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  1. Answer to WITU #139 Now Posted
  2. Ground-Based Observations Capture Spacewalking Astronaut in Action
  3. Podcast: Archaeoastronomy
  4. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Unreasonable Effectiveness
  5. X-37B thunders off the pad on its way to orbit
  6. A New Spin On NGC 2403
  7. Buckyballs… Throwing Astronomers A Curve
  8. Claim of Alien Life in Meteorites Needs Further Review
  9. Carnival of Space #187
  10. Special Star Trek Song Beamed Up To International Space Station
  11. Hubble Captures the “V”
  12. Saturn’s Rings, Moons Line Up in Latest Stunning Cassini Image
  13. New Look at Messier 82 Reveals Superwind Source, Young Star Clusters
  14. Double Spaceship Sighting Alert – and last chance to see Discovery in orbit
  15. Where to Next? Decadal Survey Prioritizes Future Planetary Missions
  16. As Shuttle Era Ends, What Will be its Legacy?
  17. Vast Areas of Low Latitude Subsurface Ice Found on Mars
  18. Awe-Inspiring Flythrough of the Saturn System
  19. Enceladus’ Internal Heat Much Higher Than Predicted
  20. Best Images from STS-133: Discovery’s Final Mission in Pictures
  21. Aged Voyager 1 Does In-flight Gymnastics for Science
  22. STS-133 Crew Pays Tribute to Shuttle Discovery
  23. whats your favourite??
  24. STEREO Looks at the Sun; Finds Planets
  25. Capturing Thor’s Helmut
  26. Endeavour Mated to Rockets for Last Flight Photo Album
  27. ‘Armada of Telescopes’ Captures Most Distant Galaxy Cluster Ever Seen
  28. New Color Image Shows Opportunity Rover from Orbit
  29. Cosmology 101: The Present
  30. Absolutely Amazing: ISS, Discovery Transit Sun Near Active Sunspot Region
  31. Discovery: Mission Complete
  32. Jupiter and Mercury Pair Up in Twilight March 13–16
  33. Where In The Universe Challenge #140
  34. Astronomers Continue to Monitor Asteroid Apophis
  35. March 19, 2011… “SuperMoon” or “SuperHype”?
  36. James Elliot, Discoverer of Uranus Ring System, Dies
  37. Runaway Star Creates Quite a Shock
  38. New Amazingly Life-like Android Better Than Star Trek’s Data
  39. Endeavour’s Final Rollout
  40. Massive 8.9 Earthquake, Hits Japan; Tsunamis Predicted for Pacific Basin
  41. Grieving Glory — And Will The Taurus XL Fly Again?
  42. Did Mars’ Missing Carbon Go Underground in a Wetter Age?
  43. Lunar Farside Gets Highest Resolution Look Yet from LRO
  44. Just to be Clear: The Moon Did Not Cause the Earthquake in Japan
  45. New Spy Satellite Launches on Covert Mission
  46. The Science Behind a Tsunami
  47. Carnival of Space #188
  48. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Black Hole Entropy
  49. Spectacular Sunset Launch of new US Spy Satellite
  50. KSC Launch Pad Worker Falls, Dies
  51. Discoverys Last Launch and Landing Captured in Exquisite Amateur Videos
  52. Satellite Photos Before and After of Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami
  53. Japan Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days, Moved Axis
  54. Bullseye: MESSENGER Gears Up For First-Ever Mercury Orbit
  55. Hubble Rules Out One Alternative to Dark Energy
  56. Touching the Tarantula: Hubble Gets in Close
  57. NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Delivers Treasure Trove of Data
  58. Exoplant May Have Metal-Rich Atmosphere
  59. New Image: VLT Captures Tumult of Starbirth
  60. Soyuz Lands Safely; Next Crew Launch Delayed
  61. The Supermoon Illusion
  62. Stunning Cassini at Saturn Fly Through Animation set to Inspiring Music
  63. Google Lunar X-Prize’s ‘college team’ gaining steam, attention and support
  64. NASA: Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
  65. Titan’s Spring Showers Bring Torrents of Methane, Maintain ‘Dry’ Gullies
  66. The Universe Verse Continues – It’s Alive!
  67. Success! MESSENGER First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury
  68. New Horizons Flies by Uranus
  69. Photo: KSC Employees Honor the Shuttle Program
  70. How to Recover a Solid Rocket Booster
  71. Hopes Dim for Contacting Spirit Rover
  72. Robo Trek Debuts … Robonaut 2 Unleashed and joins First Human-Robot Space Crew
  73. Carnival of Space #189
  74. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Doubly Special Relativity
  75. Your Pictures of the “Super” Full Moon
  76. Coming to a Sky Near You: The Realm of Galaxies
  77. Shuttle Endeavour Photo Special: On Top of Pad 39A for Final Flight
  78. Is National Academies Review of Astronaut Numbers Needed?
  79. RIP James Elliot.
  80. JWST Sunscreen Offers SPF 1,000,000
  81. Curiosity Rover Testing in Harsh Mars-like Environment
  82. Winning Space ‘Crafts’ Could Get a Ride on Shuttle
  83. Why are Dobsonian Telescopes a Favorite Among Amateur Astronomers?
  84. Experimental Scramjet Aircraft Set for Test Flight
  85. Saturn Has a Split Radio Personality
  86. Simply Stunning Aurora Video from Norway
  87. Equipment to Study Hayabusa’s Asteroid Samples Damaged in Japan Earthquake
  88. Coolest Brown Dwarf Spotted by Earth-bound Telescopes
  89. What Did Gagarin See on His Historic Flight?
  90. Kepler Spacecraft Back in Action After Computer Glitch
  91. Iran Claims They’ve Built a Flying Saucer
  92. Decadal Survey for Human Spaceflight?
  93. Probing the Moho Boundary – Earth’s Own Unexplored Frontier
  94. Revolutionary Dawn Closing in on Asteroid Vesta with Opened Eyes
  95. How Apollo Flew To The Moon Second Edition Set For Summer Release
  96. Where In The Universe Challenge #141
  97. Scientists Predict Arctic Could Be Ice-Free Within Decades
  98. Famous Binary Cygnus-X1 Displays First-Ever Polarized Emissions
  99. Perseus Cluster Thicker Around the Middle Than Thought
  100. New Look Inside Tycho Supernova Remnant Hints at Cosmic Ray Origins
  101. Companion Stars Could Cause Unexpected X-Rays
  102. Stardust-NExT sees Jets and impact crater at Comet Tempel 1 and says Farewell !
  103. Behind the Scenes at the Keck Observatory
  104. Answer for This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  105. Saturday, March 26, 2011 – Lights Out for Earth Hour!
  106. Fireworks on the Sun
  107. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Dark Statistics
  108. Opportunity Rover Completes Exploration of fascinating Santa Maria Crater
  109. Carnival of Space #188
  110. Astrophoto: A Mexican Orion
  111. Everyday Astronauts
  112. Israel and Russia Sign Space Cooperation Agreement
  113. Fancy doing a Messier Marathon this Weekend?
  114. How to Wake Up an Astronaut: Vote Now
  115. Amazing Image: Kepler’s Transiting Exoplanets
  116. Japan’s Trash-laden HTV-2 Undocks from ISS
  117. Cosmology 101: The End
  118. MESSENGER’s First Image from Orbit of Mercury
  119. Keeping Astronauts Safe from Meteoroids
  120. New Image: Rosy Glow of Starbirth, Just in Time for Spring
  121. From the Earth and Moon (and Russia) With Love
  122. New Technique Separates the Modest Red Giants From the … Giant Red Giants
  123. New Images from Mercury: Just the Beginning for MESSENGER in Orbit
  124. Observing Alert – Nova Saggitarii 2011 #2
  125. Where In The Universe Challenge #142
  126. NASAs First Orion Capsule and New Space Operations Center Unveiled
  127. Unidentified Triangles
  128. We’re Done With Embargoes
  129. Dramatic Video: Ariane 5 Rocket Abort
  130. New Results from GOCE: Earth is a Rotating Potato
  131. Contest: Win IMAX Hubble DVD
  132. Something Big Coming from SpaceX?
  133. Spectacular Galaxies Dancing Towards Destruction
  134. First Ever In-Flight Refueling for ISS Set for Mid-May
  135. New Studies: Planetary Rings Harbor Records of Past Smash-Ups
  136. What Will Airplanes of the Future Look Like?
  137. Word soup questions.
  138. Mars’ Misty Mountains
  139. saturn's rings
  140. Webb Telescope FAQs
  141. Answer for This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  142. The Great Moon Hoax of 1835
  143. SDO’s Crazy-Looking Sun Due to Syzygy
  144. ‘In Flight’ Shuttle Orbiter retirement display planned by Kennedy Space Center Visito
  145. Profile of a Lonely Galaxy
  146. Finding the Failed Supernovae
  147. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Our Inferred Universe
  148. April Fool? No Foolin’…
  149. STS-134 wraps up TCDT
  150. Shuttle Launch Delayed; Soyuz “Gagarin” Launch Set for Today
  151. Kickstarting the Joy of Astronomy
  152. Now is the Time for Observing Saturn in the Night Sky
  153. ‘Gagarin’ Launches to Space Station
  154. April’s Shooting Stars
  155. Just How Active is our Sun Now Compared to Two Years Ago?
  156. Cartoon Commemorates Shuttle Program
  157. SpaceX Unveils Launch of Falcon Heavy, Worlds Most Powerful Rocket by 2013
  158. Carnival of Space #191
  159. NASA Researchers Find Brand New Mineral in Old Meteorite
  160. Watch How Curiosity Will Land On Mars
  161. Earth Has A Companion Asteroid With a Weird Orbit
  162. Coalition for Space Exploration Tasks us to “Think Outside the Circle”
  163. Clyde Tombaugh’s Ten Special Commandments for Planet Hunters
  164. New Hit Single: “Pluto the Previous Planet”
  165. Awe-Inspiring View of the Milky Way
  166. Arctic Ozone Levels Reach All-Time Low
  167. Astrobiologist, Nobel Prize Winner Baruch Blumberg Dies
  168. Where In The Universe Challenge #143
  169. Two Asteroids Passed Close to Earth Wednesday
  170. Real-time Observatory Captures Stunning Recent Auroras
  171. Particle Physicists See Something Little That Could be Really Big
  172. Space Telescopes Observe Unprecedented Explosion
  173. Global Lunar Week – April 10 to 16, 2011
  174. 10 Years of the Mars Odyssey
  175. Curiosity Mars Rover Almost Complete
  176. Halos Gone MAD
  177. Answer to This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  178. Video: Spring Fireballs
  179. How to find Saturn in the Sky this Weekend
  180. How Would a Government Shutdown Affect NASA?
  181. Countdown to Yuri’s Night and the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight !
  182. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Our Unlikely Solar System
  183. Video: Dancing Spiral Magnetic Loops on the Sun
  184. Carnival of Space #192
  185. Jethro Tull in Space
  186. Astrophoto: A Whale of a Galaxy
  187. Yuri Gagarin and Vostok 1 Photo Album – 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight
  188. Dream Job Posting: Spaceship Pilots Wanted
  189. Celebrate Yuri’s Night with the Crew of the Space Station
  190. Movie Premiere: First Orbit
  191. Video: Re-Live the First Shuttle Flight, 30 Years Ago
  192. Stirring Video Tributes to Yuri Gagarin Sung by The Russian Red Army Choir
  193. Infographic: Fun Facts About the Space Shuttle Orbiters
  194. FBI Memo Does Not Prove Aliens Crash Landed in Roswell
  195. NASA Selects Museums in Florida, California, New York and the Smithsonian for retirin
  196. At Shuttle Program’s Twilight, Tears and Cheers as Triumphs and Tragedies are Remembe
  197. A New Way to Visualize Warped Space and Time
  198. Asteroid Observing Alert
  199. A Twisted Sister Galaxy
  200. Where In The Universe Challenge #144
  201. Iridium Next Prepares to Ride the Falcon
  202. ‘Sonic Booms’ in Space Linked to Star Formation
  203. A Varying Venusian Vortex
  204. Captain Kirk and the Space Shuttle
  205. Cast Your Vote for Student “Spirit of Innovation” Awards
  206. No Joy for Dark Matter Detector’s First 100 Days
  207. Look Inside a Lunar Crater
  208. April 9th Fireball
  209. Telescope Eyepieces: The Weakest Link
  210. NASA Space Shuttle Owner’s Workshop Manual Book Review
  211. NASA Avoids Accountant’s Axe
  212. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Assumptions
  213. Solar Powered Jupiter bound JUNO lands at Kennedy Space Center for blastoff
  214. Sun Day, April 17th – Get Out And Enjoy!
  215. Antigravity Could Replace Dark Energy as Cause of Universe’s Expansion
  216. Kepler Discovers a Rare Triple Gem
  217. Carnival of Space #193
  218. NASA Announces Awardees of CCDev2
  219. Is Titan Hiding an Ocean?
  220. Latest Images from Mercury: Bright Peaks, Swirling Craters and Weird Terrain
  221. Gallery: 10 Years of Canadarm2, Construction Crane in Space
  222. Launch Date Set for Particle Detector Mission; Endeavour’s Final Flight,
  223. Answer to WITU #144 Now Posted
  224. Red Suns and Black Trees: Shedding a New Light on Alien Plants
  225. Project Morpheus Fires Up Its Engines
  226. Hubble Comes of Age With Dramatic New Image
  227. Where In The Universe Challenge #145
  228. Enceladus and Saturn are Linked by Electromagnetic Currents
  229. GOCE Data Close Up: Around the World in Lumpy, Geoidy 3-D
  230. Interacting Sunspots Spawn Gigantic Solar Flare
  231. President Obama to Attend Endeavours Last Launch on April 29
  232. Service Interruption
  233. More Surprises From Pluto
  234. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Alien Mining
  235. The Universe in a Chocolate Cream Egg
  236. And now exo-magnetospheres
  237. Year One of the Solar Dynamics Observatory – Vote for Your Favorite Solar Events
  238. Lingering Lyrids…
  239. Latest Saturnian Eye Candy from Cassini
  240. Is Winking Near-Earth Asteroid GP59 Really the Missing Apollo 13 Panel?
  241. Answer Now Posted for WITU #145
  242. Budget Woes Put SETI’s Allen Telescope Array into “Hibernation”
  243. Russia Has Concerns for SpaceX Safety for Docking to ISS
  244. Planets Party In The Morning April 28-May 1
  245. Lockheed Accelerates Orion to Achieve 2013 launch and potential 2016 Lunar Flyby
  246. Off to Florida for the Shuttle Launch
  247. Did the Early Universe Have Just One Dimension?
  248. Mars’ Underground Atmosphere
  249. Think Traffic Interview About Universe Today
  250. Observing Challenge: A Gathering of Galaxies – Hickson 44