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  1. “Jewel in the Night:” Original Music and Pictures from a Space Station Christmas
  2. Curiosity Rover Report: At Grandma’s House
  3. Is This Icy “Mega” Meteorite Really From Outer Space?
  4. White House Petition: Could we Build the Starship Enterprise?
  5. What’s Up in the Night Skies for January 2013?
  6. How Long is a Day on Mercury?
  7. Amazing Video of a Lunar Occultation
  8. Timelapse: The Stars of Northern Thailand
  9. The ‘Bonus’ Full Moon of 2012
  10. Dancing Polar Auroras Captured by Thierry Legault
  11. The South Rim of Aristarchus
  12. Carnival of Space 281/282
  13. Video: Happy New Year from the Space Station Crew
  14. Lovely Image from Space: Earth, Moon and Approaching Spacecraft
  15. Astrophotos 2012 Year in Review by John Chumack
  16. Most Awesome Space Images of 2012
  17. New Study Shows Cosmic Rays Could Cause Alzheimer’s
  18. New Images Show a “Living” Mars
  19. Astrophoto: Comet Shower at Captain Cook’s Monument
  20. Helmets in Space Supercut
  21. The Face of Creation
  22. Meteorite From Mars is Water-Rich
  23. Captain Kirk Tweets the Space Station
  24. Ancient Impacts Stained Vesta with Carbon-Rich Material
  25. For Sale or Rent: Used Launchpad, Well-Loved
  26. Neil Armstrong Didn’t Lie About First Words on the Moon, Historian Says
  27. Curiosity Touches Mars at Yellowknife Bay and Drives to Snake River for Drilling
  28. Flying, Rolling Robot Might Make a Great Titan Explorer
  29. Stunning View from Orbit: Dramatic Volcanoes at Dawn
  30. Catching Sunlight: A TEDx Talk by DIY Solar Photographer Alan Friedman
  31. Nearly All Sun-Like Stars Have Planetary Systems
  32. Kepler Finds Hundreds of New Exoplanet Candidates
  33. Exciting Potential for Habitable ExoMoons
  34. Curiosity Tidies Up a Bit on Mars
  35. New Movie of a Neutron Star Looks Eerily Like the Phantom of the Opera
  36. 4 Cool Views of the Hot, Loopy, Spotty Sun
  37. Astronaut Captures Incredible Images of Australian Bush Fires
  38. Chunks of Frozen Hydrocarbons May be Floating on Titan’s Lakes
  39. Astronomers Find a “Spine” Along Spiral Arms of the Milky Way
  40. Clouds of Sand and Iron Swirl in a Failed Star’s Extreme Atmosphere
  41. Podcast: Seasons
  42. Astrophoto: Beautiful Electric Blue Pleiades
  43. Carnival of Space #283
  44. Walk a Tightrope Across the Moon
  45. Watch Live Webcast of Asteroid Apophis Earth Flyby
  46. What Craters on the Moon Teach Us About Earth
  47. New Comet Discovered During ‘Stargazing Live’ Event
  48. Curiosity Rover Update: The Old Brush Off
  49. New Video Shows the GRAIL MoonKAM’s Final Looks at the Moon
  50. Three Views of Comet C/2012 K5 (LINEAR)
  51. Behold: The Largest Known Spiral Galaxy
  52. Asteroid Apophis: Bigger, Darker But Not a Threat in 2036
  53. So. Many. Stars…
  54. Astrophoto: A Man-Made Sunspot
  55. Virtual Star Party – Jan. 6, 2013: The One Year Anniversary Edition
  56. Watch this Solar Prominence Blast Off the Surface of the Sun
  57. Bigelow Inflatable Module Will be Added to Space Station
  58. AR1654 is a Monster Sunspot. (And It’s Aiming Our Way.)
  59. Private Test Pilots to Fly 1st Commercial Crewed Space Flights for NASA
  60. Rover Team Chooses 1st Rock Drilling Target for Curiosity
  61. Bush Fires Damage Australian Observatory
  62. A Moon With Two Suns: Making Art from Science
  63. What Happened During the Huygens Mission?
  64. Saturn’s Mini-Moons Align for Family Portrait
  65. Amazing Map Is Made Up Of Everyone in the U.S. and Canada
  66. Blast it Wedge, We’re Not Getting a Death Star
  67. Crescent Moon Photos from Around the World
  68. Absolutely Stunning 3-D View of a Cosmic Cloud
  69. A Hi-Res Mosaic of Mercury’s Crescent
  70. About That ‘Flower’ on Mars….
  71. New South Pole Marker Honors Planets, Pluto, and Armstrong
  72. Dark Nebula Hides Star Birth
  73. Space Station Gets a New Telescope
  74. Curiosity’s Rambling Tracks Visible from Mars Orbit
  75. Sounds of the Space Station
  76. NASA to BEAM Up Inflatable Space Station Module
  77. Global Temperatures Continue to Rise
  78. New Look and New Animation for Orion’s 2017 Flight to the Moon and Back
  79. Stunning Timelapse of Earth and Sky — Volume 3
  80. Region in LMC Ablaze with Light and Color
  81. NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Gets an Art Lesson with Lasers
  82. Our Phases of the Moon App is Now a Lunar Atlas
  83. The Secrets of Moondogs
  84. Gorgeous Images: Ancient River on Mars?
  85. Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition Now Open for 2013
  86. MSL Update: Curiosity Finds Calcium-Rich Deposits
  87. Why the Moon Landings Weren’t Faked
  88. Watery Science ‘Jackpot’ Discovered by Curiosity
  89. Stunning Death Valley ‘Dreamlapse’
  90. Take a Rollercoaster Ride Around Venus
  91. NASA’s Curiosity and Orion Shine at Presidential Inaugural Parade
  92. Virtual Star Party: January 20, 2013: The Welcome Rookie Edition
  93. Astrophotos: Jupiter and the Moon Conjunction
  94. NASA Stars at 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade with Orion and Curiosity – Photos an
  95. Detailed View of Betelgeuse, on a Collision Course with a Nearby Wall of Dust
  96. The Ocean is a lot Like Outer Space
  97. In Orion, There Really is a Hole in the Sky
  98. Noctilucent Clouds Imaged by Astronaut Chris Hadfield
  99. Don’t Tell Bones: Are We One Step Closer to “Beaming Up?”
  100. 27 Years Ago: Voyager 2
  101. Curiosity’s Robotic Arm Camera Snaps 1st Night Images
  102. Dry Ice Drives Dramatic Changes on Mars
  103. Incredible Astrophoto: Thor’s Helmet in Canis Major
  104. NASA: Reaches for New Heights – Greatest Hits Video
  105. Weekly Space Hangout – January 25, 2013
  106. Opportunity Rover Starts Year 10 on Mars with Remarkable Science Discoveries
  107. New ISS Timelapse: Night to Day to Night Again
  108. How a Good Narrator Can Mean Life or Death on Mars
  109. Remembering Ron McNair and the Challenger Crew
  110. Virtual Star Party – January 27, 2013: The Hand-Guided Moon Edition
  111. Watch Live from Israel: 8th Annual International Ilan Ramon Space Conference
  112. Iran Launches a Monkey on a Suborbital Rocket
  113. In Two Weeks This 50-Meter Asteroid Will Buzz Our Planet
  114. Astrophotos: Northern Lights Over Iceland
  115. Lighting Up Andromeda’s Coldest Rings
  116. Kepler Spacecraft Back in Action After Reaction Wheel Problem
  117. The Cost Exploring Space: Film vs. Reality
  118. Next Generation TDRS Satellite Launches to Orbit
  119. Historic First Use of Drill on Mars Set for Jan. 31 – Curiosity’s Sol 174
  120. Watch a Magical Moonrise
  121. First Color Image of Curiosity’s Tracks from Orbit
  122. Book Review: Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries
  123. Watch Tonight: Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope
  124. From One Laurel to Another: a Letter from Columbia
  125. Q & A with Astronaut Jerry Ross, Record-Setting Frequent Space Flyer
  126. Win a Copy of Astronaut Jerry Ross’s Book “Spacewalker”
  127. There’s Poop on the Moon
  128. We Are Made of Stardust
  129. Is This Meteorite a Piece of Mercury?
  130. Carnival of Space #287
  131. Curiosity Hammers into Mars Rock in Historic Feat
  132. Another Amazing Earth View: The Andes Under a Blue Pacific Fog
  133. Another Weird Shiny Thing on Mars
  134. Incredible Space Shuttle Picture: Is it Real?
  135. Space Generations: Gene Cernan Talks with ISS Crew
  136. Super Good at Collecting Data, Massive Science Balloon Breaks Records
  137. Fly Over a Pristine Lunar Crater
  138. Earthlike Exoplanets Are All Around Us
  139. Deep Impact Images Spectacular incoming Comet ISON – Curiosity & NASA Armada Will Try
  140. In Search of Mythical Moons: Closest Planetary Conjunction in 2013 Happens This Weeke
  141. Captain Kirk Hails the Space Station
  142. Astronomy Without a Telescope Returns as E-Book: Win a Copy!
  143. Less Than 1% of Exoplanet Systems Have Intelligent Life, Researchers Say
  144. Virtual Star Party for Feb. 3, 2012: Superbowl Sunday Edition
  145. Weekly Space Hangout: ScienceOnline 2013 Edition
  146. A Cosmic Seagull’s Star-Studded Wings
  147. Astrophotos: An Amazing Rush from the Sun
  148. NASA Satellite Snaps Winter Storm “Nemo”
  149. Distant Star Goes Disco
  150. Space Jam: Astronaut Sings Duet From the Space Station
  151. Antares Rocket Critical Hotfire Engine Test Set for Feb. 12
  152. Curiosity Drills Historic 1st Bore Hole into Mars Rock for First Ever Science Analysi
  153. Messier 106: Amateur and Professional Astronomers Join Together to Peer Into the Eyes
  154. A Cosmic Snake for Chinese New Year
  155. Help Name Pluto’s Newest Moons!
  156. Astrophoto: Desert Space Station
  157. Asteroid 2012 DA14: Observing Prospects and How to See It
  158. Continuing the Landsat Mission: New Satellite Launches to Space
  159. Freaky Fast Delivery: Progress Blasts Off, Docks at ISS Hours Later
  160. Stunning Compilation of the Solar Dynamic Observatory’s Observations
  161. Scientist Explains the Weird Shiny Thing on Mars
  162. 45 meter Asteroid to Skirt Very Near Earth on Feb 15
  163. Carnival of Space #288
  164. 10 Amazing 3-D Views from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
  165. A Cosmic Rose for Your Spacey Valentine
  166. Cosmic Ink-blot Test: Can You See the Gecko in Space?
  167. Animation: How Asteroid 2012 DA14
  168. New Research Sheds Light On Black Hole Growth
  169. Lunar Exploration Company Offers the Public a Chance to Participate
  170. An Enormous Arctic Spiral
  171. A Valentine From Voyager
  172. I’ve Always Dreamed of Being an Astronaut…
  173. Eye-Popping Interactive Panorama from the Curiosity Rover
  174. Watch Live as Asteroid 2012 DA14 Whizzes Past Earth
  175. Astronomers Provide a Peek at Asteroid 2012 DA14
  176. Galactic Gas Cloud Could Help Spot Hidden Black Holes
  177. Meteor Blasts Rock Russia
  178. Russian Meteor Not Related to Asteroid Flyby, NASA Confirms
  179. Latest Video of Asteroid DA14 Steaking Towards Close Shave with Earth
  180. Supernovae Seed Universe With Cosmic Rays
  181. Laser-blasting System Could Vaporize Big Asteroids
  182. Jupiter and the Moon Have a Close Encounter in the Sky February 18, 2013
  183. Weekly Space Hangout, Feb. 15, 2013: Space Rocks Edition
  184. Airburst Explained: NASA Addresses the Russian Meteor Explosion
  185. This is NOT the Russian Meteorite Crater
  186. Photos and Videos of Asteroid 2012 DA14 ‘Running Fast Among the Stars’
  187. Canadarm Ready to Ensnare Space Dragon after March 1 Blast Off
  188. Watch a Million Particles Collide
  189. The Astronomy of Shakespeare
  190. Carnival of Space #289
  191. The Lessons We Learned from Space Shuttle Enterprise
  192. A Parting Look at 2012 DA14: Was This a Warning Shot from Space?
  193. Naming Pluto’s Moons: Will it Come Down to Trekkies Versus the IAU?
  194. Portrait Of NGC 5189: New Light On An Old Planetary
  195. What is the Universe?
  196. Take a Spin Around Mercury
  197. 10 Awesome Images of the Space Station’s Cupola
  198. The Year of the Comets: Three Reasons Why 2013 Could be the Best Ever
  199. Narrowing Down the Hunt for Giant Exoplanets
  200. Mission Control Loses Contact with International Space Station
  201. Luckiest Photo Ever: The Moon, Jupiter … and More
  202. First Radar Observations of Asteroid 2012 DA14
  203. Bright New Supernova Shines in Southern Skies
  204. Another Incredible Timelapse from the ISS
  205. In Search of Darkness: the Battle Against Light Pollution
  206. Infographic: What’s the Difference Between a Comet, Asteroid and Meteor?
  207. Hollywood’s Mixed Portrayal of John Glenn
  208. Smallest Exoplanet Yet Discovered by ‘Listening’ to a Sun-like Star
  209. New Video Shows Fire and ‘Rain’ on the Sun
  210. No Glory: NASA Releases Findings from Taurus XL Rocket Failure
  211. Adaptive Optics Explained! In Comic Form
  212. Dennis Tito Wants to Send Human Mission to Mars in 2018
  213. What are the Most Memorable NASA Spacewalks?
  214. As Seen From Space: Mt. Etna Boils Over
  215. Milky Way Leftover Shell Stars Discovered In Galactic Halo
  216. Astrophoto: Giant Sunspot Group on the Sun
  217. Scientist Who Studied Famous Martian Meteorite Passes Away
  218. Historic Mars Rock Drilling Sample Set for Analysis by Curiosity Robot in Search of O
  219. In Reality, Nebulae Offer No Place for Spaceships to Hide
  220. Space Station Astronauts Hangout with Earthlings (and Universe Today!)
  221. Comet PanSTARRS: How to See it in March 2013
  222. Hieroglyphic-like Features Point to Past Subsurface Water on Mars
  223. Bright Jets Blast Out from a Newborn Star
  224. Satellite Swarm — Including an Asteroid Hunter — Readies For Spaceflight
  225. Nearby Ancient Star is Almost as Old as the Universe
  226. European Asteroid Smasher Could Bolster Planetary Defense
  227. Russian Fireball Inspires Journey into the World of Meteorites
  228. Indian Rocket Launches Swarm of International Mini Satellites
  229. The Mars Spacecraft That Was Almost Destroyed On The Launchpad
  230. Fire! How the Mir Incident Changed Space Station Safety
  231. Pluto May Soon Have a Moon Named Vulcan (Thanks to William Shatner)
  232. Light-travel-time Effect Finds New Astronomical Applications
  233. Astronomers Calculate Orbit and Origins of Russian Fireball
  234. Why Dying Stars Might be a Good Place to Look for Life
  235. New Horizons’ Pluto Stamp is One Step Closer to Becoming a Reality
  236. One Astronaut’s Kids Get a Valentine’s Day View of Dad’s Office in Orbit
  237. Carnival of Space #290
  238. Astrophotos: The Full Snow Moon
  239. Spotting the Dragon: How to See SpaceX on Approach to the ISS This Weekend
  240. Is a Comet on a Collision Course with Mars?
  241. Curiosity Mars Rover Eats 1st Sample of Gray Rocky Powder
  242. Big Meteorite Chunk Found in Russia’s Ural Mountains
  243. Astrophoto: Planet Aurora
  244. 3 Comets That Fizzled
  245. The Vela Pulsar as a Spirograph
  246. The Secret of the Stars
  247. Tito Wants to Send Married Couple on Mars Flyby Mission
  248. Pulsar Jackpot Scours Old Data for New Discoveries
  249. NuSTAR Puts New Spin On Supermassive Black Holes
  250. Losing the Night: New Video Highlights Problems of Light Pollution