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  1. Prebiotic Molecules May Form in Exoplanet Atmospheres
  2. Astrophoto: Comet Love, Joy and Santa
  3. Book Giveaway: Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction
  4. Astronauts Brave Brief Ammonia Snowstorm As They Conclude Fix To Space Station
  5. Carnival of Space #333
  6. 101 Astronomical Events for 2014
  7. Rough Red Planet Rocks Rip Rover Curiosity Wheels
  8. Watch Spacewalkers Friday As They Install Earth Livestream Camera On Station
  9. Astrophoto: Nova Centauri 2013 Turns Pink
  10. Weekly Space Hangout – December 27, 2013
  11. Venus Slip-Slides Away – Catch it While You Can!
  12. Spacewalkers Battle Camera Glitch, Pull Back For Another Day
  13. Yutu Flexes Robot Arm then Enters Hibernation During Lunar Night
  14. Videopalooza Shows Off Phobos Flyby As Moon’s Mysterious Origins Probed
  15. Spider-Like Spacecraft Aims To Touch A Comet Next Year
  16. Bigelow Gives You A Chance To Be A Simulated Astronaut. Here’s How To Apply
  17. Jan. 16 May Be Last Best Chance to Search for Comet ISON’s Remains
  18. The Quadrantid Meteor Shower-One of the Best Bets for 2014
  19. Astronomy Cast Ep. 327: Telescope Making, Part 2: Serious Gear
  20. China’s Lunar Lander Spotted by Orbiting Spacecraft
  21. What’s Ahead for Human Rated SpaceX Dragon in 2014 – Musk tells Universe Today
  22. Universe Today’s Top 10 (or so) Stories of 2013
  23. See the Youngest Moon of Your Life Tonight
  24. Space Science Stories to Watch in 2014
  25. Happy New Year’s Day 2014 from Mars – Curiosity Celebrates 500 Sols Spying Towering M
  26. Astrophoto: Crecent Venus in the Afternoon
  27. Carnival of Space #334
  28. Comets Prospects for 2014: A Look Into the Crystal Ball
  29. Three-Meter Asteroid Hits Earth’s Atmosphere
  30. Still Need a 2014 Calendar? Win “The Year in Space” Wall Calendar
  31. Gorgeous Astrophoto: Twin Crescents of the Moon and Venus at Sunset
  32. Private American Rockets Blast Open 2014 & Commercial Space Race with Big Bangs on Ja
  33. Ultra-Thin “Young” Crescent Moon Sighted from U.S. Southwest
  34. Weekly Space Hangout – January 3, 2014
  35. This Town Celebrates Every New Year with a Falling Meteor
  36. Spirit Rover Landed on Mars 10 Years Ago Today
  37. Spirit Retrospective: Top Shots on 10th Year Since Mars Touchdown
  38. Virtual Star Party – January 5, 2014
  39. Global Warming Explained in 52 Seconds
  40. Astro-Challenge: Nabbing Venus… at Inferior Conjunction
  41. Astronomy Cast Ep. 329: Telescope Making, Part 3: Space Telescopes
  42. Carnival of Space #335
  43. Internet Search Yields No Evidence of Time Travelers
  44. Satellite Image of the “Polar Vortex” Over the US
  45. SpaceX Starts 2014 With Spectacular Private Rocket Success Delivering Thai Satellite
  46. Kepler Finds an Earth-Sized “Gas Giant”
  47. How to See Spectacular Antares Commercial Rocket Launch to Space Station on Jan. 8 –
  48. The Most Common Exoplanets Might be “Mini-Neptunes”
  49. Super-sensitive Camera Captures a Direct Image of an Exoplanet
  50. Monster Sunspot Erupts with an X-Class Flare
  51. Private Antares/Cygnus rocket Glistens and Go for Launch as Polar Vortex Sweeps in Br
  52. Space Telescopes Look Back 13.2 Billion Years and See Surprisingly Luminous Galaxies
  53. Is NASA Dead? Not Even Close.
  54. Gravitational Lens Seen for the First Time in Gamma Rays
  55. NASA: International Space Station Operations Extended to 2024
  56. Dark Sky Regulations Bring Zodiacal Light to Rhode Island Observatory
  57. Chandra’s Verdict on the Demise of a Star: “Death by Black Hole”
  58. Stunning Astrophotos: Kilimanjaro at Night
  59. Millisecond Pulsar Discovered In Rare Triple Star System
  60. Can You Help Wake Up a Spacecraft?
  61. HiRISE Spots Curiosity Rover and Tracks from Orbit
  62. Antares Private Rocket Thunders off Virginia Coast bound for Space Station – Marks 2n
  63. Selling Rocks from Outer Space: an Interview with ‘Meteorite Man’ Geoff Notkin
  64. Take a Tour of the Phonebooth-sized Crew Quarters on the International Space Station
  65. New Findings from NuSTAR: A New X-Ray View of the “Hand of God” and More
  66. What a Star About to Go Supernova Looks Like
  67. One Percent Measure of the Universe
  68. Weekly Space Hangout – January 10, 2014
  69. SpaceShipTwo Goes Supersonic in Third Rocket-Powered Test Flight
  70. Cygnus Commercial Carrier Hurtling towards Space Station Rendezvous Following Spectac
  71. China’s Yutu Moon Rover and Chang’e-3 Lander – Gallery of New Images & 1st Earth Port
  72. Private Cygnus Freighter Berths at Space Station with Huge Science Cargo and Ant Colo
  73. A Distant View of Janus, One of Saturn’s ‘Dancing Moons’
  74. Virtual Star Party – January 12, 2014
  75. Astrophotos: Venus at Inferior Conjunction
  76. LEDs: Light Pollution Solution or Night Sky Nemesis?
  77. See the Smallest Full Moon of 2014: It’s the “Return of the Mini-Moon”
  78. Carnival of Space #336
  79. Watch Gaia Go From Lab to Launch in Two Minutes
  80. Astronomy Cast Ep. 330: Arthur C. Clarke
  81. Why Einstein Will Never Be Wrong
  82. China’s Historic Moon Robot Duo Awaken from 1st Long Frigid Night and Resume Science
  83. A Possible Meteor Shower from Comet ISON?
  84. Astrophoto: Space Station on the Moon
  85. Fly Over the Floodplains of Mars
  86. Stunning Footage from SpaceShipTwo’s Third Powered Flight
  87. Up Close Launch Pad Cameras capture Spectacular Sound and Fury of Antares/Cygnus Jan.
  88. Astrophoto: Jupiter Meets Moon Halo
  89. An Amazing Capture of Jupiter and its Moons
  90. Watch Live Webcast of the Active Sun
  91. Three New Exoplanets Found In a Star Cluster
  92. Hitch a Ride on the Next Mission to an Asteroid
  93. China considers Manned Moon Landing following breakthrough Chang’e-3 mission success
  94. John Dobson, Inventor of the Popular Dobsonian Telescope, Dead at 98
  95. A “MiniMoon” Seen Around the World
  96. New Online Classes to Help You Learn More about the Universe
  97. Nearby Brown Dwarf System May Harbor Closest Exoplanet to Earth
  98. Astronomers and Their Dobs: Paying a Twitter Tribute to John Dobson
  99. Some Planet-like Kuiper Belt Objects Don’t Play “Nice”
  100. Extend ISS to 2050 as Stepping Stone to Future Deep Space Voyages – Orbital VP/Astron
  101. Compare the Space Station’s Internet Speed with Yours
  102. Astrophoto: The Red Rectangle in Space
  103. The Rock that Appeared Out of Nowhere on Mars
  104. Weekly Space Hangout – January 17, 2014
  105. Enduring Quests and Daring Visions: NASA Lays Out a Roadmap for Astrophysics
  106. Chang’e 3 lander beams back new lunar panorama photos
  107. Wake Up, Rosetta!
  108. Opportunity Rover Starts 2nd Decade by Spectacular Mountain Summit and Mineral Goldmi
  109. Virtual Star Party – January 19, 2014
  110. 1st 360 Degree Color Panorama from China’s Chang’e-3 Lunar Lander
  111. Watch Live: ESA Waits for Signal from Comet-Chasing Spacecraft
  112. The Moon Meets Saturn in the Dawn this Weekend
  113. Rosetta Wakes Up, Phones Home, Starts Tweeting
  114. Astronomy Cast Ep. 331: Arthur C. Clarke’s Technologies
  115. Carnival of Space #337
  116. Milky Way Shakes, Rattles and Rolls…
  117. Surprise! Fomalhaut’s Kid Sister Has a Debris Disk Too
  118. Why Is the Solar System Flat?
  119. An Incredible Time-lapse of Venus Passing Through Inferior Conjunction
  120. Latest Data Shows Global Climate Continues Warming Trend
  121. China’s Yutu rover trundles across the Moon in Time-lapse Panorama
  122. Bright New Supernova Blows Up in Nearby M82, the Cigar Galaxy
  123. Herschel Discovers Water Vapor Spewing from Ceres
  124. NASA Pressing Towards Fall 2014 Orion Test Flight – Service Module Complete
  125. Watch: An Amazing, Mesmerizing Full Rotation of Jupiter
  126. Dusty, Windy And Damp: Five NASA Probes To Hunt Down Climate Change in 2014
  127. Astrophotographers Rush to Capture Images of New Supernova 2014J
  128. Will Spacewalks Happen On Expedition 40? NASA Undecided Due To Leak Investigation
  129. Black Hole Steals Gas From Trillions Of Stars
  130. Sierra Nevada Dreamchaser Will Launch on First Orbital Flight Test in November 2016
  131. Opportunity Discovers That Oldest Rocks Reveal Best Chance for Martian Life
  132. Spectacular Nighttime Blastoff Sends Critical NASA TDRS Communications Relay Skyward
  133. Universe Today Videos Are Now Available As Podcasts
  134. Nearby Brown Dwarf Captured in a Direct Image
  135. After A Long Nap, NEOWISE Springs Into Action With Asteroid Discoveries
  136. The Difficulties of Operating a Rover on Mars for 10 Years
  137. ‘Cosmic Flashlight’ Makes Gas Glow Like A Fluorescent Light Bulb
  138. Double Vision! These ‘Twin’ Quasars Are Actually The Same Thing
  139. Weekly Space Hangout – January 24, 2014
  140. More Great Images of Supernova 2014J Plus View it During a Live Webcast
  141. Black Holes No More? Not Quite.
  142. Now is Your Last Chance to Visit Inside NASA’s Iconic Vehicle Assembly Building – and
  143. Lovejoy and X1 LINEAR: Comets to Warm Up Your Mid-Winter mornings
  144. Stunning Astrophoto Captures Awe Inspiring NASA Rocket Launch Amidst Star Trails
  145. Yutu rover Suffers Significant Setback at Start of 2nd Lunar Night
  146. Virtual Star Party – January 26, 2014
  147. Watch Live As Russian Spacewalkers Try To Install Urthecast Cameras Again
  148. Remembering Apollo 1?s Tragic Anniversary: ‘It Was Too Late From The Beginning’
  149. Stunning Astrophoto: The Aurora and the Fjord
  150. Cloudy Weather Led To ‘Fluke’ M82 Supernova Discovery
  151. How to Not Die While Stargazing in the Cold
  152. Carnival of Space #338
  153. Trailer: New Horizons Gets Ready to Meet Pluto
  154. How to See Planet Mercury at its Best in 2014
  155. Six-Hour Spacewalk Yields Two Cameras, But Data Problems, NASA Says
  156. “Vampire” Galaxy Sucks Star-Forming Gas from its Neighbors
  157. ‘Obviously A Major Malfunction’: Today Is Anniversary of Challenger’s Explosion
  158. What Fuels The Engine Of A Supermassive Black Hole?
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  160. Video: How the Dream Chaser Was Built
  161. How Do You Stop A Spacecraft Microbe From Attacking Mars?
  162. Rosetta Is Happily Awake, But Comet Lander Will Slumber Until March
  163. NEOWISE Spots Mars-Crossing Comet
  164. Greedy Galaxies Gobbled Gas, Stalling Star Formation Billions Of Years Ago
  165. Video: These Children from Greece Helped Wake Up the Rosetta Spacecraft
  166. Simply Breathtaking Night Sky Timelapse: “Huelux” by Randy Halverson
  167. Some Ideas on Where the ‘Jelly Donut’ Rock on Mars Came from — and no, it’s not a mus
  168. China’s Chang’e-3 Lander and Yutu Moon Rover – from Above and Below
  169. How We Know Gravity is Not (Just) a Force
  170. Can A Mega-Magnetic Field Protect Astronauts From Radiation?
  171. Behind the Scenes: The “Making Of” the First Brown Dwarf Surface Map
  172. Stormy with a Chance of Molten Iron Rain: First Ever Map of Exotic Weather on Brown D
  173. ‘Stupid Astronaut Tricks’ Spread The Joy of Space To New Astronaut Class
  174. Earth’s Water Story Gets A Plot Twist From Space Rock Search
  175. A Secret Solar Eclipse from Outer Space
  176. Close Encounters of the Lunar Kind – LRO images LADEE
  177. Search for Planetary Nurseries in the Latest Citizen Science Project
  178. From Webcam to Planetcam: Planetary Imaging on the Cheap
  179. Foom! Flaming Rocket Sled Tests Parachute For Mars Spacecraft
  180. Young Planets Migrated In Double-Star Systems, Model Shows
  181. This Is What It Looks Like to Freefall From Space
  182. Weekly Space Hangout – January 31, 2014
  183. Spirit and Opportunity Top 10 Decade 1 Discoveries – Top Rover Scientist Tells Univer
  184. Columbia’s Demise 11 Years Ago Today Sparked Regular Shuttle Inspections In Space
  185. Why Hawking is Wrong About Black Holes
  186. Holy Wheels, Sharp Rocks Force NASA’s Curiosity rover to Seek Smoother Pathway to Mou
  187. Fun New Kickstarter is a Space Station Detector
  188. Ghostly Moon Crowns Pictures Beamed To Earth In Astronaut’s Twitter Feed
  189. Confused Mercury Crater Looks Icy, But May Be Evaporation Evidence
  190. Carnival of Space #339
  191. Inside the Drake Equation: A Chat with Frank Drake
  192. Watch Venus as it Wanders Through the Dawn in 2014
  193. Astronomy Cast Ep. 332: Stellar Collisions
  194. Supernova’s Galaxy Full Of Starbursts and ‘Superwind’
  195. Volunteer Firefighter Readies To Face Space Station’s Biggest Nemesis
  196. Will Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Turn into a Wee Red Dot?
  197. Super-Earths Could Be More ‘Superhabitable’ Than Planets Like Ours
  198. Giant sunspot convulses but all quiet on the aurora front … for now
  199. Mars Space Colony Rockets Could Be Ready In 10 Years: SpaceX CEO
  200. ‘Wobbly’ Alien Planet Has Weird Seasons And Orbits Two Stars
  201. NASA Extends LADEE Dust Explorer for Bonus Lunar Science
  202. Astronomers Look “Inside” an Asteroid for the First Time
  203. Watch Today’s Progress Launch and Docking Live
  204. High Potential for Life Circling Alpha Centauri B, our Nearest Neighbor
  205. Brand New Impact Crater Shows Up on Mars
  206. Webcast: “Stellar Explosions and Death Dances”
  207. Astronomy Podcast Enters Sixth Year — And There’s Room For New Contributors!
  208. New Interactive Panorama Shows Curiosity’s View from the Dingo Gap Sand Dune
  209. Mariner 10: Best Venus Image and 1st Ever Planetary Gravity Assist – 40 Years Ago Tod
  210. Black Holes Warmed Up Space Slower Than Previously Thought: Study
  211. Nearly 40 Teams At Starting Line Of Inspiration Mars Mission Competition
  212. A History of Curious Artifacts Sent Into Space
  213. Milky Way-Mapping Telescope Nabs Its First Pictures In Space
  214. Martian Avalanches And Defrosting Dunes Among New Gorgeous HiRISE Images
  215. The Olympic Torch That Went Around the World… Literally
  216. Surprise! Brown Dwarf Star Has Dusty Skies, Appearing Strangely Red
  217. Heavy-Lift Rocket Launch Seen from Space
  218. You are Here! Curiosity’s 1st Photo of Home Planet Earth from Mars
  219. Robots And Astronauts Feature In First Glimpse of Canada’s Space Policy
  220. How A Laser Appears To Move Faster Than Light (And Why It Really Isn’t)
  221. Kapow! Black Hole’s Jet Highlights A Galactic ‘Dust Lane’ 12 Million Light-Years Away
  222. Weekly Space Hangout – February 7, 2014
  223. Amazing Astrophoto: Aurora Through the Dome
  224. Astronomy Cast Ep. 333: When Worlds Collide
  225. Astronomy Cast Ep. 334: Chelyabinsk
  226. Curiosity Crosses Dingo Gap Dune – Gateway to Valley and Mountain Destinations Beyond
  227. Two Comets Pass in the Night Bound for Your Telescope
  228. Prometheus Practices its Pull
  229. Planck “Star” to Arise From Black Holes?
  230. Found! Distant Galaxy Spotted Just 650 Million Years After Big Bang
  231. Why People Resist the Notion of Climate Change
  232. 50 Years After Taking Over Earth, The Beatles’ Space Invasion Is Well Underway
  233. Enter the Red Planet: A Guide to the Upcoming Mars 2014 Opposition Season
  234. Virtual Star Party – February 9, 2014: Fire is Bad for Seeing!
  235. Are These Water Flows On Mars? Quite Possibly, New Observations Reveal
  236. How Massive Is A Neutrino? Cosmology Experiment Gives A Clue
  237. Awaiting Yutu’s Phone Home on Lunar Day 3
  238. Saturn’s Ring Shows A Twist In Cassini’s Glimpse Of Planet
  239. New Technique Puts Exoplanets on the Scale
  240. Google Subsidiary To Negotiate For Giant Eight-Acre NASA California Facility, Hangar
  241. The Joy of Discovery, Featuring Bill Nye
  242. Music Video From Saturn Shows Off Dazzling Aurora Light Show
  243. A Mesmerizing Look at Year 4 of the Solar Dynamics Observatory
  244. Carnival of Space #340
  245. How Supernova 2014J Will Help Determine the Extragalactic Distance Scale and Impact C
  246. Science Instruments Perfect as NASA’s MAVEN Orbiter Speeds to Red Planet
  247. Earth Bids China’s Yutu Moon Rover Farewell Forever!
  248. Experts Question Claim Tunguska Meteorite May Have Come from Mars
  249. Space Station to Get a ‘Laser Cannon’
  250. Teamwork! Two Telescopes Combine Forces To Spot Distant Galaxy Clusters