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  1. Earth's Gravity Seen in HD
  2. Opportunity Rover Able to See More Detail of Endeavour Crater
  3. Finding the Origin of Milky Way's Ancient Stars
  4. Zapping Titan-Like Atmosphere with UV Creates Life Precursors
  5. Mysterious Giant Gas Ring Explained
  6. Where In The Universe #110
  7. R Coronae Australis: A Cosmic Watercolor
  8. Red Bull Stratos Update: Breaking the Speed of Sound in Freefall
  9. New Dates for Final Shuttle Launches
  10. Graphite 'Whiskers' Found in Apollo Moon Rocks
  11. Answer Now Posted to This Week's WITU Challenge
  12. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 2-4, 2010
  13. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Animal Astronomy
  14. New Satellite for Monitoring Space Debris To Launch
  15. All-Sky Stunner from Planck
  16. SETI Chile Interview
  17. Hayabusa Sample Return Canister Opened, Contains Material
  18. Small Moon Makes Big Waves
  19. Symphony of Science Goes to the Moon
  20. Curiosity Gets Her Wheels
  21. For the Gamers Out There: Moonbase Alpha
  22. Powerhouse Black Hole Blows a Huge Bubble
  23. Solar-Powered Airplane Attempts First Night Flight
  24. Where In The Universe #111
  25. Podcast: Astronomy With the Unaided Eye
  26. Cool Carnival of Space #161: Video Edition!
  27. Solar Powered Airplane Successfully Flies Through the Night
  28. July 11 Total Eclipse Among the Mysterious Moai
  29. Tanks for the Memories
  30. Are You Keeping an Eye on SDO Keeping an Eye on the Sun?
  31. Watch Live Webcast of Rosetta Flyby of Asteroid Lutetia July 10
  32. Mini Moons Are Buzzing Through Saturn's Rings
  33. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 9-11, 2010
  34. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Coloring In The Oort Cloud
  35. Bright Outburst of QZ Virginis In Progress…
  36. Answer Now Posted for This Week's WITU Challenge
  37. This Week In Space with Miles O'Brien
  38. Rosetta Meets Asteroid Lutetia
  39. Dying Star or Beautiful Bird?
  40. Conduct Virtual Explorations of Mars with New WorldWide Telescope Feature
  41. Searching for the Elusive Type Ia Supernovae Progenitors
  42. Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Star Formation
  43. Carnival of Space #162: World Cup/Eclipse Edition
  44. Robonaut Getting Ready for ISS Mission (Video)
  45. Your Chance to Weigh in on NASA's Future Destinations
  46. Pluto Goes into the Dark
  47. External Tank for Final Scheduled Shuttle Mission Arrives at KSC (Gallery)
  48. NASA Rescues Sea Turtles Endangered by Oil Spill
  49. Big or Small, All Stars Form the Same Way
  50. Where In The Universe #112
  51. Swift Briefly Blinded by Mega X-ray Blast
  52. Wind Gust Gives Opportunity Rover a Power Boost
  53. Hubble Confirms Comet-like Tail on Vaporizing Planet
  54. Senate's New NASA Plan: Heavy Lift, Extra Shuttle Mission, Less Commericial and Tech
  55. Latest Look at Mercury Reveals Surprises
  56. Gallery of July 11 Solar Eclipse Images
  57. Boatload of Herschel Science Papers Released
  58. Answer Now Posted to Where In The Universe #112
  59. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 16-19, 2010
  60. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Brown Dwarfs Are Magnetic Too.
  61. Virgin's Spaceship Enterprise Makes First Crewed Flight
  62. Developers Say Lunar Elevator Could be Built Within a Decade
  63. 2010 Had Warmest Global June on Record
  64. Best Reality TV Ever: Camera Will Take Video of Next Mars Rover Landing
  65. Carnival of Space #163, Greatest Show on Earth Edition
  66. Lunar Forums and Anniversaries
  67. WISE Mission Completes All-sky Infrared Survey
  68. First Quasar Gravitational Lens Discovered (w/video)
  69. Comet Whacked Neptune 230 Years Ago
  70. New Technique Could Track Down Dark Energy
  71. Europa Analog Deep-Sea Vents Discovered in the Caribbean
  72. Most Massive Star Discovered: Over 300 Suns at Birth!
  73. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Our Ageing Universe
  74. Curiosity Rover Takes First Test Drive
  75. Michael Laine Will Answer Your Questions on Space Elevators
  76. Prometheus: the Michelangelo of Saturn
  77. Gravitational Lensing Caught By Amateur Telescope
  78. Is the Moon Really a 'Been There Done That' World?
  79. Contest: Win Lunar Science Swag!
  80. Universe Today… Redesigned
  81. Trailer for Phil Plait's Bad Universe
  82. Why the Moon Landings Weren't Faked
  83. Researchers Say Asteroid Has 1 in 1,000 Chance of Hitting Earth in 2182
  84. Carnival of Space #164
  85. Did Kepler Scientist Leak Data? Um, Not Really
  86. Tools Get Loose During ISS Spacewalk
  87. Stunning New Image of Wolf-Rayet Star and the Carina Nebula
  88. This Week in Space — Apollo-Soyuz Anniversary Edition
  89. New Geek Destination: Klingon Cave Tours
  90. Where In The Universe Challenge #113
  91. Extreme Close-Up of the Face on Mars
  92. Opportunity Rover Captures Her First Dust Devil on Mars
  93. Cool Space Wallpapers
  94. Antarctic Observatory Finds Weird Pattern of Cosmic Rays
  95. Ring Around Rhea? Probably Not
  96. NASA Decision Afoot in Congress?
  97. Water Cycle on the Moon Remains a Mystery
  98. Bulls-Eye on Mars and, Apparently, an Industrial Complex
  99. Answer Now Posted for This Week's WITU Challenge
  100. NASA Braces Rover Fans for the Worst About Spirit
  101. Get Ready for the Perseids: Join the World in Watching
  102. Astronomy Without A Telescope – The Universe Is Not In A Black Hole
  103. This Week In Space with Miles O'Brien
  104. Space Station Cooling System Shuts Down
  105. Radar Images Reveal Tons of Water Likely at the Lunar Poles
  106. Instruments Chosen for Joint ESA/NASA Mission to Mars
  107. NASA Schedules Two "Emergency" EVA's to Fix Cooling System
  108. Suddenly Feel Like I've Been Wallpapered Over...
  109. Aurora Alert! Solar Storm Reaches Earth
  110. Solar Storm Update: Best Times for Viewing Aurorae
  111. Latest from Mars: Exposed Ice in Fresh Crater, Plus 100's More New Images
  112. Carnival of Space #165
  113. Telescope's Laser Pointer Clarifies Blurry Skies
  114. Observing Spotlight – Whatever Happened to M71?
  115. There's Water On the Moon's Surface, But Interior Could Be Dry
  116. Stunning Aurora Videos
  117. Space Telescopes Team Up to Capture Spectacular Galactic Collision
  118. Picture of Planet Mercury
  119. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Strange Stars
  120. 2010 Perseid Meteor Shower
  121. This Week in Space
  122. View From Space: Huge Piece of Glacier Breaks Off Greenland
  123. Historic ISS Spacewalk Unsuccessful, Astronauts To Try Again
  124. Carnival of Space #166
  125. Event Horizon
  126. Former NASA Administrator O'Keefe in Alaska Plane Crash
  127. Interview with Elon Musk
  128. Universe Today Welcomes Spacevidcast
  129. Breathtaking Galaxy Amid the Dense Coma Cluster
  130. WISE Cryostat is Depleting
  131. Ambitious Survey Spots Stellar Nurseries
  132. Giant Ultraviolet Rings Found Around Ancient Galaxies
  133. The Sun is Waking Up: 5 Sunspots Today
  134. Where In The Universe Challenge #114
  135. Spacewalkers Remove Failed Pump Module on ISS; Two More EVAs Needed to Complete Repai
  136. What is Causing Weather Extremes in 2010?
  137. Tonight the Planets and Perseids Put on a Show For Free
  138. New Trojan Asteroid Discovered Around Neptune
  139. The Sun's Conveyor Belt May Lengthen Solar Cycles
  140. Einstein@Home Citizen Scientists Discover Weird Pulsar
  141. Tumbling Boulders Leave Trails on the Moon
  142. Mr Hawking said...
  143. Answer Now Posted to This Week's WITU Challenge
  144. Clockwork Planets
  145. Revolutionary Robonaut 2 Readied at Rocket Ranch
  146. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Alchemy By Supernova
  147. AEHF-1 Rides Atlas V To Orbit
  148. Astrophotography Spotlight – Centaurus A
  149. Amazing New Close-up Images of Enceladus
  150. The Latest 'This Week in Space' With Miles O'Brien
  151. Venus and Mercury Blasted by Recent Solar Storms
  152. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: "A Grand and Bold Thing"
  153. Contest: Win New Book About the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  154. Where In The Universe #115
  155. MESSENGER Looks Back at the Earth and Moon
  156. Cosmic Volcano Erupting in M87
  157. Astronomers Now Closer to Understanding Dark Energy
  158. Satellite Data Shows Plant Growth is Declining on Earth
  159. Carnival of Space #167
  160. Answer Now Posted for This Weeks WITU Challenge
  161. Stunning Flyover Videos of Saturn's Moons
  162. Help NASA Choose Wakeup Music for Final Shuttle Missions
  163. NASA Managers Approve Additional Shuttle Flight
  164. Desert RATS – On The Move
  165. Astronomy Without A Telescope – A Universe Free of Charge?
  166. Observing Spotlight – Dropping In On Jupiter…
  167. 'Star Gazer' Jack Horkheimer dies
  168. Jupiter Gets Smacked Yet Again?
  169. Danish Amateurs Hope To Launch Suborbital Rocket Next Week
  170. Amazing Image: Map of Magnetic Field Lines of the Sun
  171. Our Solar System: Now 2 Million Years Older
  172. Astronomers Use Radio Signals for New Way to Weigh Planets
  173. Tight Binaries are ‘Death Stars’ for Planets
  174. Dragon Drop Tests and Heat1X-Tycho Brahe Set to Launch – SpacePod 2010.08.24
  175. Another Solar System Like our Own?
  176. James Cameron and 'Avatar' Help Promote NASA's Exploration
  177. Preview of Phil Plait's 'Bad Universe;' Premiers August 29
  178. Amazing Sunspot Image from New Solar Telescope
  179. Record-Setting Freefall Attempt Will be Webcast
  180. Could the World Run on Solar and Wind Power?
  181. Asteroids Can Create Their Own Mini Planetary Systems
  182. Updated Exoplanet iPhone App
  183. Colliding Galaxies Created the First Black Holes
  184. Time Lapse Video of Earth from Space
  185. JAXA Delays Releasing Details of Hayabusa Sample Return
  186. Where In The Universe #116
  187. Clearing the Confusion on Neptune’s Orbit
  188. Carnival of Space #168
  189. Kepler Discovers Multi-Planet System
  190. Sound Waves from Distant Star Reveal Magnetic Solar Cycle
  191. Explore the Solar System on Foot with New iPhone App
  192. Antimatter/Dark Matter Hunter Ready to be Installed on Space Station
  193. Astounding Video Shows 30 Years of Asteroid Discoveries
  194. Contest: Win "The Universe: Our Solar System" in Blu-ray
  195. Tonight's the Night Mars Will Not Look as Big as the Full Moon
  196. Watch the SpaceUp Conference on SpaceVidCast
  197. Weird Crater on Mars is a Mystery
  198. Watch Titan Occult a Binary Star System
  199. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Galactic Gravity Lab
  200. This Week in Space
  201. Podcast: Planetary Rings
  202. NASA Crowdsources Historic Image Archive Data
  203. New Moon Mission: Chandrayaan-2 Payloads Selected
  204. NASA Funds Experimental “Near Space” Vehicles
  205. Bad Universe Review
  206. Young Exoplanet is Cloudy With a Chance of Heat Waves
  207. Mobile version of UT
  208. NASA Satellite Captures Three Tropical Cyclones in One Image
  209. Two Chinese Satellites Rendezvous in Orbit
  210. Students Send ICESat to a Fiery Deorbit Death
  211. Scientists Say They Can Now Test String Theory
  212. Gunman Takes Hostage At Discovery Channel Building
  213. Contest: Win "Wonders of the Solar System" DVD
  214. Where In The Universe Challenge #117
  215. The Race to Stellar Formation
  216. Off to Dragon*Con
  217. NASA & ATK Turn Sand to Glass With DM-2 Test
  218. Hawking: God Not Needed for Universe to be Created
  219. Oh Canada! Hadfield Named First Canandian Commander of ISS
  220. Downloadable Shuttle Tribute Posters
  221. Supernova Spews Its Guts Across Space
  222. Near Earth Asteroids Vary Widely in Composition, Origin
  223. Ultraluminous Gamma Ray Burst 080607 – A "Monster in the Dark"
  224. How to Crash Stars Together
  225. New Horizons Mission Practices Telescopic Imager on Pluto’s Twin
  226. Viking Experiment May Have Found Life’s Building Blocks on Mars After All
  227. NASA Satellites and Spacecraft Look Into the Eye of Hurricane Earl
  228. The Black Hole/Globular Cluster Correlation
  229. Ars Electronica Festival – Don't Miss September 6!
  230. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Space Towers
  231. Step On The Scales: Weighing Up Planet Earth…
  232. The Origin of Exoplanets
  233. Herschel Finds Water Around a Carbon Star
  234. Hubble Spies an Amazing Cosmic Spiral
  235. Spiral Galaxies Could Eat Dwarfs All Across the Universe
  236. Win 'Star Walk' and 'Solar Walk' Astronomy Apps
  237. Aesthetics of Astronomy
  238. Two New Asteroids to Pass Earth This Week
  239. Extrasolar Volcanoes May Soon be Detectable
  240. The Other End of the Planetary Scale
  241. Does Tidal Evolution Cause Stars to Eat Planets?
  242. NASA to Send a Probe Into the Sun
  243. Follow-up Studies on June 3rd Jupiter Impact
  244. Do Stars Really Form in Clusters?
  245. Space Shuttle Discovery's Last Rollover to the VAB
  246. The Thick Disk: Galactic Construction Project or Galactic Rejects?
  247. Type II-P Supernovae as a New Standard Candle
  248. Stunning Amateur Images Win in Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition
  249. Astronomy Without A Telescope – One Crowded Nanosecond
  250. The Hercules Satellite – A Galactic Transitional Fossil