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  1. Walk on the Moon with Neil Armstrong in an Interactive Panorama
  2. Today’s APOD: Curiosity on Mars
  3. Curiosity Sends Back Incredible Hi-Res Views of Mt. Sharp
  4. Satellites Keep Track of Hurricane Isaac
  5. Effects of Einstein’s Elusive Gravity Waves Observed
  6. Let’s Send Neil Back To The Moon
  7. Hot Dog! WISE Finds a Bounty of Black Holes
  8. Mars Trek begins for Curiosity
  9. NASA Launches Twin Probes to Study Earth’s Radiation Belts
  10. What Has the Kuiper Belt Taught Us About The Solar System?
  11. Changing Hues Signal Transition of Seasons at Saturn
  12. Curiosity’s Laser Leaves Its Mark
  13. Researchers Send Mars Some Radar Love
  14. Opportunity Rover Tops 35 Kilometers of Driving
  15. Dramatic New Video Brings You to the Dazzling Lunar Surface
  16. On to Ceres: Dawn Spacecraft Ready to Say Farewell to Asteroid Vesta
  17. Was Last Night’s Moon Blue for You?
  18. Spectacular Filament Eruption on the Sun Captured by SDO
  19. Sharing Memories of Neil Armstrong – Photo Gallery
  20. Carnival of Space #265
  21. Astrophoto: Milky Way from Onizuka Astronomy Center, Hawaii
  22. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: September 3-9, 2012
  23. Life from Mars could have ‘polluted’ Earth: Krauss
  24. Remember: You Can Always Remove the Ads from Universe Today
  25. Win a Hubble Photograph, Now Through September 16
  26. Students: Asteroid 1999 RQ36 Needs a New Name!
  27. Watch This: Solar Prominence Achieves Liftoff
  28. Timelapse from Thierry Legault: One Night on the Pic-du-Midi Observatory
  29. Bradbury Landing on Mars Chronicled in 3-D
  30. Phases of the Moon App for iPhone and Android
  31. Huge Eruption on the Sun Revisited in Spectacular HD
  32. Comet Pan-STARRS: How Bright Will it Get?
  33. See Armstrong’s Hands and Eyes on the Moon
  34. NASA’s Colossal Crawler Gets Souped-Up for SLS
  35. Curiosity on the Move! HiRISE Spies Rover Tracks on Mars
  36. Is Triton Hiding an Underground Ocean?
  37. Endeavour to Take to the Skies One Last Time
  38. JPL’s Torture Chamber for Spacecraft
  39. Curiosity Snaps Evocative Self Portrait
  40. Beautiful Timelapse: Purely Pacific Northwest
  41. An Inside Look at Curiosity’s Inner Workings
  42. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: September 10-16, 2012
  43. Clay Deposits Don’t Prove Existence of Ancient Martian Lakes
  44. An Awesome View of Curiosity’s Tummy
  45. Virtual Star Party for Sep. 9, 2012 – Neptune and Uranus Edition
  46. Carnival of Space #266
  47. Could Dust Devils Create Methane in Mars’ Atmosphere?
  48. Possible Subterranean Life Means More Exoplanets Could Harbor Life
  49. STEREO Spots a CME Soaring Into Space
  50. Holy Galaxify Batman! Galaxy Zoo Allows Users to Put Their Name in Big Lights
  51. Viewing Alert: Jupiter May Have Been Impacted by a Fireball
  52. A Memorial to 9/11… on Mars
  53. Wanted: Asteroid Mappers to Help Scientists Delve Through Data from Dawn
  54. Dawn’s Parting Shots of Vesta
  55. Watch Jupiter Get Hit in the Original HD Video
  56. It Only Happens on Mars: Carbon Dioxide Snow is Falling on the Red Planet
  57. A Jodrell Odyssey – Part 2 – The Observatory
  58. A Cosmic Flying Pencil — with Hair!
  59. 50 Years Ago Today, We Chose to Go to the Moon
  60. Sputtering: How Mars May Have Lost Its Atmosphere
  61. Endeavour’s Cross-Country Final Piggyback Ride Arrives at Kennedy
  62. Opportunity Rover Finds Intriguing New Spherules at Cape York
  63. The Unusually Colossal Kepler Supernova
  64. The Moon from Earth As You’ve Never Seen it Before
  65. Asteroid 2012 QG42 Zooms by Earth Tonight — Watch Live!
  66. Say Ahhh to Mars
  67. Weekly Space Hangout – Sep. 13, 2012
  68. In Fact It’s Cold As Hell: Mars Isn’t As Earthlike As It Might Look
  69. Sonic-Powered Levitation Allows for Zero-G Drug Research
  70. Neil Armstrong Remembered in Memorial Service
  71. Satellite View of Guatemalan Volcano Erupting
  72. Farewell to a Hero: Photos From Armstrong’s Burial at Sea
  73. Shuttle Endeavour mated to Jumbo Jet for Final Flight
  74. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast – September 17-23, 2012
  75. Expedition 32 Lands Safely in Kazakhstan
  76. Astrophoto: Stunning Starscape by Sean Parker
  77. Virtual Star Party, Sep. 16, 2012: The Dark Time Edition
  78. Curiosity Captures a Martian Eclipse
  79. First Images in a New Hunt for Dark Energy
  80. Manhattan-Sized Ice Island Heads Out to Sea
  81. NASA Probes Play the Music of Earth’s Magnetosphere
  82. 35 Years Ago: Our First Family Portrait of the Earth and Moon
  83. Planets Found in a Cluster of Buzzing Stars
  84. Timelapse: Space Shuttle Endeavour Mated to 747
  85. Using Gravity to Peer into the Most Violent Places in the Universe: Colliding Black H
  86. Endeavour Poised for Final Takeoff on Sept. 19
  87. Carnival of Space #267
  88. Award-Winning Short Film is Set on an Exoplanet
  89. NASA’s Tribute to Sally Ride
  90. Adrenaline Rush: Standing on the Edge of a Spewing Volcano
  91. SETI Astronomer Jill Tarter Recalls ‘Contact,’ 15 Years On
  92. Did a Killer Asteroid Drive the Planet Into An Ice Age?
  93. Early Galaxy Found from the Cosmic ‘Dark Ages’
  94. Fires in the Sky: Aurorae and Meteor Photo by Ole Salomonsen
  95. Astrophoto: A Well-Rounded Glow
  96. Gaia Mission Passes Vital Tests
  97. The Universe Shines for Astronomy Photographer of the Year Winners
  98. Weekly Space Hangout – Sep. 20, 2012
  99. Dawn Finds Asteroid Vesta is Rich in Hydrogen
  100. Endeavour Departs Kennedy Forever for California Home
  101. Next SpaceX Launch to ISS Set for October 7
  102. Shuttle Endeavour Lands for the Final Time at Edwards Air Force Base
  103. Saturn Shows Off Its Shadow
  104. Astrophoto: Crescent Moon Crossing
  105. What Caused the Recent Explosion at Jupiter?
  106. Weird Mars Rock Has Interesting Back Story
  107. Space Shuttle Endeavour Flies Over Historic Golden Gate Bridge (and some chick’s hous
  108. Fireball Meteor or Re-Entering Satellite? “Something” Broke Up Over the UK on Friday
  109. So You Want to Look at the Moon?
  110. Final Push: Help Uwingu Create a New Concept for Funding Space Exploration and Astron
  111. Curiosity Shows Off Its Credentials
  112. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: September 24-30, 2012
  113. Fly Over California Alongside a Space Shuttle!
  114. Carnival of Space #268
  115. Work Begins on the World’s Largest Cosmic Ray Observatory
  116. Astronomers Discover Milky Way’s Hot Halo
  117. Virtual Star Party – Sep. 23, 2012: The Friendly Competition Edition
  118. Astrophoto: A Year of Mars Observations by Efrain Morales
  119. Want to Look Inside a Burning Rocket Engine?
  120. Finding Life in All the Unlikely, Unexpected Places
  121. A New, Automatic 3-D Moon
  122. Bringing You There: Final Shuttle Flyby Over Kennedy Space Center
  123. New ‘Sun-Skirting’ Comet Could Provide Dazzling Display in 2013
  124. Blowing a Super-duper Celestial Bubble
  125. Hubble Goes to the eXtreme in Stunning New Deepest View Ever of the Universe
  126. Will NASA Really Build a “Gateway” L-2 Moon Base?
  127. How Many Asteroids Are Out There?
  128. Guest Post: Comet Kerfuffle
  129. Study Looks at Making Asteroid Mining Viable
  130. Gape Slack-Jawed at this Amazing Video of Jupiter’s Rotation
  131. Red Bull Stratos Targets Oct. 8 for Record-Setting Freefall Attempt
  132. A Crescent Moon in the Martian Sky
  133. Take a Gander at a Cosmic Gull
  134. The Dust “Windshield Wiper” That Didn’t Go to Mars
  135. Space Debris Threat May Require Avoidance Maneuver for Space Station
  136. Researchers Present the Sharpest Image of Pluto Ever Taken from Earth
  137. Paddleboat Mission to Titan Proposed
  138. Planets in our Solar System May Have Formed in Fits and Starts
  139. Amateur Astronomer Creates Detailed Map of Ganymede
  140. Curiosity Finds Evidence of An Ancient Streambed on Mars
  141. Vesta’s Deep Grooves Could Be “Stretch Marks” From Impact
  142. Parallax Effect Charted in the 2012 Transit of Venus
  143. Astrophoto: The Crescent Nebula & Wolf Rayet Star by John Chumack
  144. Weekly Space Hangout – Sept. 27, 2012
  145. Peekaboo Sun: SDO’s Eclipse Season
  146. A River Ran Through It: Why Do They Think There Was Once Water on Mars?
  147. ESA’s Big Cargo Ship Departs from the Space Station
  148. Roving Curiosity at Work on Mars Searching for Ingredients of Life
  149. Pictures From T-86: Cassini’s Latest Flyby of Titan
  150. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: October 1-7, 2012
  151. Surprise! Hot Venus has a Cold Upper Atmosphere
  152. Watch Live: A Day in the Life of the Very Large Telescope
  153. Mercury’s Surface is Full of Sulfur
  154. Virtual Star Party – Sep. 30, 2012: Breaking the Rules Edition
  155. Astrophoto: Spectacular 22-Degree Sun Halo Over Kuala Lumpur
  156. Video: Why is the Sky Dark at Night?
  157. Year-Long Missions Could Be Added to Space Station Manifest
  158. Antares Commercial Rocket Reaches New Atlantic Coast Launch Pad
  159. What Happens When Supermassive Black Holes Merge?
  160. 36-Dish Australian Telescope Array Opens for Business
  161. Spitzer Provides Most Precise Measurement Yet of the Universe’s Expansion
  162. Hangout with Elon Musk
  163. How Much Would it Cost to Launch Your House into Space?
  164. Curiosity’s “Bootprint” on Mars
  165. Watch Live Webcast: What Does Hubble’s Deepest Image of the Universe Reveal?
  166. 1,000 mph Land Speed Record Car Fires Up Its Engines
  167. Astrophoto: Stunning Sun Halo Revisited
  168. Liftoff! Delta IV Launches Next Generation GPS Satellite
  169. Eye-Like Helix Nebula Turns Blue in New Image
  170. Two Stars Do a Short-Orbit Tango Around the Milky Way’s Black Hole
  171. Once in a Lifetime Image: Emperor Penguins Under the Aurora Australis
  172. Video: 55 Years of Space Exploration
  173. Rare X-Ray Nova Reveals a New Black Hole in the Milky Way
  174. Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 4, 2012
  175. Curiosity Set for 1st Martian Scooping at ‘Rocknest’ Ripple
  176. How to Steal a Space Shuttle
  177. Surreal Photos: CubeSats Launched from the Space Station
  178. Minute Physics: Real World Telekinesis
  179. Liftoff! SpaceX Launches First Official Commercial Resupply Mission to ISS
  180. Falcon 9 Experienced Engine Anomaly But Kept Going to Orbit
  181. Baumgartner in Final Preparations for Supersonic Freefall Attempt on October 9
  182. Scooping Mars – Shaken Not Stirred ! – Color Video
  183. Voyager 1 May Have Left the Solar System
  184. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: October 8-14, 2012
  185. Virtual Star Party – Oct. 7, 2012: West Coast Edition
  186. Recent UK Fireball Could Not Have “Skipped” Around the World, New Analysis Says
  187. Curiosity Finds…SOMETHING…on Martian Surface
  188. Last Night’s View: Skies Filled with Stunning Aurora
  189. Watch Live: Felix Baumgartner’s Record Breaking Jump Attempt
  190. The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, Explained
  191. Video: Searching for Life on Mars
  192. Shiny Object on Mars Update: Likely ‘Benign’ Plastic
  193. Monster Black Holes Lurk at the Edge of Time
  194. Book Review: The Half-Life of Facts; why everything we know has an expiration date
  195. Dragon Successfully Captured and Berthed at Space Station
  196. Dying Star Blows Surprising Spiral Bubble
  197. Singer Sarah Brightman Will be Next Space Tourist
  198. Record Breaking Freefall Attempt Won’t Be Until October 14
  199. BepiColombo – Mission to Mercury
  200. Nearby Exoplanet Could Be Covered With Diamond
  201. Huge Volcano Plume Seen from Space
  202. ORBCOMM Satellite Launched by Falcon 9 Has Fallen to Earth
  203. Stunning New Panorama Shows the Hazy Distant Hills of Mars
  204. Asteroid 2012 TC4 to Buzz Earth on October 12
  205. Can a New Camera Unravel the Nature of Dark Energy?
  206. Titan’s Surface the “Consistency of Soft, Damp Sand”
  207. Cookie Monster Crater on Mercury
  208. Why Did the Space Shuttle Cross the Road?
  209. What Happens When the Winds of Giant Stars Collide?
  210. Frost, Fire and Northern Lights in Iceland
  211. Watch Live: Felix Baumgartner’s Record Breaking Jump Attempt
  212. Baumgarter Survives Heart-Pounding, Record-Setting Freefall
  213. Thierry Legault: Moonbow and Meteor over Australia’s Wallaman Falls
  214. Baumgartner’s Record-Breaking Jump: Images and Video
  215. Weekend Aurora Gives Time for ‘Reflection’
  216. The Moon’s Water Comes From the Sun
  217. Citizen Planet Hunters Find a Planet in a Four-Star System
  218. Watch: Incredible Headcam Video from Felix’s Freefall
  219. Extreme Solar Systems: Why Aren’t We Finding Other Planetary Systems Like Our Own?
  220. Timeline: 15 Years of Cassini
  221. Carnival of Space #271
  222. Video: Space Station Reaches Warp Speed?
  223. Hubble Studies Dark Matter Filament in 3-D
  224. New Horizons May Need to ‘Bail Out’ to Dodge Debris, Rings and Moons in the Pluto Sys
  225. Next Door Neighbors? Earth-Sized Planet Discovered in Nearest Star System to Us
  226. Keeping an Earthly Eye on Io’s Insane Volcanic Activity
  227. Book Review: Information, Communication and Space Technology
  228. Isotopic Evidence of the Moon’s Violent Origins
  229. Endeavour’s 2-Day Drive Through LA in Less Than 3 Minutes
  230. Mars rover Scooping in Search of Pristine material at Rocknest
  231. Integral: Ten Years Tracking Extreme Radiation Across the Universe
  232. Uranus has Bizarre Weather
  233. Our Gorgeous, Graceful, Gradient Sun
  234. New ‘Shiny’ Objects Found by Curiosity Rover Are Likely Indigenous
  235. 2012 Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend
  236. Galactic Struggle Captured by Gemini Observatory
  237. Rover Update: Sample Delivered to On Board Lab
  238. Mars Sample Return Mission? Naaah… Just Beam Back Martian DNA
  239. Surprise! Galaxies Still Evolving in Present Universe
  240. Go Inside the Dragon Capsule with New Interactive Panorama
  241. Gorgeous Glenelg – ‘Promised Land’ Panorama on Mars
  242. Book Review: “Planetfall” by Michael Benson
  243. Notes from an Amateur Telescope Maker’s Journal, Part 1
  244. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: October 22-28, 2012
  245. Valles Marineris: The Grandest Canyon of All
  246. How Have the 2012 Doomsday Myths Become Part of our Accepted Lexicon?
  247. Gallery: The Next ISS Soyuz Rolls Out to the Launchpad
  248. Soyuz Launches New Crew to Space Station
  249. Cheops – A Little Satellite with Big Ideas
  250. Disco Sun: X-Class Flare Creates Strobe-Light Effect