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  1. Ancient Quasar Shines Brightly, But All the Galaxy’s Stars Are Missing
  2. Carnival of Space #272
  3. Incredible Astrophoto Mosaic: Via Láctea in Alentejo
  4. Zoom Through 84 Million Stars in Gigantic New 9-Gigapixel Image
  5. Dark Matter Halos May Contain Stars
  6. Astronomers Find Ultimate Oxymoron: A Small Supermassive Black Hole
  7. Here’s Your Chance to Scream in Space
  8. Soyuz Docks to Space Station with New Crew and 32 Fish
  9. Exploded Rocket Fragments Could Endanger ISS and Future Missions
  10. New Updates for our Mobile App: Phases of the Moon
  11. Satellite Views: Will Hurricane Sandy Turn into ‘Frankenstorm’?
  12. Giant “Invisible” Vortex Still Remains on Saturn Following Huge Storm
  13. Stirred, Not Shaken. Black Hole Antics Puff Up Whopper of a Galaxy
  14. On Again, Off Again Exoplanet Fomalhaut b is Back from the Dead
  15. Deflecting Incoming Asteroids with Paintballs
  16. Astrophoto: Polaris and Circumpolar Rotation in 30 Minutes
  17. NASA Satellite Sees Ghostly Remains of Vanishing Arctic Sea Ice
  18. Hurricane Sandy Barreling to Eastern Seaboard Menacing Millions
  19. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: October 29 – November 4, 2012
  20. SpaceX’s Dragon Splashes Down Safely
  21. Timelapse: Dragon’s Departure from the ISS
  22. Incredible Video of Sandy’s Swirling Progression
  23. Astrophoto: Just in Time for Halloween: Orion’s Bloody Massacre
  24. Could the Next Planetary Rover Come from Canada?
  25. Astronomers Uncover a Crime of Galactic Proportions
  26. Video: Hurricane Sandy Seen by Space Station Astronauts
  27. Virtual Star Party – Oct. 28, 2012: Hurricane Sandy Edition
  28. Satellites Provide 3-D Views and More of Hurricane Sandy
  29. Space-O-Lanterns: 7 Minutes of Terror/Dragon Edition
  30. Astrophoto: Spooky Fingers Reach Out into Space
  31. Curiosity Rover Makes First X-Ray Analysis of Martian Soil
  32. From Eternity to Here: The Amazing Origin of our Species (in 90 Seconds)
  33. Beautiful Star Cluster is Surprisingly Youthful
  34. Zoom Zoom! Progress Ship Goes from Launch to Docking in 6 Hours
  35. Notes from an Amateur Telescope Maker’s Journal, Part 2
  36. Minute Physics: Why E=mc² is Incomplete
  37. Curiosity Rover Takes an Incredible Self-Portrait
  38. Vesta Looks Forever Young
  39. Fermi Measures Light from All the Stars That Have Ever Existed
  40. Could Plasma Jet Thrusters Kickstart Interplanetary Travel?
  41. Timelapse of Hurricane Sandy, Satellite Views October 23-31, 2012
  42. The Curiosity Rover’s Ultimate Self-Portrait
  43. Huge New ESA Tracking Station is Ready for Duty
  44. Rare Supernova Pair are Most Distant Ever
  45. You Need Just the Right Amount of Killer Asteroids to Promote Complex Life
  46. SpaceX’s 10-Story Re-useable Grasshopper Rocket Takes a Bigger Hop
  47. Hurricanes, Transporters and Grand Openings: Busy Week for Retired Space Shuttles
  48. ‘Chasing Atlantis’ Film Launches Fundraising Campaign
  49. Cassini Discovers Titan’s Glowing Atmosphere
  50. Spectacular 360-Degree 3-D Panorama from Apollo 16
  51. Virtual Star Party – Nov. 4, 2012: The Blue Snowball Edition
  52. Say Hello to Asteroid 2007 PA8
  53. How Today’s Election Could Affect the Kansas Cosmosphere
  54. Podcast: Orbit
  55. Carnival of Space #274
  56. Phases of the Moon: Now on iPad
  57. The Milky Way’s Black Hole Shoots Out Brightest Flare Ever
  58. Kansas Cosmosphere Vote Passes on Election Night
  59. Want to Name an Exoplanet? Uwingu Has a Plan
  60. Curiosity Celebrates 90 Sols Scooping Mars and Snapping Amazing Self-Portrait with Mo
  61. Astronomers Find Tantalizing Hints of a Potentially Habitable Exoplanet
  62. Space for the Cost of a Movie Ticket
  63. Book Review: About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang
  64. Remembering Carl Sagan
  65. Do a Doubletake: Jupiter and Europa
  66. Radiation Belt Mission Renamed to Honor James Van Allen
  67. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: November 12-18, 2012
  68. Carnival of Space #275
  69. This is Awesome: U.S. Space Team’s “Up Goer Five”
  70. Swirling Vortex and Mini Moons: Spectacular Views of the Little Things Around Saturn
  71. Curiosity Rover Update: Sniffing Mars’ Atmosphere
  72. Here There Be Planets: Stellar Disk Gap May Reveal Newborn Worlds
  73. A Primer on Cosmic Sprinklers
  74. Astrophoto: Deep Sky Treasury
  75. The Total Solar Eclipse Down Under: How to Watch it from Anywhere in the World
  76. Spaceflight: Taking it Lying Down
  77. New Bright and Blue Supernova in NGC 1365
  78. Google Honors Canadarm’s 31st Anniversary
  79. Enticing Trailer for New Movie about a Mission to Europa
  80. Watch Live: Total Solar Eclipse from Australia
  81. SETI: The Search Goes On
  82. Total Solar Eclipse, November 2012: Images and Video
  83. ‘Ultimate Mars Challenge’ – PBS NOVA TV Curiosity Documentary Premieres Nov. 14
  84. Space Dive: Red Bull Stratos Documentary
  85. Closely-Orbiting Stellar Companions Surrounded by “Mystery Dust”
  86. New Rogue Planet Found, Closest to our Solar System
  87. Spacecraft Witnesses Solar Eclipse x 3
  88. This Day in Space History: Apollo 12 and SCE to AUX
  89. Explore the Stellar Neighborhood with New Milky Way Visualization
  90. Spacecraft Capture Solar Eclipse’s Earthly Effect
  91. Now Even Further: Ancient Galaxy is Latest Candidate for Most Distant
  92. Hunting for High Life: What Lives in Earth’s Stratosphere?
  93. 2012 Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend
  94. Are Dust Devils Whirling Around the Curiosity Rover?
  95. Giant Spiders on Mars!
  96. Astrophoto: Angel of the North Gets a Halo
  97. HUGE New Gale Crater Panoramas from Curiosity
  98. Watch: Ultimate Mars Challenge
  99. Change of Command on the Space Station
  100. Can Humans Live on Mars ?
  101. Surreal Images of Soyuz Landing in the Dark
  102. Stunning New Timelapse: Storms and Stars at Joshua Tree
  103. Brighter Than the Moon: Camera Captures Brilliant Leonid Fireball
  104. Carnival of Space #276
  105. GOCE – How Low Can It Go?
  106. Saturn’s Fluctuating F Ring
  107. Saturn. In color.
  108. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: November 19-25, 2012
  109. Astronomers Directly Image Distant Exoplanet
  110. A Moving Martian Topography In 3-D
  111. Win a Copy of “Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide”
  112. Hot Gas Bridge Discovered Connecting Galaxy Clusters
  113. Has Curiosity Made an ‘Earth-Shaking’ Discovery?
  114. Take a Guided Tour of the International Space Station
  115. Book Review: Cry From a Silent Planet
  116. Holiday Gift Idea: Hubble Star Cards
  117. Take 5 Minutes to See What the Moon Will Do During 2013
  118. ESA, Roscosmos Move Ahead with Plans for ExoMars Mission
  119. New Online Astronomy Course from CosmoQuest
  120. I Am SAM
  121. Is Historic Discovery imminent concerning Martian Organic Chemistry ?
  122. Makemake’s Mysteriously Missing Atmosphere
  123. A Branching “Tree” of Solar Plasma
  124. Curiosity Ramps Up Complexity of Surface Ops with 1st ‘Touch and Go’ Maneuver
  125. Orion Revisited: Astronomers Find New Star Cluster in Front of the Orion Nebula
  126. NASA, Roscosmos Choose First Crew for Year-Long ISS Mission
  127. A Virtual Galactic Smash-Up!
  128. Timelapse From Inside a Telescope
  129. Astrophoto: Beam Me Up!
  130. Win a Copy of The Year in Space: 2013 Calendar
  131. Mercury’s Shadowy North Pole
  132. Unraveling the Secrets of Type Ia Supernovae: a New Two-Minute Thesis
  133. Inspiring New ISS Timelapse: Further Up Yonder
  134. The Man Who Shoots Space: Interview with Thierry Legault
  135. Does the Universe Have a Purpose?
  136. Mars Dust Storm Likely Not Going Global
  137. Incredible Raw Image of Saturn’s Swirling North Pole
  138. International Space Station Making New Solar Observations
  139. “Oddball” Galaxy Contains the Biggest Black Hole Yet
  140. Searching out Sagan in Ithaca
  141. Full Moon and Friends, November 28, 2012
  142. Saturn’s Strange Hexagon –*In Living Color!
  143. Water Ice and Organics Found at Mercury’s North Pole
  144. A Colorful and Unexpected Reversal at Titan
  145. Everybody Chill, NASA Says: No Martian Organics Found
  146. In the Shadow of the Moon: Experience a Solar Eclipse From 37 Kilometers Up
  147. Brown Dwarfs Might Host Planets Too
  148. Gigantic Plasma Jets Pour From the Heart of Hercules A
  149. Familiar Sci-Fi Faces Pitch NASA Spinoffs
  150. Vision of the Future? SLS Model “Flies” in Wind Tunnel Test
  151. In an Isolated, Ice-Covered Antarctic Lake Far Below Freezing, Life is Found
  152. Vote ‘Curiosity’ as TIME Person of the Year
  153. Titan Shines in Latest Cassini Shots
  154. Carnival of Space #278
  155. Are Venus’ Volcanoes Still Active?
  156. Stunning Star Trails Mania
  157. Curiosity Update: No Definitive Discovery of Organics…Yet
  158. Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: December 3-9, 2012
  159. Voyager 1 Riding on a Magnetic Highway Out of the Solar System
  160. Black Hole Jets Could Be Molded by Magnetism
  161. Astrophoto: Jet Black Moon
  162. The Brightest Galaxies in the Universe Were Invisible… Until Now
  163. NASA Reveals Plans for New Mars Rover
  164. Opportunity Rover Glimpses Conditions Suitable for Life
  165. Geminid Meteor Shower and Meteorwatch
  166. 40 Years After Apollo, the Moon Still Beckons
  167. Stunning Gallery of Previously Unpublished Images from “Hubble’s Universe”
  168. Win a Copy of “Hubble’s Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images”
  169. Book Review: “Hubble’s Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images”
  170. Other Solar Systems Might Be More Habitable Than Ours
  171. The Black Marble: Stunning New Orbital Views of Earth at Night
  172. GRAIL First Results Provide Most Precise Lunar Gravity Map Yet
  173. Pale Blue Dot: an Animated Contemplation
  174. Moon’s Inner Crust Almost Completely Pulverized
  175. Star Trek Teaser: “Into Darkness” Trailer Released
  176. Titan’s Gravity Indicates a Thicker, Uneven Icy Crust
  177. Pink Galactic Smackdown Results in Cosmic Bulls-eye
  178. Golden Spike to Offer Commercial Human Missions to the Moon
  179. “Overview:” The Perspective-Altering Effect of Seeing Earth from Space
  180. Curiosity Update: Wrapping Up Rocknest
  181. Common Misconceptions in Physics
  182. Apollo 17: 40 Years Ago Today
  183. Do We Really Need Dark Matter?
  184. X-ray Burst May Be the First Sign of a Supernova
  185. Curiosity Gets a Sister – What Should She Do ? Scientists Speak
  186. Sir Patrick Moore Dies at Age 89
  187. Remembrances and Reflections: Sir Patrick Moore 1923 – 2012
  188. Astronomer Giovanni Sostero, 1964-2012
  189. Carnival of Space #279
  190. Podcast: The Hubble Constant
  191. How to Train for Long-Duration Spaceflight, with Chris Hadfield
  192. Memorable Space Tweeps of 2012
  193. Two Asteroids Will Buzz Past Earth on December 11
  194. Close Approach Image of Asteroid 2012 XE54
  195. Herschel Spacecraft Won’t “Bomb” the Moon, But GRAIL Will
  196. Stephen Hawking and CERN LHC Team Each Win $3 Million Prize
  197. Air Force’s Secret X-37B Space Plane Launches on Third Mission
  198. How To Train for a Mission to the ISS: Medical Mayhem
  199. Podcast: Cosmological Constant
  200. Google’s Year in Review Includes Space Highlights
  201. Asteroid Toutatis Tumbles by Earth: Images and Videos
  202. What Earth Looked like on 12/12/12
  203. Hubble Census Unveils Galaxies Shining Near Cosmic Dawn
  204. Cry Me a Nile-Like River of Liquid Hydrocarbons on Titan
  205. NASA’s Version of Mr. Fusion
  206. Timelapse: Incredible Northern Lights from the Arctic Circle
  207. The Truth About 2012: Killer Solar Flares Are a Physical Impossibility
  208. One Spacecraft Captures Another in Lunar Orbit
  209. Combining Light to Reveal Monster Black Holes
  210. Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
  211. Podcast: Explosions in Space
  212. Endgame: GRAIL Spacecraft to Slam into Lunar Crater Rim on December 17
  213. Apollo’s Final Footsteps, 40 years later
  214. Asteroid Toutatis Tumbles in New Video from NASA
  215. Incredible Sky Show: Geminid Meteor Shower Images from Around the World
  216. Curiosity Inspects ‘Shaler’ Outcrop on Descent to Yellowknife Bay Drill Target
  217. NASA Looks Towards Next Mission to the Moon
  218. The Paranal and the Shadow of the Earth
  219. How To Train for a Mission to the ISS: Eating in Space
  220. Carnival of Space #280
  221. Expedition 34
  222. Round 2: More Chances to Win The Year in Space 2013 Calendar
  223. End of Mission: GRAIL Spacecraft Impact a Mountain on the Moon
  224. Russia’s Soyuz Spacecraft: 46 Years and Still Soaring High
  225. ‘NASA Johnson Style’ Parodies ‘Gangnam Style’ Music Video
  226. More Incredible Geminid Meteor Shower Images and Video
  227. Behold! Hubble’s Heavenly Holiday “Ornament”
  228. Update on ‘Chasing Atlantis’ Film
  229. The Year in Space, From NASA and ESA
  230. One of the Largest Astronomical Images Ever Made
  231. Gorgeous New Backlit View of Saturn
  232. How To Train for a Mission to the ISS: The Soyuz
  233. International Crew Launches to Space Station
  234. Five Planets Around Nearby Star Tau Ceti; One in Habitable Zone
  235. Evidence for Active Hollows Formation on Mercury
  236. The Most Remote Workplace on Earth
  237. NASA’s Final 2012 Doomsday Debunking Video (We Hope)
  238. Shepherd Moon Face-Off!
  239. ‘Live’ Tweeting Apollo 17
  240. New Crew Arrives at Space Station
  241. Today’s Solstice Sun
  242. Win a Deck of Hubble Star Cards
  243. Space: The Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea Frontier
  244. Astrophoto for December 21, 2012: Stars over the Temple of Quetzalcoatl
  245. Orion assemblage on track for 2014 Launch
  246. The Rings on the Planet Go ‘Round and ‘Round…
  247. Astrophoto: Widefield, Narrowband View of the Crab Nebula by Nick Howes
  248. SpaceX Grasshopper Takes Off and Lands Vertically in New 12-Story Hop
  249. A Color View of Darling Dione
  250. Curiosity Celebrates 1st Martian Christmas at Yellowknife Bay