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  1. Human Voyages to Mars Pose Higher Cancer Risks
  2. A Ghostly “Ladder” in Saturn’s F Ring
  3. Smile! This Could Be The Lightest Alien Planet Ever Captured On Camera
  4. Incredible Astrophoto: Rare Red Sprite Lightning Shows Up During Aurora
  5. LRO Makes a Map of the Moon’s Water
  6. Weekend Aurora Surprise
  7. Stunning View of Earth and Orbital Sunset from the Space Station
  8. Our Place in the Galactic Neighborhood Just Got an Upgrade
  9. Crashed Asteroid Has a Tail that Keeps Getting Longer
  10. NASA Experiment Seeks Signatures of Formation of First Stars and Galaxies
  11. How do Hypervelocity Stars End up Breaking The Speed Limit?
  12. Our Galactic Neighbors Shine In New Ultraviolet Pictures
  13. NASA Employees Tell LGBTQ Youth: “It Gets Better”
  14. Flying Space Toasters: Electrified Exoplanets Really Feel the Heat
  15. Recurrent Novae, Light Echoes, and the Mystery of T Pyxidis
  16. Add Shots of Awe to your Life
  17. Astrophoto: Star-Studded Beauty in Gemini
  18. Win a DVD Set of “Journey of Universe: Conversations”
  19. Swath of Destruction from Deadly Oklahoma Tornado Visible from Space
  20. Bottoms Up! It’s a Year of Lunar Libration From Down Under
  21. New Hotspot Identified For Star Birth
  22. Watch Live Webcast: Space Warps
  23. Amateur Images of the Ring Nebula Rival Views from Space Telescopes
  24. ESA Launches ‘Albert Einstein’ Cargo Spacecraft to the Space Station
  25. SpaceX Tests Falcon 9-R Advanced Reusable Prototype Rocket
  26. Welcome to the Space Station Science Garage
  27. Image Follow-up: Fire Up Your Spacecraft Thrusters!
  28. First-Ever Video of an ATV Vehicle Into Orbit!
  29. Is This What a Mars Outpost Will Look Like from Orbit?
  30. ALMA and the Comet Factory
  31. Proposed Changes to NASA’s Education and Outreach – A View from the Outside
  32. June Arietids – The Invisible Meteor Shower You Just Might See
  33. Spectacular Night Launch from NASA Wallops Shines Bright Beacon on Star Formation in
  34. Newly Found Truck-Sized Asteroid to Whiz by Earth June 8
  35. What Does Antarctica Look Like Under the Ice?
  36. How a Hubble Image Goes from Photons to Finished Beauty
  37. Good Morning, Starshine
  38. 10 Years & Top 10 Discoveries from Marvellous Mars Express
  39. Amazing Astrophoto: The North American Nebula by Mick Hyde
  40. Carnival of Space #305
  41. Astronomers Refine Distances to our Closest Spiral-Galaxy Neighbors
  42. What Are Lagrange Points?
  43. Observing Alert: Rare Meteor Shower May ‘Outburst’ on June 11
  44. Kapow! Keck Confirms Puzzling Element of Big Bang Theory
  45. Catch the Moon pairing with Mercury & Venus Tonight
  46. An Early Start for Noctilucent Clouds
  47. Stunning Astrophoto: The Milky Way Seen in ‘Daylight’
  48. Chris Hadfield Hangs Up His Astronaut Suit
  49. Opportunity Rover Discovers Martian Habitable Zone Favorable for Pre-biotic Chemistry
  50. Cassini Captures Saturn’s Darkest Rings
  51. Astrophotos: Crescent Moon, Mercury and Venus Together in the Sky
  52. ‘Space Class’ Among Aims of Chinese Taikonauts Who Left Earth Today
  53. SpaceX Fires Up Falcon 9-R in a Long Duration Test
  54. Space Observatories Watch a Black Hole Go Dormant
  55. A Rare Opportunity to Watch a Blue Straggler Forming
  56. Weird Tracks on Mars Could be Caused by Moving Dry Ice
  57. ‘Space Selfie’ Telescope Could Hunt Alien Planets … If It Raises A Cool $2M
  58. Lone Signal: First Continous Message Beacon to Find and Say Hello to an Extraterrestr
  59. Stacking Galactic Signals Reveals A Clearer Universe
  60. What’s Going On Inside This New Kind of Variable Star?
  61. Amazing Astrophoto and Video: Colors of the Sky
  62. Kids Book Review: Beyond the Solar System
  63. Win a Copy of “Beyond the Solar System” for the Kids in Your Life
  64. Plastic Protection Against Cosmic Rays?
  65. The Most Unique Eclipse Image You’ll Ever See
  66. New Video Map Shows Large-Scale Cosmic Structure out to 300 million Light Years
  67. Bringing Space to the Masses: Q&A with Planetary Resources’ Chris Lewicki
  68. Where Is Dark Matter Most Dense? Subaru Telescope Gets Some Hints
  69. The Epitome of Cool: Neil Armstrong and David Scott, 1966
  70. MESSENGER’s Unique View: A Colorful, Spinning Planet Mercury
  71. Should This Alien World Even Exist? This Young Disk Could Challenge Planet-Formation
  72. Navy Researchers Put Dark Lightning to the SWORD
  73. Curiosity Gets Set for Epic Drive after Laser Blasting Mars Watery Secrets
  74. NASA’s Sci-Fi Vision: Robots Could Help Humanity Mine Asteroids
  75. Details of Yuri Gagarin’s Tragic Death Revealed
  76. Get Ready for the ATV-4 Docking with this Fun Music Video
  77. Astrophotos: The Galactic Desert
  78. Join the 32-Hour Hangout-A-Thon for Space Education and Outreach
  79. Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova; 1st Woman in Space 50 Years Ago! Ready for Mars
  80. Earth-Passing Asteroid is “An Entirely New Beast”
  81. Carnival of Space #306
  82. Black Hole Bonanza! Dozens (Potentially) Found In Andromeda As Another Study Probes X
  83. Final Command Shuts Down Herschel Telescope
  84. Insane Timelapse of a Rotating Supercell Looks Like an Alien Spaceship
  85. What Happens Around a Hungry Black Hole?
  86. Final Construction Starts for Europe’s 2016 Methane Sniffing Mars Mission
  87. NASA Names First Astronaut Class for Deep Space Exploration
  88. Astrophoto: Fireworks and the Quarter Moon
  89. Uranus Is Being Chased By Asteroids!
  90. Will Comet ISON Dazzle our Skies? An Expert Weighs In
  91. Book Review: The Milky Way, An Insider’s Guide
  92. Venus’ Winds Are Mysteriously Speeding Up
  93. Say Cheese: Cassini to Snap Another “Pale Blue Dot” Picture of Earth
  94. Did a Piece of Mir Really Land in Massachusetts?
  95. Morpheus Aborts, Then Recovers For a Second Go In Tether Test
  96. “Horizons” — Gorgeous New Views from Dakotalapse
  97. 3-D Printer Passes Key Step On Road to Space Station
  98. Spectacular Billion Pixel Panorama from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover
  99. Dust In The Wind… Black Hole Style
  100. Arkyd Telescope Reaches $1M Goal, But Still Looking For Planet-Hunting Funds
  101. Navigating the Solar System Using Pulsars as GPS
  102. Timelapse: Dark Nights of St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly
  103. Where Are All the Aliens?
  104. New Horizons Spacecraft ‘Stays the Course’ for Pluto System Encounter
  105. Space Art Show Comes Out To Play In L.A., With NASA’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ As Special Guest
  106. Amazing Shots! Shenzhou-10 Docked to Tiangong-1, Transiting the Sun
  107. Feeling Small in the Universe?
  108. Herbal Earth: Spectacular Vegetation Views of Our Home Planet and the Natural World o
  109. NASA’s Daytime Dynamo Experiment Deploys Lithium to Study Global Ionospheric Communi
  110. This Energy-Boosting Region In The Sun Will Have A New NASA Satellite Watching It
  111. ‘Super Moon’ Images from Around the World, June 2013
  112. Behind the Scenes at Kitt Peak Observatory: What is an Observing Run Really Like?
  113. Searching for Pluto: A Guide to the 2013 Opposition Season
  114. Podcast: Planetary Motions in the Sky
  115. ISS Spacewalk Prepares for New Russian Laboratory
  116. So You Wanna Go To Space. Can You Put Up With The Superpower Bacteria?
  117. Three Potentially Habitable Planets Found Orbiting Gliese 667C
  118. Astronomers Spy Early Galaxies Caught In A Cosmic Spiderweb
  119. Gesundheit! Hairy And Sneeze-worthy Rings Snare Summer Sun
  120. Podcast: Death of a Spacecraft
  121. Carnival of Space #307
  122. China’s Shenzou-10 Crew Returns to Earth
  123. Podcast: Equilibrium in Space
  124. Discovery! More Planets Found Orbiting In A Star Cluster
  125. Astrophoto: Curtain of Crepuscular Rays at Dawn
  126. Another Exoplanet Hunting Mission Ends: CoRoT Spacecraft Can’t be Recovered
  127. New Android App Makes it Easier to Use Your Phone While Stargazing
  128. Astrophoto: Houston Super Moonrise
  129. How Amateur Astronomers Can Help LADEE
  130. We’ve Found 10,000 Near-Earth Objects. How To Step Up The Search?
  131. This Supernova Had A ‘Delayed Detonation’
  132. How to Pay for That Latte on the Moon? PayPal Has a Plan
  133. What Happens When Stars Collide? In This Case, A Newly Observed Kind of Pulsating Sta
  134. Neutron Stars: A Cataclysmic Conception
  135. An “Elemental” Explanation of Dark Matter
  136. Opportunity Approaching Mountain Climbing Goal and Signs of Habitable Martian Environ
  137. No, This Image Was Not Taken from the Space Station, But it Sure Looks Like It
  138. Zodiacal Light Over ESO’s La Silla Observatory
  139. Beautiful Timelapse — and an Invitation to Try Capturing the Night Sky from a City
  140. Astronomers Capture Images of Herschel Telescope Heading Toward its ‘Graveyard’ Orbit
  141. Weekend Auroras Fill the Sky!
  142. Orion takes shape for 2014 Test Flight
  143. It’s Cassini in Motion: Watch the First Teaser for “In Saturn’s Rings”
  144. Russian Rocket Fails During Launch, Explodes After Liftoff
  145. The Hunt for Exomoons Begins!
  146. Happy (or is it Merry?) Aphelion This Friday
  147. Vulcan Loses In Pluto Moons Name Game. Did the IAU Choose Wisely?
  148. Comet ISON: The Timelapse Hubble Movie
  149. Dark Skies – Good For Fireflies And People Alike
  150. Curiosity Captures ‘Phobos Rising’ Movie and Sun Setting on Mars
  151. ‘The New Cool’: How These Sharp Space Pictures Were Snapped From A Ground Telescope
  152. Astrophoto: Triple Star System Gliese 667 – Home of ‘Goldilocks’ Exoplanets
  153. Moon Dust Could ‘Engulf’ Lunar Rovers — Especially During Sunrise and Sunset
  154. What You Can See in the Sky While Waiting for Fireworks on The 4th Of July
  155. When We Look For Life Beyond Earth, Let’s Consider Dying Planets: Study
  156. NASA’s Independence Day Fireworks from Wallops Investigates Earth’s Global Daytime Dy
  157. A Galaxy Grows Fat on Nearby Gas
  158. ‘Avalanche’ Risk Higher Than Thought For Asteroid Landings: Study
  159. New Desktop Image Alert: The Moon Over Earth
  160. Opportunity rover marks Magic Moment on 10th Year since Launch with Mountain Goal in
  161. Faces And Animals On Mars? Pure Pareidolia!
  162. Incredible Astrophoto: The Youngest Possible New Moon by Thierry Legault
  163. These Are Really, Really Big Sunspots Facing Earth Right Now
  164. Shuttle Atlantis Soars In New Exhibit, Two Years After Last Space Launch
  165. Conjunctions to Watch For in July
  166. Podcast: The Spacecraft That Wouldn’t Die
  167. Carnival of Space #309
  168. Curiosity rover Embarks on Epic Trek To Mount Sharp
  169. NASA Tanks: Not Just Heavy Metal Any More
  170. 60 Billion Habitable Planets in the Milky Way Alone? Astronomers say Yes!
  171. Opening Sequence of Today’s ISS Spacewalk Highlight Video Will Knock Your Space Socks
  172. NASA Alters 1st Orion/SLS Flight – Bold Upgrade to Deep Space Asteroid Harbinger Plan
  173. How to Wash Your (Long) Hair in Space
  174. NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover To Seek Signs of Past Life and Collect Samples for Earth Retur
  175. Astrophoto: Airglow Shining Like an Aurora
  176. Auroras Dance Over Northern U.S. Last Night, May Return Tonight
  177. New Horizons: I Spy Pluto and Charon!
  178. ALMA Spots a Nascent Stellar Monster
  179. Our Solar System Has a Tail Shaped Like a Four-Leaf Clover: New Findings from IBEX
  180. How to Spot and Track Satellites
  181. Hubble Confirms Exoplanet Has a Blue Atmosphere
  182. Podcast: Accretion Discs
  183. Jets Boost — Not Hinder — Star Formation in Early Galaxies, New Study Suggests
  184. How Will Curiosity Drive to Mt. Sharp?
  185. Hey Planet Earth! Get Ready to Smile and Wave for a Camera That’s a Billion Kilometer
  186. These Cubesats Could Use Plasma Thrusters to Leave Our Solar System
  187. Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser Gets Wings and Tail, Starts Ground Testing
  188. LADEE Lunar Probe Unveiled at NASA’s Wallops Launch Site in Virginia
  189. Amateur Astronomer Discovers Comet C/2013 N4 (Borisov) During a Star Party
  190. Virtual Star Party – July 14, 2013
  191. Fly Through a Canyon on Mars, Thanks to Mars Express
  192. Citizen Scientists Hunt for Impact Craters in Persia
  193. Why Is This Astronaut Working Survivor-Style In The Arctic?
  194. How to Enjoy a Cuppa Joe in Zero Gravity
  195. Researcher Finds a New Moon Around Neptune in Hubble Data
  196. Book Review – The Lost Art of Finding Our Way by John Edward Huth
  197. Washing Your Hair in Space, Bald Edition
  198. Podcast: The Pacific Ring of Fire
  199. Carnival of Space #310
  200. Spacesuit Water Leak Aborts Space Station EVA
  201. Seeing Red: Hunting Herschel’s Garnet Star
  202. Air-Breathing Rocket Engine Gets Funding Infusion
  203. Astrophoto: The Gorgeous Colors of a Setting Quarter Moon
  204. A Heat Wave So Big You Can See It From Space
  205. Stars, Galaxies, and Comet ISON Grace a New Image from Hubble
  206. Pulled Apart By Black Hole Heart
  207. Water-Trapped Worlds Possible Around Red Dwarf Stars?
  208. New SpaceX Rocket Booster Completes ‘Full Mission Duration’ Firing Test
  209. Earth’s Gold Came From Colliding Stars
  210. Astrophoto: Beautiful View from the Top of Haleakala
  211. What’s the Best Design for a Flying Mars Robot?
  212. Satellite View Shows Opportunity Mars Rover Still Hard at Work 10 Years On
  213. Curioisty Interview with Project Manager Jim Erickson – New Software Hastens Trek to
  214. Incredible Astrophoto: The Milky Way and Mt. Fuji as a ‘Galactic Volcano’
  215. What’s Going To Happen With the NASA Budget?
  216. You Can Now PhotoBomb Spacecraft Images of Earth Not Once, But Twice This Weekend
  217. Waltz Around Saturn With This Beautiful Animation
  218. Military Aurora Research Website Goes Dark As HAARP Facility Enters Contract Negotiat
  219. Apollo 11 F-1 Engine Finding Confirmed by Jeff Bezos on Eve of 1st Human Moonwalk
  220. Weekly Space Hangout – July 19, 2013
  221. Remembering the Great Meteor Procession of 1860
  222. Curiosity Interview with Project Manager Jim Erickson-Part 2-Dealing with Dunes and C
  223. What the Earth and Moon Look Like From Saturn
  224. Gallery: Atlas 5 Launches US Navy’s Heavyweight MUOS-2 Satellite into Orbit
  225. Giveaway: The Universe in the Rearview Mirror by Dave Goldberg
  226. Book Review: The Universe in the Rearview Mirror: How Hidden Symmetries Shape Reality
  227. Expedition 37/38?s Tips For Surviving Long Voyages
  228. Super-Moon Monday: The 3rd (& Final?) Act
  229. The Latest from Mars: Dried up Riverbed May Have Flowed into an Ancient Ocean
  230. Sneak Peeks of the Earth and Saturn Panorama from Cassini on July 19
  231. Spacesuit Water Leak Prompts NASA Mishap Investigation
  232. Space Debris: A Tale of Two Satellites
  233. New Video: Why are We Driven to Explore?
  234. What Can You Do With a Cubesat?
  235. Comet ISON is Spewing Out Carbon Dioxide and Dust
  236. Could Cassini See You On “The Day The Earth Smiled?”
  237. Watch Live: NASA’s Orion Parachute Test
  238. Doctor Who? Astronauts Need To Figure Out Medical Procedures Before Leaving Earth
  239. Near-Earth Asteroid 2003 DZ15 to Pass Earth Monday Night
  240. The New Trailer for “Gravity” Depicts a Dizzying Disaster… in Orbit!
  241. Podcast: Climate Change
  242. Curiosity Sets Record Pace for Longest Drive Yet on Mars
  243. Submissions Needed for Saturn Mosaic Project
  244. HiRISE Camera Spots Curiosity Rover (and tracks) on Mars
  245. Podcast: Creating a Scienc-y Society
  246. Russian Meteorite Bits Will Be Used In Some 2014 Olympic Medals
  247. Pretty Picture from Space: Thunderstorms Over Southern California
  248. Kepler Team Has Some Succes in Reaction Wheel Recovery Attempt
  249. How Can We Stop An Asteroid?
  250. Timelapse: Super Moon Rising Over the Rocky Mountians