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  1. Lovely Astrophotos: Aurora Among the Clouds
  2. Weekly Space Hangout – September 20, 2013
  3. How to Spot Commercial Cygnus Craft Chasing ISS for Sept. 22 Coupling
  4. Virtual Star Party – September 22, 2013
  5. This Teenager Hosts Earth-To-Space Q&As With An Orbiting Astronaut
  6. China Plans To Open Doors To Foreign Astronauts: Report
  7. Comet ISON: A Viewing Guide from Now to Perihelion
  8. A Volcanic View of Mercury
  9. Electro-L’s Fully Lit View of Planet Earth at the Autmnal Equinox
  10. Next Soyuz Rolls to Launchpad for Fast-Track Flight to the Space Station
  11. Enceladus, Afterburners Still Firing
  12. Stars in this Jam-Packed Galaxy are 25 Times Closer Together than in the Milky Way
  13. How Spitzer’s Focus Changed To Strange New Worlds
  14. Here’s One Idea Of How To Search For Life Beyond Earth
  15. New Camera Aboard APEX Gets First Light
  16. Webcast: What Happens When You Fall Into a Black Hole?
  17. Soyuz Launches Expedition 37/38 to the International Space Station
  18. Magnetic Fields are Crucial to Exomoon Habitability
  19. This Neutron Star Behaves Just Like The Hulk
  20. Bazinga: Mysterious Earth Orbiting Asteroid Turns Out to be Space Junk
  21. Secret Messages Left on the International Space Station
  22. Curiosity Discovers Patch of Pebbles Formed by Flowing Martian Water on Mount Sharp T
  23. This Earth-Like Mars Rock Shows Diversity of Red Planet Geology
  24. Dinosaurs in Spaaaace!
  25. A Mindblowing Spaceship Chart Every Sci-Fi Fan Needs to See
  26. NASA Astronaut Helped Actors Prepare for “Gravity”
  27. Weekly Space Hangout – September 27, 2013
  28. Watch Live on September 29: Orbital’s Cygnus Capsule Rendezvous with ISS
  29. Pakistan’s “Earthquake Island” Seen From Space
  30. Comet ISON Goes Green
  31. Opportunity Scaling Solander Mountain Searching for Science and Sun
  32. Doubly Historic Day for Private Space: Cygnus docks at Station & Next Gen Falcon 9 So
  33. Virtual Star Party – September 29, 2013
  34. Astrophoto: Comet LINEAR Meets a Spiral Galaxy
  35. Are Black Holes Hairy, Or Better Described By Clean Physics?
  36. Astronomy Cast 315 – Particle Accelerators
  37. Giveaway: Sky Live for iOS5 and Up
  38. First Cloudy Alien Planet Spotted From Earth
  39. What Does The Government Shutdown Mean For NASA?
  40. Carnival of Space #321
  41. This Very Old Cosmic Light Has A Bend To It
  42. 55 Years of NASA
  43. SpaceX Says Falcon 9 Upper Stage Did Not Explode in Orbit (and it wasn’t a UFO, eithe
  44. Navigating the Cosmos by Quasar
  45. Uranus: A Guide to its 2013 Opposition
  46. Government Shutdown Stops MAVEN Work; Threatens NASA Mars Launch!
  47. Overnight Aurora Sets Sky On Fire, More Possible Tonight
  48. Huge Solar Sail Portion Unfurls In Crucial Ground Test
  49. Comet ISON and Mars Imaged Together During Close Approach
  50. Could The U.S. Government Shutdown Hammer Earth and Mars Missions?
  51. This is Comet ISON Seen From Mars
  52. Ancient ‘Supervolcanoes’ Lurk On Mars And Once Showered Planet In Ash: Study
  53. This Planetary Nebulae Comes With a Twist
  54. This Aurora Video Shows How High The Lights Were Whizzing
  55. Is Iran REALLY Planning on Sending a Cat Into Space?
  56. Best Ever Astronaut ‘Selfies’
  57. Keck Spots A Galaxy Fueled With Ancient Gas
  58. Help Schoolkids in Africa Participate in November 2013 Eclipse
  59. NASA’s MAVEN Mars orbiter granted ‘Emergency Exemption’ to Resume Processing during G
  60. Double Star Fomalhaut May Actually Be A Triplet!
  61. Here’s Your Chance To Help Blend Earth And Mars Rocks
  62. Yes, Elon Musk Really Does Say All This, Um … Awesome Stuff
  63. This Video of a Cyborg Quadriped Will Have You Gasping in Terror
  64. Virgin Ticket To Space Promised In New Reality Show Deal
  65. Virgin Galactic Ticket To Space Promised In New Reality Show Deal
  66. Your Weekend Movie: Beyond The Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array
  67. LADEE Set to Enter Lunar Orbit on Oct. 3 in Midst of Government Shutdown
  68. Awesome Photo: Aurora, Airglow, City Lights and Shining Stars
  69. Virtual Star Party – October 6, 2013
  70. This Cave Video Makes You Feel Like You’re On An Alien Planet
  71. Is That Planet Habitable? Look To The Star First, New Study Cautions
  72. Mercury’s Resonant Rotation ‘Should Be Common’ In Alien Planets
  73. Oct. 7, 1959 – Our First Look at the Far Side of the Moon
  74. Astronomy Cast Episode 316: Observational Versus Experimental Science
  75. Astrophoto: Uranus Opposition
  76. A Fine Pair of Lunar Occultations for North America This Weekend
  77. Tale Of Two Moons Reveals Asteroid’s Insides
  78. ‘Diamond’ Super-Earth’s Makeup Called Into Question In New Study
  79. Higgs Boson Physicists Receive 2013 Nobel Prize
  80. Book Review: ‘Five Billion Years of Solitude’ by Lee Billings
  81. Observing Alert: Rare Triple Transit Of Jupiter’s Moons Happens Friday Night (Oct. 11
  82. A Tale of a Lost Moon: New Hubble Observations of Neptune’s Moons and Its Rings
  83. Juno Careening to Earth for Critical Flyby Boost and Cool Movie Making on Oct. 9 – Wa
  84. Incredible Time Lapse Puts You Near Telescopes At Mauna Kea
  85. Penny For Your Martian Thoughts: This Is How A Coin Looks After 14 Months On The Red
  86. Carnival of Space #322
  87. Could Juno’s Path Near Earth Uncover A Flyby Mystery?
  88. Detecting the Magnetic Fields of Exoplanets May Help Determine Habitability
  89. How Could We Fix Gravity?
  90. Rocket Failures May Spur Change In Russian Federal Space Agency: Report
  91. New Data: Will Comet ISON Survive its Close Perihelion Passage?
  92. NASA’s Juno probe Gets Gravity Speed Boost during Earth Flyby But Enters ‘Safe Mode’
  93. Jupiter And Saturn May Be Rich In Diamonds
  94. Baby Free-Floating Planet Found Alone, Away From A Star
  95. Tranquil Galaxy With Petals Shows Clues To A Violent Past
  96. A Crash Put Pluto’s Moons Into Odd Orbits: Study
  97. Amateur Images Show Juno’s ‘Slingshot’ Around Earth Was a Success
  98. Earth and Climate: Two Scenarios of Our Planet in 2100 AD
  99. Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Dies
  100. Latest Images of Comet ISON Show it is ‘Doing Just Fine’
  101. NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Returns 1st Flyby images of Earth while Sailing On to Jupiter
  102. Stunning Dunes, Crevices And Horizons From Mars Spacecraft
  103. Missile Launch Creates Weird Cloud Seen in Space
  104. Chris Hadfield Regretted Not Being Able To Make One Last Spacewalk
  105. Exoplanets and the Search for Life in the Universe: Q&A with author Lee Billings
  106. These Antarctic Research Photos Look Like Exploration on Another Planet
  107. Weekly Space Hangout – October 11, 2013
  108. Jupiter-bound Juno Probe Back in Full Operation After Earth Flyby Glitch
  109. Giveaway: Win a Copy of “Five Billion Years of Solitude” by Lee Billings
  110. Virtual Star Party – October 13, 2013
  111. Technicolor auroras? A Reality Check
  112. Astronomers Stress the Need for Characterizing the Population of Nearby Potential Ear
  113. This Week’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and the Astronomy of Columbus
  114. Hexacopter Drone Watches SpaceX Grasshopper Takes Highest Flight Yet
  115. Timelapse: Aurora Over Lake Michigan
  116. Carnival of Space #323
  117. Future Supernova Is Surrounded By Hydrogen Clouds
  118. To The Moon! Crowdfunded Solar Sail Shoots For Lunar Launch
  119. Novel Strategy May Help Target Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life
  120. Masked Starbirth Mapped In New Milky Way Survey
  121. How the Moon Would Look if it Were at the Same Distance as the Space Station?
  122. Possible Huge Meteorite Fragment Recovered From Russian Fireball
  123. Astronomy Cast Episode 317: Observatories
  124. Wet Asteroid’s Remains Found In Old Star That Could Have Hosted Habitable Planets
  125. One Year Later, New POV Video of Baumgartner’s Freefall
  126. On the Road to One Thousand Exoplanets
  127. Was This Ridge Habitable? Mars Curiosity Eyes Nearby Mountain
  128. This is the Moon, the Whole Moon and Nothing But the Moon
  129. Planet Aurora Astro-Bubble
  130. ALMA Peers Into Giant Black Hole Jets
  131. NASA Celebrates Return To Work, But Shutdown’s Shadow Could Linger
  132. Here’s A Nine-Billion-Year Old Gravitational Lens In Space
  133. An Incredible View of Saturn that Could Only Be Seen by a Visiting Spacecraft
  134. Topsy-Turvy Aurora Caught On Astronaut’s Camera
  135. Hubble’s Latest View Shows Comet ISON Still Intact, Fairly Average
  136. India’s First Mars Mission Set to Blast off Seeking Methane Signature
  137. Tilt-A-Whirl! A Tale Of Strange Planetary Orbits In Kepler-56
  138. Students: Want To Get An Experiment Into Space? You Know You Want To
  139. NASA: Less Than 1% Chance That Asteroid 2013 TV135 Will Hit Earth In 2032
  140. Astronomer’s Map Dark Matter Throughout the Entire Universe
  141. Weekly Space Hangout – October 18, 2013
  142. Skeleton Crew gets LADEE in Orbit, Checked Out and Fires Revolutionary Laser During G
  143. Virtual Star Party – October 20, 2013
  144. Here’s Your Chance To Fund A New Asteroid Search
  145. [incomplete] Planck
  146. Carnival of Space #324
  147. How to See This Season’s “Other” Comet: 2P/Encke
  148. Astronomy Cast 318: Escape Velocity
  149. Cygnus Spacecraft Departs The International Space Station
  150. A Colorful Art Project You Can Only Do In Space
  151. Cygnus Commercial Cargo Craft Completes Historic First Flight to Space Station
  152. Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, the World’s Most Prolific Time Traveler
  153. Astrophoto: Hubble in the Bubble
  154. Watch All Six Apollo Moon Landings at Once
  155. Proposed Balloon Ride Would Let You See The Blackness Of Space
  156. There Are Now Officially Over 1,000 Confirmed Exoplanets!
  157. Comet LINEAR Suddenly Brightens with Outburst: How to See It
  158. What New Horizons Sounds Like (Sort Of) When It Phones Home
  159. Astrophoto: Seeing the Cygnus Capsule Before Its Demise
  160. Incredible Vertical-Landing Grasshopper Rocket Has Retired
  161. Taking Measure: A ‘New’ Most Distant Galaxy
  162. Titan’s North Pole is Loaded With Lakes
  163. NASA’s Resilient Opportunity Rover Starts Martian Mountaineering
  164. Space Trucks! Some Pictures Looking At The History Of These Mighty Machines
  165. Video: Spider Flown in Space Has Trouble Readapting to Gravity
  166. Watch the Sun Split Apart
  167. Comet ISON Timelapse and Recent Images
  168. Japanese ‘Space Cannon’ On Track For Aiming At An Asteroid: Reports
  169. ‘Light Echos’ Reveal Old, Bright Outbursts Near Milky Way’s Black Hole
  170. Why Is Comet ISON Green?
  171. Watch Live: Defending Earth from Asteroids
  172. What Caused The Spacesuit Leak? Astronauts Are Working To Hunt That Down
  173. Changing the Paradigm: Exoplanet Interview with Dr. Sara Seager
  174. What If Earth Was Under Attack By An Asteroid? Astronaut Panel Brings Up Ideas To Sea
  175. Weekly Space Hangout – October 25, 2013
  176. ALMA Warms Up the View of the Coldest Place In the Universe
  177. Jupiter Bound Juno snaps Dazzling Gallery of Planet Earth Portraits
  178. Carnival of Space #325
  179. Dream Chaser spaceship test article damaged during 1st Free-Flight Drop Test
  180. Giveaway and Review: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years
  181. ATV-4 ‘Einstein’ Says Goodbye to the Space Station
  182. Stunning New Flyover Video: Volcanoes, Canyons and Craters of Mars
  183. How Far is Earth from the Sun?
  184. Closest Star To Earth Beckons In New Hubble Image
  185. Giveaway and Review: Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Collection Two
  186. Astronomy Cast 319: The Zodiac
  187. Moonstruck: Private Moon Robot Competition Coming To A Theater Near You
  188. Rare ‘Hybrid’ Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013: How to See It
  189. Weekend Comet Bonanza!
  190. MAVEN and MOM Missions from NASA and India Plan Martian Science Collaboration in Orbi
  191. ‘Shockwave Of Fire’ Rained Down After Old Comet Strike On Earth, Scientists Say
  192. Samples From Mars Could Hitch A Ride To Earth In This Box
  193. Fluorescent and Starry: New Zinger Space Images From Chandra’s X-Ray Archives
  194. Astrophoto: Too Many Stars to Count
  195. Damaged Dream Chaser Can be Fixed and Program to Move Forward with Flight Tests – Vid
  196. Four Comets Haunt the Halloween Dawn! Here’s How to See Them
  197. New Space Station Instrument Raises Windy Science From The Dead
  198. Say Goodbye to Boring Airline Safety Presentations
  199. Catastrophic Impacts Made Life on Earth Possible
  200. New Dark Matter Detector Draws A Blank In First Test Round
  201. Rocky Earth-sized World is a ‘Sungrazing’ Exoplanet
  202. Antarctic Sea Ice Takes Over More Of The Ocean Than Ever Before
  203. SpaceX Signs Pact To Start Rocket Testing At NASA Stennis
  204. Halloween Astrophoto: The Witch Head Nebula
  205. What Are The Odds Of Spotting A Milky Way Supernova From Earth?
  206. Watch Live: Sunday’s “Hybrid Solar Eclipse”
  207. 10-Year-Old Boy Discovers a 600 Million Year-Old Supernova
  208. Recent Sun Activity Spawns Stunning Aurorae
  209. Best Halloween Costume Ever … IN SPACE!
  210. Morning Comets Continue to Dazzle in New Images, Timelapses
  211. Announcing a New Comet ISON Photo Contest!
  212. Carnival of Space #326
  213. Weekly Space Hangout – November 1, 2013: Comet ISON Special
  214. Orion Crew Module Comes Alive at T Minus 1 Year to Maiden Blastoff
  215. The Eerie Music of Interstellar Space
  216. Hybrid Solar Eclipse Images from Around the World, November 2, 2013
  217. Live Stream of Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides
  218. Countdown Commences for India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)
  219. High-Flying Balloon Dispute Follows ‘World View’ Announcement
  220. Fancy A Space-To-Earth Quilting Bee? Here’s Your Chance To Participate
  221. Photographer Catches ATV-4?s Fiery Plunge throught the Atmosphere
  222. Life After Kepler: Upcoming Exoplanet Missions
  223. Virtual Star Party – November 3, 2013
  224. Astronomy Cast 320: Layers of the Sun
  225. MOM’s Last Night on Earth; Midnight Marvel for India’s Mars Mission – Live Webcast
  226. A Dark and Dusty Avalanche on Mars
  227. 22% of Sun-like Stars have Earth-sized Planets in the Habitable Zone
  228. India’s First Mars Mission Launches Flawlessly on Historic Journey to the Red PLanet
  229. A Hybrid Solar Eclipse Seen From Earth… and Space
  230. Chandra Infographic Shows Where The Color Comes From In Space Pictures
  231. Five Saturn Moons Stun In Cassini Spacecraft Archival Image
  232. Here’s What A Spacecraft Looks Like Burning Up (Plus Correction of Past Article)
  233. Here’s the Latest Kepler Orrery Video: the Orbits of the Planets Go ‘Round and ‘Round
  234. ‘Stairways to Mars’ Concept Proposes Truck Stops Near The Red Planet
  235. The Stars of Orion Seen Blazing From Orbit
  236. Bright Venus Takes Center Stage in November
  237. This Is How The World’s Largest Radio Telescope Is Divvying Up Design Work
  238. Lovely Green Olivine On Vesta Paints A Different Formation History
  239. Early Supermassive Black Holes First Formed as Twins
  240. Spectacular Halo Around the Sun Seen in Africa
  241. Crew Launches to Space Station with Olympic Torch
  242. India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Rising to Red Planet – Glorious Launch Gallery
  243. Comet ISON Heats Up, Grows New Tail
  244. ‘Freakish’ Asteroid Has Six Tails, Sheds Stuff Into Space
  245. Newly Released Security Cam Video Shows Chelyabinsk Meteorite Impact in Lake Chebarku
  246. Chris Hadfield On Space-y $5 Bill: ‘It Reminds Us That Our Dreams Do Not Have A Limit
  247. Skim Across Mars In Virtual Reality With These New Orbital Images
  248. Orion Service Module Comes Together and Testing Affirms Flight Design for 2014 Blasto
  249. Do You Need Some Space?
  250. Can The Space Station Fit Bigger Astronaut Crews?