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  1. Get Ready for the April 15, 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse: Our Complete Guide
  2. Launch Alert: Next-Gen Environment Satellite Aims For Space
  3. NASA Severs Most Ties With Russia, Sparing Station But Pushing For U.S. Launches Agai
  4. Three NASA Telescopes Begin Hunt For Earliest Galaxies
  5. Fly to Rosetta’s Comet with this New Interactive Visualization
  6. NASA-Russia Breach Will Not Affect UrtheCast Cameras On Space Station, Company Says
  7. Norwegian Skydiver Almost Gets Hit by Falling Meteor — and Captures it on Film
  8. Night of the Red Planet: Mars Opposition 2014 Coming Soon!
  9. Cassini Spacecraft Confirms Subsurface Ocean on Enceladus
  10. NASA Announces ‘Take the Plunge’ Contest – Guess when LADEE Hits the Moon – Soon!
  11. Two Rocket Launches Yesterday Provided Double The Space Fun
  12. Could This Be The Signal Of Dark Matter? Unsure Scientists Checking This Out
  13. Sobering IPCC Report: “Warming is Unequivocal”
  14. El Gordo Galaxy Cluster Even Bigger Than Thought
  15. Stunning Aurora at Mount Kirkjufell in Iceland
  16. Weekly Space Hangout – April 4, 2014
  17. Curiosity rover maneuvers around ‘Kimberley’ seeking potential Red Planet Drill Sites
  18. Virtual Star Party – April 6, 2014
  19. Carnival of Space #348
  20. If You Could Attach To A Rocket, This Is The View While Blasting Into Space
  21. Quasars Tell The Story Of How Fast The Young Universe Expanded
  22. Astronomy Cast Ep. 342: Sunsetting Spacecraft
  23. The Science Behind the “Blood Moon Tetrad” and Why Lunar Eclipses Don’t Mean the End
  24. 50 Years of Talking to Space: a NASA Social for the Deep Space Network
  25. Comet Jacques Brightens Rapidly, Heads North
  26. “Bright Light” on Mars is Just an Image Artifact
  27. The USAF’s Super-Secret X-37B Approaches a Milestone
  28. Cassini Sees a “Zen Garden” on Titan
  29. Why Universe Today Writes on Climate Change
  30. NASA’s Operation IceBridge In Search Of Ice Change In Arctic
  31. Mercury Had Quite The Explosive Past, Spacecraft Analysis Shows
  32. Mars Opposition Season 2014: Images From Around the World
  33. Did A Lake Once Cover Spirit Rover’s Landing Site On Mars?
  34. US Spy Sat and SpaceX Set for Double Barreled Blastoffs After Critical Cape Canaveral
  35. Do You Know 80s Kid Who Inspired Virgin Galactic? Branson Asks For Help Ahead Of Firs
  36. European Satellite Dodged Space Debris Hours After Reaching Orbit
  37. Two Observing Challenges: Catch Venus Passing Neptune And Occulting a Bright Star
  38. Asteroid That Dwarfed Dinosaur-Killer Punched Earth 3 Billion Years Ago. Study Says
  39. How CERN’s Discovery of Exotic Particles May Affect Astrophysics
  40. JPL Tests Big with a Supersonic Parachute for Mars
  41. Super Secret Spy Satellite Soars Spectacularly to Space aboard Atlas V booster from C
  42. Supernova Sweeps Away Rubbish In New Composite Image
  43. After The Flood: Ancient Waters Carved These Martian Channels
  44. Twin Peeks: Astronaut Brothers To Go Under Microscope During One-Year Mission
  45. Follow-Up on Skydiving Meteorite: Crowdsourcing Concludes it Was Just a Rock
  46. Weekly Space Hangout – April 11, 2014
  47. A Salad Bar for the Space Station
  48. Backup Computer Glitches On Space Station But Crew Safe, NASA Says
  49. Failed Space Station Computer Spurs Contingency Spacewalk Plans
  50. Contingency Spacewalk Planned Next Week, But Dragon Must Arrive At Space Station Firs
  51. Carnival of Space #349
  52. SpaceX Cargo Launch to Station “GO” for April 14 – Watch Live
  53. How Not To Get Bored During A Year On Space Station
  54. Spin! Crab Pulsar Speed Jumps Linked To Billions Of Tiny Vortices
  55. Webcasts and Forecasts for Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse
  56. Comet ISON Photo Contest Winners Rock the House!
  57. The Search for Gravitational Waves: New Documentary About LIGO Premieres on April 15
  58. Is Saturn Making a New Moon?
  59. Let’s Put a Sailboat on Titan
  60. Why The Eclipse Forced A Shutdown Of Lunar Spacecraft’s Instruments
  61. Handy! 3-D Printing Could Build Moon Bases And Improve Devices Used In Space
  62. Seeing Red: Spectacular Views of this Morning’s Total Lunar Eclipse
  63. Rosetta’s Philae Lander Snaps a Selfie
  64. Shiny: Astronaut Wears ‘Firefly’ T-Shirt In First Instagram From Space
  65. Speedy Satellite Beams Pictures Of Massive Floods Only Weeks After Reaching Orbit
  66. German Impact Crater Could Have Hosted Early Life On Earth
  67. Astronauts to Reveal Sobering Data on Asteroid Impacts
  68. Um, You Can See a Car on Mars
  69. SpaceX Leases Historic Launch Complex 39A from NASA for new Era of Commercial Space L
  70. New Hubble View Shows Objects a Billion Times Fainter Than Your Eyes Can See
  71. Ceres and Vesta Converge in Virgo, Watch it Happen With Just Binoculars
  72. Kepler Has Found the First Earth-Sized Exoplanet in a Habitable Zone!
  73. SpaceX Dragon launch to ISS Marches Towards April 18 Liftoff after Helium Leak Forces
  74. Get Ready for the Lyrid Meteor Shower: Our Complete Guide for 2014
  75. Watch Live Webcast: Secrets of the Universe’s First Light
  76. Urgent Spacewalk Must Dance Between Dragon and Progress Spacecraft
  77. NASA’s Highly Productive LADEE Dust Explorer Probe Crashes into the Moon as Planned
  78. Weekly Space Hangout – April 18, 2014
  79. Ancient Martian Life May Be Preserved in Glass
  80. SpaceX Commercial Dragon Resupply Ship Thunders to Space Bound for ISS and Easter Sun
  81. SpaceX Dragon Captured on Film in Orbit Over Paris 25 Minutes After Launch
  82. SpaceX Makes Strides Towards 1st Stage Falcon Rocket Recovery during Space Station La
  83. Echoes of Chelyabinsk: Another Fireball Explodes Over Russia
  84. Easter Sunday Space Station Rendezvous and Berthing for SpaceX Dragon Freighter
  85. Video: Carolyn Porco Discusses Her Life at Saturn
  86. Carnival of Space #350
  87. Stunning Original Drawing of the Latest SpaceX Launch
  88. Our Guide to the Bizzare April 29th Solar Eclipse
  89. Watch: New Documentary Follows the Hunt for Gravitational Waves
  90. How Far Is A Light Year in Miles Or Kilometers?
  91. Remembering John Houbolt: the Man Who Gave Us Lunar Orbit Rendezvous
  92. Views of Earth From Space on Earth Day 2014
  93. Surprise: Earth Is Hit By a Lot More Asteroids Than You Thought
  94. Watch Live As Astronauts Conduct Urgent Spacewalk On Space Station
  95. Saturn at Opposition: Our 2014 Guide
  96. Book Review and Giveaway: Earthrise: My Adventures As An Apollo 14 Astronaut by Edgar
  97. Pingpong! How You Could Send Something Small High In The Atmosphere
  98. Why Inflation Didn’t Get the Same Hype as the Higgs
  99. Asteroids VS. Your Hometown: Fun but Frightening Graphics Compare Asteroid Sizes to P
  100. Take a Fly-by Of All the Known Exoplanets
  101. LADEE Sees Zodiacal Light before Crashing into Moon, but Apollo Mystery Remains
  102. Curiosity Captures First Ever Asteroid Images from Mars Surface
  103. Take a Look: Comet PANSTARRS K1 Swings by the Big Dipper this Week, Sprouts Second Ta
  104. Gallery: Incredible Mirages In Space Show Dark Matter, Supernovas And Galaxies
  105. Now THIS is How You Hunt for Aurorae
  106. Imagine What Could Be Done With a “Penny4NASA”
  107. Weekly Space Hangout – April 25, 2014
  108. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Sues Government to Break US Air Force’s National Security Launch
  109. Curiosity Reaches Out to Scrutinize Next Martian Drill Target at Mount Remarkable
  110. Breathtaking Astrophoto: Milky Way Over Monument Valley
  111. May Meteor Storm Alert: All Eyes on the Sky!
  112. Carnival of Space #351
  113. What Steps Are Needed To Find More Earths?
  114. Celebrate Hubble’s 24th Birthday by Flying Through the Pillars and Peaks of the Monke
  115. Hello From Mars! Curiosity Smiles in Her Latest “Selfie”
  116. Amazing Images of Today’s Solar Eclipse from Earth and Space
  117. Astrophoto: Special Delivery to the Moon
  118. How Life Could Have Caused Most Minerals On Earth
  119. It’s Freezing on the Surface of this Nearby Star-like Object
  120. Virtual Star Party – April 26, 2014- Hangoutathon Special Edition!
  121. Dramatic Timelapse of the Recent “Blood Moon” Eclipse
  122. U.S. Should Send Astronauts To Space Station By Trampoline: Russian Official
  123. Gas Cloud or Star? Mystery Object Heading Towards Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hol
  124. Spin! Exoplanet’s Day Finishes Blazing Fast Compared To Earth
  125. SpaceX Releases Raw Video of First Stage Landing Attempt
  126. Winning Z-2 Spacesuit Prototype Design Gets Ready For ‘Test Campaign’
  127. ‘Runaway’ Star Cluster Breaks Free from Distant Galaxy
  128. Curiosity Bores into Kimberley rock after Inspection Unveils Enticing Bumpy Textures
  129. Astrophoto: Awesome Views of a Sombrero in Space
  130. HD Livestream of Earth Now Available 24/7 from the Space Station
  131. Ganymede’s Subsurface Ocean is Like a Club Sandwich
  132. An Interactive Version of Curiosity’s Latest “Selfie”
  133. Cassini’s View of Another Pale Blue Dot
  134. Court Injunction Blocks Russian Engine Purchase by ULA for US National Security – Win
  135. R2-D2 Saves Space Station Crew for Star Wars Day
  136. Falcon 9 Reusable Takes its Second Flight Test
  137. Infographic: Sci-Fi Books That Predicted The Future
  138. How Much Of The U.S. Public Supports Space Spending? Depends On How You Read The Stat
  139. Weekly Space Hangout – May 2, 2014
  140. Object “G2? Still Intact at Closest Approach to Galactic Center, Astronomers Report
  141. Student Designed Radiation Experiment Chosen to Soar aboard Orion EFT-1 Test Flight
  142. Spectacular Aurora Sneaks in Quietly, Rages All Night
  143. “Fossil Galaxy” Discovered From the Early Universe
  144. Revisit Halley’s Comet – Stay Up Late for Tonight’s Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
  145. Virtual Star Party – May 4, 2014
  146. Earth From Space: The Moon Over Mexico
  147. Carnival of Space #352
  148. Comet Jacques Brightens: How to See it in May
  149. NASA Seeks Ideas for Mission to Europa
  150. Unprecedented Images of the Intergalactic Medium
  151. Dashcams, Tweets Show Bright Daytime Fireball Over Ontario, Canada on May 4
  152. The Rise of Carbon Dioxide in a Single Video
  153. “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”… How Scientists Replicated a Mars Meteorite
  154. Are we Ready for Contact?
  155. Surprise Gamma-Ray Burst Behaves Differently Than Expected
  156. Dangling Dextre Digs out Docked Dragon Depot prior to Station Departure
  157. Get Mom a Crater on Mars for Mother’s Day
  158. NASA’s Curiosity Rover Drills Deep into 3rd Martian Rock for Sampling Analysis
  159. This Was the Best Watched Solar Flare Ever
  160. Most Powerful Solar Telescope on Earth Rises Atop Hawaiian Volcano
  161. The Newest ‘Earthrise’ Image, Courtesy of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
  162. The Hunt for KBOs for New Horizons’ Post-Pluto Encounter Continues
  163. Asteroid 2013 UQ4 Suddenly Becomes a Dark Comet with a Bright Future
  164. Star Trail Photo Hints at Hidden Polestars
  165. Interesting Prospects for Comet A1 Siding Spring Versus the Martian Atmosphere
  166. Eta Aquarid Meteors Streak By in Stunning Astrophotos
  167. Planetary Scientist Colin Pillinger Dies
  168. Observing Alert: See Mercury’s Best Evening Show of the Year
  169. Weekly Space Hangout – May 9, 2014
  170. Boeing CST-100 Space Taxi Maiden Test Flight to ISS Expected Early 2017 – One on One
  171. Found! Sun’s ‘Sibling’ Likely Formed From Same Gas Cloud, Astronomers Say
  172. Why Earth’s Spores Could Survive A Trip to Mars
  173. Can Super-Fast Stars Unveil Dark Matter’s Secrets?
  174. Carnival of Space #352
  175. Saturn Disappears Behind the Full Flower Moon May 14 – Watch it Live
  176. Astronomy Cast Ep. 345: Numbered Places: Launch Complex 39
  177. NASA West Antarctic Ice Sheet Findings: Glacier Loss Appears Unstoppable
  178. Last Chance: Hadfield’s ‘Space Oddity’ Video Coming Down Soon
  179. Watch Live As Three People Return From Space Today
  180. Where Are The Aliens? How The ‘Great Filter’ Could Affect Tech Advances In Space
  181. 14 Red Dwarf Stars to View with Backyard Telescopes
  182. Stunning Timelapse: Arizona Sky of Clouds and Stars
  183. Guest Post: No turning back, NASA ISEE-3 Spacecraft Returning to Earth after a 36 Ye
  184. Moscow Delivers Double Whammy to US Space Efforts – Bans Rockets Engines for Military
  185. Direct Image of an Exoplanet 155 Light Years Away
  186. Phobos & Deimos — The Moons of Mars Explained
  187. NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission to Provide 1st 3-D View of Earth’s Magnetic
  188. Earth’s Lightning Ramps Up With The Solar Wind: Study
  189. It’s Alive! Rosetta’s Comet Flares As It Approaches The Sun
  190. Hubble Sees Jupiter’s Red Spot Shrink to Smallest Size Ever
  191. Astrophotos: Occultation of Saturn
  192. Mercury’s Ready For Its Close-Up, Mr. MESSENGER
  193. Venus Express Prepares to Descend into Hell
  194. Russian Proton Rocket Fails After Launch, Destroys Satellite: Reports
  195. Kepler Space Telescope Gets A New Exoplanet-Hunting Mission
  196. Spitzer Mission Extension Not Approved In NASA Senior Review; Officials Say Budget Re
  197. Future Uncertain For WISE Spacecraft After Review Declines Extension
  198. Weekly Space Hangout – May 16, 2014
  199. Astrophoto: Space Station Creates a Zipper on the Sun
  200. Assembling and Launching Boeing’s CST-100 Private Space Taxi – One on One Interview w
  201. Return of the SpaceX-3 Dragon to Earth Caps Super Science Mission for NASA
  202. If Pigs Could Fly – A Quick Guide to Solar Halos and Other Curiosities
  203. Saturn Aurora Sparkles In New Hubble Images
  204. Can You Say Camelopardalids? Observing, Weather Prospects and More for the May 24th M
  205. Carnival of Space #354
  206. Dramatic Timelapse Shows Develpment of Supercell “Mothership” Storm Cloud in Wyoming
  207. Astronomy Cast Ep. 346: Area 51
  208. Scientists Now Suspect More Sea Level Rise from Greenland’s Glaciers
  209. ICYMI: Full Trailer for “Interstellar”
  210. Space Station’s Veggies Are “Grow” to Launch
  211. Are the BICEP2 Results Invalid? Probably Not.
  212. NASA Mars Lander ‘Go’ For Construction
  213. Astrophotos: The Wispy Edge of the Sun
  214. Did That Star Eat A Planet? Rocky Elements Could Tell The Tale
  215. Updated! Zoomable Poster Now Shows Off 54 Years Of Space Exploration
  216. How to See 209P/LINEAR, the Comet Brewing Up Saturday’s Meteor Shower
  217. Going Low for Omega Centauri: How to Spot a Southern Hemisphere Jewel from Mid-Northe
  218. Watch the Trailer for “The Last Man on the Moon”
  219. Game Of Thrones’ Weird Seasons Explained! And More Science From Westeros
  220. Dramatic Starscape Helps Astronomers Learn About Our Own Galaxy
  221. Physicists Pave the Way to Turn Light into Matter
  222. Pink Floyd and Coldplay Go to Space
  223. Potential Weekend Meteor Shower Will Pelt the Moon Too!
  224. New Supernova Likely Arose From Massive Wolf-Rayet Star
  225. ESA Marks 50 Years of Cooperative Space Innovation
  226. Curiosity says ‘Goodbye Kimberley’ after Parting Laser Blasts and Seeking New Adventu
  227. “With a Little Help From Their Friends,” Magnetars Form in Binary Systems, New Study
  228. These Ultra-Black ‘Cosmic Clumps’ Will Give Birth To Powerful Stars
  229. Amateur Asteroid Hunters Take Note: NASA and Slooh Will Ask For Your Help
  230. New Supernova Pops in Bright Galaxy M106 in the ‘Hunting Dogs’
  231. Largest Crater Spotted on Mars Using Before-and-After Pictures
  232. Private Dream Chaser Crewed Mini-Shuttle Design Advances through Rigorous Wind Tunnel
  233. Selfies from Around the World Combine to Make a Portrait of Earth
  234. Which Of These Moon Pictures Catches Your Eye? NASA Asks You To Pick The Best
  235. Atlas V Blasts Off with Clandestine US Spy Satellite Amidst Russian Engine Controvers
  236. Weekly Space Hangout – May 23, 2014
  237. Antares Rocket Engine Suffers Significant Failure During Testing
  238. Camelopardalid Meteor Shower Skimpy but Sweet
  239. Opportunity Overlooks Ridge for Spectacular Vista of Vast Martian Crater and Habitabl
  240. Gas Cloud Survives Collision With Milky Way
  241. Kickstarting the youngest astronomers
  242. Carnival of Space #355
  243. Seeing in Triplicate: Catching a Rare Triple Shadow Transit of Jupiter’s Moons
  244. Zero G Living: Tough To Sustain, Harder To Study
  245. Why You Shouldn’t ‘Buy Real Estate’ On Neptune’s Moon Triton
  246. NASA’s Mars Landing Idea Will Take To The Air In June
  247. Space Robot Fixes Itself, Takes Selfie As Funny Livetweet Happens On The Ground
  248. Observing Alert – Space Station ‘Marathon’ Starts This Week
  249. Want to Measure the Distance to the Moon Yourself? Now You Can!
  250. More Camelopardalids: Persistent Trains and that Satellite Fuel Dump Cloud