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  1. The Journey of Space Exploration: Ex-Astronaut Views on NASA
  2. Fermi, Swift spy outburst from gamma-ray star
  3. ESA extends Mars, Venus, Earth missions
  4. Cosmologists Look Back to Cosmic Dawn
  5. Stellar Jets are Born Knotted
  6. This Week's Where In The Universe Challenge
  7. Two Satellites Collide in Earth Orbit
  8. IYA 2009 - Brian Sheen Reports on "Canoe Africa"
  9. Zoom in on New, Stunning Image of the Carina Nebula
  10. Ultra Compact Dwarf Galaxies once crowded with stars
  11. Cleaning Event Boosts Spirit's Power Levels; Oppy Back on the Road
  12. New high-res maps suggest little water in moon
  13. Images, Video, Interactive Tools Provides Insight into Satellite Collision
  14. This Video is Really Far!
  15. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - February 13-15, 2009
  16. Last summer's fireball in pieces on the ground?
  17. Climate Change Satellite gets Green Light for Launch
  18. Orbital Spares: Iridium Already Replaced Destroyed Satellite
  19. Looking for the Answer for this Week's WITU Challenge?
  20. Q&A with Kepler Scientist from — Iowa?
  21. How and Why Did Two Satellites Collide This Week?
  22. More Ancient Hot Springs Discovered on Mars?
  23. V is For Valentine… V838
  24. Another Voice Against 2012 Mania
  25. Cosmologists Search for Gravity Waves to Prove Inflation Theory
  26. The Switch to Digital Switches off Big Bang TV Signal
  27. Weekend Fireballs Not Satellite Debris
  28. New Theory: Bizarre Martian Deposits from Vast Ice at Equator
  29. The Milky Way Could have Billions of Earths
  30. Galaxy Zoo 2 Launches
  31. Space Tourist Sub-Orbital Flights From Hawaii?
  32. Could Living Organisms Be Hiding Inside Olympus Mons?
  33. New Satellite for Mapping CO2 Ready for Launch
  34. Repaired too Late? Tevatron May Beat LHC in Hunt for Higgs Boson
  35. Has Liquid Water Been Detected On Mars?
  36. NASA Study Predicted Outbreak of Deadly Virus
  37. European Astronomers: 'Era of Stellar Imaging' Has Begun
  38. New Company Looks to Produce Space Based Solar Power Within a Decade
  39. Hubble Repair Mission in Jepardy Due to Satellite Collision Debris
  40. The Telescope Tackle Box - Celestron 94303 Accessory Kit
  41. Next Big Planetary Mission: To Jupiter and Its Moons
  42. New Recipe for Dwarf Galaxies: Start with Leftover Gas
  43. Where In The Universe #43
  44. New HiRISE Images: Winter Turning to Spring in Mars' Southern Hemisphere
  45. Next ATV Will Be Named Johannes Kepler
  46. Fermi Glimpses Wildest-Ever Gamma-Ray Blast
  47. NASA's Kepler Mission Ready for Launch
  48. Kaguya Captures Eclipse — From the Moon
  49. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - February 20-22, 2009
  50. NASA Funds Development of Mars Balloon
  51. Help NASA Name the Next ISS Module
  52. Looking for the Answer to This Week's WITU Challenge?
  53. Swift Spacecraft Keeping an Eye on Comet Lulin
  54. Earth Hour 2009 - Where Will You Be When The Lights Go Out?
  55. Sweet Potatoes Flew into Space Aboard Columbia
  56. GLOBE at Night 2009 - Can You See the Stars?
  57. Sounds Painful: Are Deadly Asteroids Stuck in Earth's Lagrangian Points?
  58. NASA Delays Discovery Launch Fourth Time
  59. Tunnel Vision - Step Into the "Ring"…
  60. Arizona Scientist: We Could All Be Martians
  61. Lost City of Atlantis Still Lost (and not found on Google Earth)
  62. UFOs or High Altitude Lightning?
  63. Evidence of Supernovae Found in Ice Core Sample
  64. Orbiting Carbon Observatory Launch Failure
  65. OCO Press Conference Notes: Fairing Did Not Separate
  66. How To See Comet Lulin
  67. Satellite Images Show Devastation from Fire and Floods in Australia
  68. Introducing NASA's Virtual Universe "Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond"
  69. Venus is Glowing in the Dark!
  70. Penetrating New View Into The Helix Nebula
  71. JPL Offers a Peek Inside MSL Clean Room
  72. Robots Could Prepare Moon Outpost Site
  73. Jupiter, Saturn Plowed Through Asteroids, Study Says
  74. Where In The Universe #44
  75. New Issue of Space Lifestyle Magazine Now Available
  76. NASA Hopes To Resolve Shuttle Valve Problem
  77. Comet Lulin Video - Watch the Outgassing Process
  78. Intergalactic Dust Could Be Messing Up Observations, Calculcations
  79. Obama Will Retire Shuttle in 2010, US Will Go Back to the Moon in 2020
  80. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: February 27 - March 1, 2009
  81. Find the Answer for this Week's WITU Challenge
  82. Titan Dunes Turn Climate Models Upside Down
  83. MRO Goes Into Safe Mode
  84. Ancient Pulsar Still Pulsing
  85. Powerful Fusion Laser to Recreate Conditions Inside Exoplanets
  86. Could a Second Ares I-X Test Flight Close the 5-Year Gap?
  87. New Technique Allows Astronomers to Discover Exoplanets in Old Hubble Images
  88. Is There a Mysterious Black Hole Constant?
  89. Russia Will Send Life to Phobos
  90. Comet Lulin Approaches M44 and Eskimo Nebula
  91. Chang'e 1 Bites the (Moon) Dust
  92. Asteroid 2009 DD45 Just Buzzed by Earth
  93. Swift Satellite Catches Early Stages of GRB
  94. Mars Gullies From Snow and Ice Melt "Relatively Recent"
  95. Pluto's Atmosphere Boasts Methane, Warmer Temps
  96. Enjoy the Carnival of Space #92
  97. Public Wants Hubble to Study Hugging Galaxies
  98. Hubble Watches Triple Galaxy Smash Up
  99. Moonlet Could Be Source of Saturn's G Ring
  100. A Supernova Story
  101. Astronomers Detect Two Black Holes in a Cosmic Dance
  102. View the Heavens Just Like Galileo, Except Better
  103. This Week's Where In The Universe Challenge
  104. As Seen on America's Highways This Week
  105. Opportunity, the Dune Buggy: HiRISE Watches the Rover's Trek
  106. New Theory: Olympus Mons Could Harbor Water, Life on Mars
  107. Spirit Backslides on Plateau Climb, Must Go Around
  108. A Bizarre View From HiRISE: The Melting Volcano
  109. Life on Ceres: Could the Dwarf Planet be the Root of Panspermia?
  110. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - March 6-8, 2009
  111. Finally, It's Go Time for Discovery Launch
  112. Success: Kepler Lifts Off to Look for Other Earths
  113. Carnival of Space #93
  114. Answer Now Available to This Week's WITU Challenge
  115. Fermilab Scientists Discover Rare Single Top Quark
  116. The Basketball Player In The Moon - Catch It Tonight!
  117. March Madness for Space Geeks
  118. HiRISE Nabs Deimos
  119. ISS Will Soon Be 2nd Brightest Object in the Night Sky
  120. Live From Space: Streaming Webcam Now Available
  121. Debris From Satellite Collision to Start Entering Earth's Atmosphere
  122. Hubble, VLT Team Up to View the History of the Universe in 3-D
  123. Phoenix Team Divided: Are the Mars Liquid Water Observations a "Matter of Belief"?
  124. Watch Discovery Light Up the Night Sky
  125. Fermilab Putting the Squeeze on Higgs Boson
  126. Top Ten Gamma Ray Sources from the Fermi Telescope
  127. Where In The Universe #46
  128. Mars Odyssey Survives Risky Reboot
  129. 'Sexy' GOCE Spacecraft Will Try Again For Launch
  130. Why is Science Important?
  131. ISS Crew May Need to Evacuate: Possible Debris Hit
  132. Cassini Switches to Backup Thrusters
  133. Cassini Switches to Backup Thrusters
  134. Cassini Switches to Backup Thrusters
  135. Close Call: Astronauts Evacuate But Space Station Avoids Debris Hit
  136. Book Review: Solar Sails – A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel
  137. Hubble Finds Evidence of Dark Matter Around Small Galaxies
  138. Stars at Milky Way Core 'Exhale' Carbon, Oxygen
  139. Dawn Spacecraft on Target for Vesta Following Gravity Assist
  140. New Horizons Spots Neptune's Moon Triton
  141. Looking For Extraterrestrials Looking At Us
  142. Looking for the answer to this week's WITU Challenge?
  143. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - March 13-15, 2009
  144. Herschel and Planck Launch Delayed
  145. Google Earth Now 'Live From Mars'
  146. Earth Cyclones, Venus Vortices Have Much in Common
  147. Journey Inside M104
  148. Discovery Launch: Sixth Attempt a Charm?
  149. Liftoff! Discovery Finally Leaves Earth for ISS
  150. Europe's Climate Satellite Fails to Leave Pad
  151. ESO Image Reveals Galaxy Duo in Explosive Dance
  152. Carnival of Space #94
  153. Indian Balloon Experiment Nets Three New Bacteria
  154. The Two Shall Become One (Galaxy, that is)
  155. More Debris on Possible Collision Course with ISS
  156. Hubble Snaps Rare Moon Parade Across Saturn
  157. At Last: Successful Launch for European Climate Satellite
  158. Molecules From Space May Have Effected Life On Earth
  159. Rocket Scientists Use 'Star Wars' Technology to Fight Mosquitoes
  160. Newly Discovered Asteroid 2009 FH to Buzz Past the Earth Tonight
  161. The Discovery Bat's Fate is Confirmed
  162. Turning the Tides - NGC 3109 by Ken Crawford
  163. New Particle Throws Monkeywrench in Particle Physics
  164. Where In The Universe #47
  165. Crater Ahoy! Mars Rover Gets First Glimpse of Faraway Destination
  166. The Sun as a White Dwarf Star
  167. Q & A with Dr. John Mather on the James Webb Space Telescope
  168. Vernal Equinox - Busting the Myth of Balancing Eggs
  169. Disappearing Stars Confirm Supernova Origins
  170. HiRISE Looks Down to the Bottom of a Pit on Mars
  171. JWST Will Provide Capability to Search for Biomarkers on Earth-like Worlds
  172. Astronomers Observe Bizarre Blazar with Battery of Telescopes
  173. Spaceship Sighting Alert!
  174. Was Brian the Discovery Bat Just a Diversion by NASA?
  175. SkyWatcher's Forecast: March 20-26, 2009 - A Messier Marthon Special Edition!
  176. Podcast: Interferometry
  177. Ozone Success Story: NASA Video of Enviro Action That Worked
  178. Answer for This Week's WITU Challenge Now Available
  179. Podcast: Questions Show: Multiple Big Bangs, Satellite Collisions and the Size of th
  180. ISS Now 2nd Brightest Object in Night Sky with Final Solar Arrays Deployed
  181. Are You the Astronomy Photographer of the Year?
  182. DNA Broadcasting....?
  183. Meteor Shower Alert on March 22! Camelopardalids and March Geminids Arrive…
  184. Star Exploded Too Early, May Blow Apart Supernova Theory
  185. Carnival of Space #95
  186. Alaska's Redoubt Volcano Erupts with Several Explosions
  187. STS-119 Gallery: The Mission So Far
  188. Why Space Hates Our Bones (and what we can do about it)
  189. Moonshadows on Saturn's Rings Are Harbingers of Spring
  190. Universe Today Turns 10
  191. Colbert Wins ISS Naming Contest
  192. Former Astronaut To Take Social Media to New Heights
  193. Bathroom Works, Power's On: ISS Now Ready for Crew of Six
  194. Follow the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference at AC LIVE
  195. International Year of Astronomy Live Telescope
  196. Mars Express Finds Rusty Evidence to Red Planet's Wet Past
  197. Virtual Fly-Over of Titan
  198. Calling All Amateur Astronomers: Help Comb Arecibo Data for Gems
  199. Want to Know What It's Like to be a Solid Rocket Booster? (Video)
  200. "Image of the Century" Now Refurbished
  201. Meteorites Found in Africa From First Predicted Asteroid Hit
  202. IYA Live Telescope Today - The Jewel Box Cluster
  203. ISS/Shuttle Crews Take Call from President Obama
  204. This Week's Where In The Universe Challenge
  205. Don't 'Supermassive' Me: Black Holes Regulate Their Own Mass
  206. First Views of ISS at Full Length, Full Power
  207. Soyuz Rockets to Space; 13 Humans Now in Orbit
  208. Mars Webcam is Back!
  209. New Views of Spring on Mars
  210. IYA Live Telescope Today - Alpha Centauri
  211. Redoubt Re-ignites
  212. SkyWatcher's Forecast - Messier Marathon Special Edition Continues…
  213. Answer Now Available to This Week's WITU Challenge
  214. A Greenhouse on the Moon by 2014?
  215. WhiteKnightTwo Makes Longest and Fastest Test Flight
  216. Countdown to Earth Hour 2009…
  217. Was the Tunguska Fireball a Comet Chemical Bomb?
  218. IYA Live Telescope Today - Alpha Crucis: Split! and M11
  219. STS-119: A Mission in Pictures
  220. Experiment Performed on Shuttle Heat Tiles During Discovery's Re-Entry
  221. Still Learning to Live Together in Space?
  222. Another Meteor? No, Russian Rocket
  223. More Awesome Views of the ISS; in 3-D and From the Ground
  224. 100 Hours of Astronomy Begins on April 2
  225. IYA Live Telescope Today - The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
  226. Bouncing Boulders on Mars
  227. Carnival of Space #96
  228. Spirit's Serendipitous Science
  229. Fresh Mars Impact Craters Blast Ice Onto Surface
  230. Changing Opinions: Fireball Likely Not Part of Soyuz Rocket
  231. What Would the View Be Like From Within a Black Hole?
  232. IYA Live Telescope Today - M68
  233. Shuttle Takes First Step To Hubble Repair Mission
  234. New Bill Would Extend Shuttle Life, but NASA Doesn't Need the Time
  235. Satellite Images of Red River Flooding in North Dakota
  236. Crew of Six Begins 105-day Mars Mission Simulation
  237. NASA Could be "Criminally Negligent" Over Brian the Bat Death
  238. Galaxy Zoo Team Discovers New Class of Galaxy Cluster
  239. 100 Hours of Astronomy for Universe Today Readers Begins Now!
  240. New Study: Some Massive Galaxies Were Practically Born That Way
  241. Astrophysics Satellite Detects Dark Matter Clue?
  242. IYA Live Telescope Today - NGC 2516 - “The Diamond Cluster”
  243. This Week’s Where In The Universe Challenge
  244. Will Rocket Launches Deplete the Ozone?
  245. New View of Young, High-Mass Binary Star at Heart of Orion
  246. Morristown UFO? Hoaxers Tell Their Story
  247. Where Are All the Sunspots?
  248. Titan (Weirdness) is More Than Meets The Eye
  249. NASA Looks to Rebalance Aging Workforce
  250. Help Galaxy Zoo Reach Its Goal!