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  1. New Era for ISS Begins As Crew Size Doubles
  2. Miles O’Brian is Hubble Blogging Over at True/Slant
  3. Scientist Claims UFO Collided with Tunguska Meteorite to Save Earth
  4. Should July 20 Be a US National Holiday?
  5. A Top-Secret Explosion in M82
  6. 8 Ridiculous Things Bigger Than NASA’s Budget
  7. Mars Rover Has a New Name
  8. Distant black hole poses for a close-up
  9. Where In The Universe #56
  10. China Looking Towards Manned Lunar Landing
  11. 50th Anniversary of Historic Space Monkey Flight
  12. Fly Over the Potential Landing Sites For Next Mars Rover (Video)
  13. Universe Today is Hiring… a Researcher
  14. Anne is a Jolly Good Fellow!
  15. Kid’s Astronomy: The Royal House Of Cepheus
  16. We All Need to Chill Out About Flight Tests
  17. Astrometry Finally Finds an Exoplanet
  18. Researchers Seeing Red on Ocean Health
  19. Could Ghost-Like Object Found by Chandra Be Another ‘Voorwerp’?
  20. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - May 29-31, 2009
  21. ISS Crew Expands; Now’s the Time To Expand Your Knowledge of the Orbiting Outpost
  22. Dear JPL: I Have an Idea on How to Rescue the Spirit Rover
  23. Astronomers Observe Formation of Largest Bound Structures in the Universe
  24. Carnival of Space #105
  25. Answer to this Week’s WITU Challenge Now Available
  26. Spaceships on the Move!
  27. The Truth About NASA’s UFO Vidoes
  28. Capture the Universe with Phil Plait
  29. Newsflash: Sunspot Appears!
  30. Ice on the Moon? NASA, ISRO May Collaborate to Find Out
  31. Have Astronomers Discovered A New Type of Supernova?
  32. NASA’s Shuttle Program Hands Over Launch Pad to Constellation
  33. Book Your Tours of Titan and Enceladus Today!
  34. Magic Bubble - NGC 7635 by JP Metsavainio
  35. Scientists Follow the Poop to Find Penguin From Space
  36. Fermi Finds a New Class of Super Particle Accelerator Galaxies
  37. This Week’s Where In The Universe Challenge
  38. How Magnetic Tornadoes Might Regenerate Mercury’s Atmosphere
  39. Mars Rover’s Underbelly Panorama
  40. No Nature VS. Nurture for Stars
  41. NASA Creates a New NEBULA: Cloud Computing Project
  42. What If There Is Only One Universe?
  43. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast: June 5-7, 2009
  44. So Where Is ET, Anyway?
  45. Answer Now Posted on This Week’s WITU Challenge
  46. Carnival of Space #106
  47. Podcast: Quantum Mechanics
  48. Podcast: Questions Show: Hidden Fusion, the Speed of Neutrinos and Hawking Radiation
  49. Podcast: Large Scale Structures in the Universe
  50. Podcast: Questions Show: An Unlocked Moon, Energy into Black Holes and the Space Stat
  51. IYA Live Telescope Library - Messier 7
  52. New Cosmic “Yardstick” Could Help Understand Dark Energy
  53. “Dark” Gamma-Ray Bursts Shed Light on Star Formation
  54. Super-Size Me: Black Hole Bigger Than Previously Thought
  55. Astronomers Find New Way to Measure Cosmic Distances
  56. New Technique Reveals Ages of Millisecond Pulsars
  57. Watch Press Conferences Live From AAS
  58. Beauty and the Beast: The Corona Australis Nebula by Eddie Trimarchi
  59. The Strange Case of Supernova SN2008ha
  60. Astronomers Predict Birth of a New Star
  61. Tidal Tails are “Skid Marks” From Famous Galactic Collisions
  62. The Curious Case of the Shrinking Star
  63. Ultracool Stars Orbit Crazily Around, Outside the Milky Way
  64. Kaguya Will Impact the Moon on June 10
  65. First Extra-Galactic Planet May Have Been Detected
  66. IYA Live Telescope - Kaguya Impact: 18:30 UT / THE MOON
  67. Astronomers Announce First Newborn Stars at Milky Way’s Core
  68. Lunar, Solar Eclipses Hold Secrets to Other Worlds
  69. Wild Little Mercury to Cause Interplanetary Smashup? Maybe.
  70. Where In The Universe #57
  71. Planet-Forming Disk Discovered Orbiting Binary System
  72. Phishing
  73. Add Heat, Then Tectonics: Narrowing the Hunt for Life in Space
  74. IYA Live Telescope Today: Messier 107
  75. Magnetic Fields Dominate Young Stars of all Sizes?
  76. Kid’s Astronomy - The Crow’s Nest
  77. Weekend SkyWatcher’s Forecast - June 12-14, 2009
  78. Summer Fun - The Celestron Optics Kit
  79. Answer to This Weeks WITU Challenge Now Posted
  80. Company’s Coming! And They’re Bringing the Front Porch
  81. What Happens During a Last Second Shuttle Launch Abort
  82. Universe Today Guide to the Constellations
  83. Nancy Sings the Praises of the Mars Global Surveyor
  84. Tiny, Deep-Frozen Greenland Bacterium May Hold Extra-Terrestrial Clues
  85. LRO/LCROSS Gives Up Launch Date for STS-127
  86. Citizen Science: Help Solve the Mystery of Epsilon Aurigae
  87. New Sky Survey To Catch Exploding Stars In The Act
  88. Carnival of Space #107
  89. Life on Earth — and Other Worlds — Could Last Longer Than Expected
  90. Meteorite May Hold Clues to Solar System Formation
  91. Vertical Structures Tower Above Saturn’s Rings
  92. Upcoming Milestone: 500th Person in Space
  93. 5 Spinoffs from the Hubble Space Telescope
  94. History of Iron Yields New Insight Into Earth’s Deepest Reaches
  95. IYA Live Telescope Today: Messier 80
  96. More Photos From the Lunar Time Machine
  97. Fuel Leak Delays Shuttle Again
  98. Follow Apollo Mission "Tweets," 40 Years Later
  99. The Case of the Missing Sunspots: Solved?
  100. Planetary Line Up Graces Pre-Dawn Sky June 19-21, 2009… Make A Date!
  101. Jupiter's Fiery Moon Io Could One Day Break Free, Go Dormant
  102. IYA Live Telescope Today: NGC 6281
  103. Looking for (Former) Lakeshore Property? HiRISE Finds It on Mars
  104. Where In The Universe #58
  105. Exoplanet Has Oddball Orbit
  106. ISS Now Visible in Daytime!
  107. World's First Spaceport Begins Construction
  108. LRO/LCROSS Ready for Launch to the Moon
  109. NASA IBEX Spacecraft Detects Neutral Hydrogen Bouncing Off The Moon
  110. Book Review: Missions to the Moon
  111. More Atmospheric CO2 Today Than in the Past 2.1 Millions Years
  112. Lightning Detected on Mars
  113. Launch Images from LRO/LCROSS Successfull Liftoff
  114. IYA Live Telescope Today: NGC 6302 – The "Bug" Nebula
  115. Herschel Telescope Makes First Test Observations
  116. Last Kaguya HDTV Images Before Impact
  117. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: June 19-21, 2009
  118. Possible Shuttle Sabotage or Over-Active Imaginations?
  119. New, Close-Up View Probes the Nature of Sunspots
  120. Book Review: The NASA Northrop T-38
  121. Prescription For Light Pollution
  122. Rover Update With Video
  123. Book Reviews: The Cambridge Double Star Atlas
  124. DVD Review: Hawaiian Starlight
  125. The Trouble With Trifids
  126. Book Review: the science book
  127. Watch Live Streaming Video From LCROSS Lunar Swingby Tuesday
  128. First Weightless Wedding
  129. Carnival of Space #108 — Solstice Edition!
  130. Kid's Astronomy: Bootes – Ancient Farmer of the Fields
  131. LRO Successfully In Lunar Orbit; LCROSS Provides Flyby Video
  132. Buzz Aldrin Raps with Snoop Dog About Apollo 11
  133. Book Review: Observing the Night Sky with Binoculars
  134. Does Enceladus Harbor a Liquid Ocean? Reasonable Minds Disagree
  135. Buzz is the Man With a Plan for NASA
  136. Book Review: Saturn I/IB
  137. Mysterious "Blobs" Are Windows Into Galaxy Formation
  138. 1908 Tunguska Event Caused by Comet, New Research Reveals
  139. Kid's Astronomy – Ophiuchus: The "Fisher King"
  140. Where In The Universe #59
  141. Volcanic Shockwave Captured by ISS Imagery
  142. Expedition 21 Star Trek Poster
  143. The Jury Is In: Exploding Stars Really do Pelt us With Cosmic Rays
  144. Book Review: Venus and Mercury
  145. Spirit Rover Going Nowhere, But Still Making Discoveries
  146. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: June 26-28, 2009
  147. New Twitter Page To Alert Followers: Look Up Now to See the ISS!
  148. Kid's Astronomy: A Summer's Lure – Scorpio
  149. Past Climate Change Cannot Be Tied to Earth Passing Through Galactic Plane
  150. Happy Birthday, Charles Messier!
  151. DVD Review: Sputnik Mania
  152. Manned Solar Plane Will Attempt Flight Around the World
  153. Answer to Where In The Universe #59 Now Available
  154. Spirit Rover Begins Making Night Sky Observations
  155. Book Review: To a Distant Day
  156. Book Review: How To Live On Mars
  157. Landforms Indicate "Recent" Warm Weather on Mars
  158. Book Review: Keep Watching the Skies
  159. Watch Live Webcast of Ulysses Spacecraft Switch-off
  160. First Conclusive Signature for Lunar Uranium
  161. Carnival of Space #109
  162. Book Review: Cold War Tech War
  163. NASA, Japan Release Most Complete Topographic Map of Earth
  164. Device Makes Radio Waves Travel Faster Than Light
  165. Fly Me To The Moon…
  166. Faster, Cheaper (and Better?) Way to the Moon
  167. Get Your Own Personal UFO
  168. Mars Will NOT Look as Big as the Full Moon, But You Can Watch it Get Closer
  169. Astronomers Discover Medium-Sized Class of Black Holes
  170. Your New Guide to the Inner Galaxy
  171. Where In The Universe #60
  172. WiFi in Space Coming Soon?
  173. Test-Bed Rover is Now Stuck — Which is a Good Thing!
  174. Messier 87 Shows Off for Hundreds of Earth-bound Astronomers
  175. By Gamma-Rays Alone: Fermi Raises the Curtain on 16 New Pulsars
  176. Phoenix Lander Team: It Snows at Night on Mars
  177. First Images from LRO
  178. Perchlorates and Water Make for Potential Habitable Environment on Mars
  179. Happy Fourth of July!
  180. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 3-5, 2009
  181. Find the Answer to This Week's WITU Challenge
  182. Omega Nebula Struts its Stuff in New, Multicolored Image
  183. Carnival of Space #110 – the Phobos-Grunt, Liberty and Pants-on-Fire edition
  184. Australian Astronomers Reveal Image of A Cosmic "Blue Whale"
  185. LRO Hi-Def Lunar Flyover Movie
  186. How Often Are New Stars Born in the Milky Way?
  187. NASA Tests Alternative Escape Pod
  188. Going to Mars Together
  189. New Technique Finds Farthest Supernovae
  190. Observing Alert! Outburst of Dwarf Nova WX Ceti
  191. Help Find the Mars Polar Lander!
  192. Earliest Stars Came in Pairs, New Simulation Shows
  193. Beautiful Chaos
  194. This Week's Where In The Universe Challenge
  195. Solved: Mystery of Gamma Ray Distribution in the Milky Way
  196. Herschel Telescope First Light Images Released
  197. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 10-12, 2009
  198. Explore Tranquility Base With New Interactive Apollo 11 Feature
  199. Shuttle is Go For Launch, But is the Weather?
  200. Who Flew the Ship When Mike Collins Went to Sleep?
  201. Answer to This Week's WITU Challenge Available
  202. Carnival of Space #111 — Apollo 11 Launch Anniversary Edition
  203. Astro 'Shop of the Week
  204. A Tale of Two Launches
  205. New Map Hints at Venus' Wet, Volcanic Past
  206. Could Ares Be Axed?
  207. Welcome "Copernicium," Our Newest Element
  208. Crew Emerges from Simulated Mars Mission
  209. Build Your Own Apollo 11 Landing Computer
  210. Spirit's Psychedelic Visions
  211. Ejected Black Holes Drag Clusters of Stars With Them
  212. Invasion of the Noctilucent Clouds
  213. Mercury's Craters Get Artsy New Names
  214. De-Orbit the ISS in 2016? Don't Bet On It
  215. Where In The Universe #62
  216. Listen to Apollo 11 Conversations the Earth Didn't Hear
  217. Q & A with Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins
  218. The Eagle Has … Arrived
  219. A High Definition Telescope? Yeah… The Celestron EdgeHD!
  220. Moon For All Mankind
  221. Apollo 11 Anniversary Link-O-Rama
  222. NASA Laments Missing Apollo 11 Film, Makes Do With What's Left
  223. Watch the STS-127 Launch Video in HD
  224. Answer to this week's WITU Challenge Now Available
  225. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 17-19, 2009
  226. Chandrayaan-1 Rescued from Failure
  227. LRO Images Apollo Landing Sites (w00t!)
  228. Ancient Domes Reveal 3.45-billion-year-old Life History
  229. Solar Cycle Triggers La Nina, El Nino-like Climate Shifts
  230. "That's the Way It Is" — Apollo Supporter Walter Cronkite Dies
  231. How to Handle Moon Rocks and Lunar Bugs: A Personal History of Apollo's Lunar Receivi
  232. Book Review: Magnificent Desolation, by Buzz Aldrin
  233. Possible New Impact on Jupiter
  234. I Could'a Been A Contender… NGC 2903 by Warren Keller
  235. Kid's Astronomy: Sagittarius – A Seasonal Celebration!
  236. IYA Live Telescope… We're Baaaack!
  237. On Apollo 11's 40th, Astronauts Reflect on Space Program
  238. Carnival of Space #112: The Big Moon Day Show
  239. Land on the Moon in Google Earth
  240. After 40 Years Moon Rocks Still Revealing Secrets
  241. Jupiter Impact Confirmed
  242. Astronauts Don Protective Gear to Fix ISS Toilet
  243. Astro 'Shop of the Week
  244. A Table-Top Test of General Relativity?
  245. IYA Live Telescope Library: Jupiter & Neptune – The "Helix" Nebula
  246. Heat-Shocked Diamonds Provide New Clue of Horse-Killing Impact
  247. Thirty-Meter Telescope Headed for Mauna Kea
  248. "Feelings" Are Back at NASA
  249. July 22, 2009 Total Solar Eclipse – Incoming News…
  250. Mystery Solved? New Clues Point to a Liquid Ocean on Enceladus.