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  1. Help Your Hubble ANGST With Latest Survey Images
  2. Virgin Galactic Wants to Do Science, Too
  3. Hubble Malfunction Pushes Atlantis Service Mission into 2009
  4. LHC Doomsday Lawsuit Finally Dismissed by Hawaii Judge
  5. Phoenix Lander Will Listen to the Sounds of Mars
  6. Book Review: The Universe in a Mirror
  7. New Findings Challenge "Dynamo Effect" of Galactic Magnetic Fields
  8. Where In the Universe Challenge #23
  9. Reflections of The Soul - IC 1848 by Ken Crawford
  10. Reflections of NASA at 50
  11. Astronaut vs. Earth: The World's Most Extreme Chess Match Begins
  12. Best Ground-Based Image of Jupiter — Ever!
  13. The Telescope Has a Birthday Party
  14. Little Star Twinkles, Then Vanishes
  15. The Particle Zoo: Collecting Your Own Subatomic Particles
  16. Hubble's Heritage
  17. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - October 3-5, 2008
  18. Did Our Solar System Start With a "Little Bang?"
  19. Where Are All the Kuiper Belt Objects?
  20. Book Review: Stars and Planets
  21. 2012: No Geomagnetic Reversal
  22. Meteorites Could Preserve Evidence of Alien Life
  23. Was Life on Mars Extinguished Prematurely by a Huge Impact?
  24. Podcast: Running Out of Gravitons and Hitting the Brakes at Light Speed
  25. Podcast: The Life of the Sun
  26. Book Review: The Haunted Observatory
  27. Astronaut Diary Survives Columbia Accident
  28. Dense Exoplanet Creates Classification Calamity
  29. MESSENGER's Second Flyby of Mercury Complete
  30. A Herschel Anniversary - NGC 891 by Ken Crawford
  31. Asteroid To Enter Earth's Atmosphere Tonight (Oct. 6)
  32. Dense Exoplanet Creates Classification Calamity
  33. Extracting Water From the Moon With Basic Home Appliances
  34. Galaxy Ramming Through Space Creates Fireballs
  35. A Different Side of Mercury
  36. Ozone Hole Bigger Again
  37. Watch Out! Galactic Collisions Could Snuff Out Star Formation
  38. Will the Mars Science Laboratory Be Cut?
  39. NASA Will Not Use Russian Progress Vehicle Despite Waiver
  40. Of Overhead Projectors and Planetarium Foolishness
  41. 'Cosmic Eye' Helps Focus on Distant Galaxy's Formation
  42. Cassini To Buzz Enceladus Oct. 9
  43. This Week's "Where In the Universe?" Challenge
  44. Messages From Earth Beamed to Alien World
  45. Mission's End Approaching for Phoenix Lander
  46. Is the Impossible "Emdrive" Possible?
  47. NASA Does Space-Age Archaeology, Uncovering Apollo Heatshields to Help with Orion
  48. nice work
  49. Energizer-Bunny Odyssey Spacecraft Will Keep Going
  50. ExoFly: Future Space Exploration Super Hero?
  51. 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast
  52. Podcast: The Life of Other Stars
  53. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - October 10-12, 2008
  54. Carnival of Space #74
  55. Podcast: Alignment with the Galactic Plane, Destruction from Venus, and the Death of
  56. Mars Science Laboratory: Still Alive, For Now
  57. Dust Could Point Out Earth-like Exoplanets
  58. Why is Venus Express Looking for Life on Earth?
  59. The Vixen ED100SF Refractor - Superb Optical Quality
  60. Frozen Mars North Pole Ice Patterns Observed by HiRISE
  61. The Universe Is Not Expanding Uniformly
  62. Space Tourist Richard Garriott Launched on Space Station Vacation…
  63. 'Little' Gamma Ray Bursts Really Do Exist
  64. Where Are the Images from Asteroid 2008 TC3?
  65. Mars Satellite's First Weather Report
  66. An Inside Look at Comet Holmes
  67. Violent Polar Cyclones on Saturn Imaged in Unprecidented Detail by Cassini
  68. Single Species Ecosystem Gives Hope For Life on Other Planets
  69. Procedure to Repair Hubble Begins Wednesday
  70. Martian Dust Storm Hampers Phoenix Lander's Activities
  71. Space Tourist Garriott Docks with Station (Videos)
  72. 18-Year-Old Rocket Motor Found in Australian Outback
  73. The Violent Variations of Black Holes
  74. Where In The Universe Challenge — With a New Twist
  75. Hottest Ever Exoplanet Discovered: WASP-12b
  76. NASA Confirms ISS Crew Will Expand to Six in 2009
  77. Feeding Time at the Stellar Zoo: Infant Stars Generate Lots of Gas
  78. Looking Good –So Far — For Hubble
  79. Where In The Universe #25: The Answer
  80. The Zero-Gravity Coffee Maker: Space Station Luxury or Necissity?
  81. Even Early Galaxies Had Supermassive Black Holes
  82. Fermi Telescope Makes First Big Discovery: Gamma Ray Pulsar
  83. New Eye on the Outer Solar System Launches Successfully
  84. Podcast: Galactic Dust, the Speed of Photons, and the Big Bang Calculations
  85. Podcast: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  86. Did Lightning and Volcanoes Spark Life on Earth?
  87. Carnival of Space #75
  88. Phoenix Lander May Have Been Blasted by Dust Devil
  89. Podcasts transcripts.
  90. Book Review: Hubble: Imaging Space and Time
  91. Podcast: Nebulae
  92. The Martian Ice-Filled, Oyster Shell-Shaped Crater (HiRISE Images)
  93. India's Chandrayaan-1 On Its Way to the Moon
  94. Where In The Universe Challenge #26
  95. We All Say "Excited!" In The Same Language
  96. Dark Knight Ahead - B33 by Gordon Haynes
  97. Aldrin: Mars Pioneers Should Not Return to Earth
  98. Where In The Universe #26 — The Answer
  99. Asteroseismology: Observing Stars Vibrate with CoRoT
  100. Where Have All the Gamma Ray Bursts Gone?
  101. Life Will be Hard for Colonists - Kaguya Can't Find Water on the Moon
  102. We've Got A Winner!
  103. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - October 24-26, 2008
  104. Could Strange Mars Craters be from a Fallen Third Moon?
  105. Google Founders Buy Fighter Jet… to Help NASA
  106. Midnight At The OPT Corral: Shootout Between The Celestron SkyScout and Meade MySKY
  107. US Air Force Increases Investment in Satellite Protection Technology
  108. Russian Spacecraft Producer: No More Money for Soyuz
  109. Manueuver Puts Chandrayaan in Deep Space
  110. Ham Radio Operator Communicates with Space Station
  111. Spock's Solar System Looks Like Ours
  112. Podcast: Death From the Skies, Interview with Phil Plait
  113. Podcast: Relativity, Relativity and More Relativity
  114. Giveaway: When We Left Earth DVD
  115. Universe Today is Banned from Digg
  116. Stowaways Revealed on New Horizons Spacecraft
  117. Hawking to Retire, But Not Quit
  118. Earth's climate system
  119. Driving on the Moon in Your Shirtsleeves
  120. Precious Gems Discovered on Mars
  121. More Ares I Development Problems: Is it Really That Bad?
  122. Engineers Begin Shutting Down Phoenix Lander Instruments
  123. Google and NASA are Working on an Interplanetary Internet
  124. How to Prepare for Your Own Personal Spaceflight or Zero-G Experience
  125. More Mercury from MESSENGER
  126. Where In The Universe Challenge #27
  127. Phoenix Enters Safe Mode
  128. W00T! Hubble is Back to Work!
  129. Charon Imaged by Amateur Astronomers
  130. Halloween Flyby Will Focus on the Eerie Fractures of Enceladus
  131. Podcast: Orbit of the Planets, Green Stars, and Oort Cloud Contamination
  132. "Ares and Orion Are the Way to Go"
  133. Hubble Servicing Mission Delayed; Mission to ISS Set for Nov. 14
  134. Looking for the Answer for This Week's WITU Challenge?
  135. Phoenix Not Responding to Communications
  136. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - October 31 - November 2, 2008
  137. GALEX Spies a Ghost — And It's Alive!
  138. Chandra Telescope Searches for Antimatter
  139. TV Alert: Five Years on Mars
  140. Largest Ever Piece of Space Station Junk to Hit Earth Tomorrow
  141. Chandrayaan-1 Tests Out Camera; Target: Earth
  142. Cassini's 'Skeet Shoot' of Enceladus Produces Spectacular Images
  143. Mars Methane Mystery Still Beckons
  144. ISS Space Junk Re-Entered Without Incident over Indian Ocean, South of Tasmania
  145. Phoenix Lander Weak But Responsive
  146. US Space Station Crew's Orbital Presidential Vote
  147. Rover Sand Traps Provide Clues on Mars Climate
  148. Can Cassini be Used to Detect Life on Enceladus?
  149. Forget the LHC, the Aging Tevatron May Have Uncovered Some New Physics
  150. Ion Shield for Interplanetary Spaceships Now a Reality
  151. 5 Years At Mars: The Best of Mars Express
  152. NASA News Too Depressing for a Headline
  153. New Issue of Space Lifestyle Magazine Now Online
  154. The Cosmic Web - NGC 2070 by Joseph Brimacombe
  155. Where In The Universe Challenge #28
  156. Microbial Life on the Moon?
  157. PAMELA Results Mean Only One Thing: Please Trust the Scientific Process
  158. Chandrayaan-1 Closer to the Moon; Snaps First Lunar Shot
  159. Floating Battle Droids On Board ISS
  160. Are We Close to Finding Dark Matter?
  161. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - November 7-9, 2008
  162. Deepest Ultraviolet Image Shows a Sea of Distant Galaxies
  163. Astronomers Discover Odd Kuiper Belt Pair
  164. In Their Own Words: Apollo Astronauts say "We Went to the Moon"
  165. Declaration of Human Rights to be Sent to Space Station
  166. Chandrayaan-1 Now Successfully in Lunar Orbit
  167. First Images of Asteroid 2008 TC3 Impact Aftermath
  168. Greetings from a junior member
  169. Forgotten Apollo Data Could Solve Moon Dust Problem
  170. Podcast: The Moon, Part 1
  171. Podcast: Ice in Space, Expansion of the Universe, and Death from the Skies
  172. DVD Review: The Universe - Season Two
  173. Carnival of Space #78
  174. Phoenix Lander At Mission's End
  175. Earth's 10 Most Impressive Impact Craters
  176. DIY ISS: Big Home Improvement Projects for Space Station
  177. Plutoid Eris is Changing… But We Don't Know Why
  178. Spirit Rover in Trouble
  179. Hive Overmind
  180. New Submillimeter Image Reveals Glowing Stellar Nurseries
  181. Mystical Surprise: Spitzer Sees Quartz Crystals In Planetary Disks
  182. When Moons and Rings Collide
  183. Chandrayaan-1 Almost There
  184. Studying the Life Cycle of Butterflies and Spiders in Space
  185. Ready… Willing… And Abell! The Perseus Galaxy Cluster by Kent Wood
  186. Europa Submarine Prototype Gets Another Test
  187. This Week's "Where In The Universe" Challenge
  188. Less Than 20 Years Until First Contact?
  189. Cassini Finds New Mysterious Infrared Aurora
  190. Looking for the Answer to the WITU Challenge?
  191. First Image of Another Multi-Planet Solar System
  192. Hubble Takes First Visible Light Image of Extrasolar Planet
  193. Rescued Moon Photos Restored to Unprecedented Detail
  194. Mars Rover Contact Reestablished, Spirit is Alive!
  195. Man Facing 15 Year Jail Term for Ripping Off NASA, Endangering Shuttle Crew
  196. New Insights on Magnetars
  197. New NASA, New Administrator Under Obama?
  198. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - November 14-16, 2008
  199. Moon Impact Probe Hits Paydirt (or pay-regolith…)
  200. Listen in on Communications for Today's Space Shuttle Launch
  201. Student Built Agricultural Camera Heading to the Space Station
  202. Launch of Endeavour Lights Up the Night
  203. NASA Aids California Wildfire Fight: A View from the Ground
  204. Mars Rover Spirit Surviving on a Low Energy Diet
  205. Evidence For Vast Oceans On Ancient Mars
  206. Milky Way's Black Hole Sending Out Flares
  207. Black Holes Supply Lifeblood for Galaxies
  208. New Telescope on the Lookout for Near Earth Asteroids, Comets
  209. NASA and Google Successfully Test Deep Space Internet
  210. Comments for 2012: No Planet X
  211. Lost in Space: Tool Bag Overboard, Spider Missing
  212. Where In The Universe #30
  213. Cosmic Rays from Mysterious Source Bombarding Earth
  214. 10 Years of the ISS in Pictures
  215. MRO Finds Huge Underground Glaciers on Mars
  216. Astronomers Catch Binary Star Explosion Inside a Nebula
  217. "Loner" Galaxy is Actually in the 'Hood
  218. MSL News: Landing Sites and Naming Contest
  219. Air Quality Sensor to be Tested on ISS for Future Missions to Moon and Mars
  220. Despite Dust Storms, Solar Power is Best for Mars Colonies
  221. Final Resting Place of Nicolas Copernicus is Confirmed
  222. Mars Atmospheric "Bubbles" Carried Away by the Solar Wind
  223. The Bow Shock of Betelgeuse Revealed
  224. Dawn Spacecraft Shuts Down Ion Engine
  225. Want to Know the Answer For This Weeks WITU Challenge?
  226. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - November 21 - 23, 2008
  227. Another Direct Image of an Exoplanet?
  228. How To Be a Frugal Astronomer
  229. Bright Meteor Seen Over Western Canada
  230. Space Station Urine Recycler Breaks Down
  231. Constellation Launch Abort System Successfully Tested (Again)
  232. Spiders Adapt to Space, Weaving a Near-Perfect Web
  233. "Wasteful" Sample Storage Box Removed from Mars Science Laboratory
  234. Satellite Tracker Captures Lost Toolbag on Video
  235. Mars Express Maps Aurorae
  236. NASA Satellites 'To Serve' in Africa Disaster Warnings
  237. iTunes problems...
  238. SpaceX Wakes Up the Neighbors
  239. Mr. Fixit In Space Invents Zero-G Coffee Cup
  240. Sources of Earth-Bombarding Cosmic Rays May Have Been Located
  241. It's Official: Juno is Going to Jupiter
  242. Supersonic Bubbles Blown By Black Holes Regulate Size
  243. Unusual Red Spiral Galaxies "Strangled"
  244. The Lifestyles of Famous, Fast-Living Stars
  245. Crazy Mars Craters
  246. Hanny's Voorwerp Revealed?
  247. Ex-NASA Associate Administrator's Anger at the "Cancer" Overtaking US Space Agency
  248. Sweet! Galactic Molecule Could Point to Alien Life
  249. Canadian Meteor Update: 10-Ton Rock Responsible
  250. Jupiter Could Have Earth-like Rocky Core