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  1. Phil Plait’s Five Guides to the Universe
  2. Tidal Heating on Some Exoplanets May Leave Them Waterless
  3. Live Hangout Interview with Rover Driver Scott Maxwell
  4. NASA’s Going Green
  5. Budget Axe to Gore America’s Future Exploration of Mars and Search for Martian Life
  6. Earth-Facing Sunspot Doubles in Size
  7. Journal Club – Theory constraint
  8. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast – February 12-18, 2012
  9. A Continent Ablaze in Auroral and Manmade Light
  10. Far Above the World
  11. New Comet Discovered by Amateur Astronomer
  12. Flawless Maiden Launch for Europe’s New Vega Rocket
  13. Scientists Find New Clues About the Interiors of ‘Super-Earth’ Exoplanets
  14. ‘Stealth Merger’ of Dwarf Galaxies Seen in New Images
  15. Tough Cuts for Planetary Science In NASA’s 2013 Budget Proposal
  16. Space Timelapse: Temporal Distortion by Randy Halverson
  17. A Swirling Oasis of Life
  18. Kuiper’s Color Close-Up
  19. With Love from Universe Today
  20. Starbursts May Actually Destroy Globular Clusters
  21. NASA Shuts Down Its Last Mainframe Computer
  22. NASA’s Picture of the Future of Human Spaceflight
  23. Beginner’s Guide to Seeing the The International Space Station (ISS)
  24. ‘Dark Markings of the Sky’ are Hiding Star Formation
  25. NEOShield: a Preemptive Strike Against Asteroids
  26. Astrophoto: Near-Earth Asteroid Eros by Efrain Morales
  27. Skydiver Prepares for Record-Setting Freefall from the Edge of Space
  28. Infographic: The Anatomy of a Supersonic Freefall
  29. Young Star Cluster In Disintegrated Galaxy Reveals First-Ever Intermediate Mass Black
  30. Timelapse: Behind the Scenes at the Keck Telescope
  31. Reminder: This Week’s Weekly Space Hangout with Special Guest Alan Stern
  32. First Humanoid to Human Handshake in Space
  33. SOLID Clues for Finding Life on Mars
  34. Video: Masten’s Xombie Nails Verticle Flight Test
  35. Video: Weekly Space Hangout with Special Guest Alan Stern
  36. Light Echoes: The Re-Run Of The Eta Carinae “Great Eruption”
  37. Experts React to Obama Slash to NASA’s Mars and Planetary Science Exploration
  38. Friendship 7: 50th Anniversary of John Glenn’s Flight
  39. Can You Find the Lost Soviet Mars 6 Lander in this Image?
  40. Astrophoto: Swirling Aurora by Jason Ahrns
  41. Interview with Mike Brown
  42. Get Your Own Unprecedented 3-D View of the Moon
  43. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: February 19-25, 2012
  44. Bright Peaks, Dark Shadows
  45. This Week’s Carnival of Space (#237) Right Here!
  46. Dramatic Rocket Launch Into an Aurora
  47. A Beginner’s Guide to Photographing The International Space Station (ISS)
  48. Recent Geologic Activity on the Moon?
  49. Timelapse: Atacama Starry Nights
  50. A Mardi Gras Moon Crossing
  51. More Details from Hubble Reveal Strange Exoplanet is a Steamy Waterworld
  52. Degas: a Crater Painted Blue
  53. Chandra Spots a Black Hole’s High-Speed Hurricane
  54. Opportunity Phones Home Dusty Self-Portraits and Ground Breaking Science
  55. Book Review: Celestial Delights: The Best Astronomical Events Through 2020
  56. Current Astronauts in Orbit Exchange Notes with John Glenn
  57. Astrophoto: The Orion Nebula by Vasco Soeiro
  58. If the Moon Currently has Liquid Magma, Why isn’t it Erupting?
  59. By Dawn’s Early Light
  60. Gallery: Bizarre Dunes on Mars
  61. Solid Buckyballs in Space are Stacked Like ‘Oranges in a Crate’
  62. Faster Than Light? More Like Faulty Wiring.
  63. The Sky Is Falling, Scientists Report
  64. Astrophotos: Stunning Aurora in Iceland by Andrew Welstead
  65. X-rays Reveal a Stellar-Mass Black Hole in Andromeda
  66. Galactic Archaeology: NGC 5907 – The Dragon Clash
  67. Barnstorming the Suborbital Science Frontier
  68. ‘Nomad’ Planets Could Outnumber Stars 100,000 to 1
  69. Antarctica Gives NASA Satellite The Ol’ Frazil Dazzle
  70. Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 23, 2012
  71. Curiosity Rover Acting as Stunt Double for Humans
  72. RoboScopes – Real Armchair Astronomy
  73. Astrophoto: The Veil Nebula by Nick Howes
  74. A Slice of Daybreak
  75. See Venus in Daylight This Weekend
  76. Rare Amateur Video of Challenger Disaster Surfaces
  77. Mercury Down Under
  78. 35 Years Later, The ‘Wow!’ Signal Still Tantalizes
  79. Yes, As a Matter of Fact It IS Rocket Science
  80. Accident Damages Mirror on Telescope Slated for Dark Energy Camera
  81. Journal Club – Shaping The Invisible
  82. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast – February 27-March 4, 2012
  83. A Weekend Sky Show: Moon, Venus and Jupiter
  84. A Penny for your Curiosity on Mars
  85. Spotted! ISS Pictures from All Over the World
  86. Dream Job: Go to Hawaii and Eat Astronaut Food
  87. Face-to-Face With Some Shattered Lunar Boulders
  88. The Best ISS Video Ever? You Decide.
  89. Carnival of Space #238
  90. Just In From SpaceX: Dragon and Falcon 9 Assembly Now Complete
  91. Today’s Martian Weather: Partly Cloudy
  92. Video: The 3-D Sun, Now in HD!
  93. Our Early Universe: Inflation, or Something Totally Wacky?
  94. Salty Soil on Mars Could Be Slurping Water from the Atmosphere
  95. Heads Up: It’s Another Mind-Blowing Aurora Photo
  96. Moons Large and Small
  97. Astrophoto: 7-Day Lunar Project by Michael Khan
  98. Astronomers See Stars Changing Right Before Their Eyes in Orion Nebula
  99. Life in the Universe, Reflected by the Moon
  100. NASA’s New Video, Voiced by Optimus Prime
  101. Exciting New ‘Enceladus Explorer’ Mission Proposed to Search for Life
  102. Warp Drives May Come With a Killer Downside
  103. Astrophotos: Moon, Venus and Jupiter Conjunction
  104. Timelapse: Return to the Night Sky at Joshua Tree
  105. Thierry Legault: Astrophotography is an ‘Adrenaline Rush’
  106. Will Asteroid 2011 AG5 Hit Earth in 2040?
  107. Next Live Interview: The Latest Exoplanet News from Kepler
  108. Excellent Exoplanet Visualization: The Kepler Orrery II
  109. Star Trails as Seen From Space
  110. NASAs Proposed ‘InSight’ Lander would Peer to the Center of Mars in 2016
  111. Night Sky Guide: March 2012
  112. Is There Life on Earth?
  113. Hubble Spots Mysterious Dark Matter ‘Core’
  114. Europa’s Acid Oceans May Prohibit Life
  115. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar. 1, 2012
  116. Live Interview: The Latest Exoplanet News from Kepler
  117. A ‘Melted’ Moon Makes for Bad Future Landing Sites
  118. SpaceX Completes Important “Wet Dress” Rehearsal Test for Upcoming Flight to Space St
  119. Saturn’s “Wispy” Moon Has An Oxygen Atmosphere
  120. Astrophoto: Keyhole Nebula by Eduardo Bueno
  121. Massive Fireball Witnessed Over The UK By Countless Observers
  122. How to Avoid ‘Bad Astrophotography:’ Advice from Thierry Legault
  123. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: March 5-11, 2012
  124. Pick Up Some Good Librations With This Stunning Moon Video
  125. Video: Launch of a Lego Space Shuttle
  126. Sun Unleashes Powerful X-Class Solar Flare
  127. Astrophoto: Planets at Dusk at Trusk by Brendan Alexander
  128. Look, It’s a Moon Buggy! LRO’s Best Look Ever at the Apollo 15 Landing Site
  129. Amateur Astronomers Flash the Space Station
  130. Why Are Lunar Shadows So Dark?
  131. Astronomy Cast Ep. 252: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  132. Mexican Lake Bears Witness To Ancient Impact
  133. The Most Astounding Fact About The Universe
  134. Carnival of Space #239
  135. FourStar Service: Red Galaxy Cluster Hides In Plain Sight
  136. Sun Releases a Powerful X5 Flare
  137. Dawn gets Big Science Boost at Best Vesta Mapping Altitude
  138. Capsule and Skydiver Ready for Record-Setting Freefall
  139. Astronomy Cast Ep. 254: Reflection and Refraction
  140. Huge Dust Devil on Mars Captured in Action
  141. Best Views Yet of Historic Apollo Landing Sites
  142. A Close-up Look at the Massive Solar Storm that Shook the Sun
  143. Twin NASA Science Probes Start Lunar Gravity Mapping
  144. The Physics of Angry Birds In Space
  145. Photo: The Space Station Turns on its Afterburners…Or Not?
  146. Giant Sunspot Seen Through Dusty Skies
  147. Playing With Water… in Space!
  148. Radar Prototype Begins Tracking Down Space Junk
  149. Weekly Space Hangout — March 8, 2012
  150. Astrophoto: Stunning Detailed Look at the Whirlpool Galaxy by John Chumack
  151. Most Accurate Clock Ever
  152. Incredible Digital Re-creations of the Mars Rovers
  153. Active Region Is Still Active!
  154. Still Concerned About 2012?
  155. ALPHA Closes in on Antimatter
  156. Fears of Tornado Catastrophes Due to Global Warming Unfounded
  157. Journal Club – Aberrant Dark Matter
  158. Lights in the Sky
  159. Erasure and VLT Team Up for ESO’s 50th Anniversary
  160. Valuable Space Rock Crashes Into Oslo Cabin
  161. Does Mars Still Shake, Rattle and Roll?
  162. Life Will Always Find a Way… To Eat Everything
  163. Next Chinese Mission Might Include Some Women
  164. Why Does the “Man in the Moon” Face Earth?
  165. Venus-Jupiter Conjunction, March 15th, 2012
  166. Those Rings in Rocket Exhaust are Shock Diamonds
  167. Jupiter’s Jet Streams Get Thrown Off Course
  168. Watch This 3D Printer Make a Microscope Car
  169. Huge Coronal Hole Is Sending Solar Wind Our Way
  170. Satellite Photo of Vancouver and the Fraser River
  171. How Did Comet Lovejoy Survive Its Trip Around The Sun?
  172. The Care And Feeding Of Teenage Galaxies… And By The Way, They Need Gas
  173. A New Comet’s SWAN Dive Into the Sun
  174. Book Review: The Ballet of the Planets: A Mathematician’s Musings on the Elegance of
  175. Space Travel Is Bad For Your Eyes
  176. Watch 4.5 Billion Years of the Moon’s Evolution in 2.5 Minutes
  177. How NASA Will Improve its Telescopes’ Vision
  178. Zoom Into the Entire Infrared Sky from WISE
  179. Revisiting The First Rover
  180. What Does a Solar Storm Sound Like?
  181. Ride a Shuttle Booster to the Edge of Space and Back
  182. New Analysis of Clay Deposits in Ancient Martian Lakes
  183. Upcoming: Live Interview with Climate Scientist Michael Mann
  184. One Ring Zero and NASA Soak You In Space Awesomeness
  185. Go On a Grand Tour of the Moon
  186. Skydiver Baumgartner Takes Test Jump from 21,000 Meters
  187. Astrophotos: Venus and Jupiter Conjunction
  188. So Long, SWAN…
  189. See the Latest Jaw-Dropping Aurora Views from the ISS
  190. Neutrinos Obey The Speed Limit, After All
  191. Video: Watch Felix Baumgartner’s Test Jump
  192. Watch Our Live Interview with Climate Scientist Michael Mann
  193. Solving the Puzzle of Apollo 12
  194. Astrophoto: Conjunction Symmetry by Rick Ellis
  195. SpaceX’s Dragon, Now With Seating for Seven
  196. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast – March 19-25, 2012
  197. Space Timelapse: With a Vengeance by Jason Ahrns
  198. Astrophoto: Pulp Fiction by César Cantú
  199. What Does Space Look Like From Space?
  200. Star Lab Needs Payloads!
  201. A Peek at a Pitch-Black Pit
  202. Carnival of Space #241
  203. Now Live: Moon Mappers! Contribute to Lunar Science
  204. Rare Rectangle Galaxy Discovered
  205. First Ever Geologic Map of Io: 425 Volcanoes, No Craters
  206. Can NASA’s Planetary Science Budget Be Saved?
  207. Photo Treat: Enceladus, Titan and Saturn’s Rings
  208. Twister on Mars: The Movie
  209. New Data Find a Silver Lining of Cosmic Radiation
  210. Speca – An Intriguing Look Into The Beginning Of A Black Hole Jet
  211. Orion Crew Capsule Targeted for 2014 Leap to High Orbit
  212. Two Moons In Passing
  213. Massive Ice Avalanches on Iapetus
  214. VISTA View Is Chock Full Of Galaxies
  215. Clouds Get in the Way on Mars
  216. 1st Student Selected MoonKAM Pictures Look Inspiringly Home to Earth
  217. Watch the ATV Launch Live
  218. Recent Solar Storms Pumped 26 billion Kilowatts of Energy into Earth’s Atmosphere
  219. Robotics Refueling Research Scores Huge Leap at Space Station
  220. Can “Warp Speed” Planets Zoom Through Interstellar Space?
  221. Journal Club – Black Holes Made All The Difference
  222. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast – March 26 to April 1, 2012
  223. Sky Candy: Southern Lights Over The Indian Ocean
  224. Rare Rain on Titan; Once Every 1,000 Years
  225. You’ll Only See This Landform on Mars, Nowhere on Earth
  226. An Ultraviolet, Ultraviolent Supernova Shockwave
  227. One Night, Dozens of Triple Conjunctions
  228. Carnival of Space #242
  229. Psychedelics in the Sky: NASA Launches 5 Rockets in 5 Minutes
  230. Brain Surgery, Fixing the Space Station’s Toilet and Orbital Cremation
  231. Join in the Discussion of the Future of Human Spaceflight, Live from SEDS
  232. TV Viewing Alert: NASA’s Unexplained Files
  233. “Snowing Microbes” On Saturn’s Moon?
  234. Billions of Habitable Worlds Likely in the Milky Way
  235. Astronomers Discover Ancient Planetary System
  236. “Tidal Venuses” May Have Been Wrung Out To Dry
  237. Apollo 11
  238. Video: 20-Ton Cargo Freighter Arrives at Space Station
  239. Huge ‘Tornado’ on the Sun
  240. Did Water or Lava Carve the Outflow Channels on Mars?
  241. Weekly Space Hangout — March 29, 2012
  242. Hubble Gets Best Look Yet At Messier 9
  243. Postcards From Saturn
  244. Shaking Up Theories Of Earth’s Formation
  245. Getting a Handle on How Much Cosmic Dust Hits Earth
  246. Go an Hour Without Power: Earth Hour 2012
  247. Was This Ancient Monolith a Stone Age Astronomy Tool?
  248. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: April 2-8, 2012
  249. Curiosity Halfway to Red Planet Touchdown
  250. Ice Sculptures Fill The Deepest Parts of Mars