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  1. Carnival of Space #243
  2. Take a Ride on a Rocket Sled To Test Supersonic Decelerators
  3. Finding Out What Dark Matter Is – And Isn’t
  4. Texas School Kids Get To Talk To Space
  5. Kepler Mission Extended to 2016
  6. Watch Live Webcast of Venus-Pleiades Conjunction April 4, 2012
  7. Is Earth Running Out Of Crust?
  8. Will the Dream of a Flying Car Finally Become a Reality?
  9. Supernova Explosions, Black Hole Jets Might Cause Galaxies to ‘Age’ Faster
  10. Dark Figures Do An Eerie Dance On The Sun
  11. Obama and Uhura Go Vulcan
  12. Timelapse: A Tribute to Sky Gazers
  13. New Gigantic Tornado Spotted on Mars
  14. New Image Shows Beautiful Violence in Centaurus A
  15. Polar Telescope Casts New Light On Dark Energy And Neutrino Mass
  16. Astrophotos from Around the World of the Venus-Pleiades Conjunction
  17. Mars’ Giant Dust Devil in Motion
  18. Could There Be Life In Them Thar Pits?
  19. NASA Jets Buzz The Capitol
  20. How Would Humans Respond to First Contact from an Alien World?
  21. The Sun Does a Barrel Roll
  22. 1981 Climate Change Predictions Were Eerily Accurate
  23. MESSENGER Gets It Donne
  24. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: April 9-15, 2012
  25. Keck Observatory Fires Up MOSFIRE
  26. Planetary Conjunction Mashup
  27. Navy Scientists Spot New Solar Structures
  28. Watch Mercury Get Smacked By CMEs
  29. Flying the Space Shuttles to their New Homes
  30. Satellite Beacon Mission Suggested for Asteroid Apophis
  31. Shuttle vs. Soyuz
  32. Great ISS Sightings – All Nights this Week of April 9
  33. Moscow At Night
  34. Carnival of Space #244
  35. Video: Drop Test for Orion Crew Capsule’s New Parachutes
  36. Will Russia Recue ExoMars?
  37. Astrophotos: A Colorful Moon
  38. Alqueva: Some of the Darkest, Clearest Skies on Earth
  39. Is This a Video of a Huge Fireball Over Texas?
  40. Earth’s Van Gogh Oceans
  41. Tsunami Watch in Effect after Massive Earthquake off the Coast of Indonesia
  42. Video: SpaceX’s Elon Musk Talks Space on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  43. Dubai’s Island Version of the World, As Seen from Space
  44. Frantic Comet Massacre Taking Place at Fomalhaut
  45. Hailing Frequencies Open? Communication Via Neutrinos Tested Successfully
  46. Deep Space Atomic Clock Mission Will Improve Navigation Technology
  47. Help Track the Effects of Light Pollution with GLOBE at Night
  48. What’s the Moon Made Of? Earth, Most Likely.
  49. Is This Proof of Life on Mars?
  50. Letter to NASA is Common Ploy in Climate Change Denial
  51. Asteroid Lutetia Flyby Animation
  52. The Heavens are Ablaze With Blazars
  53. A Galaxy’s Bulge Divulges Its Spin
  54. Breaking News – Controversial North Korean Rocket Launch Apparently Fails in Flight
  55. Poetry from the Space Station
  56. Hubble Reveals Curious Auroras on Uranus
  57. Thin Skinned and Wrinkled, Mercury is Full of Surprises
  58. Intelligent Alien Dinosaurs?
  59. See Big and Bright Saturn at Opposition This Weekend
  60. Scientists Suggest Evidence of Recent Lunar Volcanism
  61. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast – April 16-22, 2012
  62. New Evidence For Fomalhaut Planets
  63. NanoRacks and CASIS Put Research on the Universe’s Front Porch
  64. Shuttle Discovery Mated to 747 Carrier for her Final Flight to Smithsonian Home
  65. Beautiful Image: The Moon as Seen from the Space Station
  66. Top 10 Really Cool Infrared Images from Spitzer
  67. Cassini Slips Through Enceladus’ Spray
  68. Carnival of Space #245
  69. The Sun Spits Out a Coronal Mass Ejection
  70. Big Blast from the Sun
  71. Discovery Poised for Final Takeoff on April 17
  72. Special New Panorama Celebrates Hubble’s 22nd Anniversary
  73. Gallery: Discovery Leaves Kennedy Space Center for the Final Time
  74. Dust Shells Seen for the First Time Around Dying Stars
  75. Rogue Planets Can Find Homes Around Other Stars
  76. Shuttle Discovery Flies Over Washington D.C. to New Home
  77. Discovery Does Dulles & DC
  78. Is This The Last Image From Envisat?
  79. How to Capture a Dragon in Space
  80. The Case of the Missing Dark Matter
  81. JUICE to Jupiter Could Be ESA’s Next Major Science Mission
  82. Get Great Astronomy Apps and Support Astronomers Without Borders
  83. Grab a seat for the Celestial Lights Show!
  84. Watch it Rain on the Sun
  85. How Big Was Monday’s CME?
  86. Demating Discovery for Smithsonian Welcome
  87. NASA Wants Your Help in Finding Asteroids
  88. Cosmic Rays: They Aren’t What We Thought They Were
  89. African Lake Has a Twin on Titan
  90. Features on Mars Erased From Existence
  91. ‘Seeing’ Cosmic Rays in Space
  92. Discovery Enters Eternal Smithsonian Home as Historic Relic
  93. Discovery & Enterprise – Historic Nose to Nose Shuttle Image
  94. MESSENGER Reveals Mercury’s Colors
  95. Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks April 21/22, 2012
  96. ESA’s Ailing Envisat Imaged by Another Earth Orbiting Satellite
  97. Enterprise Strapped atop 747 and Delights Dulles Airport Flyers
  98. Earth Day Timelapse
  99. Captain Kirk Hails the Space Station
  100. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: April 23-29, 2012
  101. Earthrise, Revisited
  102. Stunning Timelapse: Range of Light
  103. Join the Million Crater Challenge
  104. Carnival of Space #246
  105. Glittering ‘Mini-Jets’ Found in Saturn’s Curious F-Ring
  106. SpaceX Launch to Space Station Delayed
  107. Astronomy Cast, Ep: 258: Viking Landers
  108. The Family that Went to the Moon
  109. The Best of Hubble: 22 Years of Amazing Images
  110. Planetary Resources Group Wants to Mine Asteroids
  111. Question About Space Weather? NASA Scientists Have Answers
  112. Planetary Resources: The Video
  113. Lunar Satellite Reveals Apollo 16 Remains
  114. Fireball Over California Exploded with Force of 5 Kilotons
  115. Spitzer Spots Two Galaxies in One
  116. Enterprise Ferryflight to NYC tentatively set for April 27
  117. Newly Discovered Satellite Galaxies: Another Blow Against Dark Matter?
  118. Ancient Asteroids Kept Pelting Earth in a ‘Late-Late’ Heavy Bombardment
  119. Magnify the Universe
  120. Dawn Reveals More of Vesta’s Secrets
  121. Behind the Scenes of SOFIA – The World’s Most Unique Observatory
  122. Antarctica’s Ice Being Eaten Away From Below
  123. Recent Fireball Seen in Brazil Was Actually Re-Entering Centaur Rocket
  124. Meteorite Hunters Find Fragments from the Recent ‘Daytime Fireball’ in California
  125. Outer Space – Mind Blowing Video from Jupiter and Saturn
  126. We Really Hope ET is Out There, But There’s Not Enough Scientific Evidence, Researche
  127. Weird Swirly Features Found on Mars
  128. How Small Are Atoms?
  129. Enterprise “GO” for Big Apple Fly Over on April 27 – Viewing Guide in NYC
  130. Cassini Exposes Phoebe As More Planet Than Moon
  131. The Mystery of Venus’ Ashen Light
  132. Astrophoto: Galaxies Galore!
  133. Expedition 30 Crew Returns to Earth Safely
  134. Enterprise Arrives at the Big Apple
  135. Blast from the Past: First Launch Ever from Cape Canaveral
  136. Surprise Shuttle Landing Video!
  137. Millions Mesmerized by Shuttle Enterprise over Freedom’s Beacon in New York
  138. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: April 30-May 6, 2012
  139. SpaceX Falcon 9 Set for Critical Engine Test Firing on Monday, April 30
  140. Carnival of Space #247
  141. Stunning Astrophoto: Aurora Explosion of Color
  142. Video from the April 29th Virtual Star Party
  143. Chandra Witnesses Big Blast from an Old Black Hole
  144. SpaceX Static Test Fire a Success
  145. OMG Space
  146. View from Orbit of a Huge White Sands Dust Storm
  147. NASA’s STEREO Spacecraft Spots a New Nova
  148. What a Space Shuttle Launch REALLY Sounded Like
  149. Viewing Alert: New Interview Series with Neil Armstrong
  150. Video: NASA’s Pursuit of Light and Big Science
  151. Fragments of Meteorite Worth Their Weight in Gold
  152. Chaos and Education at 120,000 feet for Camilla the Rubber Chicken
  153. Hundreds of Rogue Stars Found Just Outside the Milky Way
  154. Cassini’s Last Flyby of Enceladus Until 2015
  155. Astronomy Cast Episode 259: Resolution
  156. Where All The Hottest Stars Gather
  157. Beautiful, Glowing Dust in Orion
  158. ESA Turns On The JUICE For New Jupiter Mission
  159. Black Holes are More Like Venus Fly Traps than Vacuum Cleaners
  160. Supermoon This Weekend
  161. Enceladus On Display In Newest Images From Cassini
  162. It’s Time to Welcome Night Shining Clouds
  163. Will This Be The End Of The Earth?
  164. SAM: NASA’s Attempt to Repeat Viking’s Search for Martian Organics
  165. Scientists Set Their Sights on Arctic Ice Loss
  166. 2012 Venus Transit – The Countdown Is On!
  167. Weekly Space Hangout – May 3, 2012
  168. Exploration at its Finest: Cassini Visits Dione
  169. Moon Craters 3-D!
  170. ‘Jetman’ Flies Again
  171. See Soundwaves in Space
  172. How the Hubble Telescope Will Look at the Moon to See Venus Transit the Sun
  173. The Secret Origin Story of Brown Dwarfs
  174. Next Generation Military Communications Satellite Launched for US Air Force
  175. The View From Freedom 7
  176. Super Moon? How About a Super Sun!
  177. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast – May 7-13, 2012
  178. Your ‘Supermoon’ Images from Around the World
  179. Take a Peek Inside Curiosity’s Shell
  180. Carnival of Space #248
  181. Earth Has Less Water Than You Think
  182. SpaceX Dragon Launch Slides to May 19
  183. The Bright and Dark Side of Vesta’s Craters
  184. Searching for Exoplanet Oceans More Challenging Than First Thought
  185. More Evidence of Mars’ Watery Past
  186. Light From a ‘SuperEarth’ Detected for the First Time
  187. Alien Life May Not Be So Alien – If It Exists At All
  188. Buy Some Eclipse Glasses for the Upcoming Annular Eclipse or Venus Transit
  189. We Are In This Universe; The Universe Is In Us
  190. M55 — Or a Swarm of Angry Bees?
  191. What Does Conan O’Brien Think About Space Exploration?
  192. A Call to Action: We Must Explore
  193. Herschel Telescope Peers into the Glow of Cygnus X
  194. Rogue Planets Could Drive By And Scoop Up Life
  195. Surprise! IBEX Finds No Bow ‘Shock’ Outside our Solar System
  196. End of the World Averted: New Archeological Find Proves Mayan Calendar Doesn’t End
  197. Fly Over Vesta’s Cratered Terrain with Dawn
  198. Asterisms: Signposts in the Sky
  199. From Russia With Love: A Singularly Stunning Image of Earth
  200. By Thor’s Mighty Hemet!
  201. Engineer Thinks We Could Build a Real Starship Enterprise in 20 Years
  202. A New Angle on Titan
  203. Endeavour Unplugged – Last Picture Show from the Flight Deck of a Living Space Shuttl
  204. Big Sunspot; Little Chinese Space Station
  205. The End Of Envisat
  206. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: May 14-20, 2012
  207. Carnival of Space #249
  208. Astrophoto: Meteor Fireball Passing through the Milky Way
  209. Timelapse: Shuttle Enterprise Removed from 747 Aircraft
  210. A Sword of Stars
  211. Warhol Crater Gets Its 15 Minutes of Fame
  212. You Just Got a Haircut from Asteroid 2012 JU
  213. Vote for the Curiosity Rover to Become a Lego Toy
  214. Former Astronaut Criticizes NASA’s Current Course
  215. Expedition 31 Blasts Off!
  216. Crowdsourcing the Hunt for Potentially Dangerous Asteroids
  217. Rocket Man Elton John Sings Greetings to the ISS
  218. Space Exploration By Robot Swarm
  219. Is Earth Alive? Scientists Seek Sulfur For An Answer
  220. The Most Profitable Asteroid Is…
  221. Opportunity Roving Mars Once Again
  222. See the Winners of the Earth & Sky Photo Contest
  223. Beautiful Night Launch for Ariane 5
  224. 4,700 Asteroids Want to Kill You
  225. The Big Dipper Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!
  226. Asteroid 2012 KA to Buzz Earth on May 17
  227. Meet MIRI, Infrared Camera for Webb Telescope
  228. Venus Transit — There’s an App for That!
  229. New Crew Arrives at Space Station
  230. Stunning Timelapse of Planet Earth from Elektro-L
  231. How Do The Biggest Telescopes Work?
  232. An Anti-Gravity User Interface
  233. Watch How Life Recovers from Devastation
  234. JPL Wants To FINESSE Info From Exoplanets
  235. Donate, Become a Member, Don’t See Ads
  236. Ring of Fire! Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20
  237. SpaceX says All Systems GO for Historic May 19 Blast Off to ISS
  238. Family Guy Creator To Bring Back COSMOS
  239. How Big Are Sunspots?
  240. Can You Find a Hubble Hidden Treasure?
  241. Watch Jupiter as a ‘Space Invader’
  242. The Awesome Complexity of Hypersonic Flight
  243. What Will Happen During Tomorrow’s SpaceX Launch:
  244. Launch Day Timeline for SpaceX’s Dragon
  245. Doomed Mercury-Sized Exoplanet May Be Turning to Dust
  246. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Poised at Pad to Open New Space Era
  247. T-0 Launch Abort for Dragon
  248. Meteor Shower Timelapse Seen from the Space Station
  249. On The Hunt For High-Altitude Microorganisms
  250. SpaceX Engineers Race to Repair Engines for May 22 Launch