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  1. Best-Ever Topographic Map of Earth from NASA and Japan
  2. Iceland’s Midnight Sun: a Time-Lapse Treat!
  3. Russia Eyes Caves on Moon for Setting Up a Lunar Base
  4. NASA Strengthens Virgin Galactic Ties With New Contract
  5. Spaceport America opens with ‘Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space’
  6. ROSAT – Fiery Debris To Rain From The Sky
  7. Phobos-Grunt and Yinghou-1 Arrive at Baikonur Launch Site to tight Mars Deadline
  8. Stage Set For SpaceX to Compete for Military Contracts
  9. Astrophoto: The Night Sky by Eric Hines
  10. Meteorite Impact Sites Treated To CSI Techniques
  11. Where In The Universe Challenge #154
  12. Astrophoto: Jupiter Observation Minus the Telescope by Tihomir Borzan
  13. Evidence of a Late Heavy Bombardment Occuring in Another Solar System
  14. Russian Soyuz Poised for 1st Blastoff from Europe’s New South American Spaceport
  15. Two New Globular Star Clusters Discovered By VISTA
  16. Video: Theirry Legault Captures the ROSAT Satellite Just Before Re-Entry
  17. All Together Now!
  18. More Breathtaking Space Station Timelapse Videos
  19. Last Minute TV Viewing Alert: Finding Life Beyond Earth
  20. Astrophoto: The Moon, Jupiter and Galilean Moons by Mauro Quercia
  21. First Soyuz Launch from South America Delayed
  22. Latest Update on ROSAT Satellite: Uncontrolled Re-Entry on Oct. 22 or 23
  23. Astrophoto: Milky Way by Paul Andrew
  24. Paul Spudis’ Plan for a Sustainable and Affordable Lunar Base
  25. Herschel Observatory Detects ‘Oceans’ of Water Around Distant Star
  26. SpaceX Completes Crucial Milestone Toward Launching Astronauts
  27. Black Hole Secrets… Water Vapor Gives Clues To Star Formation
  28. Answer for This Week’s WITU Challenge Now Posted
  29. Rare Mineral Points To Martian Water History
  30. Book Review: The Apollo Guidance Computer
  31. Astrophoto: The Bubble Nebula by Dave Halliday
  32. GAIA – A Billion Eyes On The Skies
  33. Failed Star Is One Cool Companion
  34. Historic 1st Launch of Legendary Soyuz from South America
  35. Astrophoto: The Pleiades by Eduardo Marino
  36. Commercial Crew Assessments Carry On with CST-100 Wind Tunnel Tests
  37. Faulkes Team Images Trojan Jupiter Comet
  38. Video Duet – Soyuz Debut Blast off from the Amazon Jungle and Rockin’ Russian Rollout
  39. Astrophoto: Andromeda Galaxy by Fabio Bortoli
  40. Latest Images of Comet Elenin: Not Much to See
  41. Stunning Loops and Filaments on the Sun Today
  42. Astrophoto: Close-up Image of the Moon by Andrei Juravle
  43. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Green Peas
  44. Quantum Levitation And The Superconductor
  45. The Meteor and the Nordlys
  46. ROSAT Satellite has Re-Entered; No Reports of Debris
  47. Curiosity Buttoned Up for Martian Voyage in Search of Life’s Ingredients
  48. Astrophoto: The Prawn Nebula
  49. What Happened On the International Space Station this Week?
  50. Astrophoto: Cassiopeia by Matt W. Childs
  51. Bringing Satellites Out Of Retirement – The DARPA Phoenix Program
  52. Astrophoto: -8 Iridium Flare by Kevin Jung
  53. “Baby” Planet Caught in the Act of Forming
  54. Carnival of Space #220
  55. Stunning New Cassini Image: A Quartet of Moons
  56. Astrophoto: Moon And Saturn by Jeff Swick
  57. Contest: Win a Copy of ‘Sidereal Clock’ iPhone App
  58. Here There Be Dragons: SpaceX’s Spacecraft Arrives at Launch Complex 40
  59. Space Telescopes Provide New Look at 2,000 Year Old Supernova
  60. Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Raising Funds, Awareness With Autograph Show
  61. Astrophoto: A Trace From Maranjab Desert by Hesam Nazari
  62. NASA Nabs Grandma for Trying to Sell Moon Rock
  63. ROSAT’s Crash Site Determined
  64. Galaxy Zoo Reveals Curious ‘Violin Clef’ Quadruple Galaxy Merger
  65. The Galileoscope – Hands-On Learning For All Ages
  66. Reader Pics: CME Spawns Awe-Inspiring Bright Red Aurorae
  67. Mosaic: Chandra Spacecraft Made from Chandra Images
  68. Enceladus and its Water Geysers Pose Again for Cassini
  69. From the Land of Ice and Snow
  70. Astrophoto: Night Sky by Sam Crimmin
  71. Video: Huge Hurricane Rina Seen from the Space Station
  72. As the World Burns: Satellites Watch Fires Around the World
  73. Underwater Asteroid Mission Ends Early
  74. Astrophoto: Messier 45 by Stephen Mounioloux
  75. Next Generation Climate and Weather Satellite Ready for Friday Launch
  76. Podcast: Einstein Was Right
  77. China’s Shenzhou-8 Mission Poised For Launch
  78. Are Pluto and Eris Twins?
  79. Where In The Universe Challenge #155
  80. Galaxy Interactions Could Cause Overweight Black Holes
  81. Virgin Galactic Taps Test Flight Veteran As Pilot
  82. NASA Prepares for Asteroid’s Close Pass
  83. Aerojet: Small Space Firm Has Big Space History
  84. Astrophoto: IC 1396 by John R. Taylor
  85. Video: What’s It Like Inside the Space Station During a Re-boost?
  86. Astrophoto: Tiangong 1 by Tavi Greiner
  87. Do You Have Ideas for Deep Space Travel? NASA Wants to Hear from You
  88. NASA Planetary Science Not Being Killed, Says NASA Official
  89. Astrophoto: Milky Way by Brent Hall
  90. Answer Now Available for This Week’s WITU Challenge
  91. Spooky, Giant Prominence Haunts the Sun
  92. NASA’s New Climate and Weather Satellite Launches
  93. First Progress Launch Since Accident Looms Large for Space Station Program
  94. Naturally Occuring Complex Organic Material Is The By-Product Of Stars
  95. Observing Alert: Bright Spot On Uranus Reported
  96. Science Fiction No More: Humans and Robots to Explore Space Together
  97. Astrophoto: Peeking at the Night Sky by John Hlynialuk
  98. NASA Issues Report On Commercial Crew as Musk Testifies About SpaceX’s Progress
  99. Russia Fuels Phobos-Grunt and sets Mars Launch for November 9
  100. Astrophoto: Comet Garradd by Bob Christmas
  101. Asteroid Lutetia May Have A Molten Core
  102. PacMan Nebula Takes A “Bite” Out Of Space
  103. Astrophoto: Mu Cephei by Jan Inge Berentsen Anvik
  104. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Dark Matter Science
  105. Incredible ‘Space-O-Lanterns’
  106. Apollo Astronaut Returns “Stolen” Camera
  107. Astrophoto: Hinterlands Startrail by Rick Wainwright
  108. Success ! Launch Video of Crucial Russian Rocket to ISS puts Human Flights back on Tr
  109. Astrophoto: Iridium 12 Flare by Riad Hamamieh
  110. Determining The Galaxy Collision Rate
  111. 3-D View From Subaru – Stephan’s Quintet
  112. Closing the Clamshell on a Martian Curiosity
  113. Astrophoto: Colorado Milky Way by Michael Underwood
  114. Three New Planets and a Mystery Object Found Orbiting Dying Stars
  115. Shenzhou-8 rolled out for Blastoff to Chinas 1st Space Station on November 1
  116. Boeing To Use Shuttle Hangar for CST-100 Space Taxi
  117. Astrophoto: Moon, Pleiades and Mercury by Willian Souza
  118. Video: Close-up Look at Jupiter in Opposition — and a Transiting Great Red Spot
  119. The Asteroid That Fell To Earth: Meteorites from 2008 TC3 Still Giving Up Their Secre
  120. Crepuscular Rays Seen From Space
  121. Are Black Holes Planet Smashers?
  122. To Boldly Go Where No Beer Has Gone Before
  123. China launches Shenzhou-8 bound for Historic 1st Docking in Space
  124. Astrophoto: A Different Look at North American Nebula by Carl Larson
  125. Progress Vehicle, Shooting Star, Or…?
  126. Satellite Image of the ‘Snowtober’ Storm
  127. Large Hadron Collider Finishes 2011 Proton Run
  128. Astrophoto: Jupiter by Ray Gilchrist
  129. Mars Express Experiences Multiple ‘Safe Mode’ Events
  130. Senate Approves Bill Funding JWST
  131. Young Star Discovered That Has Spiral Arms
  132. Spooky Halloween Aurora
  133. New Features Discovered On Mercury Could Be Evidence Of Hydrogen Geysers And Metallic
  134. Astrophoto: Pleiades over Lightning by Jerry Littke
  135. Mars500 Crew Ready To Open Hatch
  136. Kepler Space Telescope Mission Extension Proposal
  137. Progress Cargo Ship Docks Successfully at ISS
  138. Astrophoto: ISS and Cassiopeia by Adrian New
  139. Early Galaxy Chemistry: VLT Observes Gamma-Ray Burst
  140. Carnival of Space #221
  141. TV Viewing Alert: New Mini-Series: Fabric of the Cosmos
  142. China Technology Surges Forward with Spectacular First Docking in Space
  143. Where In The Universe Challenge #156
  144. Mars Likely Not Ever Warm and Wet Enough for Life – At Least on Surface
  145. Absorption Lines Shed New Light on 90 Year Old Puzzle
  146. NASA Up Close Tour: VAB and Space Shuttle Endeavour On Display
  147. Phobos and Jupiter Conjunction in 3 D and Amazing Animation – Blastoff to Martian Moo
  148. A Night Flight Over the Mideast
  149. Astrophoto: Solar Eclipse by Orvill Aakra
  150. Nasty annoying pop-up
  151. Russia Considers Simulated Mars Mission on the Space Station
  152. Video: Carl Sagan: The Gift of Apollo
  153. Video: Watch Progress 42
  154. Astrophoto: The Moon by Logan Mancuso
  155. Space Junk Problem? Just Fire a Laser!
  156. EDG and Mercury Story Feedback
  157. Astronomers Find the Justin Bieber of Millisecond Pulsars
  158. NASA Developing Real-Life Tractor Beams
  159. Largest Sunspot in Years Now on the Sun
  160. Asteroid 2005 YU55 Gets Closer to Earth; “No Chance of an Impact”
  161. Star Lab: Space Science on the Wings of Starfighters
  162. NASA Robot seeks Goldmine of Science and Sun at Martian Hill along vast Crater
  163. Astrophoto: Jupiter at Opposition by Efrain Morales
  164. Hatch Opens as Simulated Mars Mission Ends
  165. Did A Supernova Shape Our Solar System?
  166. Borexino Collaboration Detects pep Neutrinos
  167. Honoring Copernicus – Three New Elements Added To The Periodic Table
  168. Looking For the City Lights of Alien Civilizations
  169. Asteroid 2005 YU55: An Expert’s Explanation
  170. An Iceberg Caught in the Act of Forming
  171. Phobos-Grunt and Yinghuo-1 Encapsulated for Voyage to Mars and Phobos
  172. Hubble Telescope Directly Observes Quasar Accretion Disc Surrounding Black Hole
  173. No Alien Visits or UFO Coverups, White House Says
  174. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Inconstant Supernovae?
  175. Telescope Review: Bushnell ARES 5
  176. Curiosity Rover Bolted to Atlas Rocket – In Search of Martian Microbial Habitats
  177. Astrophotos: “Bad Boy” Active Region 1339
  178. Forget Exoplanets. Let’s Talk Exomoons
  179. Answer for WITU #156 Now Available
  180. Awesome Action Animation Depicts Russia’s Bold Robot Retriever to Mars moon Phobos
  181. Asteroid 2005 YU55: See It For Yourself!
  182. Carnival of Space #222
  183. Andromeda Dwarf Galaxies Help Unravel The Mysteries Of Dark Matter
  184. Hoping to See Asteroid 2005 YU55? There’s an App for That!
  185. Just In: NASA’s Latest Image of Asteroid 2005 YU55
  186. Russian Mars Moon Sample Probe Poised to Soar atop Upgraded Rocket – Video
  187. ‘Sweet Spots’ for Formation of Complex Organic Molecules Discovered in Our Galaxy
  188. Alien Artifacts May Be Here… Just Hard To Find!
  189. Russia’s Bold Sample Return Mission to Mars and Phobos Blasts Off
  190. First Movie of Asteroid 2005 YU55
  191. Trouble for the Phobos-Grunt Mission
  192. Live Webcast as Keck Telescope Attempts Images of Asteroid 2005 YU55
  193. Images, Video from Around the World of Asteroid 2005 YU55
  194. Does The Pluto System Pose A Threat To New Horizons?
  195. Every Way Devised to Deflect an Asteroid
  196. Carl Sagan’s Influence: Favorite Quotes from Readers
  197. NASA Test-Fires Key Engine for New Launch System
  198. Astrophoto: 2004 Venus Transit by Ziad El-Zaatari
  199. Russians Race against Time to Save Ambitious Phobos-Grunt Mars Probe from Earthly Dem
  200. How the Moon Became Magnetized
  201. New ESA Images Reveal Volcanic History of Mars
  202. New NASA Mission Hunts Down Zombie Stars
  203. New Symphony of Science Video: Onward to the Edge
  204. The Expanding Universe – Credit To Hubble Or Lemaitre?
  205. Was a Fifth Giant Planet Expelled from Our Solar System?
  206. Rare Pallasite Meteorite Found in Missouri
  207. Swift Satellite Captures Asteroid 2005 YU55
  208. Giant Sunspot Turns to Face the Earth
  209. Podcast: Solar Activity
  210. ASF 2011 Autograph Show: To Be the Shoulders of Tomorrow’s Titans
  211. Portraits of Our Sun on 11/11/11 at 11:11 UTC
  212. Orion Spacecraft to Launch in 2014
  213. Astrophoto: Mars-Regulus Conjunction by Brendan Alexander
  214. Keck Observatory Locates Two Clouds Of Pristine Gas From The Beginning of Time
  215. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Orphan Supernovae?
  216. Tarantula Nebula Is Growing!
  217. Asteroid Lutetia… A Piece Of Earth?
  218. Soyuz Poised for High Stakes November 13 Blastoff – Space Stations Fate Hinges on Suc
  219. Logo proposition
  220. Logo Proposition
  221. Mars in a Minute: Is Mars Really Red?
  222. Different Supernovae; Different Neutron Stars
  223. Another AMAZING Space Station Timelapse — with Aurora
  224. Seeing the Phase of Exoplanets
  225. The Holidays Are Coming! A Beginner’s Guide to Telescopes
  226. Soyuz Launches to Station amid Swirling Snowy Spectacular
  227. Exploring the Atmosphere of Exoplanet WASP-14b
  228. Saturn’s Moon Plays Hide-and-Seek With Cassini
  229. Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks – November 17-19, 2011
  230. LISA Pathfinder – Surfing Gravity Waves
  231. Timelapse: The Spirit Rover’s Entire Journey on Mars
  232. Unifying The Quantum Principle – Flowing Along In Four Dimensions
  233. How to Drive Space Shuttle Endeavour Down the Streets of Los Angeles
  234. Update on Phobos-Grunt: Might the LIFE Experiment be Recovered?
  235. China completes 2nd Docking to Space Lab and sets Path to Manned flights in 2012
  236. Activity on the Sun Ramps Up with Monster Prominences; Huge Filament Snaps
  237. Is There a Methane Habitable Zone?
  238. Astrophoto: The Heart Nebula by Tony Cellini
  239. Happy Birthday, Sir William Herschel!
  240. Live Webcast from American Museum of Natural History Today: Beyond Planet Earth
  241. Goldilocks And The Habitable Zone – The Increased Place In Space
  242. Antique Stars Could Help Solve Mysteries Of Early Milky Way
  243. Dramatic Soyuz Docking Averts Potential Station Abandonment
  244. Phobos-Grunt’s Mysterious Thruster Activation: A Function of Safe Mode or Just Good L
  245. Europa’s Hidden Great Lakes May Harbor Life
  246. Historic Photos Commemorate First and Last Shuttle Crews
  247. Venerable Voyager 2 Spacecraft Gets a Tune-up 14 billion Kilometers From Earth
  248. Want To Fly In Space? NASA Looking For More of the “Right Stuff”
  249. The Moon as You’ve Never Seen It Before
  250. Amazing Astrophotos of Star Clusters