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  1. Northern & Southern Aurorae Are Siblings, But Not Twins
  2. Where In The Universe #63
  3. July 22, 2009 Total Solar Eclipse from China – Let's Chase!
  4. New Image of Jupiter Impact in Infrared
  5. Spitzer Finds a Cyclops Galaxy!
  6. Happy 10th Birthday, Chandra X-Ray Observatory!
  7. Apollo Landing Sites Pose a Threat to LRO Instrument
  8. IYA Live Telescope Today: Formalhaut – Alpha Piscis Austrini
  9. Vixen R130Sf Newtonian Reflector Telescope and PortaMount II – Right In The Comfort Z
  10. Answer to the Week's WITU Challenge Now Posted
  11. Company Looks to Etch Advertising on the Moon
  12. The Grand Canyon From Space
  13. A Giant Soap Bubble in Space
  14. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 24-26, 2009
  15. Company Flies Biofuel Rocket (Video)
  16. Hubble Powers Up to Capture Jupiter Impact
  17. Viewing the Jupiter Impact With Your Telescope
  18. Carnival of Space #113: Extraterrestrial Impacts
  19. Galaxy Zoo Discovers New Group of Galaxies: 'Green Peas'
  20. Declassified Ice Loss Images
  21. Stunning Image of ISS and Endeavour Transitting Sun
  22. Astro Art of the Week: Rover Picture That Never Was
  23. Altman: Augustine Commission Allowing Constellation Program to "Take a Breath"
  24. Triple Spaceship Sighting Alert!
  25. STS-127: A Mission in Pictures
  26. Long Duration Space Underwear
  27. Closest-Ever Look At Betelgeuse Reveals its Fiery Secret
  28. Where In The Universe #64
  29. Observe the Jupiter Impact Site!
  30. Keep Track of NEOs with New "Asteroid Watch" Website
  31. Saturn sees Days Shorter Than Thought, Winds Like Jupiter — Sort of
  32. Watch WhiteKnightTwo Take Flight (Video)
  33. Galaxies Bring Dancing With the Stars to New Level
  34. Sub-surface Oceans In Early Comets Suggest Possible Origin of Life
  35. Newly Discovered Cometary Route Sneaks Past Jupiter, but Decreases Risk of Earth Impa
  36. Answer to This Week's WITU Challenge Now Posted
  37. Gigapan the Apollo Landing Sites
  38. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 31 – August 2, 2009
  39. Endeavour Lands Safely (Video)
  40. The Perils of Wearing a Spacesuit
  41. Top Five Celestial Objects Anyone Can See With a Small Telescope
  42. Opportunity Spies Unusual Rock — Large Meteorite?
  43. A Plethora of Recent Astronomy Cast Offerings
  44. Orbiting Toolbag Will Enter Atmosphere Aug. 3
  45. Carnival of Space #114: Third Cheapest Carnival on Earth
  46. Astro Art of the Week: Dragon Vs. Eagle
  47. How Many Galaxies Have We Discovered?
  48. Chandrayaan's M3 Looks Back At Earth
  49. Launch Your Own Personal Satellite for $8,000 USD
  50. Universe Today
  51. Plains of Titan to be Named for "Dune" Novels
  52. First Tweets from the ISS
  53. LCROSS Sees Life on Earth
  54. Ares I-X Comes Together (and it is BIG)
  55. New View Toward Carina Reveals Star Fest, Exploding "Engine"
  56. There Was a Reason Discovery's Rollout Took Longer Than Usual…
  57. Hubble, Gemini Spot 'Hyperactive' Stars in Small, Young Galaxies
  58. Where In The Universe #65
  59. Spitzer Changes Its Glasses, Sees Cotton Candy
  60. NASA Satellite Will Provide New Look At Cosmic X-Ray Sources
  61. Half Comet-Half Asteroid a Fluke? Nope
  62. Titan Shaping Up to Look a Lot Like Pre-Life Earth
  63. Kepler Scores its First Exoplanet Discovery
  64. Answer Now Available for the WITU Challenge
  65. XCOR X-Racer Videos
  66. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: August 7-9, 2009
  67. How We *Really* Watched Television From the Moon
  68. Near-Earth Object Has Two Moons
  69. Chasing An Occultation
  70. Red Hot News… Possible Nova in Sagittarius!
  71. IYA Live Telescope Today: M11 and 47 Tucanae
  72. 2009 Perseid Meteor Shower – Double Peaks This Year!
  73. NASA May Have to Revamp Science Plans Without RTGs
  74. Have You Ever Seen a Moonbow?
  75. Astro Art of the Week
  76. Carnival of Space #115
  77. Early Black Holes Are Starving, Not Feasting
  78. Planet Precursors May be Sized Like Trucks, Not Towns
  79. Sun, Earth Are Unlikely Pair to Support Life
  80. Spitzer Finds Evidence of Violent Planetary Collision
  81. Perseid Radio Astronomy from the Fourth Plinth With Chris Lintott
  82. New Device Extracts Oxygen from Moon Rocks
  83. More Equinox Oddities in Saturn's Rings
  84. Watching Science in Action on Mars
  85. Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3-D
  86. Biggest Exoplanet Yet Orbits the Wrong Way
  87. Trigger-Happy Star Formation in Cepheus B
  88. HiRISE Highlights: Crater Within a Crater, Awesome View of Victoria and More
  89. Titan's Desert Sports a Surprising, Powerful Storm
  90. Variability in Type 1A Supernovae Has Implications for Studying Dark Energy
  91. NASA Doesn't Receive Enough Money for Mandated Asteroid Search
  92. This Week's WITU Challenge
  93. IYA Live Telescope Today: Delta Gruis and the "Tarantula Nebula"
  94. Naked Saturn
  95. Hunt for Supernovae With Galaxy Zoo
  96. Found: Planetary Nebula Around Heavy Stars
  97. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast – August 14-16, 2009
  98. Planck Starts Collecting Light Left Over From Big Bang
  99. Ares I-X Fully Stacked
  100. Answer Now Posted for This Week's WITU Challenge
  101. Podcast: Astronomy Research from Idea to Publication
  102. Carnival of Space #116
  103. NASA Tests Inflatable Heat Shield
  104. Amino Acid Found in Stardust Comet Sample
  105. Watch Satellite Data In Action
  106. Podcast: How to be Taken Seriously by Scientists
  107. Send a Tweet to our Alien Friends on Gliese 581 D
  108. 2000 Sols on Mars
  109. Report: UFO Sightings Coincide with Popular Sci-Fi Films, TV
  110. Once Classified Russian Rockets to be Used for Commercial Space Venture
  111. IYA "Live" Telescope Today
  112. New Limits on Gravitational Waves From the Big Bang
  113. Violence Rocks the Cosmic Cradle
  114. Where In The Universe #67
  115. LRO, Chandrayaan-1 Team Up For Unique Search for Water Ice
  116. South Korea Launch No Go, Shuttle Launch a Go
  117. Latest LRO Image Solves Apollo 14 Mystery
  118. Astro Art of the Week #6
  119. WITU Challenge Answer Now Posted
  120. NASA Video of Hurricane Bill
  121. The IYA "Almost Live" Telescope – M45 and M42
  122. The Navigators: How We Fly Spacecraft Around the Solar System
  123. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast – August 21-23, 2009
  124. IYA Live Telescope Today: NGC 247, the Burbidge Galaxy Chain and the Running Man Neb
  125. If You Don't Have an LHC, Here's How to Create Your Own Black Hole
  126. Carnival of Space #117
  127. Podcast: Astronomy and New Media
  128. How Close Did Hurricane Bill Come to the US East Coast?
  129. Colbert: "I'm go to launch me — Let's light this candle!"
  130. Astro Art of the Week: Music and the Heavens
  131. South Korea Launches Rocket; Satellite Fails to Reach Its Orbit
  132. LCROSS Anomaly Causes "Substantial" Fuel Loss
  133. Help Solve the Mystery of Epsilon Aurigae with Citizen Sky
  134. Space Shuttle Launch Scrubbed for Wednesday Morning
  135. Watermelons: The Newest Renewable Energy Source
  136. New Images Reveal Details of the Trifid Nebula
  137. Where In The Universe #68
  138. Mars Kicking Spirit When She's Down
  139. Mars Reconnissance Orbiter Goes Into Safe Mode Again
  140. How Close Was That Lightning to the Shuttle?
  141. LookUP to Find Astronomical Objects
  142. The Universe DVD Giveaway
  143. Researchers Say Sun Cycle Alters Earth's Climate
  144. Bad Email Address for Universe Giveaway
  145. Answer to This Week's WITU Challenge Now Posted
  146. Fog on Titan? Help Review Mike Brown's Paper
  147. Star-Birth Myth Shattered
  148. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: August 28-30, 2009
  149. Future Designs: Robotic Mars Greenhouse, Teleporting Fridge
  150. Loch Ness Monster On Google Earth?
  151. COLBERT, Leonardo and a Neutralino Heading for Space Station
  152. Radio Contact Lost With Chandrayaan-1
  153. Mt. Wilson, JPL Threatened by Fire
  154. Carnival of Space #118
  155. Astro Art of the Week #8: Space Shuttle Sketches
  156. Astronomers Find World’s Best Observing Site
  157. Bareket Observatory Celebrates International Year Of Astronomy
  158. Is The Milky Way By Galactic Bombardment?
  159. After Loss of Lunar Orbiter, India Looks to Mars Mission
  160. Watch Saturn's Rings Disappear (Video)
  161. Satellite Images of California Wildfires, Mt. Wilson Update
  162. New Way to Measure Curvature of Space Could Unite Gravity Theory
  163. Astronomers Find Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole Yet
  164. Do We Look Like This Edge-On?
  165. LRO Sees Bouncing, Rolling Boulders on the Moon
  166. Where In The Universe #69
  167. Fake But Funny NASA Press Release
  168. Climate Change and Earth's Cryosphere
  169. UFOs, a Green Venus and Sun Gobbling? Isn't That Going a Little Far, Mrs Hatoyama?
  170. "What Was That Big Star Next to the Moon Last Night?"
  171. Love Mars? Then This is For You
  172. Andromeda Galaxy Eating the Neighborhood
  173. White Dwarf "Close" to Exploding as Supernova
  174. Countdown to Brand New Hubble Images
  175. LRO Images Apollo 12 Landing Site
  176. Answer Now Available to This Week's WITU Challenge
  177. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: September 4-6, 2009
  178. Future Friday: Orbital Megastructures
  179. Additional Lab to be Added to ISS
  180. Search for the Mars Polar Lander in New HiRISE Images
  181. News Story on Neil Armstrong Slips on an Onion
  182. Top 10 (or so) Images from STS-128
  183. Oh, the Places You'll Go on the Moon!
  184. Google UFO Doodle Explained
  185. Carnival of Space #119: Labor Day Edition
  186. Astro Art of the Week: Space City of the Future
  187. Spaceship Sighting Alert!
  188. Podcast: Telescopes, the Next Level
  189. Podcast: The Constellation Program
  190. 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast Wins Award
  191. Augustine Commission: Current Funding Won't Get NASA Out of Low Earth Orbit
  192. Great Views of the ISS and Shuttle From Earth and Space
  193. Hubble Wows With New Images
  194. Just How Good is the "New" Hubble? Let's Compare
  195. Create Your Own Galaxy Mashup With New Galaxy Zoo Tool
  196. Where In The Universe #70
  197. Magnetic Fields Have Key Influence on Star Formation
  198. Japan Launches New Era of ISS Resupply Ships
  199. Anticipated Joint Experiment with Chandrayaan-1 and LRO Failed
  200. IYA Live Telescope Today: Messier 93
  201. NASA, ATK Unleash Ares Engine in Test Firing
  202. Find the Answer to This Week's WITU Challenge
  203. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast – September 11-13, 2009
  204. Earth From Space: Plankton Bloom
  205. The Big Bang Writ Little
  206. LCROSS Impact Site on Moon Announced: Cabeus A
  207. Space Shuttle Discovery Returns Home (Video)
  208. Son of Israeli Astronaut Killed in Plane Crash
  209. Temporary Radiation Belt Discovered at Saturn
  210. Craters on Vesta and Ceres Could Show Jupiter's Age
  211. Jupiter Captured Comet as Temporary Moon
  212. Interactive 360-Degree Panorama of Entire Night Sky Now Available
  213. Carnival of Space #120
  214. Armadillo Powers Toward $1 Million Prize
  215. Super Cell Lightning Storm Raging on Saturn Since January
  216. Titan's Haze Acts as Ozone Layer
  217. Evidence of Dry Lake Beds on Mars
  218. Astro Art: Artist Creates Portrait Gallery of Astronomers
  219. James Webb Space Telescope Begins To Take Shape
  220. Mini Comets Ejected from Comet Holmes Caused Outburst
  221. Spot Discovered on Haumea Rich With Organics and Minerals
  222. New Wallpaper for Star Trek, Cassini Fans
  223. Smallest Expoplanet Yet Has Rocky Surface
  224. What! No Parallel Universe? Cosmic Cold Spot Just Data Artifact
  225. Phoenix's Telltale Tells All About Winds and Weather on Mars
  226. Best Ever View of Andromeda in Ultraviolet
  227. This Week's Where In The Universe Challenge
  228. A New "Drake" Equation for Potential of Life
  229. Planck First Light
  230. IYA (Almost) Live Telescope!
  231. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast – September 18-20, 2009
  232. Space Shuttle Flushes the Toilet for All the World To See
  233. Searching for Life As We Don't Know It
  234. NASA Has a Little Fun With Buzz
  235. ISS Canadarm2 Grabs Resupply Ship
  236. First Science Data from LRO; 'Tantalizing' Hints of Water
  237. Blaming Black Holes for Gamma Ray Bursts
  238. Looking Down the Eye of Typhoon Choi-Wan
  239. Did You Have Qapla' for This Week's WITU Challenge?
  240. Why is Mars Red? New Study Offers Surprises
  241. 340 Million Pixels of GigaGalaxy Zoom
  242. UFOs This Weekend? No, Just an Experiment
  243. Spectacular Videos of Shuttle Piggyback Flight
  244. Reaching Near Space For Less Than $150
  245. New Equinox Stunners From Cassini
  246. Carnival of Space #121
  247. New Chandra Deep X-ray Image of the Galactic Center
  248. Battlestar Photoshopica: Otto Travels to Pluto
  249. High School Student Discovers Strange Pulsar-Like Object
  250. Finding Buried Treasure on Mars: Radar Map Confirms Climate Cycles