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  1. Commander Mark Kelly and STS-134 Crew Arrive at Kennedy for Endeavours Final Flight
  2. Shuttle Endeavour Will Be Visible Over UK Just After Final Launch
  3. Several Student-Led Experiments to Fly on Endeavour
  4. What Triggers a Type Ia Supernova? Chandra Finds New Evidence
  5. An Astronaut’s Eye View of Shuttle Endeavour on the Launchpad
  6. An Astronaut’s Eye View of Shuttle Endeavour on the Launchpad
  7. Carnival of Space #194
  8. The Many Colors and Wavelengths of the Andromeda Galaxy
  9. Sideways Looks at the Moon Like You’ve Never Seen it Before
  10. NASA: Decreasing the Suck, Increasing the Awesome
  11. Where In The Universe Challenge #146
  12. Brush Fires Erupt at Kennedy Space Center during Endeavours Last Countdown
  13. Ride Along with Rhea
  14. Early Stars Were Whirling Dervishes
  15. MESSENGER Finds Where X Marks the Spot on Mercury
  16. Voyager Spacecraft Will Soon Enter Interstellar Space
  17. Satellite Captures 3-D View of Violent Storms that Ravaged the US on April 27-28
  18. Last & Best Chances to See Nanosail-D
  19. On the Cusp of Endeavour’s Final Flight
  20. Yikes! Lightning Strikes Near Shuttle on Launchpad
  21. Endeavour’s Launch Delayed at Least 72 Hours
  22. Answer for This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  23. Rare Green Flashes Captured From the Moon
  24. Weekend Observing Project: T Pyxidis
  25. Why Endeavour scrubbed on Friday
  26. The Early Morning Show – Eta Aquarid Meteor Showers While The Planets Align
  27. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Cosmic Magnetic Fields
  28. Timelapse: Shuttle RSS Retract
  29. Endeavours Final Launch further delayed another Week or more
  30. Transiting Super-Earth Detected Around Naked Eye Star
  31. Behind the Scenes at SpaceX’s Space Launch Complex 40
  32. A New Spin on Galactic Evolution
  33. What’s Up in the May Nighttime Skies?
  34. Satellite Imagery Shows How Tornadoes Slashed Across Alabama, Mississippi
  35. Hubble Captures Ancient Beauty: M5
  36. Astronaut On Board ISS Gets Word of Mother’s Death
  37. SDO: The Moon Gets in My Way
  38. Stealth Unmanned Combat Vehicle Makes First Flight
  39. Huge Asteroid to Fly By Earth in November
  40. Take a Look: Huge Asteroid to Fly By Earth in November
  41. Hit and Run Asteroid Caused Scheila’s Comet-like Behavior
  42. USPS Commemorates Spaceflight Past and Present
  43. Two Views of a Lopsided Galaxy
  44. Gravity Probe B Confirms Two of Einstein’s Space-Time Theories
  45. SpaceShipTwo Successfully Tests “Feathered” Flight
  46. Elon Musk: “Why the US Can Beat China”
  47. Where In The Universe Challenge #147
  48. Alan Shepard and MESSENGER Stamps Unveiled at Kennedy Space Center Ceremony
  49. Alan Shepard: Complicated, Conflicted and the Consummate Astronaut
  50. Win the Book “Light This Candle”
  51. Stunning, Colorful New Look at the Lagoon Nebula
  52. Space Adventures Wants to Fly You to the Moon
  53. Rare and Unpublished LIFE Photos of Alan Shepard’s Historic Flight
  54. Atlas Rocket Poised for Blast Off with Advanced Missile Early Warning Spy Satellite
  55. How a Rubber Chicken is Spreading the Word about NASA, Space Missions and Science
  56. A Newly Discovered Planetary Nebula Teaches Us About Galactic Composition
  57. Update on Gliese 581d’s Habitability
  58. More Evidence of Liquid Erosion on Mars?
  59. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Planet Spotting
  60. Atlas Roars to Space with Sophisticated New Missile Warning Surveillance Satellite
  61. A Cometary Case for Titan’s Atmosphere
  62. Carnival of Space #196
  63. Podcast: Mass Extinction Events
  64. Catch Six Planets Now!
  65. NASA Sets May 16 for Last Launch of Endeavour; Atlantis Slips to July
  66. Examining the Great Wall
  67. Trying out Disqus for Comments
  68. 50th Anniversary Ceremony Recreates First US Manned Spaceflight by Alan Shepard
  69. Dawn Planetary Delights
  70. Energizing the Filaments of NGC 1275
  71. Dawn Begins Approach to Asteroid Vesta and Snaps First Images
  72. Photopic Sky Survey
  73. NanoSail-D Caught on Video
  74. Crab Nebula Erupts in a Superflare
  75. The Flip Side of Exoplanet Orbits
  76. Hubble Hunts Down Star Formation in Canes Venatici
  77. Video: Plasma Dancing Off the Sun
  78. Where In The Universe #148
  79. Magma Ocean Flows Beneath Io’s Surface
  80. Endeavour Astronauts Arrive at Cape for May 16 Launch
  81. Mississippi River Flooding As Seen from the Space Station
  82. Fast Cars and Hot Rod Astronauts
  83. Comet Death-Dives into Active Sun
  84. Weekend Observing Challenges – May 13-15, 2011
  85. Stunning Planetary Portraits and Spacescapes
  86. Astronomy Without A Telescope – SLoWPoKES
  87. Looking to the Heavens with Endeavour; Launch Pad Photo Special
  88. Cyanoacetylene in IC 342
  89. Endeavour Unveiled for Historic Final Blastoff
  90. Video: Watch Endeavour’s Final Launch
  91. Guest Post: Drifting on Alien Winds: Exploring the Skies and Weather of Other Worlds
  92. Win a Copy of “Drifting on Alien Winds: Exploring the Skies and Weather of Other Worl
  93. Endeavour Blasts Off on Her 25th and Final Mission
  94. World Ending on May 21? Don’t Count on It
  95. New Satellite Will ‘Taste’ Earth’s Salty Seas from Orbit
  96. Carnival of Space #197
  97. Timelapse: Clouds and Plume Amid Endeavour’s Launch
  98. Endeavour Docks at Space Station
  99. Aurora Alert!
  100. Lone Planets “More Common Than Stars”
  101. Video: More Dancing Plasma on the Sun
  102. Swirls, Gullies and Bedrock Create Two Jaw-Dropping Etherial Mars Landscapes
  103. Video: Watch SpaceShipTwo’s First Feathered Flight
  104. Dazzling Timelapse: Canary Skies
  105. AMS Now Attached to the Space Station, Ready to Observe the Invisible Universe
  106. Video: Miles O’Brien Talks Live with Shuttle/Station Crew
  107. GALEX Confirms Nature of Dark Energy
  108. Studying Saturn’s Super Storm
  109. DARPA Wants Your Ideas for a 100-Year Starship
  110. Atlantis Rolls to Vehicle Assembly Building with Final Space Shuttle Crew for July 8
  111. Best-Ever Radio Image of Black Hole Jets
  112. Friday Special: Two Rocket Launches in Less Than Two Hours
  113. New Movie Revives Old Voyager Data of Jupiter’s Clouds
  114. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Small Bangs
  115. Ultimate ISS + Shuttle + Earth Photo Op Coming on May 23 from Soyuz and Paolo Nespoli
  116. Video: The View from 100,000 Feet
  117. The Sights and Sounds of Endeavour’s Final Launch
  118. Messages from Mercury
  119. Kepler Team Announces New Rocky Planet
  120. Insanely Awesome Raw Cassini Images of Titan and Enceladus
  121. Want to Make Planets? Better Hurry.
  122. Spectacular Soyuz Photo Gallery shows Unprecedented View Of Shuttle Docked at Statio
  123. Soyuz Crew Lands Safely
  124. A New “Spin” On Stellar Age
  125. Mars Science Lab Backshell Damaged
  126. Carina Nebula: Pumping More Than Just Iron
  127. Coming Soon – Night Shining Noctilucent Clouds
  128. Carnival Of Space #198
  129. Multi-Planet Systems Common in Kepler Findings
  130. NASA’s Next Crew Vehicle Will be Based on Orion
  131. Joplin, Missouri Tornado Seen From Space
  132. End of the Road for Spirit Rover
  133. Australian Student Uncovers the Universe’s Missing Mass
  134. “I believe this nation should commit itself…” Kennedy’s Moon Shot Speech to Congress
  135. New Arm Embraces Milky Way
  136. Fuel Droplet Burning in Space is Psychedelic, Man
  137. Infographic: How the New Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Stacks Up
  138. The Lone SuperStar
  139. In Memoriam: Spirit Rover, 2004-2010
  140. Hubble Finds “Oddball” Stars in Milky Way Hub
  141. Hubble Finds “Oddball” Stars in Milky Way Hub
  142. Gamma Ray Burst 090429B… Far Out!
  143. UK and European Space Agencies Give a Go For Skylon Spaceplane
  144. From 2MASS To You… The Most Complete 3-D Map of Local Universe
  145. Through The Eyes of WISE… Galaxies Seen In A New Light
  146. Best Images from STS-134, Endeavour’s Final Mission, Part 1
  147. Rapid Formation May Have Stunted Mars’ Growth
  148. Water, Water Everywhere… Lunar Samples Show More Water Than Previously Thought
  149. Black Holes Spin Outta’ Control
  150. Awesome Hi Def Launch Videos from Endeavour
  151. NASA Selects OSIRIS-REx as first US Asteroid Sampling Mission
  152. Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy – Refractor Telescopes
  153. Crystal Rain Cradles Infant Star
  154. Infographic: How the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission Will Work
  155. Amazing Photos and Milestone Tributes Mark Last Space Shuttle Spacewalk
  156. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Holographic Dark Information Energy
  157. How Space Flight Keeps Us ‘Closer and Safer’
  158. Double Spaceship Sighting Alert — and Last Chance to See Endeavour in Orbit
  159. Testing the Spiral Density Wave Theory
  160. Exoplanet Kepler-7b Unexpectedly Reflective
  161. Interview and tour with GLXP team Omega Envoy – SpacePod 2011.05.30
  162. Spirit’s Last Panorama
  163. Dead Galaxy? Don’t Think So.
  164. Globular Clusters Are Real Oddballs
  165. Copenhagen Suborbitals Upcoming Launch Attempt in June
  166. Twisted Ring Of Gas Orbits Galactic Center
  167. And The Moon Is Eclipsed By The Earth
  168. Voyager 1 Measures Magnetic Mayhem
  169. Atlantis Goes Vertical for the Last Time
  170. Coming To A Theatre Near You… Extreme Neutron Stars!
  171. MOST… Cutting To The Heart Of A Wolf-Rayet Star
  172. Bringing the Solar System Down to Earth
  173. Era of Space Shuttle Endeavour Ends with June 1 landing at the Kennedy Space Center
  174. Old Star Clusters Shed New Light on Starbirth
  175. Google +1 Button
  176. Revealing A Hybrid Star Cluster
  177. Cassini at Saturn, the Movie
  178. LOFAR So Far… Digging Deep Into Our Universe
  179. Free Book Downloads! National Academies Press Offers More Than 4,000 Titles
  180. Supernova Discovered in M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy
  181. The Universe Today Facebook Page
  182. Opportunity Surpasses 30 KM Driving and Snaps Skylab Crater in 3 D
  183. 200th Carnival of Space
  184. Saturday at the Movies: “Plan of the City”
  185. Last Ever Shuttle Journeys out to the Launch Pad; Photo Gallery
  186. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Enough With The Dark Already
  187. Copenhagen Suborbitals Launch Videos
  188. Thierry Legault’s Incredible Ground-Based Views of Endeavour’s Final Flight
  189. How to register at Universe Today?
  190. Light Blows Away Giant Molecular Clouds
  191. A White-Hot Relationship
  192. STS-134 Shuttle Commander Mark Kelly appears at U2360° Concert in Seattle: Music Vide
  193. Monster Prominence Erupts from Sun
  194. Ron Garan’s Videoblog from Space
  195. Timelapse: Milky Way from the Dakotas
  196. NASA Releases Spectacular Portrait Photos of Endeavour Docked at the ISS from Soyuz a
  197. Soyuz Launches With New “International” Space Station Crew
  198. More Eye-Popping Video from the June 7 Solar Explosion
  199. A Couple of Recent “Behind the Scenes” Interviews
  200. Endeavour Docked to the ISS, the Video
  201. Guest Post: Newly Born: the Science of Astronomy
  202. Win a Copy of “Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries”
  203. New Class of Stellar Explosion Sings the Blues
  204. Young Supernova Has Bright Future
  205. SpacePod: Tour of Atlantis and the Launchpad
  206. Comet Elenin: Just Passing By
  207. New VLT Survey Telescope Opens Wide Eyes to the Universe
  208. Zoom into the Epic Images of Endeavour Docked to the ISS
  209. Rosetta… Stoned Again
  210. Mathematics Explain Dynamics of Superfluid
  211. Mathematics Explain Dynamics of Superfluid
  212. Voyagers Find Giant Jacuzzi-like Bubbles at Edge of Solar System
  213. Video: Soyuz Arrives at Space Station
  214. Aquarius Satellite Launches to Observe Earth’s Oceans
  215. Are YOU the Next Astronomy Photographer of the Year?
  216. Giant “Surfing” Waves Roll Through Sun’s Atmosphere
  217. A Chang’e-2 Space…
  218. Neaby Galaxy Has Two Monster Black Holes
  219. Dragon*Con 2011
  220. Proof! Bio Station Alpha is Just an Image Artifact
  221. Dust in the Wind
  222. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Oh-My-God Particles
  223. What’s up with Iapetus?
  224. Opportunity Rover Heads for Spirit Point to Honor Dead Martian Sister
  225. Bigelow Space Hotel – Reservations Coming Soon!
  226. Tagish Lake Meteorite Delivers Different Composition
  227. Coming Up… June 15th Total Lunar Eclipse LIVE
  228. Video: Dawn Captures Vesta Coming into View
  229. Carnival of Space #201
  230. Carbon Monoxide Reveals Distant Milky Way Arm
  231. Measuring Fundamental Constants with Methanol
  232. One Year of the Moon in 2.5 Minutes
  233. STEREO Spacecraft Provides First Complete Image of Sun’s Far Side
  234. Astounding Satellite Views of the Puyehue-Cordón Ash Plume
  235. Test Roving NASAs Curiosity on Earth
  236. Stellar Super Soaker
  237. Why Can We See Multiple ISS Passes Right Now?
  238. Solar Minimum Means More Than No Sunspots
  239. New Planetary System Has South African Astronomers Doing A Double Take
  240. Regular Solar Cycle Could Be Going on Hiatus
  241. June Lyrid Meteor Shower Underway
  242. How LRO Plans to Watch the Lunar Eclipse from the Moon
  243. Video: Ways the World Will End
  244. Where In The Universe Challenge #149
  245. Can We Put Weather On A Budget?
  246. How Much Do Binary Stars Shape Planetary Nebulae?
  247. Ovation For A Stellar Senior
  248. Voyager Pushes Boundary of Interstellar Space
  249. Surf’s Up! Solar Wave Clocked At 4.5 Million Miles Per Hour
  250. Lunar Eclipse Images from Around the World; June 15, 2011