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  1. Beam Me Up, Obama: Conspiracy Theory Claims President Teleported to Mars
  2. The Sun Blows Off a Little Steam
  3. Space Station Crew Anticipating SpaceX Dragon’s Arrival
  4. ‘Impossible’ Crystals May Have Come From Space
  5. Storms And Lakes On Titan Revealed By Computer Modeling
  6. More “Hollowed Ground” on Mercury
  7. New Research Casts Doubt on the Late Heavy Bombardment
  8. Missions that Weren’t: One-Way Mission to the Moon
  9. Suburu Telescope Captures Hidden Planets In Stellar Dust Ring
  10. Four New Exoplanets to Start Off the New Year!
  11. NASA Channels “The Force” With Smart SPHERES
  12. Unlocking Cosmology With Type 1a Supernovae
  13. Weekly Space Hangout for Jan. 5th, 2012
  14. Dazzling Photos of the International Space Station Crossing the Moon!
  15. A Solar Flare of Many Colors
  16. Ask An Astronaut: Mike Fossum
  17. Analysis of the First Kepler SETI Observations
  18. Exomoons? Kepler‘s On The Hunt
  19. Virtual Star Parties, More Astronomers Needed
  20. Journal Club: On Nothing
  21. Tranquillityite – Moon Mineral Found In Western Australia
  22. Solar Powered Dragon gets Wings for Station Soar
  23. The Contributor to SN 2011fe
  24. How Many Moons Does Earth Have?
  25. Astronomers Witness a Web of Dark Matter
  26. The Next Generation of Robotic Space Explorers – Powered by Bacteria!
  27. Tracing Dark Matter with Ripples in the Whirlpool Galaxy
  28. Gemini Adaptive Optics System Revolutionizes Astrophotography
  29. Astronomy Cast – Episode 247: The Ages of Things
  30. 8 Years of Spirit on Mars – Pushing as Hard as We Can and Beyond !
  31. Does Life on the Seafloor Predict Life on Other Worlds?
  32. NASA’s Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer Retires
  33. Clusters of Stars Crackle and Pop to Tell the Story of Star Formation
  34. Iconic Telescope Array Gets a New Name
  35. What Color is the Milky Way? White as Snow (not Milk)
  36. 100 Year Starship Project Has a New Leader
  37. Microlensing Study Says Every Star in the Milky Way has Planets
  38. Wandering Stars Shed Light on Milky Way’s Past
  39. Scientists Find Trio of Tiny Exoplanets
  40. Dodging Black Hole Bullets
  41. Hubble Provides Evidence for ‘Double Degenerate Progenitor’ Supernova
  42. Tatooine the Sequel: Kepler Finds Two More Exoplanets Orbiting Binary Stars
  43. Astronomers Find Saturn’s Possible Cosmic Doppelgänger
  44. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 12th, 2012
  45. Fun New App: MoonWalking
  46. Virtual Star Party with Stuart Forman – Jan. 11th, 2012
  47. Mike Fossum Answers Your Questions
  48. ISS Will do Manuever Friday to Avoid Collision with Satellite Debris
  49. We Are Stardust… We Are Cold Then
  50. Crucial Rocket Firing Puts Curiosity on Course for Martian Crater Touchdown
  51. NASA’s Airborne Observatory Targets Newborn Stars
  52. Astrophoto: The Fiery Moon by Jerónimo Losada
  53. Coming to an IMAX Near You (and just in time!): Space Junk 3-D
  54. As Seen From Space: Beautiful Swirling Phytoplankton Blooms
  55. What Does It Take to Build a Spacecraft for Human Flight?
  56. Scientists Still Searching for the Beagle 2 Crash Site on Mars
  57. Goldilocks Moons
  58. Journal Club: Dark Matter – The Early Years
  59. Strait of Hormuz Shot from the International Space Station – World Strategic Flashpoi
  60. Cooking Up Stars In Cygnus X
  61. “Proplyd-like” Objects Discovered in Cygnus OB2
  62. Doomed Phobos-Grunt Mars Mission Destructively Plunges to Earth
  63. India has Red Planet Fever
  64. Supernova Primo – Out To Far Frontiers
  65. A Space Moonrise (and the PromISSe of a New Future)
  66. Does Starburst Activity Starve Galaxies of Gas?
  67. Why Does Sirius Twinkle?
  68. Astrophoto: Venus Above Kendal Castle
  69. Citizen Scientist Project Finds Thousands of ‘Star Bubbles’
  70. A Wrinkled Moon
  71. Astronomy Cast – Episode 248: Carina Constellation
  72. To The Extreme… NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope Gathers In High Energy
  73. SpaceX Delays Upcoming 1st Dragon Launch to ISS
  74. Planck Spacecraft Loses Its Cool(ant) But Keeps Going
  75. Carnival of Space #232
  76. The Eagle Nebula as You’ve Never Seen it Before
  77. Who Owns Space History, the Public or the Astronauts?
  78. Clear Satellite View of Earth’s Newest Island
  79. Titan’s Layered Atmosphere is Surprisingly Earth-Like
  80. First-Ever Image of a Black Hole to be Captured by Earth-Sized Scope
  81. New Book: Night Sky Companion 2012
  82. The Workings of our Solar System Creates Beautiful Musical Palindrome
  83. America’s Youth Christen NASA’s Twin New Lunar Craft – Ebb & Flow
  84. universe today site wont work...
  85. New NASA Gallery of Restored 1960s Project Gemini Photos
  86. Distant Invisible Galaxy Could be Made Up Entirely of Dark Matter
  87. Could a ‘Death Star’ Really Destroy a Planet?
  88. ISS Soars Over Stormy Africa
  89. Fly Me to the Moon — Twice!
  90. Deadly Costa Concordia Shipwreck Captured in Stunning Image from Space
  91. A New Look at the Helix Nebula — a Giant “Eye” in Space
  92. Who Will Be the Next Astronomy Photographer of the Year?
  93. British TV Audience Discovers Potential New Planet
  94. I Thought I Saw A UFO! Mystery Triangle On STEREO Image Explained…
  95. Aurora Alert! Sun Sends CME in Earth’s Direction
  96. Desperately Seeking a Snow Day: Why So Little Snow in 2012?
  97. Citizen Science: GLOBE at Night
  98. Weekly Space Hangout for Jan. 19th, 2012
  99. Amazing Radar Image from Space Highlights Costa Concordia Catastrophe
  100. NASA Finds 2011 is Ninth-Warmest Year on Record
  101. ISS Caught Between the Moon and New York City
  102. Delta IV Rocket Launches from Cape Canaveral with US Military Satellite
  103. Astrophoto: Approaching Mars by Efrain Morales
  104. Rocks From Mars
  105. Astrophoto: Stunning Alaskan Sun Pillar
  106. Gallery: Cosmonaut Winter Survival Training
  107. Journal Club – When White Dwarfs Collide
  108. Beneath the Surface: Seeing Jupiter’s Hidden Storms
  109. 3 Generations of NASAs Mars Rovers
  110. Video: Solar Storm Sparks Stunning Aurora
  111. Gabby Giffords To Resign From Congress
  112. NOAA: Largest Solar Radiation Storm Since 2005 Now in Progress
  113. Key Step in Evolution Replicated by Scientists – With Yeast
  114. Stunning Auroras From Around the World (January 22-23, 2012)
  115. Carnival of Space #233
  116. Voyager Mission Is Cooling Its Jets
  117. Opportunity arrives at Greeley Haven – 5th Winter Haven Worksite on Mars
  118. Young Magnetic Star Possesses Precise Carbon Dioxide Ring
  119. Can Solar Flares Hurt Astronauts?
  120. Astronomy Cast Ep. 249: Schrödinger’s Cat
  121. 8 Years on Mars: Downloadable Rover Poster
  122. Cassini Takes a Closer Look at Titan’s Sand Dunes
  123. What Causes Aurora?
  124. Hansen on Climate: “We need to make clear to the public what’s really going on”
  125. Russia Opens Talks With NASA And ESA With Plans For Manned Lunar Base
  126. Astrophoto: The Milky Cow
  127. Cloudy? Too Far South? How to See the Aurora No Matter Where you Live
  128. StarFighters, Inc. – The Supersonic Research Fleet Expands
  129. Few Details in ESA’s Report on Phobos-Grunt Re-Entry
  130. Blue Marble 2012: Amazing High Definition Image of Earth
  131. Video: New Progress Re-Supply Ship Launches to Space Station
  132. Newt Promises a Moon Base by 2020
  133. NASAs Resilient Rover Opportunity Begins Year 9 On Mars with Audacious Science Ahead
  134. Astrophoto: Purple Orion
  135. Cold Plasma Flourishes In Earth’s Upper Atmosphere
  136. 8-Meter-Wide Asteroid Will Pass Close to Earth January 27
  137. New Research Suggests Fomalhaut b May Not Be a Planet After All
  138. Asteroid’s Unusual Light and Dark Crater
  139. 11 New Planetary Systems… 26 New Planets… Kepler Racks ‘Em Up!
  140. Remembering NASA’s Lost Astronauts
  141. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 26, 2012
  142. Does Water Ice Lurk Beneath the Poles of Vesta ?
  143. Op-Ed: Lunar Twitter — Republicans Debate Manned Moon Base
  144. Mystery Moon Flashes Caused by Meteorite Impacts
  145. Astronomers Capture Images of Asteroid 2012 BX34
  146. CosmoQuest: Taking Citizen Science to the Next Level
  147. Orion Capsule Embarks on Cross Country Public Tour
  148. Rocket Carrier Causes Bridge Collapse in Kentucky
  149. Test Failure Points to Potential Delay for Next Soyuz Launch
  150. Emerging Supermassive Black Holes Choke Star Formation
  151. Large Amounts of Water Ice Found Underground on Mars
  152. “Bad Boy” Sunspot Unleashes Powerful X-Class Flare
  153. Progress Resupply Ship Docks at the International Space Station
  154. Journal Club – Transit of Venus
  155. Toronto Teens Launch “Lego Man in Space”
  156. Astrophoto: Transit of Europa by David Billington
  157. NASA’s New Eyes in the Sky
  158. Earth’s “Missing Energy”
  159. Asteroid To Make Closest Approach Since 1975
  160. ‘Oceanus Borealis’ – Mars Express Finds New Evidence for Ancient Ocean on Mars
  161. Students Discover Millisecond Pulsar; Help in the Search for Gravitational Waves
  162. Help Astronomers Measure the Solar System!
  163. New Insights into the Moon’s Mysterious Magnetic Field
  164. How Well Can Astronomers Study Exoplanet Atmospheres?
  165. Astrovideo: Tumbling Spektr-R Rocket
  166. Carnival of Space #234
  167. Amazing Panorama of Western Europe at Night from Space Station
  168. Astronomy Cast, Ep. 250: Precision
  169. Astrophoto: Zodiacal Light with Venus and Jupiter
  170. Canada Looks to the Future in Space
  171. Russia To Try Again For Phobos-Grunt?
  172. Russia Confirms Delay for Next Soyuz Launches to ISS
  173. Phobos-Grunt Failure Due to Computer Problems, Cosmic Rays
  174. The Van Allen Belts and the Great Electron Escape
  175. Hayabusa 2 Mission Approved by Japanese Government
  176. End of an Era: Shannon Lucid Retires from NASA
  177. Test Your Knowledge and Skills with NASA’s New Online Games
  178. Newsreel Footage of Explorer 1
  179. “Cool” Gas May Be At The Root Of Sunspots
  180. Night Sky Guide: February 2012
  181. IBEX Captures ‘Alien” Material From Beyond Our Solar System
  182. Casting Swords into Space Observatories
  183. Astrophoto: Flame Nebula by Trevor Durity
  184. New Study Reveals Little Ice Age Triggered By Volcanism
  185. Russia Will Begin Hunt For Extrasolar Planets
  186. 2012 BX34: Behind the Scenes in the Discovery of a Near Earth Asteroid
  187. Hitchcock Haunts a Nebula
  188. Help Support a ‘New Horizons’ U.S. Postage Stamp!
  189. GRAIL Sends Back First Video of the Moon’s Far Side
  190. Looks Like We’re Still Looking for Earthly Life Forms on Other Planets
  191. Remembering Columbia and Suffering from Survivor’s Guilt
  192. Inaugural Vega Rocket Poised at Europe’s South American Spaceport
  193. Potential ‘Goldilocks’ Planet Found
  194. Colbert Does PSA for NASA
  195. NASA’s Blue Marble…Side B.
  196. Armadillo Launches a STIG-A Rocket; Captures Awesome Image of ‘Ballute’
  197. Supernova G350 Kicks Up Some X-Ray Dust
  198. Astrophoto: Jupiter and Venus at the Beach by Brendan Alexander
  199. Getting to the Core of Earth’s Falling Snow
  200. Hubble Captures Giant Lensed Galaxy Arc
  201. SpaceX Test Fires SuperDraco Abort Engines Critical To Astronaut Launch Safety
  202. Weekly Space Hangout – Feb 2nd, 2012
  203. Hubble Captures a Classic Barred Spiral Galaxy
  204. How Plants May Have Helped Create Earth’s Unique Landscapes
  205. Universe Today Site Change again 2-3-12???
  206. Are You Listening to Astronomy.FM?
  207. Can We Land On a Comet?
  208. Incredible 3-D View Inside a Martian Crater
  209. Cities at Night Panorama of Millions of US East Coast Earthlings
  210. Beautiful Conjunction: Comet Garradd Meets M92
  211. New Study Shows How Trace Elements Affect Stars’ Habitable Zones
  212. Recycling Pulsars – The Millisecond Matters…
  213. Journal Club – Neutrino Vision
  214. The Milky Way’s Magnetic Personality
  215. Super Bowl Cities Seen From Space
  216. Asteroid Vesta Floats in Space in High Resolution 3-D
  217. 600 Million Year Drought Makes Life on Surface of Mars Unlikely
  218. Hauntingly Beautiful Aurora Video
  219. The Milky Way Galactic Disk – Forever Blowing Bubbles
  220. New Avalanche in Action on Mars Captured by HiRISE
  221. Video: Dancing Water Drops In Earth Orbit
  222. Russia Sets Its Sights on the Moon for 2020
  223. ISS Night Flight in “Real Time”
  224. Can you See the Pyramids from Space?
  225. When Stars Play Planetary Pinball
  226. Requiem For Astronaut Janice Voss
  227. NASA Looking for More Space Taxis
  228. GALEX Mission Comes to an End
  229. A Bouncing Moon Boulder
  230. China Unveils High Resolution Global Moon Map
  231. Special Delivery, Low-Earth Orbit Style!
  232. Most Detailed Look Ever Into the Carina Nebula
  233. Hubble’s 1923 Nova in Andromeda Erupts Again!
  234. Phoenix Lander Still Visible in New HiRISE Images from Mars
  235. Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole is Feasting on Asteroids
  236. Astrophoto: Springbrook Skies by Rick Wainwright
  237. Do Alien Civilizations Inevitably ‘Go Green’?
  238. Ancient Antarctic Ice Sampled In Lake Vostok Drill
  239. NASA Showcases ‘Spinoff’ Technologies
  240. Spirit Lander – 1st Color Image from Mars Orbit
  241. Two New Moons for Jupiter
  242. What Does a Nebula Sound Like?
  243. Lunar Crater Reveals Many Secrets, Including a Not-So-Young Age
  244. Virtual Star Party – Feb. 8, 2012
  245. New Computer Simulations Show Earth’s Spaghetti-Like Magnetosphere
  246. Join UT’s First Live Interview with Rover Driver Scott Maxwell
  247. The Moon Trees of Apollo 14
  248. Watch Live Webcast from the Keck Observatory
  249. Is Venus’ Rotation Slowing Down?
  250. Video: Freaky Dancing Plasma on the Sun