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  1. Observing Challenge: Catch a Series of Mutual Eclipses by Jupiter’s Moons
  2. Mysterious Object “G2? at Galactic Center is Actually Binary Star
  3. The World is Not Enough: A New Theory of Parallel Universes is Proposed
  4. Join the Cast of Interstellar Movie for a Live Google+ Hangout
  5. Update: NTSB Confirms SpaceShipTwo feathering was Prematurely Unlocked
  6. VLTI Detects Exozodiacal Light Around Exoplanets
  7. Where Have All the Pulsars Gone? The Mystery at the Center of Our Galaxy
  8. Satellite Debris Forces Space Station To Evade Threat Hours Before Collision Threat
  9. Building A Space Base, Part 3: Making Remote Robots Smart
  10. Soviet Era Engines Likely Caused Antares Rocket Failure
  11. Watch Universe Today’s Fraser Cain School the Cast of ‘Interstellar’ on Black Holes
  12. ALMA Shows Off Baby Pictures… Baby Planets, That Is!
  13. SpaceShipTwo Pilot’s Survival is Miraculous
  14. RAISE: How to Capture 1,500 Solar Images in a Five Minute Flight
  15. Persistent Train: Exploding Meteor Captured in New Timelapse
  16. Mars Habitability? Curiosity Rover Spots Intriguing Mineral On Red Planet
  17. Curiosity Rover Sees a Pixel’s-Worth of Comet Siding Spring
  18. How Dust Lightens Up The ‘Dark Side’ Of Rosetta’s Comet
  19. It’s Complicated: Hubble Survey Finds Unexpected Diversity in Dusty Discs Around Near
  20. Will Gaia Be Our Next Big Exoplanet Hunter?
  21. Canadian Micro-Rover and Lander “Northern Light” Aim for Launch to Mars in 2018
  22. Giant Water Bubble Engulfs Video Camera On Space Station, With Hilarious Results
  23. A Comet’s Tale – Rosetta’s Philae, Five Days from Touchdown
  24. Orbital Sciences Announces Way Forward Plan to Fulfill NASA Space Station Commitments
  25. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 7, 2014
  26. Mind-blowing Meteor Shower on Mars During Comet Flyby, Say NASA scientists
  27. Review: In “Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan Shows He Has The Right Stuff
  28. See What Astronauts See In This Stunning ISS Timelapse
  29. NASA 1st Orion Complete and Ready to Roll to Launch Pad
  30. More Revealed about Siebold’s Escape from SpaceShipTwo
  31. NASA’s Next Exoplanet Hunter Moves Into Development
  32. How Does Rosetta’s Comet Compare with Alpine Mountains?
  33. A Snapshot of a Galactic Crash
  34. Carnival of Space #379
  35. Incredible Snow-Dragging Spaceship Landing From The Space Station
  36. Wow! Auroras From Space Look Like Green Ocean Waves In New Video
  37. Astronomy Cast Ep. 357: Modern Women: Vera Rubin
  38. ‘Naked’ Comets Could Expose Solar System’s Ancient Origin Story
  39. Orion’s Rocket Ready to Rock n’ Roll for Critical December Test Flight
  40. ‘Not All Hope Is Lost': NASA Sun Probe Silent Now For Six Weeks
  41. Dusty Baby Solar System Gives Clues On How Our Sun And Planets Grew Up
  42. Midway Between Storms: Our Guide to the 2014 Leonid Meteors
  43. Philae Ready to Take Flying Leap to Historic Comet Landing (Coverage Information)
  44. Better than Bieber, Rosetta’s Comet Sings Strange, Seductive Song
  45. We Land on a Comet Today! Updates on Philae’s Progress
  46. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Gets Its Color From Sunlight, Study Suggests
  47. Touchdown! Philae Successfully Lands on Rosetta’s Comet
  48. Virgin Galactic Crash Survivor Didn’t Know Re-Entry System Was Turned On Prematurely
  49. Get a Look at Philae’s First Photos
  50. Uranus Bland? Nope, It’s A Stormy Planet With Interesting Insides
  51. NASA’s Pathfinding Orion Rolls to Launch Pad, Hoisted atop Rocket for Maiden Blastof
  52. Philae Sends First Photo from the Comet’s Surface
  53. New Images from Philae Reveal Comet’s Ancient Surface
  54. Wake Up, Pluto Spacecraft! New Horizons Emerges From Nap Next Month
  55. ‘Double Earths’ Could Be Fun Exoplanets To Hunt For — If They Exist
  56. Radio Galaxy With Black Hole Has ‘Fierce Electrical Thunderstorm’ Raging In Its Depth
  57. Weather Forecasting on Mars Likely to be Trickier Than on Earth
  58. China Reveals Designs for Mars Rover Mission
  59. Concerns over ESA’s Data Release Policy Amidst Rosetta Comet Landing
  60. Music to Celebrate the Rosetta Mission
  61. Comet Landing: Side-By-Side Pics Of All Alien Surfaces Humanity Explored
  62. Can Philae Power Up After Doing A Triple Comet Landing Into Shadowy Spot?
  63. This is How Orion’s Dramatic Flight Test Will Look Next Month
  64. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 14, 2014: Holy Rosetta! We Landed on a Comet!
  65. Aurora on Venus Versus Solar Activity
  66. Marco View Makes Dark Matter Look Even Stranger
  67. Cool Infographics Explain 8 Key Events on Orion’s EFT-1 Test Flight
  68. Philae Idled – Needs Luck, Sunshine to Awake
  69. Whittling Away At SN1987A
  70. Alone and Confused, Philae Breaks our Hearts
  71. Comet-Bouncing Philae Spacecraft Caught On Camera In Newly Enhanced Images
  72. Infographic: The Rosetta Comet-Probing Mission Cost As Much As Four Jetliners
  73. Philae’s Incredible Comet-Landing Sequence Shows Up In Fresh Rosetta Images
  74. Curiosity Rover Snaps Photos of Comet Siding Spring, Giant Sunspot and Mars-shine
  75. Chaotic Wombs May Birth Wrong-way Planets
  76. Darth Vader, Renaissance Man? How ‘Star Wars’ Could Have Looked Centuries Ago
  77. We are not Alone: Government Sensors Shed New Light on Asteroid Hazards
  78. Astronomy Cast Ep. 358: Modern Women: Sandra Faber
  79. NASA’s RapidScat Ocean Wind Watcher Starts Earth Science Operations at Space Station
  80. Smart Robots Could Build ‘Snow Forts’ On The Moon One Day
  81. How Do Planets Form? Semarkona Meteorite Shows Some Clues
  82. The Origins of Life Could Indeed Be “Interstellar”
  83. OSIRIS-REx: The Audacious Plan To Scoop An Asteroid And Fly Back To Earth
  84. No ‘Rubber Duckie’! Rosetta’s Comet Looks Weird In Decade-Old Hubble Model
  85. Wavelight: Riveting New Night Sky Timelapse
  86. Shortly After Mars Comet, NASA’s New Red Planet Spacecraft Officially Starts Mission
  87. Philae Lander Early Science Results: Ice, Organic Molecules and Half a Foot of Dust
  88. Warm, Flowing Water on Mars Was Episodic, Study Suggests
  89. NASA SoundCloud Sounds Aim To Bring Music To The Final Frontier
  90. Lunar Mission One Wants To Crowdfound A Robotic Moon Lander
  91. Amazingly Detailed New Maps of Asteroid Vesta
  92. Observing Challenge: Watch Asteroid 3 Juno Occult a +7th Magnitude Star Tonight
  93. “Spotters Guide” for Detecting Black Hole Collisions
  94. Higgs Boson Threatened The Early Universe, But Gravity Saved The Day
  95. Did a Galactic Smashup Kick Out a Supermassive Black Hole?
  96. Elusive Dark Matter Could Be Detected with GPS Satellites
  97. Yuri Gagarin Memorialized in a Funky Music Video
  98. Two New Subatomic Particles Found
  99. Thud! Sound Of Philae’s Comet Landing Shows Signs Of Possible Ice
  100. First Orion Flight Will Assess Radiation Risk As NASA Thinks About Human Mars Mission
  101. Communicating Across the Cosmos, Part 1: Shouting into the Darkness
  102. BICEP2 All Over Again? Researchers Place Higgs Boson Discovery in Doubt
  103. A Thousand Days ‘Til Totality: Anticipating the 2017 Solar Eclipse
  104. With Philae Delivered, Rosetta Will Play ‘Comet Escort’ Through 2015
  105. Iconic Kennedy Space Center Countdown Clock Retires
  106. NASA Aims To Slash Space Shipping Costs With Shiny 3-D Printer
  107. New Simulation Offers Stunning Images of Black Hole Merger
  108. Global Warming Watch: How Carbon Dioxide Bleeds Across The Earth
  109. Subaru Telescope Spots Galaxies From The Early Universe
  110. Communicating Across the Cosmos, Part 2: Petabytes from the Stars?
  111. Wow! Epic 4K Timelapse of Aurora Over Iceland and Greenland
  112. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 21, 2014
  113. NASA’s “Remastered” View of Europa is the Best Yet
  114. Orion Passes Key NASA Flight Review – “GO” for Maiden Test Flight on Dec. 4
  115. Antares Doomed Descent into Hellish Inferno – Up Close Launch Pad Photo Exclusive: Pt
  116. Carnival Of Space #381
  117. Watch Three Humans Take A Flawless Ride To Space Yesterday
  118. Searching for Alien Worlds and Gravitational Lenses from the Arctic
  119. Flash! Iridium Flares Captured in Real Time by Thierry Legault
  120. Antares Rocket Failure Pushes Tiny Satellite Company To Hitch Ride With SpaceX
  121. Africa’s First Mission to the Moon Announced
  122. Where The Heck Did Philae Land? Rosetta Team Narrows The Cometary Search
  123. Astronomers Discover First Mulitiple-image Gravitationally-lensed Supernova
  124. Mercury Spacecraft Moves To Testing Ahead Of 2016 Launch To Sun’s Closest Planet
  125. Communicating Across the Cosmos, Part 3: Bridging the Vast Gulf
  126. NASA Wants To Launch Tiny Moon Satellites On Its Next-Generation Rocket
  127. Opportunity Mars Rover Pushes Past 41 Kilometers Of Driving On Red Planet
  128. The Search for Dark Energy Just Got Easier
  129. Antares Orb-3 Rocket Explosion and Frightening Incineration Captured by Up Close Laun
  130. Rosetta Comet Sounds Make ‘Across The Universe’ Song Oh So Spooky
  131. New Analysis Sets a Space & Time Zone for Complex Life
  132. Here’s The First 3-D Part Printed In Space. Where Will That Take Us Next?
  133. New Timelapse Shows Urban Nightscapes Without Light Pollution
  134. NASA Airship Could Watch The Stars Without The Need Of a Rocket
  135. Live Discussion: How Good is the Science of “Interstellar?”
  136. Jet! Rosetta’s Comet Is Feeling The Heat As Gas and Dust Erupts From Surface
  137. How Do Astronauts Celebrate Thanksgiving On The Space Station?
  138. Venus Express Spacecraft, Low On Fuel, Does Delicate Dance Above Doom Below
  139. ‘Meteoric Smoke': Comet Siding Spring Could Alter Mars Chemistry Permanently
  140. NASA’s Van Allen Probes Spot Impenetrable Radiation Barrier in Space
  141. Astronomers Poised to Capture Image of Supermassive Milky Way Black Hole
  142. Orion on Track at T MINUS 1 Week to First Blastoff
  143. Here’s Your Sign: Are You an Ophiuchian?
  144. Rocket Remains? Video Shows ‘Pieces Of Whatever’ Flaming High Above Belgrade
  145. Beam Me Up, Mars! Uwingu Will Send 90,000 Radio Messages There Today
  146. “Eye of Sauron” Galaxy Used For New Method of Galactic Surveying
  147. Delaying Death: Mercury Spacecraft Firing Engines To Stay Up Until 2015
  148. New Star Wars Trailer A Force Among Fans — And An Inspiration For Lego Parody
  149. The “Potsdam Gravity Potato” Shows Earth’s Gravity Variations
  150. Cool NASA Animation Beautifully Details Every Step of Orion’s First Launch!
  151. Sail Past Orion to the Outer Limits of the Milky Way
  152. Probing Pluto’s Paltry Atmosphere Using A Solar Eclipse And Spacecraft
  153. Communicating Across the Cosmos 4: The Quest for a Rosetta Stone
  154. Carnival of Space #382
  155. Dawn Spacecraft Will Take Pictures Of Its Target Asteroid Today
  156. Jupiter-Bound Spacecraft Takes A Small Step To Seek Habitable Worlds
  157. Watch Asteroids Whiz by the Earth-Moon System This Week as First Steps Toward Asteroi
  158. This Short Film is a Stunning Preview of Human Space Exploration
  159. The Perfect Holiday Gift: The Year In Space Calendar 2015!
  160. Astronomy Cast Ep. 359: Modern Women: Jocelyn Bell Burnell
  161. NASA Premiers New Countdown Clock for Orion’s First Launch
  162. Orion’s ‘Glass Cockpit’ Will Steer Astronauts Through The Solar System
  163. DNA Won’t Be Killed Dead By A Rocket Ride To Space, Study Suggests
  164. Pluto’s Closeup Will Be Awesome Based On Jupiter Pics From New Horizons Spacecraft
  165. Observing Challenge: How to See Asteroid Hebe, Mother of Mucho Meteorites
  166. Shooting “Color” in the Blackness of Space
  167. Philae’s Wild Comet Landing: Crater Grazing, Spinning And Landing In Parts Unknown
  168. Famous Hubble Star Explosion Is Expanding, New Animation Reveals
  169. Moon Over Orion Heralds Start of NASA’s Human Road to Mars
  170. New Cosmological Theory Goes Inflation-Free
  171. Europa Life: Could ‘Extreme Shrimp’ Point To Microbes On That Moon?
  172. Planets Could Travel Along with Rogue ‘Hypervelocity’ Stars, Spreading Life Throughou
  173. Mars Needs You! Help Scientists Track Spring Thaw On Red Planet
  174. Japan Successfully Launches Hayabusa 2 Asteroid Sample Return Mission
  175. Soar with the Aurora in this Breathtaking Real-time Video
  176. Rise of the Mega Rockets: Comparing Heavy Lift Launch Systems
  177. T Minus 1 Day to Launch: Orion at the Pad Photos
  178. Meteorite May Contain Proof of Life on Mars, Researchers Say
  179. Orion Unveiled for Maiden Launch Today
  180. High Winds, Technical Issues and a Boat Delay Orion Test Flight
  181. Yes, You Can Find Exoplanets With A Simple Camera And Telephoto Lens
  182. Giveaway: Win a ‘Year In Space 2015? Wall Calendar!
  183. Titan’s Atmosphere Still Baffles Us A Decade After Huygens Landing
  184. Earth May Have Lost Some Primoridial Atmosphere to Meteors
  185. ‘Cosmos’ TV Show Could Come Back For A Second Season
  186. Cool ‘Sketchnote’ Infographic Explains NASA’s Orion EFT-1 Flight in Detail
  187. Watch Formation-Flying Chinese ‘Yaogan’ Satellites Slip Silently Through the Stars
  188. Stretch! Moon’s Divots And Darkness Collide In Pleasing Panorama
  189. This Drone Took Amazing Astronomical Observatory Video In Wisconsin
  190. Venus Express May Be Out Of Fuel After Death-Duelling Maneuvers
  191. Mars Era Opens with Spectacular Blastoff of NASA’s new Orion Crew Spacecraft
  192. Weekly Space Hangout – Dec. 5, 2014: Orion’s Successful Launch!
  193. The Dawn of Orion and the Path Beyond Earth: Spectacular Launch Gallery
  194. Powerful Philippines Typhoon Spotted From Space As 1 Million Flee Homes
  195. Pluto Spacecraft Wakes Up For An Exciting Close Encounter Next Year
  196. NASA’s Exploration Roadmap to Mars Starts with Flawless Orion Launch and Landing
  197. Opportunity Mars Rover Treks Past 41 Kilometers Towards ‘Marathon Valley’
  198. Workaholic Hubble Telescope Will Eventually Burn To Death: Report
  199. Our Space Future Is Terrific And Terrifying, New Sci-Fi Short Says
  200. New Research Suggests Better Ways To Seek Out Pale Blue Dots
  201. C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy – A Binocular Comet in Time for Christmas
  202. Carnival of Space #383
  203. Spectroscopy: The Key to Humanity’s Future in Space
  204. Meet the New Horizons Team in a Live Google+ Hangout
  205. Did Philae Land In That Comet Crater? One Month Later, The Search Continues
  206. Astronomy Cast Ep. 360: Modern Women: Jocelyn Bell Burnell
  207. Curiosity Rover Data Indicates Gale Crater Mountain Used to be a Lake
  208. Crazy Space Christmases: Moon Readings, Food Cans And Emergency Repairs
  209. Why NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Flew Old, Slow Computers Into Orbit
  210. Don’t Miss the Geminids this Weekend, Best Meteor Shower of the Year
  211. Bizarre Mars: Did Lava Bubbles Wrinkle This Giant Circle?
  212. Lovely New Timelapse: Chasing Starlight in the Canadian Rockies
  213. How Low Can You Go? Take the Great Square Challenge
  214. Fear Not: Quarter-Mile Asteroid Is No Threat To Earth, NASA Says
  215. NASA’s First Orion Back on Land after Flawless Ocean Recovery
  216. Saturn Smackdown! Icy Moons Burned By Radiation And Ions
  217. Bringing You There: Intense Sound of Delta IV Heavy Orion EFT-1 Launch
  218. Swirly Southern Picture Of Jupiter Makes Us Want To Visit Right Now
  219. Mars Landing Recipe: Orion, A Big Rocket And Pretty-On-Paper Spacecraft
  220. A Martian Blue Snake, Brought To You By Canadians And A Spacecraft
  221. Orbital Sciences selects ULA’s Atlas V to launch Next Cygnus Cargo Ship to Station
  222. Moonlight Skating: Scenes from Winter in Sweden
  223. The Curious History of the Geminid Meteors
  224. NASA’s RoboSimian And Surrogate Robots
  225. Humans Last Landed On The Moon 42 Years Ago Today
  226. Gamma Ray Bursts Limit The Habitability of Certain Galaxies, Says Study
  227. How To Take Photos Of Earth While Whizzing At 17,000 MPH
  228. Rosetta’s Instruments Direct Scientists to Look Elsewhere for the Source of Earth’s W
  229. Orion Off-Loaded for Cross Country Trek to Florida Home Base
  230. Opportunity Mars Rover Plagued By Flash Memory Problems, But Carries On
  231. Dawn Spacecraft’s Dwarf Planet Dance Improves Hubble’s Far-Away View
  232. Giveaway: Another Chance to Win the 2015 Year In Space Wall Calendar!
  233. Freak Fast Winds Created Titan’s Massive, Mysterious Dunes
  234. New Map Shows ‘Marsquakes’ Shook Wet Valles Marineris Sand, NASA Says
  235. Amazing Up Close Videos Capture Orion’s Final Descent, Splashdown and Ocean Recovery
  236. Just in Time for the Holidays – Galactic Encounter Puts on Stunning Display
  237. New Signal May Be Evidence of Dark Matter, Say Researchers
  238. Could Mercury Get A Meteor Shower From Comet Encke?
  239. How NASA Filmed Humans Last Leaving The Moon, 42 Years Ago
  240. Martian Teardrop: Here’s How The Sun Moves Over A Red Planet Year
  241. All About That Space
  242. Pluto-like Objects Turn to Dust Around a Nearby Young Star
  243. NASA and SpaceX targeting Dec. 19 for next Space Station Launch
  244. Robotic Moon Lander Concept Raises $942K, Meeting Goal With A Day To Go
  245. Name That Crater On Mercury! MESSENGER Team Opens Public Contest
  246. XPRIZE Moon Robot Contest Deadline Pushed Back A Year To 2016
  247. SpaceX Continues to Expand Facilities, Workforce in Quest for Space
  248. A Stunning Look at the Cliffs of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  249. Venus Express Out Of Gas; Mission Concludes, Spacecraft On Death Watch
  250. What’s Next for the Large Hadron Collider?