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  1. NASA To Launch The Finest Mirrors Ever Made
  2. Things on the Sun: Zipper, Airplane and Spots
  3. Wildfire Smoke is Visible Even at Night from Space
  4. Life and Death in a Tangled Web of Space
  5. Mysterious Sounds Made by the Aurora Borealis
  6. The Return of the Rings!
  7. Podcast: Energy
  8. Carnival of Space #257
  9. Sifting Starlight, Finding New Worlds
  10. Cassini Spots Surprising Swirls Above Titan’s South Pole
  11. Astrophotos: Monster Sunspot Evolution
  12. The Moon Is Toxic
  13. Dark Galaxies Found from the Early Universe
  14. Fifth Moon Found Around Pluto
  15. Hubble Spies Tiny, Ancient ‘Ghost Galaxies’
  16. Virgin Galactic Announces New Satellite Launcher
  17. A Shimmering, Simmering Sunspot
  18. Dawn’s Vestan Endeavour Exceptionally Exciting near End of Year Long Super Science Su
  19. Space Junk: Ideas for Cleaning up Earth Orbit
  20. Design for a Long Duration, Deep Space Mission Habitat
  21. Don Pettit: Astronaut, Mr. Science, Space Gardner and Astrophotographer Extraordinair
  22. Sunspot 1520 Fires a Flare
  23. Rethinking the Source of Earth’s Water
  24. Latest from Mars: Massive Polar Ice Cliffs, Northern Dunes, Gullied Craters
  25. Dark Matter Filaments Bind Galaxies Together
  26. Stunning Starry Nights of Lincoln Harrison
  27. Incoming! CME On Its Way Toward Earth
  28. The Audacity to Dream
  29. Is this the biggest space forum on the net?
  30. Expedition 32 Crew Lifts Off
  31. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: July 16-22, 2012
  32. Spectacular Views: The Moon Occults Jupiter
  33. Full Moon, 2012
  34. Carnival of Space #258
  35. Podcast: Mass
  36. Prelude to an X-Class Solar Flare
  37. This Day in History: Launch of Apollo 11
  38. Problems with Mars Odyssey Could Impact Telemetry for Curiosity Rover’s Landing
  39. New Crew Welcomed Aboard the Space Station
  40. Postcards From The (Inner) Edge
  41. Barnstorming the Moon’s Giordano Crater
  42. CosmoQuest Offering Online Astronomy Course
  43. Shimmering Aurora Australis Timelapse
  44. Looking Into the Heart of a Quasar
  45. Case Closed on the Pioneer Anomaly
  46. Historic SpaceX Dragon Docking to ISS – Highlights Video
  47. Oldest Spiral Galaxy in the Universe Discovered
  48. Why Doesn’t Earth Have More Water?
  49. Bolt from the Blue: Giant Flash of Lightning Seen in Saturn’s Storm
  50. CGI Movie From 1963 Shows Satellite Orbit
  51. Nearby Magma Exoplanet is Smaller Than Earth
  52. Moving Timelapse: Within Two Worlds
  53. Aurora Over Antarctica: a “Teardrop From Heaven”
  54. Exoplanet Gliese 581g Makes the Top 5
  55. Video: The Journeys of Apollo
  56. A Space-Time Crystal to Outlive the Universe
  57. The First Photo From The Moon
  58. Watch A Near Earth Asteroid Zoom By
  59. Brazilian Band Soars to New Heights with a NASA-Inspired Video
  60. Japanese Cargo Ship Launches to Space Station
  61. Universe Today’s First Android App – Phases of the Moon
  62. Independent Filmmaker Wants to Kickstart America’s Space Program
  63. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: July 23-29, 2012
  64. An Orbital Adagio: Nighttime Views from the ISS
  65. HI-C Returns Most Detailed Images Ever of the Sun’s Corona
  66. The Top 5 “Earth as Art” Images, Thanks to Landsat
  67. Hypersonic Inflatable Heat Sheild Tested Successfully
  68. Flashback: 1978 NASA Film Shows Viking Discoveries
  69. Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space, Passes Away
  70. Carnival of Space #259
  71. Greenland Glacier Calves Another Huge Ice Island
  72. Will Curiosity Look for Life on Mars? Not Exactly…
  73. Solar Powered Airplane Makes First Intercontinental Round-trip Flight
  74. Passing Through – A Beautiful Iceland Timelapse
  75. Astrophoto: On the Lookout for the Milky Way
  76. Canada Unveils its Contributions to the JWST
  77. “Where In The Universe Challenge” Returns!
  78. Skydiver Baumgartner Takes Test Jump from 30 kilometers
  79. Mercury’s Many Colors
  80. Beneath the Mask, Titan looks Surprisingly Smooth and Youthful
  81. Bright Stars Don’t Like to Be Alone
  82. DARPA Moving Ahead with Building Zombie Frankensatellites
  83. Answer Now Posted for the WITU Challenge
  84. Europe’s Plans to Visit the Moon in 2018
  85. Guest Post: Our Explosive Sun
  86. Win a Copy of “Our Explosive Sun”
  87. Flags Still Standing at Several Apollo Landing Sites on the Moon
  88. Fish in Space: Space Station Gets an Aquarium
  89. Japanese HTV-3 Berthed to International Space Station
  90. T Minus 9 Days – Mars Orbiters Now in Place to Relay Critical Curiosity Landing Signa
  91. The Most Epic Curiosity Countdown Clock
  92. NASA Making Strides with the New Space Launch System
  93. Progress Supply Ship Re-docks to ISS After Abort
  94. Curiosity Completes Crucial Course Correction – 1 Week from Mars !
  95. Hubble’s View of Messier 68: Like Diamonds in the Sky
  96. Red-Shirt Risk: How Likely Is It That You’ll Die?
  97. Curiosity’s Grand Entrance with Star Trek’s William Shatner and Wil Wheaton – Video D
  98. A Crinkle in the Wrinkle of Space-time
  99. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: July 30 – August 5, 2012
  100. Carnival of Space #260
  101. Inspiring Video: The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck
  102. Astrophoto: Milky Way Over the Bungle Bungles by Mike Salway
  103. Join Universe Today’s Live Webcast of the Curiosity Rover Landing
  104. What Will Curiosity’s “View” Be as it Approaches the Red Planet?
  105. Tranquil Galaxy is Home to Violent Events
  106. Stunning Astrophoto: Road to the Stars by Jack Fusco
  107. Curious About Curiosity’s Chemistry Mission?
  108. Quick and Curious Facts About the Mars Science Laboratory Mission
  109. Google’s 5 Most Memorable Space Doodles
  110. Mars in a Minute: How Hard is it to Land Curiosity on Mars?
  111. 4 Days to Mars: Curiosity activates Entry, Descent and Landing Timeline – EDL Infogr
  112. CINEMA and the Cube-Shaped Future of Space Science
  113. Progress Resupply Ship Takes Fast-Track to ISS, Arriving 6 Hours After Launch
  114. Comedian Stephen Colbert Talks with NASA’s John Grunsfeld About Curiosity Rover Landi
  115. Take a Virtual Visit to Kennedy Space Center Via Google Maps
  116. Reminiscent of Apollo, Australian Facilities Will Receive First Signals of Curiosity
  117. Data from Black Hole’s Edge Provides New Test of Relativity
  118. HiRISE Camera to Attempt Imaging Curiosity’s Descent to Mars
  119. 3 Days to Red Planet Touchdown – Watch the Harrowing Video of Car-Sized Curiosity Car
  120. Incredible View of Curiosity Rover’s Landing Site
  121. Zoom into an Ancient and Fractured Martian Landscape
  122. NASA Announces Winners in Commercial Crew Funding; Which Company Will Get to Space Fi
  123. Curiosity Precisely on Course at T Minus 48 Hours till a ‘Priceless Asset’ Lands on M
  124. A Creative New Concept for Funding Space Exploration and Astronomy
  125. When Will We Hear From Curiosity?
  126. When are the First Pictures Expected from Curiosity
  127. Curiosity’s Target Martian Destination
  128. Super Bowl of Planetary Exploration – Great Convergence of Spacecraft for Curiosity M
  129. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: August 6-12, 2012
  130. Watch Live! Virtual Landing Party for the Curiosity Lander
  131. Welcome to Mars! Curiosity Rover Lands Successfully!
  132. Watch the Nail-biting 7 Minutes of Terror in JPL’s Mission Control
  133. Long Live American Curiosity – Now We Start Exploring Mars
  134. President Obama Hails NASA Curiosity rover landing on Mars
  135. “Nailed It!” HiRISE Captures Incredible Image of Curiosity’s Descent to Mars
  136. Curiosity’s Awesome Landing “Trailer”
  137. Huge Solar Filament Stretches Across the Sun
  138. Curiosity’s Dramatic MARDI Descent Movie
  139. Sir Bernard Lovell, 1913 to 2012
  140. Curiosity Beams 1st Color Image from Mars
  141. Winds of Change at the Edge of the Solar System
  142. Rover, Sky Crane, Heat Shield and Parachute Located from Orbit by HiRISE
  143. A Brand New “Blue Marble” View of Earth
  144. A Glimpse of Old Cape Kennedy
  145. Mount Sharp on Mars: 1st 2-D and 3-D Views of Curiosity’s Ultimate Mountian Goal
  146. A Panorama of Curiosity’s Surroundings
  147. Ironic Science Reality: Flying Saucers on Mars from Earth
  148. See the “Martian Triangle” in the Sky Tonight!
  149. Neil Armstrong Recovering from Heart Surgery
  150. Amazing Sharper View of MSL Hanging by its Parachute
  151. Take a Flight Through Our Universe, Thanks to New 3-D Map of the Sky
  152. Curiosity raises Mast and snaps 1st Self Portrait and 1st 360 Panorama
  153. Incredible View of an Active Region on the Sun
  154. Curiosity and the Mojave Desert of Mars – Panorama from Gale Crater
  155. Morpheus Lander Crashes and Burns
  156. Curiosity’s First 360-Degree Color Panorama
  157. New Stunning ISS Time-lapse: Earth Illuminated
  158. Easiest Guide Ever to Watching the Perseid Meteor Shower
  159. Schweickart: Private Asteroid Mission is for the Benefit of Humanity
  160. Chasing The Little Prince in New York City
  161. A contributors page on UT?
  162. Mystery Blur in Mars Image Explained
  163. Curiosity sees Mount Sharp Up Close and gets ‘Brain Transplant’
  164. Astrophoto: Ptolemy’s Cluster by Sky Viking
  165. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: August 13-19, 2012
  166. Astrophotos: The 2012 Perseid Meteor Shower from Around the World
  167. President Obama Calls with Congratulations for Mars Science Laboratory Team
  168. A Star’s Dying Scream May Be a Beacon for Physics
  169. New Satellites Will Tighten Knowledge of Earth’s Radiation Belts
  170. “The Hobbit” Author Gets a Crater on Mercury
  171. Carnival of Space #262
  172. Curiosity Getting Ready to Rove
  173. Physicists Closing in on Understanding the Primordial Universe
  174. What Curiosity Looks Like From 200 Kilometers Up
  175. Two “b”‘s in the Beehive
  176. A 360-Degree ‘Street View’ From Mars
  177. Curiosity Wheels Initial Rove in a Week on Heels of Science Success
  178. Rocket Run: Compete in a Unique Triathlon at Kennedy Space Center
  179. Curiosity’s Landing Through the Eyes of One of Her 3,000 Builders
  180. Treasure Hunt for Cassini Reveals Tiny Moon Atlas
  181. X-51 Waverider ‘Scramjet’ Test Flight Fails
  182. Captains, Cylons and Wizard World Chicago
  183. More Entertaining Curiosity Landing Videos
  184. Star Clusters on a Clandestine Collision Course
  185. Celestial Dreaming in a Bit of Pipe Smoke
  186. Captain Kirk’s Future Small-Town Beginnings
  187. Which Planet is This? A Gale Crater Doppelganger
  188. Historic Images: Two Space Shuttles Together
  189. Astrovideo: Klingon Bird of Prey Attacks Venus!
  190. Scientists Find Clues of Plate Tectonics on Mars
  191. NASA’s Mighty Eagle Takes Flight; Finds Its Target
  192. US Astronomy Facing Severe Budget Cuts and Facility Closures
  193. Masten’s Xombie Tests a Mars EDL-type Trajectory
  194. What If All of Kepler’s Exoplanets Orbited the Same Star?
  195. Spectacular ‘Sideways Glance’ of Mt. Sharp in Gale Crater
  196. Mohawk Guy Provides Update on Curiosity Rover
  197. Two New Videos Show Curiosity’s Touchdown and Heat Shield Hitting Mars
  198. First Full (Raw) View of Mt. Sharp from Curiosity
  199. 1st Laser Firing and 1st Motion Imminent for Curiosity
  200. Curiosity Blasts 1st Mars Rock with Powerful Laser Zapper
  201. Sweeping Panoramic Vista of Mount Sharp and Gale Crater from Curiosity
  202. Desert RATS Begin Simulated Asteroid Mission Today
  203. Shrimp with a Side of Space History: Visiting Lovell’s of Lake Forest
  204. Look at the Size of that Thing – A Close Look at Odysseus Crater
  205. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: August 20-26, 2012
  206. Chasing Gene Cernan’s Childhood — and Apollo Years
  207. Seeking the Moon’s Rare Atmosphere
  208. Mars Lander Wins Out for 2016 Mission Over Titan Boat and Comet Hopper
  209. A First: Star Caught in the Act of Devouring a Planet
  210. Curiosity’s Sundial Carries a Message of Hope
  211. Video: What Would Mars Look Like to an Astronaut in Orbit?
  212. Chasing Atlantis: An Upcoming Film about the Shuttle’s Legacy
  213. Timelapse: Star Trails in Portugal
  214. Carnival of Space #263
  215. Shields Up! ISS Spacewalkers Install New Micrometeorite Shields
  216. Astrophoto: Sky Island by Sean Parker
  217. Curiosity Takes Aim at Martian Destination – Mount Sharp
  218. Want To Live On Mars Time? There’s An App For That
  219. Take a Look Through Curiosity’s ChemCam
  220. Watch Curiosity’s First Movements
  221. Curiosity’s Descent Video in Amazing, Incredible HD Quality
  222. Image: Curiosity’s First Wheel Tracks on Mars
  223. Lunar and Planetary Conjunction on August 21, 2012
  224. First Drive for Curiosity Rover an “Historic” Moment
  225. Behind the Scenes of Curiosity’s Landing Night
  226. Found: Two ‘Exact Matches’ to the Milky Way Galaxy
  227. XCOR to Move Operations Near Kennedy Space Center
  228. On the Hunt for High-Speed Sprites
  229. How Planetary Resource’s Asteroid Search Could Help Find Exoplanets
  230. With Proposed Cuts, Can the US Continue to be a Leader in Astronomy? Q & A with NOAO
  231. What Are The Radiation Belts?
  232. SpaceX’s Next Cargo Run to Space Station in October
  233. Telescope Review: Optics Planet Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ Refractor Telescope
  234. Reminder: Help Uwingu Begin a New Way to Fund Space Exploration
  235. Multiple Dinosaur Tracks Confirmed at NASA Center
  236. Hubble’s Hidden Treasures Unveiled
  237. JPL’s Adam Steltzner Narrates Curiosity’s Landing Choreography
  238. NASA Looking at Dozens of Advanced Technology Concepts
  239. Bradbury Landing in Stunning Color and 3-D
  240. Video: Curiosity Rover Report from JPL
  241. Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Dies at 82
  242. Watch Neil Armstrong’s First Steps on the Moon
  243. Reactions to the Death of Neil Armstrong
  244. Winking at the Moon in Memory of Neil Armstrong
  245. Neil Armstrong; 1st Human on the Moon – Tributes and Photo Gallery
  246. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: August 27-September 2, 2012
  247. Blue Moon This Week
  248. A New Species of Type Ia Supernova?
  249. Take a Trip to Explore Gale Crater
  250. Virtual Star Party – Neil Armstrong Edition