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  1. Podcast: Astronomy Cast Live from Dragon*Con 2010
  2. Carnival of Space #169
  3. Answers Posted for Recent WITU Challenges
  4. Astronomers Find 14 New Trans-Neptunian Objects Hiding in Hubble Data
  5. The final rollover for Discovery – SpacePod 2010.09.13
  6. Watch SETI Webcast This Week
  7. Daylight Occulation of Venus by the Moon
  8. NASA Considering Rail Gun Launch System to the Stars
  9. NASA Names Crew for Rescue Mission or Potential Added Shuttle Flight
  10. What Will It Be Like to Fly to Space With Virgin Galactic?
  11. Astronomers Predict Earth-Like Habitable Exoplanet Will Be Found in 2011
  12. Planck, XMM Newton Find New Galaxy Supercluster
  13. Boeing to Offer Commercial Flights to Space
  14. LRO Takes Closer Look at Moon Caves
  15. Where In The Universe Challenge #118
  16. Disturbance in the Force – A Spatially Varying Fine Structure Constant
  17. Hubble’s Amazing 3-D Look Inside the Dusty Carina Nebula
  18. 5 Things About the Next Mars Rover
  19. 5 Reasons to Attend Your Nearest Star Party
  20. Jupiter Makes Close Pass At Earth…
  21. Attend an Astronomy Lecture in Vancouver – For FREE
  22. September 18 is International Observe the Moon Night
  23. Answer Now Available for This Week’s WITU Challenge
  24. Review: “Packing for Mars” (and win a copy, too!)
  25. The Case of the Missing Bulges
  26. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Not So Ordinary
  27. Satellite Images Show Hurricane Igor Likely to Make Direct Hit on Bermuda
  28. Fleet of Solar Sail Spacecraft Envisioned for Future
  29. LRO Finds Bridges on the Moon
  30. Unveiling SpaceX: Dragon and Falcon aim for October 23 Blast off
  31. Carnival of Space #170
  32. Podcast: The Voyager Program
  33. Podcast: How is a Space Mission Chosen?
  34. New Theory Says Phobos Formed From Re-Accretion of Impact Debris
  35. Herschel Observations May Revise Our Understanding of Mars’ Atmosphere
  36. Mars Methane Gets Even More Mysterious
  37. Hot Atmosphere of Venus Might Cool the Interior
  38. Water on the Moon Could be Bad News for Future Lunar Astronomy
  39. Discovery, Bathed In Light, Conducts Final Rollout
  40. The Moon in Stunning Wide Angle
  41. Astrophysics From the Moon
  42. Watch the Aurora Borealis Live via Webcam
  43. New Discovery at the Large Hadron Collider?
  44. Electric Resistance May Make Hot Jupiters Puffy
  45. Titan Weather Report for Spring: Still Cold, but Clearing Skies
  46. Oppy’s New Meteorite Find (in 3-D!)
  47. Where In The Universe Challenge #119
  48. Lightning Storms on Venus Similar to Those On Earth
  49. Moved Servers… Again
  50. Watch the Effects of Earthquakes Hours After They Occur
  51. Mars ‘Hide and Seek’ Ice Cap Affected by Winds and Water
  52. An Alien’s View of Our Solar System
  53. STEREO Catches Mercury Acting Like a Comet
  54. New Phenomenon: “Coreshine” Provides Insight into Stellar Births
  55. A Conversation with Apollo’s Jim Lovell, part 1: NASA’s Future
  56. Kennedy’s Workforce Reflects on Discovery’s Final Flight
  57. Undocking Problems Delays Soyuz, Station Crew Return to Earth
  58. “Space Factory of the Future” Preparing for Orion Spacecraft for Flight
  59. Answer to This Week’s WITU Challenge
  60. Cassini Flies Through Saturn’s Aurora
  61. Conjoined Moons
  62. Possibility for White Dwarf Pulsars?
  63. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Dark Denial
  64. New Satellite Launches to Track Space Junk
  65. UN May Appoint Ambassador to Visiting Aliens
  66. Does a “Rock Comet” Generate the Geminids?
  67. A Conversation with Jim Lovell, part 2: Looking Back
  68. ‘Long Lost’ Apollo Footage Was Actually Released in 2009
  69. The Moon’s South Pole as You’ve Never Seen it Before
  70. Sunrise to Sunset: Time-Lapse View from the ISS
  71. Solar Dynamics Observatory Earns its Stripes
  72. JWST Built with ‘Unobtainium’
  73. Two Russian Companies Plan to Build First Commercial Space Station
  74. Podcast: The Mariner Program
  75. Milky Way Sidelined in Galactic Tug of War
  76. Carnival of Space #171
  77. Largest Clouds Ever Seen on Titan
  78. Where In The Universe Challenge #120
  79. NASA’s Year of Finales Continues with Last ET and SRB Events
  80. New Earth-sized Exoplanet is in Star’s Habitable Zone
  81. House Passes Senate Version of NASA Budget Bill
  82. Could Chance for Life on Gliese 581g Actually Be “100%”?
  83. Additional Shuttle Mission Almost Guaranteed
  84. Mysterious Ribbon at Edge of Solar System is Changing
  85. China Launches Second Moon Mission
  86. Simply Astonishing: Enceladus, the Jet-Powered Moon
  87. Answer to This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  88. No Glory: NASA Delays Climate Change Satellite Mission
  89. Astronomy Without A Telescope – A Snowball’s Chance
  90. Miles O’Brien: This Week In Space on Hiatus
  91. Carnival of Space #172
  92. A Rainbow Across the Moon
  93. Acid Rain-Like Chemistry Could Occur in Europa’s Ice Crust
  94. ISS Instrument Detects X-ray Nova
  95. Rosetta Uncovers a Thick, Dusty Blanket on Lutetia
  96. Titan-ic Tsunami Causing Crack in Saturn’s C Ring
  97. Fixing old links to UT articles
  98. Moon Balloon Has Mostly Successful Test Flight
  99. So, You Want to Build a Satellite?
  100. Warm ‘Perrier’ Ocean Could be Powering Enceladus Geysers
  101. Dragon Ascendant: SpaceX Prepares for Second Falcon 9 Launch
  102. Trojans May Yet Rain Down
  103. Saturn’s Rings Formed from Large Moon’s Destruction
  104. Neptune Acquitted on One Count of Harassment
  105. New VISTA Within the Unicorn
  106. Eris and Pluto: Two Peas in a Pod
  107. Viewing Alert: Bad Universe Episode 2
  108. Where In The Universe Challenge #121
  109. Podcast: Titan
  110. M31
  111. Awesome: Father & Son DIY Satellite Captures HD Video from 100,000 ft.
  112. 100 Epic Astronomy Images from ESO
  113. Comet Hartley 2 Scouted by WISE, Hubble for Upcoming Encounter
  114. Hubble: Helium Reionization Was a Hot Time in the Ol’ Universe
  115. Hawking(ish) Radiation Observed
  116. Could a Human Mars Mission Be Funded Commercially?
  117. Titan’s Atmosphere Could Produce Building Blocks of Life
  118. JAXA: Hayabusa Capsule Contains Particles, Maybe of Asteroid
  119. Discovery’s Final Payload Delivered to Launch Pad
  120. Optimus Prime Attacks! Transformers 3 Filming at Kennedy Space Center
  121. Water Ice Found on Another Asteroid
  122. Answer to This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  123. Poor in one, Rich in another
  124. Melas Chasma: The Deepest Abyss on Mars
  125. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Solar Or RTG?
  126. Interview with Nancy at PARS3C
  127. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Makes First Glide Flight
  128. Breaking News: Small NEO Could Pass Within 60,000 km of Earth on Tuesday
  129. Habitable Environments Could Exist Underground on Mars
  130. The New Blue Marble
  131. President Signs NASA 2010 Authorization Act
  132. Flying to the Moon — From the Space Station?
  133. ‘Secret’ X-37B Space Plane Disappears Again
  134. Astronomy: The Next Generation
  135. Podcast: The Planets at Gliese 581
  136. Video: Asteroid 2010 TD54 Whizzes Close to Earth
  137. Attempt to Break Free-Fall Record Halted by Lawsuit
  138. Carnival of Space #173: Social Network Edition
  139. Buzz About Gliese 581g: Doubts of Its Existence; Aliens Signals Detected
  140. Astronomers Find Giant Structures From the Early Universe
  141. New Galaxy Zoo Project Crowd-sources Old Climate Data
  142. Hubble Sees Asteroid Collision in Slow-Motion
  143. Galaxy Growth Not Always Result of Violent Collisions
  144. How NASA Helped Rescue the Chilean Miners
  145. Where In The Universe Challenge #122
  146. Is the World Ready for An Asteroid Threat? Apollo’s Schweickart Pushes for Action
  147. Viewing Alert: Virgin Galactic Flight Featured on Nat Geo Channel
  148. Missing Molecules in Exoplanet Atmospheres
  149. The Milky Way Might Be Square
  150. Even ‘Weakling’ Magnetars are Strong and Powerful
  151. X-37B Update: Space Plane Spotted Again in Orbit
  152. More Recent Landslides Spotted on Mars
  153. I Love Space!
  154. How to Deflect an Asteroid with Today’s Technology
  155. Answer Now Available for This Week’s WITU Challenge
  156. Probing Exoplanets
  157. STS-133 Crew Conducts TCDT Training
  158. Astronomy Without A Telescope – No Metal, No Planet?
  159. First Rickroll in Space
  160. Hubble Spins the Wheel on Star Birth
  161. The Habitability of Gliese 581d
  162. 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast to Continue in 2011
  163. Underground Acquifers Fed Long-Lived Oceans, Lakes on Ancient Mars
  164. Stolen: Magellanic Clouds – Return to Andromeda
  165. NASA’s Ames Director Announces “100 Year Starship”
  166. The Tug of Exoplanets on Exoplanets
  167. VLT, Hubble Smash Record for Eyeing Most Distant Galaxy
  168. The Strange Warm Spot of upsilon Andromedae b
  169. Water on the Moon and Much, Much More: Latest LCROSS Results
  170. Understanding the Unusual LCROSS Ejecta Plume
  171. Virtual Observatory Discovers New Cataclysmic Variable
  172. Carnival of Space #174
  173. Breaking News: The Sun Worked 175 Years Ago!
  174. Former NASA Chief Shares Experiences of Deadly Plane Crash
  175. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Blazar Jets
  176. Interstellar Scintilation
  177. The Hunt for Young Exoplanets
  178. Watch a Mars Rover Under Construction – LIVE!
  179. Another X-ray Nova Detected by ISS, Swift
  180. Watch Kepler Press Conference Today Live On Universe Today
  181. Graphic Shows Biggest and Closest Near Earth Objects (and it’s not scary)
  182. Hubble Predicts the Future of Omega Centauri
  183. Carnival of Space #175
  184. ISS Particle Detector Ready to Unveil Wonders of the Universe
  185. HAWK-I Hunts Down Spiral Galaxies in Stunning Detail
  186. Spacecraft Calibrations Provide Unique Solar “Artwork”
  187. Podcast: Temperature
  188. Super Star Smashes into the Record Books.
  189. Where’s M31
  190. Most Intense Storm in History Cuts Across the US — As Seen from Space
  191. Buckyballs Could Be Plentiful in the Universe
  192. Former Shuttle Astronaut Reflects on Discovery’s Final Mission
  193. Where In The Universe #123
  194. Time Traveler Caught on Film?
  195. Researchers Discover 2nd Largest Impact Crater in Australia
  196. New Water-Related Discovery from Hibernating Spirit Rover
  197. 25% of Sun-Like Stars Could Host Earth-Sized Worlds
  198. Podcast: More From Tony Colaprete on LCROSS
  199. Human Spaceflight Briefs
  200. Earth Orbiting Satellites Maneuvered to Now Study the Moon
  201. Kepler Spacecraft Can “Hear” a Red Giant Concerto in Space
  202. Shuttle Launch Delayed at Least One Day
  203. Carbon Dioxide — Not Water — Creating Gullies on Mars, New Study Says
  204. A Comet that Gives Twice?
  205. Mitigating Asteroid Threats Will Take Global Action
  206. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Warp Drive On Paper
  207. Ancient Hot Springs Spotted on Mars
  208. Planets and their Remnants around White Dwarfs
  209. The Dark Dunes of Mars
  210. Mystery of Saturn’s Wonky B Ring: Solved
  211. Can’t Get to Kennedy Space Center? See Launchpad Up Close in Gigapan
  212. Stunning Timelapse Video of Earth and Sky
  213. Astrophotos: Halo Around the Sun in South Africa Today
  214. 10 Years of the ISS: First Commander Reflects on Anniversary
  215. Ten Years Of the ISS in Pictures
  216. Best of Earth from the ISS
  217. What Hanny’s Voorwerp Reveals About Quasar Deaths
  218. Discovery’s Final Mission Delayed Again
  219. Carnival of Space #176
  220. Where In The Universe Challenge #124
  221. It Could Be Our Only Hope for True 3D Holograms
  222. Calculate the Effect of an Asteroid Impact on Earth
  223. Watch Live Coverage of EPOXI’s Hartley 2 Encounter on Nov. 4
  224. Hartley 2 Spawns Meteor Shower
  225. Discovery’s Final Mission Scrubbed 24 Hours Due to Weather
  226. First Close Images of Hartley 2: It’s a Peanut with Jets
  227. Simple Colors Could Provide First Details of Alien Worlds
  228. Two New Kinds of Moon Rocks Found
  229. Herschel Provides Gravitational Lens Bonanza
  230. Eyes On The Solar System
  231. Stubborn Shuttle Discovery Refuses to Launch on Final Mission
  232. Another Project I’m Working On
  233. What was SN 1961V?
  234. Hartley 2 in Motion: Stunning Morph Animation of Flyby Images
  235. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Indigenous Australian Astronomy
  236. New Supernova Lights Up Leo
  237. Sagan Day Essays
  238. Solar Explosions Spark Controversy
  239. Missing Milky Way Dark Matter
  240. Cassini Instruments Offline Until Nov. 24
  241. PSA: Bars Kill Galaxies
  242. Mann: A Changing Climate Doesn’t Have a Political Agenda
  243. Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in the Milky Way
  244. Dances With Comets – C/2010 V1 Ikeya Murakami
  245. ‘Mystery-Missile’ – Likely an Airplane
  246. Seeing the Space Station is Something to Smile About
  247. Structural Crack Found on Shuttle Tank
  248. Costs for James Webb Telescope Soar — Again
  249. First Images From Chang’E 2 Released
  250. Podcast: Fusion