote
  61. Ten Mysteries of the Solar System
  62. Flat Nano-Thrusters Could Save Weight and Fuel for Spacecraft
  63. Fay Forces Shutdown of NASA's Kennedy Space Center
  64. More Frost on Mars Phoenix Lander
  65. NASA to Install "Shock Absorbers" to Mitigate Thrust Oscillation
  66. Bad News: Insterstellar Travel May Remain in Science Fiction
  67. "Where In the Universe" Challenge #17
  68. Hubble Spies Beautiful, Beastly Monster Galaxy
  69. Is This Black Hole Available in Size Medium?
  70. NASA Releases Images and Video of Orion Failed Parachute Test
  71. The Iranian Satellite Rocket Saga
  72. The TeleVue Plossl - Unsung Eyepiece Hero
  73. Phoenix Lander: The Digging Continues
  74. Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Changing How Scientists –and the Public - Do Astronomy
  75. Real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Solar System on the Way
  76. Sunspot Pair Observed Today - Is Solar Cycle 24 Waking Up?
  77. Ride a Maglev Rocket to Space Hotel in 2012
  78. Ares V Rocket Could Crush Kennedy's Crawlerway: Will Cost Billions to Upgrade
  79. Rocket Explodes With NASA Experiments on Board
  80. The Cepheus Flare Lights the Entrance to Wolf's Cave - Cederblad 201 and van den Berg
  81. Podcast: Gravity
  82. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - August 22-24, 2008
  83. Spitzer Takes Family Portrait of Stars Amid Another "Celestal Geode"
  84. Videos of NASA/ATK Rocket Failure
  85. Please (Again)– Mars Will NOT Look As Big As the Full Moon
  86. Big Brother is Watching Over the Red Planet
  87. Cosmic 'Needle in a Haystack' Confirms Dark Energy
  88. Rosetta Prepares for Meet-Up With Asteroid Next Week
  89. How To Save the World From Asteroid Impact: Plastic Wrap
  90. Phoenix Digs Deep for 90th Day on Mars
  91. Celestron Sky Maps and Star Finder - Start Out Right
  92. Atlantis Takes First Steps To Hubble
  93. GLAST is Now Fermi
  94. Has the First Extraterrestrial (Computer) Virus Been Discovered on the Space Station?
  95. Hey, What Are Spirit and Opportunity Up to These Days?
  96. Cosmonaut Photographed South Ossetia From ISS Shortly After Russian Invasion
  97. A Chilly Sunrise on Mars
  98. Clash of Clusters Separates Dark Matter From Ordinary Matter
  99. Large Hadron Collider Rap Is a Hit
  100. TV Alert: Mythbusters and the Moon Hoax Myth
  101. Where In The Universe #18
  102. NASA Security Badges are a Health and Safety Risk
  103. Earth's Atmosphere is Leaking into Space
  104. Still Mythbusting
  105. Space Station Evades Space Debris
  106. Astronomers Locate High Energy Emissions from the Crab Nebula
  107. Minimum Mass for Galaxies Provides Insight on Dark Matter
  108. Weekend SkyWatchers Forecast - August 29 - 31, 2008
  109. Satellite Images Show Arctic Ice At Another Low
  110. How Far Would You Go For Dark Skies?
  111. Countdown to the Final Burn: ATV Jules Verne will Undock on September 5th
  112. NASA is Making Preliminary Plans to Extend Shuttle Launches Beyond 2010
  113. Podcast: Electromagnetism
  114. Mars Rover On the Road Again (Gallery)
  115. The Meade ETX80 Backpack Observatory - In A Heartbeat…
  116. Phoenix Lander Just Watchin' the Clouds Go By
  117. Tune into Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack Tonight at 9pm (EST): 10 Mysteries of th
  118. Pretty Picture of the Day: M83
  119. Countdown to Asteroid Flyby
  120. New Eye to the Universe Under Construction
  121. Pushing the Polite Boundaries of Science About Dark Matter
  122. Explosions on the Moon
  123. Russian Progress Supply Ship is Dropped from Space Station to Burn Next Week
  124. NGC 7023 - 'Iris From The Dust' by Kent Wood
  125. Understanding the "Superotation" Winds of Venus
  126. Observing Alert: Possible New Dwarf Nova In Andromeda
  127. Astronomers Link Telescopes to Zoom In On Milky Way's Black Hole
  128. Asteroid Imposters
  129. Where In The Universe Challenge #19
  130. NASA Reaches Out to Design Students to Confront Lunar Dust Problem
  131. Communicating Via the Cepheid Galactic Internet
  132. US Astronauts May Have to Leave Space Station 2012
  133. The LHC Will Revolutionize Physics. Can it Revolutionize the Internet Too?
  134. Atlantis Rolls to the Launch Pad
  135. Phoenix Probe Says Both Yes and No to Water on Mars
  136. The Quirks and Quarks Guide to Space
  137. Cassini Images Ring Arcs Among Two of Saturn's Moons
  138. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - September 5 - 7, 2008
  139. Podcast: Science Fiction at Dragon*Con with Plait and Grazier
  140. Carnival of Space #69
  141. Sleek, Sexy Spacecraft to Launch Next Week
  142. New Report: LHC Switch-on Fears Are Completely Unfounded
  143. Explore Earth's Satellites with Google Earth
  144. Black Holes Can Only Get So Big
  145. Kuiper Belt Object Travelling the Wrong-Way in a One-Way Solar System
  146. Goodbye Jules Verne: ATV Undocks From Station
  147. "Eight Minutes of Terror": Solar Physicists Find a Supersonic Way to See the Transiti
  148. Rosetta Flies By 'Diamond in the Sky' Steins
  149. Opportunity Twitters Self Portrait
  150. The Fire Cracker Galaxy - NGC 6946 by Dietmar Hager
  151. Book Review: Alien Volcanoes
  152. New Technique Expands View of Young Exo-Planetary Systems
  153. Water on Mars Was Prolonged, Study Shows
  154. GOCE Launch Delayed
  155. 'Laser Comb' To Measure the Accelerating Universe
  156. Clumps Growing on Phoenix Lander Legs
  157. UT Reader Promotes IYA in "Canoe Africa"
  158. China To Launch Manned Mission This Month
  159. The Dragon Slayer - NGC 5985, NGC 5982, NGC 5981 by Ken Crawford
  160. Oops, TW Hydrae b Isn't a Planet; Just a Sunspot
  161. Blinding Gamma Ray Burst Was Directed at Earth
  162. Large Hadron Collider Worst Case Scenario
  163. Podcast: The Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces
  164. Test Your Astronomical Knowledge With This Week's "WITU" Challenge
  165. Star Endured Unique Explosion That Didn't Destroy
  166. Announcing Asteroid 158092 Frasercain
  167. Australian Telescope Leads the World In Astronomy Research
  168. NASA Looks at Fission Reactors for Power on the Moon
  169. Hunting for Meteorites at the Bottom of the World
  170. Carnival of Space #70
  171. ESA Needs a Name for Next ISS Mission
  172. Satellite, ISS Images of Hurricane Ike
  173. Phoenix Spies - and Feels - Dust Devils
  174. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - September 12 -14, 2008
  175. Got a Green Idea? Win $25,000
  176. Pluto Spacecraft Gets Brain Transplant
  177. William Optics Binoviewers - A Class Act
  178. The Wall - NGC 7000 Region by Kent Wood
  179. Lake-Effect Clouds Discovered on Titan
  180. First Picture of Likely Planet Around a Sun-Like Star
  181. NASA Weathers Hurricane; May Impact Hubble Mission
  182. Just Another Harvest Moon…
  183. Newest Mission to Mars: MAVEN
  184. Congratulations Ian
  185. Dark Matter Halos? How About Disks, Too
  186. Our Sun May Have Migrated Over Time
  187. Image of Sun and Moon at the North Pole: Real or Work of Art?
  188. Do All Galaxies Have Tentacles?
  189. Podcast: The Search for the Theory of Everything
  190. Hubble NICMOS Instrument Experiences Anomaly
  191. Phoenix Lander Working Hard Before Summer's End on Mars
  192. Super-massive and Small Black Holes Both Suck
  193. Where In the Universe Challenge #21
  194. 18 Emails and counting
  195. Saturn's Glowing Rings
  196. Companion Dwarf Galaxy Almost Invisible
  197. Winds on Venus are Variable, Cyclical
  198. Star Blasting Water From Its Surroundings
  199. Podcast: Black Hole Surfaces, Magnetic Field Strengths, and the Speed of Gravitons
  200. See Jules Verne Before Its Fiery Demise
  201. The Moon Meets The Pleiades On September 19-20, 2008
  202. Transformer Glitch Halts LHC Operations
  203. Flyby Anomalies Explained?
  204. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - September 19-21, 2008
  205. Two Shuttles on the Pad — The Last Time
  206. The Cepheids Aren't Falling
  207. Gamma Ray Burst From the Edge of the Universe
  208. Pentax Eyepieces - Observatory Quality
  209. Helium Leak Forces LHC Shutdown for at Least Two Months
  210. Deep Inside a Giant - Centaurus A by Mike Sidonio
  211. Why is Mars' Southern Polar Cap Crooked?
  212. Earth's Precious Metals Could Be From Meteorites and Asteroids
  213. Planetary Scientists Studying Changes in Red Spot Junior
  214. Deep Inside a Giant: Part 2 - Centaurus A by Mike Sidonio
  215. Anything Under That Rock on Mars? Phoenix to Take a Peek
  216. Opportunity's Next Adventure: The Big Drive
  217. Solar Cycle 24 Sunspots Finally Say "Hello!"
  218. NASA Uses 90 Rubber Ducks to Study Global Warming
  219. Saturn's Rings May Be Billions of Years Old
  220. Saturn's Eerie Radio Emission Mapped in 3-D
  221. Scientists Detect "Dark Flow:" Matter From Beyond the Visible Universe
  222. Really Bad News: LHC to be Switched Off Until Spring 2009
  223. Dusty Disk Evidence of Planetary Collision
  224. Phoenix Lander Successful in Moving "Headless" Rock
  225. Observing Alert: Outburst of GK Persei
  226. Evidence of Rain on Mars
  227. Shuttle Mission to Hubble Delayed
  228. Where In The Universe Challenge #22
  229. Teacher-Astronaut's Legacy Uncovered 22 Years After Challenger Disaster
  230. 'Internet Astronomy' Uncovers Supernova
  231. China Launches Manned Spacecraft
  232. Solar System's Protective Shield is Weakening; Solar Wind Velocity at Record Low
  233. New Search for Extraterrestrials Waits for No One, Er…, Everyone
  234. Future Moon Base Site Imaged in 3-D
  235. Ancient Groundwater Flows Revealed on Mars
  236. Astrophysicist's South Pole Death Remains a Mystery After Eight Years
  237. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - September 26-28, 2008
  238. Fusionman Flies Again, This Time Across the English Channel
  239. China's First Spacewalk a Success (Video)
  240. Russian "Space Junk" - Caught In The Act
  241. Celestron Optics Kit - One Heck Of A Teaching Tool!
  242. Space X Falcon 1 Successfully In Orbit
  243. Bye Bye Jules Verne
  244. Major Failure On the Hubble Space Telescope; Repair Mission Options Being Weighed
  245. Book Review: Preludes to U.S. Space-Launch Vehicle Technology - Goddard Rockets to Mi
  246. Carnival of Space #72
  247. Podcast: Questions Show - Light speed, Andromeda Galaxy, Dark Matter and Black Holes
  248. Podcast: Nucleosynthesis: Elements from Stars
  249. Snow is Falling From Martian Clouds
  250. ATV Re-entry Video