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  1. What Is NASA For? Space Enthusiasts Fight For Agency’s Reputation On Twitter
  2. Who Wants A One-Way Trip To Mars? Meet Three People Applying For Mars One
  3. Mars’ Dingo Gap Seen From Orbit and the Ground
  4. Arecibo Observatory Undergoing Emergency Repairs After Earthquake Causes Damage
  5. China’s Yutu moon rover Alive and Awake for 3rd Lunar Day of Exploration despite Malf
  6. When Doves Fly: Swarm Of Tiny Satellites Shot From Space Station
  7. What to Wear? The History and Future of Spacesuits
  8. Martian Spacecraft Busts A Move To Glimpse Possible Water Flows
  9. Astrophoto: Stunning Wide-Field Mosaic of the Milky Way
  10. How Would Earth Send Messages To A Starship — Or A Distant Civilization?
  11. Deadly Monster Winter Storm Batters US Eastern Seaboard – More Snow and Ice on the Wa
  12. For Valentine’s Day, Enjoy These Hearts On Mars And Other Places
  13. Ghostly Cat’s Eye Nebula Shines In Space Telescope Calibration Image
  14. Low-Flying Moon Probe Spies Craters And Mountains While Seeking Stars
  15. Weekly Space Hangout – February 14, 2014
  16. Happy 1st Anniversary Chelyabinsk! The Fireball that Woke Up the World
  17. Mystery of the Martian ‘Jelly Doughnut’ Rock – Solved
  18. NOvA Experiment Nabs Its First Neutrinos
  19. 100 Days of MOM – India’s 1st Mars Mission Streaking to Red Planet Rendezvous
  20. Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?
  21. Virtual Star Party – February 16, 2014
  22. At ‘Star City’, This Is How Astronauts Learn About Soyuz Spacecraft
  23. Morpheus Robot Flies As High As The Great Pyramid Before Deking Sideways And Touching
  24. Savage Spacesuit: ‘Mythbusters’ Host’s Mercury Costume Looks Real Enough For Space
  25. Zooniverse Reaches One Million Volunteers
  26. Carnival of Space #341
  27. Astronomy Cast Ep. 335: Photoelectric Effect
  28. Private Cygnus Cargo Carrier departs Space Station Complex
  29. Now’s the Time to See Asteroid Pallas at its Best
  30. NSF Report Biased, Expert Says: Americans Don’t Think Astrology is Scientific
  31. ‘Moby Dick’ Asteroid 2000 EM26 is Missing – Help Astronomers Find It
  32. Quantum Entanglement Explained
  33. Runaway Pulsar Produces Longest Jet Trail Ever Observed
  34. Keeping An Eye On Gaia
  35. Gaping Inside The Huge Vehicle Assembly Building NASA Used For Space Shuttles And Moo
  36. Dazzling New Views of a Familiar Cluster
  37. Is Eta Carinae Heading Toward Another Eruption?
  38. Book Review and Giveaway: Women in Space by Karen Bush GibsonW
  39. Kepler’s Universe: More Planets in Our Galaxy Than Stars
  40. Stars Boil Before They Blow Up, Says NuSTAR
  41. Opportunity rover Spied atop Martian Mountain Ridge from Orbit – Views from Above an
  42. Gas Clouds Blot The View Of Supermassive Black Holes
  43. New Planet-Hunting Telescope To Join Search For Alien Earths In 2024
  44. Asteroid Swarm ‘Pounded’ Pulsar Star, Causing Changes Visible From Earth
  45. We ‘Hype’ Alien World Findings Amid Little Data, Exoplanet Scientist Says
  46. Support Universe Today Through Patreon
  47. Martian Dune Buggy Curiosity Adopts New Driving Mode to Save Wheels from Rough Rocks
  48. Runaway Star Shocks the Galaxy!
  49. Like Yoda This Moon Shadow Looks. Yes, hmmm?
  50. Comet ISON Hosted A Rare Kind Of Nitrogen, Hinting At Reservoirs In Young Solar Syste
  51. Dale Gardner, Astronaut Who Rescued A Satellite With A Jetpack, Dead At 65
  52. Weekly Space Hangout – February 21, 2014
  53. How We Will Retrieve Dead Satellites In The Future? Hint: It Likely Won’t Be Using As
  54. Powerful New Next-Gen US/Japan GPM Satellite to Revolutionize Global Precipitation Ob
  55. An Incredible Visualization of Asteroids from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  56. New View of Yutu – 3rd Night Starts with Issues Unresolved
  57. Yutu Moon Rover Starts 3rd Night Time Hibernation But Technical Problems Persist
  58. Virtual Star Party – February 23, 2014
  59. Apollo 11 Play Aims To Showcase Landing To Teenagers And Inspire Space Love
  60. Chelyabinsk ‘Was A Pretty Nasty Event’ And Is Spurring Asteroid Action
  61. Watch a Car-Sized Asteroid Slam Into the Moon
  62. ‘Green Valley’ Of Galaxies Shows Off Gas And Star Formation
  63. Watch the Moon Meet Venus in the Dawn this Wednesday
  64. Watch Saturn Slip Behind the Moon
  65. Carnival of Space #342
  66. Yesterday’s Mammoth Solar Flare Is The Biggest Of 2014 So Far
  67. New Technique Finds Water in Exoplanet Atmospheres
  68. Pushy Black Holes Stop Elliptical Galaxies From Forming Stars
  69. Does Free Will Exist? Ancient Quasars May Hold the Clue.
  70. Next SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Gets Landing Legs for March Blastoff to Space Station – S
  71. Uwingu Hopes to Raise $10 million for Scientists with Mars Crater Naming Venture
  72. Spectacular Views of Venus and the “Decrescent” Moon Worldwide
  73. Mega Discovery! 715 Alien Planets Confirmed Using A New Trick On Old Kepler Data
  74. Playing Marbles With The Planets
  75. Spacesuit Leak: Why It Took NASA 23 Minutes To Send Astronaut To Safety
  76. NASA/JAXA Precipitation Measurement Satellite ‘GO’ for Feb. 27 Launch – Watch Live on
  77. Nearby Stream of Stars Reveals Past Cosmic Collision
  78. As Astronaut’s Helmet Filled With Water, He Told NASA Three Times It Wasn’t From The
  79. NASA Sparked Fire Risk While Drying Sodden Spacesuit On Station, Report Says
  80. Incredible Aurora Outburst From Recent X-Class Flare
  81. Next Generation NASA/JAXA Global Weather Research Satellite thunders aloft from Japan
  82. “Climate Change is Now More Certain Than Ever,” New Report Says
  83. Martian Meteorite Could Have Contained Ancient Water And Life, NASA Paper Says
  84. Did An Icy Collision Produce The Odd Shape Of Asteroid 624 Hektor?
  85. Weekly Space Hangout – February 28, 2014
  86. Astrophotographer’s Dream: Venus and Milky Way Galaxy Over Singapore
  87. NEOWISE Spots a “Weirdo” Comet
  88. Curiosity Rover pauses mid-drive and captures Spectacular Martian Mountain Snapshot
  89. Carnival of Space #343
  90. Force Of Movie ‘Gravity’ Attracts ‘Best Director’, 6 Other Oscars
  91. Neil Armstrong’s Name Now Graces A NASA Research Center In California
  92. Relive Apollo 9?s Moon Lander Test 45 Years Ago Through Incredible NASA Images
  93. SOFIA Gives Scientists a First-Class View of a Supernova
  94. Astronomy Cast Ep. 336: Units of Measure
  95. Book Review and Giveaway: Flags of the Night Sky by Andre G. Bordeleau
  96. Astrophotos: Sun Halo, Crescent Moon and Earthshine
  97. China’s Yutu Moon Rover Unable to Maneuver Solar Panels
  98. Planets Plentiful Around Abundant Red Dwarf Stars, Study Says
  99. Jellyfish-Like Galaxy Appears To Be Shedding All Over Space
  100. Watch the Close Pass of NEO Asteroid 2014 DX110 Wednesday Night
  101. BUDGET 2015: Ukraine Crisis Not Disrupting Russian Soyuz Flights, NASA Admin Says
  102. BUDGET 2015: Flying SOFIA Telescope To Be Shelved For ‘Higher-Priority’ Programs Like
  103. SOFIA Snapshots: Jupiter And Starbirth Among Achievements For Observatory Facing Side
  104. Astronaut Bill Pogue, Dead At 84, Took Part In Longest Manned Mission Of His Time
  105. Daylight Saving Time: A Spring Forward or a Step Back?
  106. Supermassive Black Hole’s Dizzying Spin Is Half The Speed Of Light
  107. ISS, NASA and US National Security dependent on Russian & Ukrainian Rocketry Amidst C
  108. Zoom! Morpheus Robot Skitters Across Sky Before Touching Down Near Target
  109. New Technique Could Measure Exoplanet Atmospheric Pressure, an Indicator of Habitabil
  110. Hubble Telescope Watches Asteroid Disintegrate in Space
  111. If the Moon Were Only One Pixel: a Scale Model of the Solar System
  112. ‘Space Racers’ TV Show Brings The Adorable (And The Science) To Preschoolers
  113. Rocket Launches Into an Aurora to Study Auroral Swirls
  114. A Natural Planetary Defense Against Solar Storms
  115. See Light Pollution in Action
  116. Evidence Of Giant, Growing Louisiana Sinkhole Showed Up In Radar Before Collapse: NAS
  117. Giant Planet May Be Lurking In ‘Poisonous’ Gas Around Beta Pictoris
  118. TV Show ‘Cosmos’ Gets An Epic Reboot This Sunday
  119. Weekly Space Hangout – March 7, 2014
  120. NASA Lunar Orbiter snaps Spectacular Images of Yutu Moon Rover driving around Chang’e
  121. Watch a Bright Star Disappear Behind the Moon Monday Night
  122. Historic SpaceX Landing Leg Rocket and Dragon Bound for Station Check Fires Engines a
  123. Virtual Star Party – March 9, 2014
  124. Rise And Shine! Rosetta’s Comet Emerges From Behind Sun, Much Brighter Than Before
  125. NASA Offers $35,000 In Prizes For Citizen Scientists To Help Find Asteroids
  126. ‘Cosmos’ Reboot Starts With a (Big) Bang
  127. How to Watch an Asteroid Occult a Bright Star on March 20th
  128. Real Images From NASA Show the ‘Cosmos’ as a Space-Time Odyssey
  129. Astronomy Cast Ep. 337: Photometry
  130. Space Station Astronauts Land Tonight — Here’s How To Watch Live
  131. Astrophoto: Gorgeous Panorama of the Orion & Horsehead Nebulae and Orion’s Belt
  132. NASA Engineer Answers 4-Year-Old’s Questions With a Personal Video
  133. This Video Is The Closest You’ll Get To Experiencing Warp Drive
  134. Infographic Shows The Quick-Changing Satellites Of The Early Space Age
  135. Mars Rover Opportunity Funding Ceases In 2015 Under NASA Budget Request
  136. ‘Rainbow’ on Venus Seen for First Time
  137. Morpheus Flies Higher and Farther Than Ever
  138. SpaceX Unveils Gorgeous Rocket Legs for Space Station Launch on March 16
  139. [incomplete] How Astronauts Could Survive In The Cold After A Soyuz Landing
  140. Did Old Galaxies Grow Up Quicker Than New Ones?
  141. Astrophoto: “Second Star to the Right and Straight on Until Morning!”
  142. Astronomers Identify the Largest Yellow “Hypergiant” Star Known
  143. Still No Sign Of ‘Planet X’ In Latest NASA Survey
  144. Why the Asteroid Belt Doesn’t Threaten Spacecraft
  145. Chinese Satellites May Have Detected Debris from Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight
  146. Europeans Aim To Avoid Battery Blasts (And Satellite Debris) In Space
  147. Physicists Reveal the Hidden Interiors of Gas Giants
  148. How Giant Galaxies Bind The Milky Way’s Neighborhood With Gravity
  149. Did Life On Earth As We Know It Come From ‘Geological Life’?
  150. “Death Stars” Caught Blasting Proto-Planets
  151. Robonaut 2 To Toddle And Waddle Around Space Station This Summer
  152. Rocket Fail Video Shows Human And Technological Risk With Each Launch
  153. Arecibo Observatory Back in Action Following Earthquake Damage
  154. Astrophoto: Beautiful Encounter with the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  155. Happy Pi Day: 5 Ways NASA Uses Pi
  156. Watch Two Dark Moons Sneak Into Cassini’s Shots
  157. Check Out NASA’s New “Dashboard” for Spacecraft Communications
  158. New Comet Jacques May Pass 8.4 million miles from Venus this July
  159. Rumors Flying Nearly as Fast as Their Subject: Have Gravitational Waves Been Detected
  160. Mercury Shrinking: the First Rock from the Sun Contracted More than Once Thought
  161. Virtual Star Party – March 16, 2014
  162. China’s Yutu Moon rover starts Lunar Day 4 Awake but Ailing
  163. Hubble Captures Starbirth In A Monkey’s Head As Telescope Approaches 24 Years In Spac
  164. Till Hellas Freezes Over – See Frost and Clouds in Mars’ Largest Crater
  165. Landmark Discovery: New Results Provide Direct Evidence for Cosmic Inflation
  166. Carnival of Space #344
  167. That Moment When the “Father of Inflation” Learns of the Detection of Gravitational W
  168. Get Set For Comet K1 PanSTARRS: A Guide to its Spring Appearance
  169. We’ve Discovered Inflation! Now What?
  170. Dusty Galaxies Shine Across The Universe In New Herschel Survey
  171. First Microlensing Detection of a Planet Circling a Brown Dwarf Candidate
  172. Surf’s Up on Titan! Cassini May Have Spotted Waves in Titan’s Seas
  173. Zoom to the Moon’s North Pole with this Incredible New Gigapixel Map
  174. Book Review and Giveaway: Max Goes To the Space Station – Children’s Books
  175. Why Trapping Somebody In Space Only Takes A Breeze (And Other Highlights From Expedit
  176. 6-Year-Old ‘Right Stuff’ Boy Reaches for the Stars with Petition Drive and Astronauts
  177. Why Flower Bouquets Regularly Show Up In NASA Mission Control
  178. Clouds May Scotch Tomorrow’s Rare Erigone-Regulus Occultation
  179. Got Back Pain? This Suit Could Counteract Spine Problems In Space (And On Earth)
  180. Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Host ‘Selling Space’ Panel Tonight
  181. Stunning Astrophoto: Moon in the Lighthouse
  182. Astronomy Cast Ep. 338: Copernicus
  183. New Gully Appears On Mars, But It’s Likely Not Due To Water
  184. Twin NASA Probes Find “Zebra Stripes” in Earth’s Radiation Belt
  185. US Air Force Space Surveillance Satellite Bumps NASA’s long awaited Orion Launch to D
  186. You’re In A Spacesuit, Blind. This Astronaut Survived It And Explains What He Did Nex
  187. Astronaut’s Mission Is To Snatch A Dragon Without Crashing The Canadarm
  188. Happy Equinox! – A Perfect Time See the Zodiacal Light
  189. NASA ‘Game-Changing’ Space Propellant Tank To Stay Grounded For Now
  190. Carnival of Space #345
  191. Book Review: “Our Mathematical Universe – My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality
  192. NASA Unveils Orion’s Powerful Delta IV Heavy Rocket Boosters for Dec. 2014 Blastoff
  193. A Terrifying Virtual View Of Floating Away From The Space Station
  194. 360 Degrees of Milky Way at Your Fingertips
  195. Space Geek Heaven: Man’s ‘Museum’ Contains Thousands Of Collectables
  196. Bill Nye on Taking Astronomy with Carl Sagan
  197. Weekly Space Hangout – March 21, 2014
  198. SpaceX Resets Space Station Launch with Revolutionary Rocket Legs and Robonaut Legs t
  199. Check Out These Online Astronomy Classes and Contests
  200. Curiosity Pulls into Kimberly and Spies Curvy Terrain For Drilling Action
  201. Sirius, UFO trickster extraordinaire
  202. NASA Targeting Earth Observing Satellites and ISS Sensors to Aid Missing Malaysian Ai
  203. ‘Yesterday’s Coffee’: Drinking Urine In Space Could Preview Mars Exploration Techniqu
  204. Cosmologists Cast Doubt on Inflation Evidence
  205. Ready, Set, Messier Marathon: A 2014 Guide
  206. Astronomy Cast Ep. 339: Space Conspiracy Theories
  207. Amazing Aurora in Alaska, March 2014
  208. Launch Alert! Three People Set For Space Station Flight — Here’s How To Watch Live
  209. NASA Opens Doors For Asteroid Capture Ideas, Offering $6M For Possible Future Mission
  210. NASA Asks: Which Spacesuit Prototype Do You Prefer? Vote On Your Favorite
  211. Storms on Jupiter Look Like Mickey Mouse
  212. Seen From Space! Crew’s Rocket Launch Spotted By NASA Astronaut In Orbit
  213. Rocky Alien Planet Leftovers ‘Polluted’ White Dwarf Stars With Metal
  214. Astronauts ‘In Good Shape’ As They Face Space Station Docking Delay
  215. Carnival of Space #346
  216. Discovery! Possible Dwarf Planet Found Far Beyond Pluto’s Orbit
  217. Surprise! Asteroid Hosts A Two-Ring Circus Above Its Surface
  218. Event Alert: Watch Delayed Space Station Docking Live Tonight
  219. Rosetta Spacecraft Spies Its Comet As It Prepares For An August Encounter
  220. Mars-Bound Comet Siding Spring Sprouts Multiple Jets
  221. What Does the Grand Canyon Look Like from Space?
  222. Stunning 3D Tours of Two Well-Known Nebulae
  223. 1st Images from New NASA/JAXA GPM Rainfall Measuring Satellite Capture Tropical Cyclo
  224. Slip-Sliding Away: Solar Flare’s Magnetic Lines Go For A Loop In This Video
  225. Adventures in (Radio) Amateur Astronomy
  226. An Afternoon on Mars
  227. Weekly Space Hangout – March 28, 2014
  228. Opportunity Rover Gets Power Boost from Wind Event on Mars
  229. ESA Awakens Rosetta’s Comet Lander
  230. Crucial Radar Outage Scrubs US National Security and SpaceX Launches for Several Week
  231. Martian Rover Prototype ‘Bryan’ Roves Renovated ‘Mars Yard’ In Europe
  232. Aurora Alert: Powerful Solar Flare This Weekend Could Spark Show Tomorrow
  233. How Far Can You See in the Universe?
  234. Observing Alert: Watch the Moon Cross the Hyades This Week
  235. Have A Heart! This Organ Plays Shape-Shifter In Space, Leading To Mars Mission Questi
  236. Believe It Or Not, This is Stunning Blue Landscape is a Desert As Seen from Space
  237. Astronomy Cast Ep. 341: 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
  238. Celebrate the Start of Global Astronomy Month with an Online Messier Marathon
  239. Astronomy Cast Ep. 340: Wernher von Braun
  240. Possible Nova Pops in Cygnus
  241. Carnival of Space #347
  242. Starquake! How Super-Suns Swing, And What It Could Look Like
  243. SpaceX’s Next-Generation Reusable Rocket Roars In Tie-Down Test
  244. Neil Armstrong: Why The World Needs ‘Nerdy Engineers’ (In Animated Form)
  245. Eye-Popping Aurora in Alaska
  246. Astrophotos: Here’s What a Super-thin Crescent Moon Looks Like
  247. Massive Earthquake off the Coast of Chile Triggers Tsunami Warnings in the Pacific
  248. Tranquil-Looking Galaxy Has ‘Battle Scars’ From Ancient Struggles
  249. Arctic Melting Is Lasting Longer, Melting More Ice And Increasing Radiation
  250. The Moon Is Just 95 Million Years Younger Than The Solar System: Study