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  1. Watch ‘Around the World in 80 Telescopes’ Now!
  2. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - April 3-5, 2009
  3. Integral Dissects Super-Bright Gamma Ray Burst
  4. Answer Now Available to the WITU Challenge
  5. Astronomers Compile Most Detailed Map of Nearby Universe
  6. Latest Images from Chandrayaan-1
  7. Space Tourist Flights to ISS Still On, Says Space Adventures
  8. And the Winner Is …
  9. Humble Little Pulsar Puts on a Big Show
  10. Warp Drives Probably Impossible After All
  11. North Korea Threatens War if Rocket is Shot Down
  12. Podcast: Radio Astronomy
  13. Podcast: Questions Show: Decelerating Black Holes, Earth-Sun Tidal Lock, and the Crus
  14. Podcast: Submillimeter Astronomy
  15. Carnival of Space #97
  16. YA Live Telescope - UT Reader Requests
  17. IYA Live Telescope Today - IC 2602: “The Southern Plieades”
  18. New Image Reveals M33 is Bigger Than Thought (and it’s Headed Our Way)
  19. IYA Live Telescope Today - NGC 4833
  20. IYA Live Telescope Today - NGC 2516
  21. North Korea Rocket Launch “Partial Success”
  22. Data Shows Thinning Arctic Sea Ice
  23. Two Unique Galaxies Revealed During 100 Hours of Astronomy Event
  24. Now Showing: Fermi All-Sky Movie
  25. 50th Anniversary of NASA’s First Astronauts
  26. Could Astrophysics Save Lives?
  27. Hubble Scores a Ring
  28. Would Life Form Differently Around Cool Stars?
  29. Moon Reveals New Way to Find Oceans, Land on Other Earths
  30. New Collection of Flythough Videos From HiRISE
  31. Have a Cigar! New Observations of Messier 82
  32. Astronomers Are People, Too…
  33. Kepler Flips Its Lid; Soon Ready for Planet Hunt
  34. Balloon Experiment Solves Mystery of Far Infrared Background
  35. New Array Captures Redoubt Volcano Lightning
  36. Researchers Propose New Model for the Most Eager Supernova Explosions
  37. Soyuz Lands Safely in Kazakhstan
  38. Where In The Universe #50
  39. IYA Live Telescope Today - Alpha Centauri and Eta Carinae
  40. IYA Live Telescope - UT Reader Requests
  41. New Comet Yi-SWAN
  42. NASA’s Biggest Challenge? Congress
  43. Without Nickel, Life on Earth Could Finally Breathe
  44. Unusual Micrometeorite Found in Antarctica
  45. IYA Live Telescope Today - Omega Centauri - NGC 5139
  46. Aerosols Could Be Responsible For Artic Warming
  47. Spacecraft Searching for Remains of Mystery Planet
  48. Answer Now Posted to This Week’s WITU Challenge
  49. New Documentary “400 Years of the Telescope” Now Airing
  50. Small Engine For the Big Job of Testing Theory of Relativity
  51. NASA to Announce New ISS Module Name on Colbert Report
  52. Fires Rage Through Central America
  53. Cassini’s Indirect Image of Boulders and Moonlets in Saturn’s Rings
  54. IYA Live Telescope - UT Reader Requests - 47 Tucana (NGC 104)
  55. IYA Live Telescope - UT Reader Requests - Small Magellanic Cloud
  56. Review: Death From the Skies
  57. Carnival of Space #98
  58. Interview with Astronaut Mike Massimino on the Hubble Servicing Mission, Viewing Eart
  59. Getting Astronomers Involved in the IYA: Astronomer in the Classroom Program
  60. Will US Astronauts Ride Chinese Rockets?
  61. Podcast: Infrared Astronomy
  62. NASA Worried: Spirit Reboots Rover Computer, Twice
  63. Kepler Will Be Used to Measure the Size of the Universe
  64. Incredible Light Show: Gas Jet Flaring From M87’s Black Hole
  65. Life of the ISS May be Extended
  66. Catching Up With Comet Yi-SWAN
  67. The Anatomy of a Solar Explosion in 3-D
  68. COLBERT on the ISS
  69. Major Utility Company Makes Agreement for Space Based Solar Power
  70. Where In The Universe #51
  71. Woowoo Ads on Universe Today
  72. Satellites Show How Earth Moved During Earthquake
  73. Constraining the Orbits of Planet X and Nemesis
  74. Bridge Between the Stars - NGC 602: Hubble Visualization by Jukka Metsavainio
  75. NASA Weighing Debris Hit Risk for Hubble Repair Mission
  76. Researchers Discover ‘Most Spectacular and Most Disturbed’ Galaxy Cluster
  77. Kepler’s “First Light” Images
  78. Dust Storms Picking Up on Mars
  79. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - April 17-19, 2009
  80. Ancient Antarctic Ecosystem Could be Analog for Life on Other Worlds
  81. Podcast: Optical Astronomy
  82. Podcast: Questions Show: Undoing Inflation, Searching for Water, and Seeing Everythi
  83. Answer Now Available to WITU Challenge
  84. How to Keep Asteroids Away: Tie Them Up
  85. The STS-400 Shuttle Rescue Mission Scenario
  86. A Day for Earth, but a Whole Week for Dark Skies
  87. Reporting From the NorthEast Astronomy Forum
  88. UK Astronomers: That’s One Cool Star
  89. Orion’s Belt Sees More Action Than We Knew
  90. Ancient Solar Systems Found Around Dead Stars
  91. Physicist Hawking Gravely Ill
  92. Nancy Comes Out of the Closet on 365 Days of Astronomy
  93. Solar Sigmoids Explained
  94. Most Complex Organics Ever Detected in Interstellar Space
  95. Stars Strip Atmospheres of Close-forming Planets
  96. More Troubles for Spirit Rover
  97. Where is the Most Remote Location on Earth?
  98. Should We Really Tell ET Our Problems?
  99. Hubble Immortalizes Itself With New Image: “Fountain of Youth”
  100. New Rocky Exoplanet Discovered; Just Twice as Massive as Earth
  101. Nearly Earth-sized Planet, Possible Watery World Spotted Near Another Star
  102. Hawking Update: Condition Improved
  103. Interactive Telescope Sculpture Combines Science and Art
  104. Do We Need a New Theory of Gravitation?
  105. Electrically Charged Particles Found in Enceladus’ Plumes
  106. New Findings Challenge Galaxy Formation Ideas
  107. Despite Global Warming, Wildfire Frequency Does Not Increase
  108. Astronomers Discover Youngest and Lowest Mass Dwarfs
  109. Oldest and Most Distant Water in the Universe Detected
  110. Awesome Moon and Venus View This Morning
  111. Black Hole Jets Pack One, Two Punch in Radio, Gamma Rays
  112. New Mystery from Cosmic Dawn: The Blob
  113. This Week’s Where In The Universe Challenge
  114. Shadows Helped Form the “Pillars of Creation”
  115. Dark Matter, Dark Energy; Now There’s “Dark Gulping”
  116. Brown Dwarfs Could Be More Common Than We Thought
  117. Young Asteroids Age Fast with a Solar Wind Tan
  118. Could Orion be Downgraded from a Six to Four Astronaut Vehicle?
  119. New Image of Jet-Driven Galactic Shock Wave is a Shocker
  120. New Hubble Survey Supports Cold Dark Matter in Early Universe
  121. New Finding Shows Super-Huge Space Tornados Power the Auroras
  122. Life Beyond Earth in 10 Years or Less?
  123. Record Launch Attempt for Model Saturn V Rocket
  124. The Blurry Summit of Mars’ Pavonis Mons
  125. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - April 24 - 26, 2009
  126. Still Wondering About This Week’s WITU Challenge?
  127. NASA Will Try to Launch Hubble Repair Mission Early
  128. Comments: The Crackdown
  129. How Will We Prepare for an Asteroid Impact?
  130. Hubble Discovers a Strange Collection of White Dwarf… Dwarfs
  131. Mars Rover Spirit is Rolling Again After Memory Problems
  132. Mars Express Spies Rocky, Chaotic Terrain on Mars
  133. Did Dark Matter Annihilate Our Early Universe?
  134. Model Saturn V Rocket Launch a Success
  135. Were the Dinosaurs Really Wiped Out by an Asteroid? Possibly Not
  136. Most Distant Object Ever Seen
  137. The Case of the Missing Planets: Are Stars Eating Their Young?
  138. Submit Your Questions for Scott Parazynski and Keith Cowing
  139. The Celestron “FirstScope” Telescope: Official Product of International Year of Astro
  140. GRB Smashes Record for Most Distant Known Object
  141. Carnival of Space Reaches the Big 100
  142. In Your Eyes - The NGC 4486 Jet by JP Metsavainio
  143. Portal to the Universe Now Open
  144. Latest from Saturn: Pastel Rings and Moons by the Bunch
  145. Icebergs Breaking Away from Wilkins Ice Shelf
  146. Herschel and Planck Set to Launch on May 14
  147. Mars Rovers Are “Good Old Girls”
  148. Rogue Black Holes May Wander the Galaxy
  149. European, Chinese Satellites Watch Solar Storms Pummel Earth
  150. Salt in Enceladus’ Geysers Hints at Subsurface Liquid Ocean
  151. Nearsighted No More: Astronomers Resolve Milky Way’s Mysterious X-Ray Glow
  152. Confirmed: Chocolate and Astronomy Go Together
  153. Russia Considering Rocket-Powered Precision Landing for Next Generation Spacecraft
  154. IYA Live Telescope Today - Messier 10
  155. Opportunity Finds Young Crater on Mars
  156. Where In The Universe #52
  157. Starbursts from Dwarf Galaxies Like Fireworks
  158. The NASA Buzz: Shuttle Extension, Abandoning the Moon, and What About an Administrato
  159. New Mysteries Unveiled on Mercury
  160. It’s Official: Hubble Mission to Launch May 11
  161. A Stunning Look at “The Big Picture”
  162. Answer Now Available to the WITU Challenge
  163. Cosmic Rays too Wimpy to Influence Climate
  164. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - May 1-3, 2009
  165. Coastal Formations Not Result of Asteroid Impact
  166. Why Are Galaxies Smooth? Star Streams
  167. NASA Begins Job Layoffs As Shuttle Retirement Looms
  168. Question Re: Astrophotos
  169. 2009 HC82: An Eccentric and Backward Near-Earth Asteroid
  170. Is a Nearby Object in Space Beaming Cosmic Rays at Earth?
  171. The Spitzer Space Telescope Speaks Its Mind
  172. Hubble Servicing Mission Meets the Big Screen; Watch With Friends
  173. NASA Selects New Projects to Study Mars and Mercury
  174. Alan Shepard, Freedom 7: May 5, 1961
  175. A Twinkle in the Wolf’s Eye - IC 4406: A Hubble Visualization by Jukka Metsavainio
  176. IYA Live Telescope Today - 30 Doradus: “The Tarantula Nebula”
  177. Obama to Re-examine Constellation Program
  178. 25-Year Mystery of X-ray Emissions Solved
  179. End of an Era: Hubble’s WFPC2’s Greatest Hits
  180. Panspermia Flower Power
  181. Neutrons Stars Have Crusts of Super-Steel
  182. This Week’s Where In The Universe Challenge
  183. Was Mars’ Magnetic Field Blasted Away?
  184. ‘Dalmatian’ Volcano, Opportunity Rover and Other New Images from HiRISE
  185. Astronomers Closing in on Dark Energy with Refined Hubble Constant
  186. Did a Russian Home Get Hit by Progress Space Debris?
  187. NASA is Running Out of Plutonium
  188. ‘Astro-comb’ Will Aid Search for Extra-terrestrial Planets
  189. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - May 8-10, 2009
  190. Kid’s Astronomy - Finding The Summer Triangle
  191. Caltech Observatory Dismantled So Others Can Rise
  192. Final Pretty Picture for Hubble Camera
  193. Lunatic Fringe - Stereo Moon by Jukka Metsavainio
  194. Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies Thwart Newtonian Gravity?
  195. Unusual Cargo Headed to Hubble: A Basketball?
  196. Carnival of Space #102
  197. Atlantis HD Launch Video; Heat Shield Inspection Today
  198. Spirit Rover Stuck in “Difficult Situation”
  199. Dual Purpose “Blanket” Could Protect Astronauts, Generate Power on Moon
  200. Hubble Captured by Space Shuttle Crew
  201. New Mechanism Explains Origins of Cometary Ingredients
  202. US Air Force to Test Scramjet Aircraft
  203. A New Drake Equation? Other Life Not Likely to be Intelligent
  204. Where In The Universe #54
  205. Debris Whizzes By Hubble, Shuttle; What Are We Going to do About Space Junk?
  206. Watch Herschel/Planck Launch Live
  207. Herschel and Planck Launch Succesfully
  208. Camera That Saved Hubble is Replaced
  209. Administrator Charles Bolden?
  210. Is Everything Made of Mini Black Holes?
  211. Amazing Images of Shuttle and Hubble Transiting Sun
  212. Looking for the Answer to This Week’s WITU Challenge?
  213. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast: May 15-17, 2009
  214. On Your Mark, Get Set, Let’s Find Planets!
  215. New Star Trek Movie Beamed Up to Space Station
  216. Marathon Hubble EVA
  217. M94 - The “Cat’s Eye” Galaxy by Roth Ritter
  218. Hubble Servicing Mission 4 in Pictures, Part 1
  219. Poetry in Space: Final Pilgrims to the Hubble Space Telescope
  220. Super-Tools Essential to Hubble Mission Success
  221. First Observations of Biological Particles in High-Altitude Clouds
  222. ‘Tremendous Adventure’ Gives Hubble New Life
  223. Herschel Phones Home — Literally
  224. Cosmologists Improve on Standard Candles Measurement
  225. Flying Carpets in Space: Yes. Folding Laundry: No
  226. Astronauts Release Hubble — Watch the Video
  227. New International Astronauts Introduced
  228. Flying Saucers? The Fun Is For Real…
  229. New, Deep Image of Virgo Cluster Reveals Galaxy Cut Short in its Youth
  230. A Benevolent Sort of Asteroid Bombardment?
  231. A Cold and Wet History on Early Mars?
  232. SRB Videos, A Toast to Recycled Urine and Other Misc. Spaceflight Notes
  233. Where In The Universe #55
  234. IYA Live Telescope Today: Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction - M19
  235. A Brotherhood of Hubble Warriors: Jeff Hoffman Reflects on HST Repair Missions
  236. With Moon Rocks in Hand, Parazynski Reaches Mt. Everest Peak
  237. Disappearing Accretion Disk Is Missing Link in Pulsar Birth
  238. IYA Live Telescope Today: M104, NGC 6231, NGC 55 and Comet C/2009 G1 (STEREO)
  239. Opportunity Reveals Long-time Water, Winds at Victoria
  240. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - May 22-24, 2009
  241. Weather Keeps Shuttle Crew in Space Another Day
  242. Kid’s Astronomy - Draco: The Dragon with the “Puffy Tale”
  243. More Stunning Images From the Hubble Servicing Mission
  244. Answer to This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  245. Bolden Nominated as NASA Administrator; Shuttle Landing Delayed
  246. UT Briefs: Shuttle Lands, Re-living Phoenix
  247. Carnival of Space #104
  248. Discovery Discovers Ian O’Neill
  249. New Technique Could Find Another “Pale Blue Dot”
  250. More Researchers Say Liquid Water Present on Mars Now