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  1. Spacesuited Astronauts Climb Aboard Boeing CST-100 Commercial Crew Capsule for Key Te
  2. Watch for the Delta Aquarid Meteors This Weekend
  3. Isotopes May One Day Aid In Planet Search
  4. To The Moon, Jeremy! Canadian Astronaut Thinks Off-Planet Geology During Arctic Trip
  5. Book Review: New Frontiers of Space: From Mars to the Edge of the Universe
  6. Giveaway: New Frontiers of Space: From Mars to the Edge of the Universe by Jeffrey Kl
  7. Weekly Space Hangout – July 26, 2013
  8. Get Your Own 1960?s Moon Rocket Kit
  9. Another Possible Bright Supernova Discovered In Spiral Galaxy M74
  10. Opportunity rover Days Away from Mars Mountain Quest
  11. A Weird West Tale and the Hunt for Vulcan
  12. Zogg From Betelgeuse Explains Why the Universe Has No Edge
  13. Carnival of Space #312
  14. Astronomers See Snow … In Space!
  15. Whimsical and Beautiful New Timelapse: Borrego Stardance
  16. Podcast: Sound in Space
  17. 30 Years of City Growth Seen From Space
  18. Solar Cycle #24: On Track to be the Weakest in 100 Years
  19. Alan Parson’s Project Dedicates Song to ISS Astronaut Parmitano
  20. Virtual Star Party – July 28, 2013
  21. “Blue” Exoplanet Now Seen in X-rays for the First Time
  22. 1st Operational Cygnus Module Bound for ISS Lands at NASA Wallops Launch Site
  23. The Ever-Eloquent Chris Hadfield Explains the Importance of the International Space S
  24. How Did That Spacesuit Water Leak Spread? New Video Has Clues
  25. Astrophotos: Views of the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower
  26. Future Games: Astronauts Tele-Operate An Earth-Bound Rover … From Space!
  27. New SpaceX Video Highlights What You Need to Know About the Falcon 9 Rocket
  28. Stunning Astrophoto: The Milky Way Over Death Valley
  29. Rumors of Comet ISON ‘Fizzling’ May be Greatly Exaggerated
  30. MAVEN Takes Final Test Spins, Flexes Solar Panels Before Imminent Trek to Florida Lau
  31. What Happens To Your Skin in Space
  32. Why Teleportation Could Be Far Slower Than Walking
  33. The NASA Lunar Science Institute Gets a New Name and Expanded Focus
  34. Can You Spot the Future Location of the Utopia Planitia Shipyards in this New HiRISE
  35. Watch Live Webcast: Oldest Light in the Universe from Planck
  36. Geysers on Enceladus are Powered in Part by Saturn’s Gravity
  37. Gorgeous Astrophoto: The Blue Milky Way
  38. The Great Galactic Turn-Off
  39. What’s The Asteroid Capture Mission Going to Look Like? NASA’s Starting Its Review
  40. Water Likely Flowed In This Parched Martian Region
  41. Watch the Curiosity Rover’s First Year on Mars in Two Minutes
  42. Comets Could Arise Closer To Earth, Study Suggests
  43. The Astronomy of the Dog Days of Summer
  44. Weekly Space Hangout – August 2, 2013
  45. The 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower: An Observer’s Guide
  46. See the Curiosity Mars Panorama on Permanent Display at the US National Mall
  47. Japanese Transfer Vehicle Launches Supplies, Robot to the Space Station
  48. Are There an Infinite Number of Charlies?
  49. Curiosity rover Celebrates 1 Year on Mars with Dramatic Discoveries
  50. Virtual Star Party – August 4, 2013
  51. This Is What Leaving Earth Behind Really Looks Like
  52. What’s A Kilonova? You’re Looking At It!
  53. MSL “SAM” Instrument Sings Happy Birthday to Curiosity Rover
  54. Opportunity Mountain Goal Dead Ahead as Mars Orbiter Restarts Critical Targeting Hunt
  55. Stunning Photo from Space: Moon Rising Amid Noctilucent Clouds
  56. Watch Live: Celebrating One Year on Mars with Curiosity
  57. What Will Happen When the Sun’s Magnetic Poles Reverse?
  58. Podcast: The Inverse-Square Law and Other Strangeness
  59. Ancient Astronomical Calendar Discovered in Scotland Predates Stonehenge by 6,000 Yea
  60. Watch Sprite Lightning Flash at 10,000 frames Per Second
  61. Astronauts Wax Poetic About Seeing Earth from Space
  62. GRB Lights Up Ancient Hidden Galaxy
  63. Apollo 15: “Stand by for a Hard Impact”
  64. The Soyuz Rocket and Launch Sequence Explained
  65. Launch Gallery: Delta 4 Sends Military Satellite to Orbit
  66. New 3-D Map Shows Large Scale Structures in the Universe 9 Billion Years Ago
  67. A Challenging Series of Occultations of Spica by the Moon Coming to a Sky Near You
  68. Deep and Wide: Stunning Amateur View of the Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae
  69. Weekly Space Hangout – August 9, 2013
  70. Virtual Star Party – August 11, 2013
  71. Beautiful Noctilucent Clouds 2013 — The Movie
  72. Persied Meteor Shower 2013: Images from Around the World
  73. Giveaway: Star Walk: Stargazing App for the iPhone
  74. Aerospace Students Shoot for the Stars and Space Flight Dreams
  75. Aerospace Students Shoot for the Stars and Space Flight Dreams
  76. How To Hit A Landing Target On Mars … Potentially, Precisely and Perfectly!
  77. Is the Sun More Active Than it Looks? An Innovative Method to Characterize the Solar
  78. Carnival of Space #314
  79. What Is Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, And Why Is It Important?
  80. How Do Black Holes Get Super Massive?
  81. These 12 Asteroids Are The Easiest Ones To Bring Back To Earth
  82. SpaceX Grasshopper Performs Divert Maneuver
  83. An Occult Occurrence: Saturn’s Moon Iapetus Blocks a Background Star
  84. The USAF’s ‘Space Fence’ Surveillance System: Another Victim of Sequestration
  85. Two Beautiful Timelapse Videos of the 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower
  86. Satellite Watches Dust from Chelyabinsk Meteor Spread Around the Northern Hemisphere
  87. Bright New Nova In Delphinus — You can See it Tonight With Binoculars
  88. Student Science Thunders to Space from NASA Wallops
  89. IAU Revises Their Stance on Public Involvement in Naming of Exoplanets and Moons
  90. Hubble Looks Back In Time To See Shape Of Galaxies 11 Billion Years Ago
  91. Hobbled Kepler Space Telescope Now On The Hunt For A New Mission
  92. Moon Dance: Curiosity Rover Captures Movie of Phobos and Deimos Together
  93. Incredible Footage Shows a Perseid Meteor Exploding
  94. Voyager 1: Is It In or Is It Out?
  95. NASA & US Navy Test Demonstrates Water Recovery of Orion Crew Capsule
  96. Newly Discovered Fast Radio Bursts May be Colliding Neutron Stars
  97. Dream Chaser Prepares For Flight After Crucial Ground Tests
  98. Why the North Pole Is Really a South Pole (and Vice Versa)
  99. CIA’s Declassified Documents Reveals Secrets About Area 51 and UFOs
  100. Venus And Moon Caught In A Crazy, Phase-y Coincidence Tonight
  101. Weekly Space Hangout – Aug. 16, 2013
  102. Update on the Bright Nova Delphini 2013; Plus a Gallery of Images from our Readers
  103. Astrophoto: The Milky Way Over Panther Creek State Park
  104. Virtual Star Party – Aug. 18, 2013
  105. Poof! This Spacecraft Could Get Under A Planet’s Skin
  106. How to See Planet Neptune: Our Guide to Its 2013 Opposition
  107. Stunning Aerial Tour of the Arctic
  108. Astrophoto: Flaming Star and Nebula in Orion
  109. On the Edge of Tyagaraja
  110. Haiku for Mars: Winners Selected for MAVEN Mission
  111. The Highest Clouds on Earth Shine at the “Top of the Orbit”
  112. Rogue Planets Could Form On Their Own in Interstellar Space
  113. New Astronaut Candidates Speak of Career Change Sacrifices … and Excitement
  114. Astronaut Luca Parmitano’s Chilling First-Hand Account of His Mishap in Space
  115. Don’t Panic: How Space Emergency Astronaut Training Works
  116. Geek Out! How to Build Your Own Nova Delphini Light Curve
  117. Timelapse: Noctilucent Clouds and Aurora Together in the Sky
  118. Earthlings Wave at Saturn as Cassini Images Us
  119. Now’s Your Big Chance To Use NASA’s Shuttle Launcher Platforms
  120. WISE Spacecraft Re-Activated to Hunt for Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
  121. Curiosity Conducts Science on the Go and Zooms to Stunning Mount Sharp
  122. Flicker… A Bright New Method of Measuring Stellar Surface Gravity
  123. When do Black Holes Become Active? The Case of the Strangely-Shaped Galaxy Mrk 273
  124. ‘Sail Rover’ Could Explore Hellish Venus
  125. Amateur Astronomer Captures Incredible Movie of Looping Prominences on the Sun
  126. NASA’s LADEE Lunar Probe Set for Spectacular Science and September Night Launch – Vis
  127. A New Look at NASA’s Asteroid Capture Plan
  128. Major Volcanic Eruption Seen on Jupiter’s Moon Io
  129. An Illustrative Explanation Of Our Solar System
  130. Weekly Space Hangout – Aug. 23, 2013
  131. Astrophoto: Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Observatory
  132. Your Guide To When, Where and How To See The Aurora Borealis
  133. “Tranquility Base:” Original Song Honors Neil Armstrong on the Anniversary of his Dea
  134. ‘TransFormers’ Could Beam Light Into Permanently Shadowed Craters
  135. Titan Has a Fancy Collar
  136. More Amazing High Speed Images and Video of Sprite Lightning
  137. The Cyber-Myth That Just Won’t Die: See Mars as Large as a Full Moon!!!
  138. Should Robots or Humans Explore Space?
  139. Evidence of Internal Moon Water Found
  140. New Exoplanet Research: Magnetic Fields Significantly Affect Hot Jupiter Atmospheres
  141. Double Vision: Scientists Spot An Elder ‘Twin’ To the Sun
  142. Russian Meteor Experienced Melting Before Slamming Into Earth: Study
  143. Astrophoto: Can You Count the 292 Pink Nebulae in the Triangulum Galaxy?
  144. NASA Crashes a Helicopter With 15 Dummies Inside on Purpose: Watch the Video
  145. Two Astronauts Who Beat The Odds To Get Into Space
  146. Iran Releases Plans for Manned Spacecraft
  147. Black Holes: Monsters of the Cosmos
  148. Trojan Asteroid Found Orbiting In Outer Solar System
  149. Curiosity Spies a Martian Annular Eclipse
  150. Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole is a Sloppy Eater
  151. Massive ‘Grand Canyon’ Found Hidden Beneath Greenland’s Ice
  152. Are We Martians? Chemists New Claim Sparks Debate
  153. ‘Drift Is The Most Dangerous Thing For NASA’
  154. How to See Mars in September 2013: The Red Planet Pierces the Beehive & More
  155. Astrophotos: Closeups of the Lunar Terminator
  156. Why “The Big Bang” Is a Terrible Name
  157. Carnival of Space #317
  158. Ready, Set, Observe! How to See Comet ISON In The Early Morning Sky
  159. Astrophoto: Aurora Dancing on the Water
  160. Big Bang’s Sound-Like Waves Show Up In Lab Simulation
  161. Kepler Can Still Hunt For Earth-Sized Exoplanets, Researchers Suggest
  162. Massive Storm Reveals Water Deep Within Saturn’s Atmosphere
  163. Historic Sept. 6 Virginia Moon Shot Heralds Revolutionary New Paradigm for Fundamenta
  164. Hubble and NTT Capture Strange Alignment of Planetary Nebulae
  165. Super-Earth’s Probable Water Atmosphere Revealed In Blue Light
  166. NASA: 96 Things You Can Do With an Asteroid
  167. No Images of Comet ISON from Deep Impact/EPOXI Spacecraft Due to Communication Loss
  168. How to See the Historic LADEE Nightime Moon Shot on Sept. 6
  169. Elon Musk Creates Rocket Parts With the Wave of a Hand
  170. Giveaway: Star Walk: the Stargazing App for the iPad
  171. SpaceShipTwo Feathers Wings During Second Powered Test Flight
  172. Supermassive Black Holes Keep Galaxies From Getting Bigger
  173. See Venus and the Moon Together in the Sky on September 8
  174. The Scariest Part of “Gravity” is the Lack Thereof
  175. Kirobo Robot Sends First Message from Space Station (and doesn’t open pod bay doors)
  176. Where’s the Best Place To Drill for History on Mars?
  177. Um, Being an Astronaut or Cosmonaut Isn’t Interesting?
  178. This Black Stain On Mars Could Be Volcanic Leftovers
  179. Astrophoto: Sunspot Flyover
  180. Giveaway: The Shirtsleeve Invention by Gloria Beasley Lauston
  181. Ride Along With SpaceShipTwo: Tail Footage Video of Latest Test Flight
  182. Weekly Space Hangout – Sept. 6, 2013
  183. Watch LADEE Launch Live!
  184. NASA Probe Blazes Spectacular Trail to the Moon from Virginia
  185. LADEE Launch: Images and Videos from Our Readers
  186. Carnival of Space #318
  187. New Podcasts: Precession and Acceleration
  188. Researchers Say ExoMars Could Detect Bacteria on Mars — Past or Present
  189. Huge Asteroid 324 Bamberga Makes a Return Visit to Earth’s Neighborhood on Friday the
  190. Astrophotos: The Smiley Face Moon and Companions in the Sky
  191. The Curvature of the Universe
  192. A Mercurial Milestone: 1,000 Featured Images from MESSENGER!
  193. Asteroid Vs. Comet: What The Heck Is 3200 Phaethon?
  194. How Do You Find The Signs of Life In Alien Planets?
  195. Giveaway: 2014 Ice In Space and Southern Sky Calendars
  196. “Oddball” Asteroid is Really a Comet
  197. New Comet Discovered: Lovejoy Will Add to “Comet Lineup” in Winter Skies
  198. Watch Live Webcast: Black Holes and Our Cosmic Evolution
  199. Win a DVD/BluRay Combo Pack of “Star Trek Into Darkness”
  200. Space Station Expedition 36 Crew Returns to Earh Safely
  201. Astronaut Does A ‘Moon’ Walk In The Sea. Better Yet, It’s Just One Of Many Recent Und
  202. Check Out Some of the Best Space Writing on Google+: Brian Koberlein
  203. Timelapse: Watch the MAVEN Spacecraft Being Built Before Your Eyes
  204. Absolutely Incredible Photo: Frog Launches With LADEE
  205. This Company Wants To Send Robots Into Lunar Caves
  206. This Is What It Looks Like Hovering Above An Asteroid
  207. Rainbow Pictures Of Milky Way Show Off Galaxy’s Structure
  208. Spotting Juno: NASA’s Jupiter-bound Spacecraft Gets a Boost from Earth on October 9th
  209. Astrophoto: Take a 3-D Journey Inside the Bubble Nebula
  210. It’s Official: Voyager 1 Is Now In Interstellar Space
  211. Listen to the Sounds of Interstellar Space, Recorded by Voyager 1
  212. Messages To Voyager: Welcome to Interstellar Space
  213. Trying Out a New Commenting System
  214. Astro Poetry: The First Starship
  215. 10 Historic Moments in Voyager’s Journey to Interstellar Space
  216. Weekly Space Hangout – September 13, 2013
  217. Beautiful Timelapse: Night Sky at the Shore
  218. Curiosity Rolls into Intriguing ‘Darwin’ at ‘Waypoint 1? on Long Trek to Mount Sharp
  219. Virtual Star Party – September 15, 2013
  220. Ice Volcanoes Likely Alter Titan’s Surface Brightness: Study
  221. Humanoid Shape Spotted on Mercury
  222. Endings and Beginnings – Magnetic Jets Shape Stellar Transformation
  223. The September Equinox: ‘Tis the Season to Spy the Zodiacal Light
  224. Best Custom Road Signs Ever at Wallops Island
  225. Astrophoto: Full Solar Halo and a Dragonfly
  226. How to See the Historic Antares/Cygnus Launch to Space Station on Sept. 18
  227. A “Mini Jet” Juts from Saturn’s F Ring
  228. Planet Evaporates Due to Stellar Flare
  229. A Capella String Theory: Bohemian Gravity (Video)
  230. Cometary Collisions Could Have Created Life On Earth
  231. Carnival of Space #319
  232. Sleek GOCE Spacecraft Will Have Uncontrolled Re-entry to Earth’s Atmosphere
  233. Book Review: ‘Crescent’ By Homer Hickam
  234. Win a Copy of Homer Hickam’s “Crescent”
  235. Proof! – Frogs Jump at Chance to Board Rockets to Space from NASA Wallops during Anta
  236. Tonight’s Harvest Moon Is For The Birds … Really!
  237. Advanced Satellite Blasts Off from Cape Canaveral: Launch Gallery
  238. Watch Live: Commercial Antares Rocket Launches to Space Station
  239. Goodbye Big Bang, Hello ‘Hyper-Black Hole’? A New Theory On Universe’s Creation
  240. And the Winners Are … Amazing ‘Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013? Photos Reveal
  241. New Molecules Detected in Io’s Atmosphere
  242. Rocket Frog, Space Bat, and Now… a Launch Armadillo?
  243. Antares Picture Perfect Blastoff Launches Commercial Space Race
  244. Q & A with Homer Hickam: Rocket Boys and Science Experiments Gone Wrong
  245. New U.S. Climate Map Shows Temperature Changes In HD. How To Prepare?
  246. More ISON Craziness: Tales of Popes, a Prophet and a Comet
  247. Feast Your Mind on This: Strange “Brain Terrain” on Mars
  248. ‘I Didn’t Think He Would Drown’: Spacewalking Crewmember on Spacesuit Leak
  249. Curiosity Rover Finds No Methane On Mars. What’s Happening?
  250. An Unexpected Ending for Deep Impact