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  1. Could We Soon See the End of ITAR’s Chokehold on Space Exploration?
  2. Massive Motion – NASA’s Mobile Launcher Moves to Launch Pad
  3. Video: An Inside Look at the ‘Astrovan’
  4. Cosmic Particle Accelerators – Let’s Dance!
  5. Do Galaxies Recycle Their Material?
  6. MRO Spots Martian Dunes in Motion
  7. It’s Been a Stormy Year on Saturn (and Cassini’s been there to watch!)
  8. Shenzhou-8 lands after Chinas 1st Space Docking propelling Ambitious Human Spacefligh
  9. The Way Cool Clouds Of The Carina Nebula
  10. Book Review: Martian Summer
  11. Astronomers Complete the Puzzle of Black Hole Description
  12. Carnival of Space #224
  13. Video: Walking on the Moon is Hard
  14. Neutrinos Still Breaking Speed Limits
  15. Do-It-Yourself Guide to Measuring the Moon’s Distance
  16. Consolation Prize for Phobos-Grunt? Experts Consider Possibilities for Sending Spacec
  17. NASAs Curiosity Set to Search for Signs of Martian Life
  18. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Mass is Energy
  19. Deep Blue Astrophotography – Imaging Galactic Shells
  20. Curiosity Powered Up for Martian Voyage on Nov. 26 – Exclusive Message from Chief Eng
  21. Ron Garan’s Incredible ISS Timelapse: Coming Back Home
  22. Grunsfeld May Lead NASA Science Division
  23. Satellite Captures Unusual “Cloud Streets”
  24. Black Friday’s Secret Solar Eclipse
  25. Student Aids In Tracking Down Near Earth Asteroids
  26. Are Pulsars Giant Permanent Magnets?
  27. Video Shows Rare View of Soyuz Capsule Returning to Earth
  28. Can Phobos-Grunt Still be Saved? Scientists Hold Out Hope as Deadlines Loom
  29. SOFIA Reveals Star-Forming Region W40
  30. Could Electrical Sprites Hold the Key to Extraterrestrial Life?
  31. Science Rich Gale Crater and NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover in Glorious 3-D – Touchdown
  32. Mars Rover Finds a Turkey Haven for the Holiday
  33. ISS Crew May Be Forced to Take Shelter from Space Debris
  34. Planetary Habitability Index Proposes A Less “Earth-Centric” View In Search Of Life
  35. Contact Established with Phobos-Grunt Spacecraft — Can the Mission Go On?
  36. NGC 1846 – Hubble Reveals Peculiar Life And Death Of A Stellar Population
  37. Does Pluto Have a Hidden Ocean?
  38. How Will MSL Navigate to Mars? Very Precisely
  39. Thankful Astronomer
  40. Astrophoto: Tadpoles in Auriga by John R. Taylor
  41. Thanksgiving Greetings from the Space Station
  42. Forget Exomoons. Let’s talk Exorings
  43. Curiosity Rover ‘Locked and Loaded’ for Quantum Leap in Pursuit of Martian Microbial
  44. First Amateur Image of Another Solar System
  45. Quadruply Lensed Dwarf Galaxy 12.8 Billion Light Years Away
  46. Beginners Guide To Binoculars
  47. Mars Trek – Curiosity Poised to Search for Signs of Life
  48. Astrophoto: Say Hello to Albireo!
  49. Video: Curiosity Rover Launches to Mars
  50. Astronomy Without A Telescope – The Progenitor Problem
  51. Curiosity Majestically Blasts off on ‘Mars Trek’ to ascertain ‘Are We Alone?’
  52. An Exoplanet’s Auroral Engine
  53. Incredible ‘Sideways’ Look at Mercury’s Limb
  54. Telescope Review: Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Reflector
  55. Carnival of Space #225
  56. Comet Curiosity? MSL Looks Like a Comet as it Heads Toward Mars
  57. Life on Alien Planets May Not Require a Large Moon After All
  58. Astrophotos: Moon-Venus Conjunction Photos
  59. The Human Cost of Russia’s Lost Spacecraft
  60. No Nukes? NASA’s Plutonium Production Predicament
  61. Positron Signaling For Dark Matter Inconclusive
  62. Cygnus X – A Cosmic-ray Cocoon
  63. “Star Wars” Laser Methods Tracks Greenhouse Gases
  64. Could Curiosity Determine if Viking Found Life on Mars?
  65. 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast to Continue for its 4th Year in 2012
  66. Canary Islands Antenna Being Modified to Boost Signal to Struggling Russian Mars Prob
  67. Curiosity Mars Rover Launch Gallery – Photos and Videos
  68. Good and Bad News Come With NASA’s 2012 Budget
  69. New Planet Kepler-21b Confirmed From Both Space And Ground
  70. Empowering Curiosity, Numerous Systems Required to Land Martian Rover
  71. Microscopic Worms May Help to Colonize Mars
  72. NASA Planetary Science Trio Honored as ‘Best of Whats New’ in 2011- Curiosity/Dawn/ME
  73. Did a Neutron Star Create the “Christmas Burst”?
  74. Why Silicon-based Aliens Would Rather Eat our Cities than Us: Thoughts on Non-carbon
  75. 5,000,000 Pageviews in November!
  76. Astrophoto: The Moon by Brian Brushwood
  77. Ancient Zircons Help Reveal Early Earth Atmosphere
  78. Supernova Candidate Stars May Signal “Impending Doom”
  79. Vrooming over Vivid Vestan Vistas in Vibrant 3 D – Video
  80. Bringing You There: Atlas V with Curiosity Rover Thunders to Mars
  81. Enceladus Gives Cassini Some Radar Love
  82. Astronomers Discover Ancient ‘Ultra-Red’ Galaxies
  83. Astrophotographers Capture Phobos-Grunt; ESA Ends Tracking the Russian Probe
  84. Mars Express Reveals Possible Martian Glaciers
  85. NASA’s Pluto Probe Marks a New Milestone
  86. NSV 11749 – Born Again and Grown Old
  87. Astrophoto: Aurora Australis by Patrick Cullis
  88. Any Graphics Folks Able to Fix the UT Header?
  89. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Could Dark Matter Not Matter?
  90. Flawlessly On Course Curiosity Cruising to Mars – No Burn Needed Now
  91. Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy – A Beast With Four Tails?
  92. X-37B – The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  93. Astrophoto: Cave Nebula by Anna Morris
  94. Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversal – Don’t “Flip Out”!
  95. Kepler Confirms First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-Like Star
  96. Are Gas-Formed Gullies the Norm on Mars?
  97. Commander of Final Shuttle Mission to Leave NASA
  98. Incredible Spinning Star Rotates At A Million Miles Per Hour!
  99. SETI to Resume Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence; Will Target Kepler Data
  100. Voyager 1 Spacecraft Enters New Region of Solar System
  101. The Space Program Is Over? Nobody Told Us!
  102. Carbon “Super Earths” – Diamond Planets
  103. Armadillo Aerospace Successfully Lauches a Sounding Rocket from Spaceport America
  104. Rainbow of Colors Reveal Asteroid Vesta as More Like a Planet
  105. Coming Attraction: Geminid Meteor Shower 2011
  106. Carnival of Space #226
  107. Astronomers Find the Most Supermassive Black Holes Yet
  108. Astrophoto: Tracking Curiosity by Glen James Nagle
  109. Pinning The Tails On Galaxy Clusters
  110. Popular Astronomy App Supports Astronomers Without Borders
  111. Mobile format on Android tablet?
  112. Staking Out A Vampire Star
  113. Not Giving Up Yet: ESA Resumes Effort to Communicate with Phobos-Grunt
  114. Opportunity Discovers Mineral Vein Furthering Evidence of Water on Mars
  115. Lunar Eclipse – Saturday, December 10, 2011
  116. Could Solar Storms ‘Sandblast’ the Moon?
  117. Mapping The Milky Way’s Magnetic Fields – The Faraday Sky
  118. Astrophoto: Amateur Image of Globular Cluster VVV CL001 by Steve Crouch
  119. Mars Orbiters Will Attempt to Take Pictures of the Curiosity Rover as It Lands
  120. Twisting and Eclipsing on the Sun
  121. International Measure The Moon Night – December 10, 2011
  122. Skywatchers Share Lunar Eclipse Photos, Videos
  123. Massive Stars Start Life Big… Really BIG!
  124. Astronomy Without A Telescope – How Big Is Big?
  125. In The Dragonfish’s Mouth – The Next Generation Of “SuperStars”
  126. Opportunity Discovers Most Powerful Evidence Yet for Martian Liquid Water
  127. New Submillimetre Camera Sheds Light on the Dark Regions of the Universe
  128. A Refreshing Idea! Vote for Enabling City Kids to See Starry Skies
  129. Martian Sundial – A New “Curiousity”
  130. Geminid Meteor Shower Reminder and There’s An App For That!
  131. The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog is Now Online!
  132. A Blood-Red Moon
  133. Michael Mann on Climate: “There’s Still Time to Make the Right Choices”
  134. A Day in the Sun: Will It Make a Difference for Russia’s Phobos-Grunt?
  135. Dawn swoops to lowest orbit around Vesta – Unveiling Spectacular Alien World
  136. Particle Physicists Put the Squeeze on the Higgs Boson; Look for Conclusive Results i
  137. Third Rock – NASA’s Cool New Internet Radio Station
  138. The Thirty-Ninth Anniversary of the Last Moonwalk
  139. Looking at Early Black Holes with a ‘Time Machine’
  140. Russian Space Program Prepares for Phobos-Grunt Re-Entry
  141. Revolutionary Air-Launched Commercial Rocket to Orbit Announced by Microsoft Billiona
  142. Wonderful Ice Halos
  143. Astrophoto: Lunar Eclipse Surprise by Michael Khan
  144. Our Own Private Hell: Unlocking Mercury’s Enigmatic Past
  145. Meteorite Alert! Remote Cameras Capture Slow-Moving Fireball near Toronto
  146. NASA Planning for Possible Landings on Europa
  147. Documentary: A Look Back at the Apollo Missions
  148. Dinner Time for the Milky Way’s Monster
  149. Russian Lunar Exploration Program at Full Speed, Despite Failure of Mars Moon Probe
  150. Astrophoto: Southern Cross by Gary Arndt
  151. Hubble’s Snow Angel
  152. A Psychedelic Guide to Tycho’s Supernova Remnant
  153. Watch as Comet Lovejoy Takes a Death-Dive Into the Sun
  154. New Study Says Large Regions of Mars Could Sustain Life
  155. Boris Chertok, Rocket Pioneer, Dies at 99
  156. NASA announces Feb. 7 launch for 1st SpaceX Docking to ISS
  157. Titan’s Colorful Crescent
  158. Feisty Comet Lovejoy Survives Close Encounter with the Sun
  159. Ask Dr. Alan Stern
  160. Aliens Hanging Out in the Kuiper Belt? We Could See the Light from their Cities
  161. Best Look Yet of Comet Lovejoy’s Slingshot Around the Sun
  162. Astrophotos: Geminid Meteor Shower
  163. How Can Growing Galaxies Stay Silent?
  164. Astronomy Without A Telescope – Special Relativity From First Principles
  165. NASA Terminates Power, Locks Cargo Doors on Retiring Shuttle Discovery
  166. Incoming! Meteorite Shockwaves Could Set Off Martian Dust Avalanches
  167. NASA Considers Sending a Telescope to the Outer Solar System
  168. Astrophoto: The Flaming Star Nebula by Robert Collins
  169. New NASA Probe – The Comet Harpoon
  170. Former Astronaut John Grunsfeld to Lead NASA Science Directorate
  171. Surprising Comet Lovejoy Now Becoming Merry and Bright
  172. Missions that Weren’t: NASA’s Manned Mission to Venus
  173. In The Still Of The Night… Listening To The “Heartbeat” Of A Tiny Black Hole
  174. Curiosity Starts First Science on Mars Sojurn – How Lethal is Space Radiation to Life
  175. Video: How the ISS Astronauts Film Time-lapse Photography
  176. New Plans for ESA’s Experimental Re-entry Vehicle
  177. Underwater Neutrino Detector Will Be Second-Largest Structure Ever Built
  178. First Earth-Sized Exoplanets Found by Kepler
  179. Live Broadcast, Tuesday, Dec. 20th 12:00pm PST: Kepler Planet Discovery
  180. DARPA’s New Spy Satellite Could Provide Real-Time Video From Anywhere on Earth
  181. A New Look at the Milky Way’s Central Bar
  182. Discovery of Earth-Sized Worlds – Google+ Hangout
  183. Soyuz Ready for Wintery Launch to the Space Station
  184. X-rays Unwrap a Poky Little Pulsar
  185. Video: Soyuz Launches for Holiday Hookup with the International Space Station
  186. Winter Solstice – The Shortest day of the Year
  187. Timelapse of Comet Lovejoy Rising by Colin Legg
  188. Here’s How to Get the Most out of Google+
  189. Is Jupiter’s Core Liquifying?
  190. Take a Virtual Sleigh Ride Over Mars
  191. Earth’s Other Moons
  192. A Star-Making Blob from the Cosmic Dawn
  193. Universe Today’s Tumblr Blog
  194. Holiday Greetings from an Alien Snowman on Vesta
  195. Astrovideo: Short Days Timelapse by Jason Ahrns
  196. Another Stunning Image of Comet Lovejoy by Colin Legg
  197. Top Astronomy Events Coming Up in 2012
  198. Spherical Object Drops from the Sky in Namibia
  199. Have Complex Molecules Been Found on Pluto’s Surface?
  200. Stunning! Comet Lovejoy Photographed from the Space Station
  201. Colorful Holiday Treats from Saturn
  202. NASAs Dawn Orbiter snaps Best Ever Images of Vesta
  203. Podcast: Io
  204. Podcast: The Tunkguska Event
  205. New Crew Arrives Safely at International Space Station
  206. Soyuz Rocket Crashes With Satellite on Board
  207. James Webb Mirrors Pass Deep-Freeze Exams
  208. Astrophotos: The Great Orion Nebula
  209. Journal Club: The Pulsar That Wasn’t
  210. Astrophoto: Comet Lovejoy from Canberra by Barry Armstead
  211. Absolutely Spectacular Photos of Comet Lovejoy from the Space Station
  212. Soyuz Rocket’s Comet-like Re-Entry Captured on Video
  213. Why Do We Live in Three Dimensions?
  214. Two More Earth-Sized Planets Discovered by Kepler, Orbiting Former Red Giant Star
  215. Astrophotos: Christmas Crescent Moon from Around the World
  216. Phobo-Grunt Predicted to Fall in Afghanistan on January 14
  217. Happy New Year from the Crew of the International Space Station
  218. What if the Earth had Two Moons?
  219. An Enlightening Mosaic: Sunsets in 2011
  220. Timelapse: Cerro Paranal Skies Above the VLT
  221. Dr. Alan Stern Answers Your Questions!
  222. As Seen From Space: Volcanic Eruption Creates New Island in the Red Sea
  223. Our Picks of Best Space and Astronomy Images from 2011
  224. Supernova Alphabet Soup
  225. Echoes From
  226. Video Review: 2011 for NASA
  227. NASAs Unprecedented Science Twins are GO to Orbit our Moon on New Years Eve
  228. ASU Researchers Propose Looking for Ancient Alien Artifacts on the Moon
  229. LRO Lets You Stand on the Rim of Aristarchus Crater
  230. 5 Hours of Beautiful Comet Lovejoy in 30 Seconds
  231. Little Galaxies Are Big on Dark Matter
  232. Want Astronomy Apps? There’s a Catalog for That
  233. Video: Phobos-Grunt Re-Entry Animation
  234. Night Sky Guide: January 2012
  235. Should We Terraform Mars?
  236. Slower than Light Neutrinos
  237. Journal Club – This new Chi b (3P) thingy
  238. 2011: Top Stories from the Best Year Ever for NASA Planetary Science!
  239. First GRAIL Twin Enters Lunar Orbit – NASAs New Years Gift to Science
  240. Carnival of Space #230
  241. The 2012 Quadrantid Meteor Shower
  242. AVIATR: An Airplane Mission for Titan
  243. Guest Post: The Cosmic Energy Inventory
  244. New Year – New Calendar… But Johns Hopkins Scholars Say We Need A Permanent Edition
  245. Two new Moons join the Moon – GRAIL Twins Achieve New Years Orbits
  246. A Balanced Budget on Titan
  247. What Can You See in the Night Sky in January 2012?
  248. Dusty Plasma From Enceladus Might Affect Saturn’s Magnetosphere
  249. NASA Provides Live All-Sky Video Feed for Quadrantid Meteor Shower
  250. Announcing Our Weekly Live Video Space Hangouts