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  1. Stunning Aurora Video: Polar Spirits
  2. New Kind of Gamma Ray Burst is Ultra Long-Lasting
  3. Antares Launch Ignites Commercial Space Competition Race
  4. New Scripps Research Ship Will Honor Astronaut Sally Ride
  5. Watch Live: First Launch of Antares Rocket
  6. Astrophoto: Space Station Flies Through the Moon!
  7. This Weekend’s Lyrid Meteor Shower: How to See It
  8. Ken Mattingly Explains How the Apollo 13 Movie Differed From Real Life
  9. Ancient Galaxy ‘Bursting’ with Stars
  10. Fast Working ALMA Resolves Star-Forming Galaxies
  11. Rise of the PhoneSats
  12. Incredible Demonstration of Fluid Dynamics in Zero-G
  13. Astronomers Hint that our Sun won’t Terminate as the Typical Planetary Nebula
  14. Kepler Team Finds System with Two Potentially Habitable Planets
  15. Habitable Worlds? New Kepler Planetary Systems in Images
  16. Bright Blazar’s Emission Defies Explanations
  17. How Micrometeoroid Impacts Pose a Danger for Today’s Spacewalk
  18. A New Look at the Horsehead Nebula for Hubble’s 23rd Anniversary
  19. Astrophoto: Paint the Sky with Clouds
  20. Earth is the Most Exotic Place In The Universe
  21. This Week’s Best Space Photos – April 19, 2013
  22. Book Review: The Life and Death of Stars
  23. Zoom into the Moon with this Insanely High-Resolution Mosaic
  24. Video: Antares Rocket Launches Successfully
  25. 50 Amazing Facts About Earth
  26. The Curious History of the Lyrid Meteor Shower
  27. Defiance: What Happens After Aliens Arrive
  28. Chris Hadfield Explains Photography from Space
  29. 3 Years of the Sun in 3 Minutes
  30. Carnival of Space #298
  31. SpaceX Grasshopper Flies High
  32. Historic Comet Smashup Brought Water to Jupiter’s Stratosphere
  33. A ‘Shallow’ Lunar Eclipse Coming on April 25
  34. Incredible Astrophoto: Space Station Flies Over Stonehenge
  35. Bright Meteor Rocks Argentina Rock Concert
  36. Hubble Telescope Captures Image of Comet ISON
  37. Solar Powered Plane Soars Over the Golden Gate Bridge
  38. Meteorite Crashes Through Roof of a House in Connecticut
  39. Antares Maiden Soar Pierces Virginia Sky and delivers NASA SmartPhone Pioneer Nanosat
  40. Cosmic C.S.I.: Finding the Origins of the Solar System in Two Grains of Sand
  41. Progress Cargo Ship Launches to Space Station
  42. Why Spacewalking Is All About The Hands
  43. Comet PANSTARRS: The Show’s Not Over Yet!
  44. Comet Lemmon, Now in STEREO
  45. Awesome Image from Space: Cygnus Mass Simulator Separates from Orbital’s Antares Rock
  46. The Rocket Company: Now Available as an eBook
  47. TV and Online Viewing Alert: The Man Who Tweeted Earth
  48. Saturn’s Little Wavemaking Moon
  49. When Typhoid (Briefly) Struck Apollo 16
  50. Entire Galaxies Feel The Heat Of Newborn Stars
  51. Dust Complicates Determinations of the Distance to Galactic Center
  52. The Sun Blasts Out Two CME’s Towards Mercury
  53. Einstein Right Again! Rapidly Spinning Pulsar Follows General Relativity
  54. Giveaway: Luminos App For Your iOS Device
  55. Cassini Watches as Meteors Hit Saturn’s Rings
  56. Barf Bags in Space
  57. Astrophotographers Capture “Mini” Lunar Eclipse
  58. Success! Progress Spacecraft Overcomes Stuck Antenna, Arrives at Station
  59. Sci-Fi Book Review: “Pilot” by R.D. Drabble
  60. New Interactive Panorama from the Curiosity Rover
  61. You Can Remove All Ads from Universe Today
  62. How Do You Measure A Planet Near A Tiny Star?
  63. Radio Observatory Moves to a Shopping Mall
  64. An Inside Look at the Water/Urine Recycling System on the Space Station
  65. This Week’s Best Space Photos – April 26, 2013
  66. The White House Releases a Report on Space Weather
  67. The Virtual Star Party in 60 Seconds
  68. Weekly Space Hangout – April 26, 2013
  69. Stonehenge Was An Ancient Burial Ground For the Rich: Study
  70. Saturn Reaches Opposition on April 28
  71. Experts Urge Removal of Space Debris From Orbit
  72. Catch Comet Lemmon While You Can
  73. Fly Along With Voyager
  74. Magnificent New Timelapse: Death Valley Dreamlapse 2
  75. NASA Scientists Soar Over a Mini Ice Cap
  76. Herschel Space Telescope Closes Its Eyes on the Universe
  77. Warning Shot: a “Bullet Hole” on the ISS
  78. Saturn Storm’s ‘Suck Zone’ Shown In Spectacular Cassini Shots
  79. SpaceShipTwo Fires Rocket Engines for First Ever Supersonic Test Flight
  80. Debunking Comet ISON Conspiracy Theories (No, ISON is Not Nibiru)
  81. Giveaway: Weird Life: Search for Life that is Very, Very Different from our Own by Da
  82. Book Review: Weird Life: The Search for Life That is Very, Very Different from Our Ow
  83. Why An Astronaut Asked 15-Year-Old Abby to Help Get The Word Out
  84. Can You Solve This Apollo 1 Spacesuit Mystery?
  85. Watch for the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower this Weekend
  86. Giveaway: Pocket Universe App for Your iOS Device
  87. Space Robotics Dominate New $5 Bill in Canada
  88. An Awesome Look at Enceladus, the Jet-Powered Moon
  89. NGC 6240: Gigantic Hot Gas Cloud Sheaths Colliding Galaxies
  90. How the Fermi Spacecraft Almost Got Taken Out by a Relic of the Cold War
  91. Will Antimatter Obey Gravity’s Pull?
  92. The Curious Channel 37 — Must-see TV For Radio Astronomy
  93. The Sun Burps Out a Gigantic Rolling Wave
  94. Watch Live Hangout: TESS and the Search for Exoplanets
  95. Night Sky Observing for May Brings Spring Constellations
  96. Stunning New Photo from the Space Station: The Moon Ushers in Dawn
  97. Mars Armada Resumes Contact with NASA – Ready to Rock ‘n Roll n’ Drill
  98. Anarchic Star Formation Found In Dust Cloud
  99. Virgin Galactic: We Don’t Anticipate Motion Sickness
  100. Into Oblivion: What If the Earth Had No Moon?
  101. Possible Meteorite Fragments from 1908 Tunguska Explosion Found
  102. Win a Blu-ray of NOVA’s “Earth From Space”
  103. Astrophoto: Dramatic View of the Pipe Nebula
  104. A New View of Comet ISON
  105. This Week’s Best Space Photos – May 3, 2013
  106. How to Steer the Space Station: Chris Hadfield Explains
  107. How Saturn’s Magnetic Activity Could Help us Pinpoint Time on the Ringed Planet
  108. The Rosy Remains of a Star’s Final Days
  109. Bright, Long-Lasting GRB Sets Energy Output Record
  110. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar. 3, 2013
  111. Star’s Dying Gasp May Signal Black Hole’s Birth
  112. How to Catch This Week’s ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Eclipse
  113. Astronaut Hadfield’s Music Unites Schools in Song
  114. Tiny Bubbles: Star Trek Gets An Atomic Look
  115. Timelapse Video Captures a Year of Incredible Night Sky Views
  116. Time-Lapse: Earth
  117. Giveaway – Sky Guide App for your iOS device.
  118. Meet GROVER the Rover, Set For Greenland Exploration
  119. ESA’s Vega Rocket Launches Three Satellites to Space
  120. Milky Way’s Black Hole Munches On Supercooked Gas
  121. Claims of Tunguska Meteorite Fragments “Ridiculous,” Scientist Says
  122. Buzz Aldrin is on a Mission (to Mars), Part 1
  123. Win a Copy of Buzz Aldrin’s Book, Mission to Mars
  124. Spock Vs. Spock: New Commercial Full of ‘Star Trek’ Gems
  125. What Left These Spooky Trails in the Sky?
  126. Send Your Name and a Haiku Poem to Mars on a Solar Winged MAVEN
  127. Hydrogen Clouds Discovered Between Andromeda And Triangulum Galaxies
  128. Trapped Gas Explains Saturn’s Fresh Face
  129. Venus Comes Out of Hiding! How to See Upcoming Conjunctions in the Evening Sky
  130. This Diagram is Better than 183,487 Images
  131. Amateur Astronomer Catches Record Setting Gamma-Ray Burst
  132. Pretty Picture: Orbital Sunrise Over the South Pacific
  133. Astronauts Find a Coolant Leak on the Space Station
  134. Hubble Observes Planet “Polluted” Dead Stars In Hyades
  135. Hang On! Trailer for “Gravity” Previews Spacewalk Disaster Film
  136. An Awesome Annular Eclipse! Images and Videos from Earth and Space
  137. Emergency Spacewalk Likely for ‘Serious’ ISS Coolant Leak
  138. Podcast: The Arecibo Observatory
  139. Watch Live: Emergency ISS Spacewalk to Fix Coolant Leak
  140. Curiosity Reaches Out with Martian Handshake and Contemplates New Drilling
  141. Amazing Photos from Saturday’s Emergency Spacewalk
  142. Space Oddity: Hadfield Records First Music Video from Space
  143. Astrophoto: The Macro Moon
  144. A Wacky Distorted View of the Recent Solar Eclipse
  145. What is Your Favorite Chris Hadfield-ism?
  146. Using the Theory of Relativity and BEER to Find Exoplanets
  147. Skylab: NASA Commemorates 40th Anniversary of America’s First Space Station – Photo
  148. More Incredible Images from the Space Station ‘Emergency’ EVA
  149. The Sun Blasts Out Two X-Class Flares, Strongest of the Year
  150. Hadfield, Marshburn and Romenko Return Safely to Earth
  151. Yet Another X-Class Flare From AR 1748
  152. Mercury Shows Off its Reds, Whites, and Blues
  153. Stunning Astrophotos Reveal the Importance of Dark Skies
  154. How Plant a Garden on Mars — With a Robot
  155. Chris Hadfield’s 5-month Space Mission in 90 Seconds
  156. Orion’s Secret Fire Dance
  157. Timelapse Shows the Blazing Beauty of a ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse
  158. Astrophoto: Stonehenge, the Milky Way and an Eta Aquarids Meteor
  159. Mars Gets Bombarded by 200 Small Asteroids and Comets Every Year
  160. Kepler Planet-Hunting Mission in Jeopardy
  161. Our Spoiler-Free Review of Star Trek: Into Darkness
  162. More Insight on How NASA Might Revive the Kepler Space Telescope
  163. ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ & NASA Station Crews Join Forces at Live NASA Webcast
  164. Live Online Event: The Exploding Universe: the Realm of Supernovae
  165. Hadfield’s Return to Earth: ‘I’m Still Learning How To Walk Again’
  166. Blocking Light Sheds New Light on Exoplanet Atmospheres
  167. How Many Tribbles Will Fit Into Your House?
  168. ‘Star Trek’ Spaceship Model Soars Into Stratosphere
  169. Seeing the Red of ‘La Superba,’ a Magnificent Springtime Carbon Star
  170. Super-Bright Explosion Seen on the Moon
  171. This is the new ‘We Are the Explorers’ Video You’ll See at ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness”
  172. Comets PANSTARRS and Lemmon Still Linger for Early Morning Views
  173. Opportunity Mars Rover Blazes Past 40 Year Old Space Driving Record
  174. Drill, Baby, Drill! – How Does Curiosity ‘Do It’
  175. Put The Aurora Borealis In Your Ear
  176. ‘Major Tim’ Peake to Make first British Long-duration Spaceflight
  177. Weird Gravity Waves Pulse From a Tropical Cyclone
  178. Astronomers Detect Dust Feature in Comet ISON’s Inner Coma
  179. Gerbils, mice perish as Russian spacecraft returns to Earth
  180. Lovely Astrophoto: Cottonwoods and the Milky Way
  181. Curiosity Drills 2nd Hole into Ancient Mars Rocks Searching for the Ingredients of Li
  182. Mystery of Escaping Atmopsheres Comes Under Japanese Scrutiny
  183. Oklahoma Tornado on May 20, 2013 As Seen from Space
  184. The Birth of a Saros – This Weekend’s Hidden Eclipse
  185. Carnival of Space #303
  186. Astrophoto: Sun Pillar of Fire and Ice
  187. Giveaway: “Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier” by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  188. Book Review: “Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier” by Neil de Grasse Tyson
  189. Engineering Students Develop a Super “Space Stethoscope”
  190. Chris Hadfield Teams Up With Tested.com to Try Food and Games in Space
  191. Tributes Mount As Sally Ride’s 30th Anniversary In Space Approaches
  192. What Do Comet PANSTARRS And Pinocchio Have In Common?
  193. Dream Chaser Readies, Gets Set For Flight Testing
  194. Revolutionary New Space-Diving Suit Will Rival Anything You’ve Ever Seen In The Movie
  195. NASA Looks at 3-D Food Printer for Star Trek-like Replicator
  196. Bright Planetary Conjunctions Liven Up This Week’s Evening Sky
  197. Cassini Flyby Will Look for Waves on Titan’s Seas
  198. Finally, a Sci-Fi Movie Heavy on the Science: “Europa Report”
  199. A Mega-Merger of Massive Galaxies Caught in the Act
  200. Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Turbulence, Solar Flares and Magnetism
  201. An Amazing Anniversary Image from the VLT
  202. Awesome View of the Active Pavlov Volcano, as Seen from the Space Station
  203. With Russian Meteor Fresh In Everyone’s Memory, ESA Opens An Asteroid Monitoring Cent
  204. The Ring Nebula is Really a Football-Shaped Jelly Donut
  205. Astonishing Hi-Resolution Satellite Views of the Destruction from the Moore, Oklahoma
  206. New IMAX Super Short: Galaxies Across Space and Time
  207. Astrophotos: Triple Planetary Conjunction
  208. Hanging Out with Astronauts
  209. What path will lead American humans to Mars?
  210. Hunting for Alien Megastructures
  211. Cold Fusion Experiment Maybe Holds Promise … Possibly … Hang on a Sec ….
  212. Famed Pair of Stars Closer To Earth Than We Imagined
  213. Rocky Alien Planets: What The Heck Is On Their Surfaces?
  214. Mars Society Proposes A Year-Long Arctic Mission To Better Prepare for the Red Planet
  215. Opportunity Discovers Clays Favorable to Martian Biology and Sets Sail for Motherlode
  216. How Much Light Has The Universe Created Since the Big Bang?
  217. Rare Spectacular Triple Planet Conjunction Wows World! – Astrophoto Gallery
  218. How to Spot Near-Earth Asteroid 1998 QE2 This Week
  219. Mysterious and Well-Preserved Oort Cloud Object Heading Into Our Solar System
  220. New Podcast Series: Space Stations
  221. Carnival of Space #303
  222. Early Galaxies Churned Out Stars Like Crazy
  223. An Amazing Deep-Field View of Centaurus A
  224. Watch Live: Soyuz Fast-Track Launch to the Space Station
  225. Soyuz Crew Sets Record for Fastest Trip to Space Station
  226. How to Make Your New Space Roomate Feel at Home: Shave Your Head
  227. Suddenly Slowing Star Could Give Hints Of Its Interior
  228. Planetary Resources Looks to Crowdfund a Space Telescope for the Public
  229. Astrophoto: Airplane Meets Sundog
  230. Saturn’s Moon Dione May Have Been Active Like Enceladus
  231. Why Are Dying Stars in 47 Tucanae Cooling Off So Slowly?
  232. This Machine Could Help Robots Stick The Landing On Other Worlds
  233. NASA’s Particle-Hunting ISS-CREAM Will Be Anything But Vanilla
  234. New Images of Comet ISON Hurtling Towards the Sun
  235. Surprise! Earth Passing Asteroid 1998 QE2 Has a Moon
  236. Beautiful Timelapse of a Triple Planetary Conjunction
  237. Black Holes Can Get Really Big, And We Have No Idea Why
  238. Black Hole Secrets: Revealing The S-Star
  239. Noctilucent Clouds – Electric-Blue Visitors From The Twilight Zone
  240. Getting Ready for “ISS All-Nighters” in June
  241. Early Images Coming in of Asteroid 1998 QE2
  242. How A New Family Tree of Space Rocks Could Better Protect Earth
  243. Here’s How You Can Download The Earth In High-Resolution
  244. Moon’s Variable Gravity Came From Ancient Impacts
  245. Armstrong’s Ohio Accent May Have Masked His Missing “A”
  246. How Big is Asteroid 1998 QE2?
  247. Book Review: Time Reborn
  248. Win a Copy of Lee Smolin’s Book “Time Reborn”
  249. Spacetime Fabric Softener: An Animation to Make You Smile
  250. Boeing Commercial Space Taxi and Atlas V Launcher Move Closer to Blastoff