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  1. Carnival of Space #384
  2. How Many Horses Can A Rocket Carry? Cool Comic Comparison
  3. Astro-Challenge: Taming the Pup-Can You Glimpse Sirius B?
  4. Astrophotos: Views of the Geminid Meteor Shower from Around the World
  5. Gallery: Saturn Moons Show How Not To Be Seen In Cassini Images
  6. Morning Star, We Hardly Knew Ya: Venus Express’ Best Discoveries In 8 Years
  7. How To Experience ‘Zero Gravity’ Without Leaving Home: Virtual Reality
  8. NASA’s Curiosity Rover detects Methane, Organics on Mars
  9. The Universe’s Tour Guide
  10. New Pictures Of Philae’s Lonely Resting Spot On The Comet Emerge
  11. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket to Attempt Daring Ocean Platform Landing after Dec. 19 Launch
  12. Curiosity Mars Rover Stars In Discovery Television Documentary Tonight
  13. Comet Finlay in Bright Outburst, Visible in Small Telescopes
  14. Kepler ‘K2? Finds First Exoplanet, A ‘Super-Earth’, While Surfing Sun’s Pressure Wave
  15. Holiday Lights So Bright You Can See ‘em from Space
  16. Compromises Lead to Climate Change Deal
  17. Rocket Issues force SpaceX and NASA to Postpone Falcon 9 Rocket Launch to January 201
  18. Weekly Space Hangout – Dec. 19, 2014: Methane on Mars!
  19. NASA’s First Orion Crew Module Arrives Safely back at Kennedy Space Center
  20. Star Trekking: We Humans Can Beam Tools Into Space Without A Transporter
  21. Look Out Below! Rosetta Will Give Its Comet A Close Buzz In February
  22. Exploring Venus By Airship: Cool Concept, But Certainly Not New
  23. Gallery: Diving For Spacewalks Is Way Tougher Than You Think
  24. Walk Beside China’s Moon Rover In Best Chang’e-3 Mission Pictures Ever
  25. What Does It Mean To Be ‘Star Stuff’?
  26. Why Care About Astronomy?
  27. Meteoric Evidence Suggests Mars May Have a Subsurface Reservoir
  28. Carnival Of Space #385
  29. The Milky Way New Neighbor May Tell Us Things About the Universe
  30. Astronomy Cast Ep. 361: Modern Women: Maria Zuber
  31. Comet Q2 Lovejoy Set to Ring in the New Year: Reader Images and More
  32. Still Need a 2015 Calendar? Win “The Year in Space” Wall Calendar
  33. NASA’s NuSTAR Scans the Sun with X-ray Vision
  34. NASA Video Shows Astronauts-Eye View of ‘Trial by Fire’ from Inside Orion EFT-1 on Fi
  35. The Top 101 Astronomical Events to Watch for in 2015
  36. Universe Today’s Top 10 Space Stories of 2014
  37. Successful Engine Test Enables SpaceX Falcon 9 Soar to Space Station in Jan. 2015
  38. Solved: The Mystery of Earth’s Theta Aurora
  39. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Might Become A Reality After All
  40. Station Astronauts Send Christmas Greetings from the International Space Station
  41. Making the Trip to Mars Cheaper and Easier: The Case for Ballistic Capture
  42. Student Team Wants to Terraform Mars Using Cyanobacteria
  43. Spectacular Earth Timelapse Video: Christmas Gift from Alexander Gerst’s 2014 ISS Voy
  44. Comet Q2 Lovejoy Loses Tail, Grows Another, Loses That One Too!
  45. Half-Moon Makes Dramatic Pass at Uranus Tonight
  46. Incredible Towering Structures Cast Shadows Across Saturn’s Rings
  47. Space-y Charity: Some Ideas To Respond To Astronaut Hadfield’s Challenge
  48. Marvelous Moondance: Jupiter Satellites Caught Eclipsing And Transiting
  49. Stunning Aurora Timelapse from Iceland, December 2014
  50. Put Yourself in the Way of Beauty
  51. Astronomy Cast Ep. 362: Modern Women: Carolyn Porco
  52. 2015: NASA’s Year of the Dwarf Planet
  53. Cool Video: Space Station Flies in Front of the Moon
  54. Work Those Quads: Our Guide to the 2015 Quadrantid Meteors
  55. Best Space Photos Of 2014 Bring You Across The Solar System
  56. Mercury Spacecraft’s 2015 Death Watch Could Go One More Month
  57. End the Year with a Bang! See a Bright Supernova in Virgo
  58. Could Lizard Hands Help Us Clean Up Space Junk?
  59. Where Did Europa’s Water Geyser Go? Hubble Double-Checking Its Work
  60. The CIA Cheekily Blames Itself For 1950s UFO Sightings
  61. Surprise! Asteroid Crashes And Raindrop Splashes Look Almost Alike
  62. 10 Space Science Stories to Watch in 2015
  63. Asteroids Don’t Break Up Like You Think They Do: Study
  64. Leave Home: Hypnotic Milky Way Timelapse from New Zealand
  65. Moonlight Is a Many-Splendored Thing
  66. Our Beautiful Earth – Happy New Year Photos and Greetings from the ISS Crew
  67. Will You Float Away on Jan. 4th? Nope!
  68. 2015 Expected to be a Record-Breaking Year for Soyuz-2 Workhorse
  69. Rogue Star HIP 85605 on Collision Course with our Solar System, but Earthlings Need N
  70. Finding Lovejoy: How to Follow the Path of Comet 2014 Q2 Through January
  71. Good Morning, Space Station … A Dragon Soars Soon!
  72. How Did We Find the Distance to the Sun?
  73. New Simulation Models Galaxies Like Never Before
  74. Infographic: Dragon, Reusable Rockets And Other 2014 SpaceX Milestones
  75. NASA Mars Landing Craft Idea Is More Than Just Child’s Play
  76. Defining Life I: What are Astrobiologists Looking For?
  77. NASA Robot Runs Into Snag After It’s Unpacked On Space Station
  78. Catch Mercury Brushing Past Venus in a Spectacular Dusk ‘Quasi-Conjunction’ This Week
  79. Dream Chaser Spacecraft Maker Loses NASA Crew Contract Protest
  80. Amazing Imagery Captures Plummeting Chinese Rocket Seen by Villagers
  81. Astronomy Cast Ep. 363: Where Did The Earth’s Water Come From?
  82. Exciting Exoplanet News from AAS: How Rocky Worlds are Made; Oceans on Super-Earths
  83. Guest Post: Spaceflight is on the Verge of a Revolution, but don’t Count your Rockets
  84. Get a Change of View of Mercury’s North Pole
  85. SpaceX and NASA On Track For Spectacular Predawn Jan. 6 Launch of Critical Cargo Miss
  86. Drone Ship at Sea Preparing for Bold SpaceX Rocket Recovery Landing Attempt
  87. Hubble Makes ‘Pillars Of Creation’ Look Better Than Ever
  88. Defining Life II: Metabolism and Evolution as clues to Extraterrestrial Life
  89. Exoplanet-Hunting TESS Satellite to be Launched by SpaceX
  90. Andromeda Galaxy Shines In Nosehair-Closeup Glory
  91. By Boots or Bots? How Shall We Explore?
  92. Last Minute Scrub for SpaceX Dragon Launch; Try Again Friday for Historic 1st Stage L
  93. New Finds From Kepler: 8 New Worlds Discovered in the Habitable Zone
  94. Kepler Targets Supermassive Black Hole
  95. Prying Planets Out of The Shadows: The Gemini Planet Imager’s First Year of Light
  96. Hearing the Early Universe’s Scream: Sloan Survey Announces New Findings
  97. Japan’s Akatsuki Spacecraft to Make Second Attempt to Enter Orbit of Venus in Decembe
  98. Student Scientists Get Second Chance to Fly Experiments to ISS Aboard Falcon 9 After
  99. Gallery: Some Of Kepler’s Strange New Worlds Outside The Solar System
  100. Here’s How You Can Help With Searching Out Planet Nurseries Beyond The Solar System
  101. Glorious Star Factories Shine In Astounding Amateur Shots
  102. Carnival of Space #387
  103. Last Chance to Get Your 2015 Year In Space Calendars!
  104. Photo Shoot Captures Classified Spy Satellite Engine Burn
  105. The Dark Energy Survey Begins to Reveal Previously Unknown Trans-Neptunian Objects
  106. New 3-D-Printed Models of Eta Carinae Reveal Hidden Features
  107. Gallery: Spacesuits Are Amazing Human-Protection Machines
  108. Robots Exploring Alien Volcanoes? NASA Lab Hopes To Get There One Day
  109. NASA Exoplanet ‘Travel Posters’ Aim To Help With Space Trip Planning
  110. Disorderly Conduct: Andromeda’s Mature Stars Exhibit Surprising Behavior, Says Study
  111. If You Can Find Orion, You Can Find Comet Lovejoy
  112. SpaceX Launch and Historic Landing Attempt Reset to Jan. 10
  113. How NASA Is Saving Fuel On Its Outer Solar System Missions
  114. Memory-Addled Mars Rover Climbs High Above The Red Planet’s Plain
  115. SpaceX’s Rocket Explained So Simply A Kid Could Understand
  116. Mars One Readies For Robotic Red Planet Mission In 2018
  117. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan 9, 2015: Andy Weir of “The Martian”
  118. New Mission: DSCOVR Satellite will Monitor the Solar Wind
  119. Here’s a Fresh, Never Before Seen Impact Crater on Mars
  120. What Is This Empty Hole In Space?
  121. SpaceX Successfully Launches Cargo Ship to Station and Hard Lands Rocket on ‘Drone Sh
  122. Mercury and Venus an Awesome Duo at Dusk
  123. How to Find and Make the Most of Comet Lovejoy
  124. Huge Rocket Recovery Strides Accomplished, SpaceX Drone Ship Back in Port
  125. SpaceX Dragon Captured at Station Loaded with Critical Supplies and Science
  126. NASA Space Shots Inspire This Brilliant Video Of Universal Wonders
  127. Rosetta’s Comet Meets Charlie Brown’s “Pig-Pen”
  128. Carnival of Space #388
  129. It Looks Like These Are All the Large Kuiper Belt Objects We’ll Ever Find
  130. Astronomy Cast Ep. 364: The COROT Mission
  131. Faster-Than-Light Lasers Could “Illuminate” the Universe
  132. One of the Milky Way’s Arms Might Encircle the Entire Galaxy
  133. Largest Digital Camera Ever Constructed will be Pointed at the Skies in 2022
  134. Ammonia Leak on the ISS Forces Evacuation of US Side, Crew Safe
  135. Challenge Yourself! See an Astronomical Event that Only Happens Once Every 26 Years
  136. Mysterious crater in Antarctica could be from a Meteorite
  137. Astronauts Safely Back inside US Space Station Segment after False Ammonia Leak Alar
  138. Like a BOSS: How Astronomers are Getting Precise Measurements of the Universe’s Expan
  139. Big Asteroid 2004 BL86 Buzzes Earth on January 26: How to See it in Your Telescope
  140. When Two Supermassive Black Holes Merge, It’s a Galactic Train Wreck
  141. Astronomers are Predicting at Least Two More Large Planets in the Solar System
  142. First SLS Engine Blazes to Life in Mississippi Test Firing Igniting NASA’s Path to De
  143. Beagle 2: Found on Mars After An 11 Year Hunt
  144. Having a Rough Winter? Here it is … From Space
  145. Comet Lovejoy Now at its Brightest: Images from Around the World
  146. Elon Musk Releases Dramatic Imagery of Mostly Successful Falcon 9 1st Recovery Attemp
  147. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 16, 2015
  148. Comet Finlay Surprise Outburst, Visible in Binoculars … again!
  149. SpaceX Could Launch 17 Rockets in 2015, Including the Most Powerful Rocket Since Satu
  150. Politics Kept a Mission in Cold Storage and Delayed for 12 Years, Launching Feb. 8th
  151. Here’s Dawn’s Best View of Ceres Yet
  152. Carnival of Space #389
  153. Where to Look for Comet Lovejoy Until it Fades from Sight
  154. Here’s Ceres Compared to All the Other Asteroids We’ve Visited
  155. Elon Musk Wants to Bring the Internet to Mars
  156. Rare Triple Transit! There’ll be 3 Moon Shadows on Jupiter on January 24th, 2015
  157. First Hubble and Now Dawn Have Seen This White Spot on Ceres. What is it?
  158. Opportunity’s Breathtaking View from Atop Cape Tribulation
  159. If Earth Had Saturn’s Rings, This is What it Would Look Like
  160. Busy Year of 13 Launches by ULA in 2015 Begins with Blastoffs for the Navy and NASA
  161. President Obama Salutes NASA, Astronaut Kelly and 1 Year ISS Mission at State of the
  162. A Swirling Vortex at Venus’ South Pole
  163. Let’s Help Write a New Mnemonic for the Solar System. My Very Excellent Mother…
  164. Rosetta Gets a Peek at Comet 67P’s “Underside”
  165. Most Powerful Atlas V Delivers a Most Spectacular Nighttime Sky Show Launch for US Na
  166. The Entire Milky Way Might Be a Huge Wormhole That’s Stable and Navigable
  167. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 23, 2015
  168. See a Rare Comet-Moon Conjunction Tonight
  169. There’s a crack forming on Rosetta’s 67P. Is it breaking up?
  170. CATS Out of The Bag, Crawling Around ISS for Science Down Below
  171. Latest Research Reveals a Bizarre and Vibrant Rosetta’s Comet
  172. NASA Marching Towards Milestone Test Firing of Space Launch System Booster
  173. Astronomers Catch A Quasar Shutting Off
  174. Carnival Of Space #390
  175. Astronomy Cast Ep. 365: Gaia
  176. News Flash: Asteroid Flying Past Earth Today Has Mini-Moon!
  177. “Super Saturn” Has an Enormous Ring System and Maybe Even Exomoons
  178. Are Asteroids the Future of Planetary Science?
  179. Oldest Planetary System Discovered, Improving the Chances for Intelligent Life Everyw
  180. Luna vs. the Hyades! The 1st of 13 Occultations of Aldebaran Set For January 29th
  181. Dawn Captures Best Images Ever of “Hipster Planet” Ceres
  182. NASA and NOAA Satellites Image Crippling Blizzard of 2015 Pounding New England
  183. Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch and Booster Recovery Featured in Cool New SpaceX Animation
  184. Astronomers See a Massive Black Hole Tear a Star Apart
  185. Astronomers See a Massive Black Hole Tear a Star Apart
  186. Astronomers See a Massive Black Hole Tear a Star Apart
  187. iPhone Astrophotography: How to Take Amazing Images of the Sky with Your Smartphone T
  188. How to Fight for the “Fight for Space” Documentary
  189. Amazing Impact Crater Where a Triple Asteroid Smashed into Mars
  190. NASA, Boeing and SpaceX to Launch 1st Commercial Crew Ships to Space Station in 2017
  191. Elon Musk and the SpaceX Odyssey: the Path from Falcon 9 to Mars Colonization Transpo
  192. What it Would Look Like if the Sun was Replaced with Other Stars?
  193. Do You See a Mountain or a Crater in This Picture?
  194. What Asteroid 2004 BL86 and Hawaii Have in Common
  195. This Comparison of Comet 67/P With Other Solar System Bodies Will Blow Your Mind
  196. Exploring the Universe with Nuclear Power
  197. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 30, 2015
  198. It Looks Like an Asteroid Strike Can’t Cause a Worldwide, Dinosaur-Killing Firestorm
  199. Awesome New Radar Images of Asteroid 2004 BL86
  200. NASA Launches Revolutionary Earth Science Satellite Measuring Soil Moisture Cycle
  201. Moroccan Meteorite May Be a 4.4-Billion-Year-Old Chunk of Dark Martian Crust
  202. Remembrance Week Pays Tribute to NASA’s Three Fallen Astronaut Crews
  203. It Turns Out Primordial Gravitational Waves Weren’t Found
  204. Astronomy Cast Ep. 366: HARPS Spectrograph
  205. The Solar System’s ‘Yearbook’ is About to Get Filled In
  206. Rosetta Sees Fascinating Changes in Comet 67P
  207. How We’ve ‘Morphed’ From “Starry Night” to Planck’s View of the BICEP2 Field
  208. Obama Administration Proposes $18.5 Budget for NASA – Bolden
  209. This is What War (and Borders) Look Like From Space
  210. We Love Astronaut Leland Melvin’s Official NASA Portrait
  211. Jupiter and the Full Snow Moon Come Together In a Beautiful Conjunction Tonight
  212. How Do Cats Deal With Being Weightless?
  213. Rare Images of Red Sprites Captured at ESO
  214. Book Review: The New Moon
  215. Carnival of Space #391
  216. By Jove: Jupiter Reaches Opposition on February 6th.
  217. Skywatchers Identify Aircraft as They Pass in Front of the Sun
  218. The World’s Rockets to Scale
  219. The Moment We’ve been Waiting For: First New Images of Pluto from New Horizons
  220. A Night-Sky Timelapse You Don’t Want to Miss
  221. Rosetta to Snuggle Up to Comet 67P for Closest Encounter Yet
  222. What Is A Wolf-Rayet Star?
  223. An Even Closer View of Ceres Shows Multiple White Spots Now
  224. SpaceX Prepares for Crucial Crew Dragon Capsule Pad Abort Test
  225. You’ve Never Seen the Phases of the Moon from This Perspective: The Far Side
  226. Sadly, There won’t be a LEGO Hubble Space Telescope
  227. Amazing Pictures of the Underside of an Iceberg
  228. Do Time and Space Exist at the Smallest Scales? Resolving the Black Hole Paradoxes
  229. Did You Know Soviet Cosmonauts Carried a Bear-Killing Shotgun into Space?
  230. Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 6, 2015: Astronaut Ron Garan’s “Orbital Persective”
  231. NOAA/NASA/USAF Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) Launching Feb. 8 to Monitor So
  232. Gorgeous Sunrises, Auroras, Landscapes and More from Space Station Crew
  233. Without the Moon, Comet Lovejoy is Magnificent
  234. What Could Explain the Mysterious Ring in Antarctica?
  235. How Can Mars Sometimes Be Warmer Than Earth?
  236. Rosetta’s Comet Really “Blows Up” in Latest Images
  237. Black Moon: Why the February New Moon is Special
  238. Book Review: How To Build a Universe
  239. Giveaway: Win a Copy of “How to Build a Universe”
  240. Two Stars On A Death Spiral Set To Detonate As A Supernova
  241. Carnival of Space #392
  242. ‘Lopsided’ Supernova Could Be Responsible for Rogue Hypervelocity Stars
  243. Astronomy Cast Ep. 367: Spitzer does Exoplanets
  244. Flying Sky Car: The Skylon Explainer Inspired by xkcd
  245. All the World’s Rockets, Past, Present and Future
  246. 250 Years of Planetary Detection in 60 Seconds
  247. The Number of Asteroids We Could Visit and Explore Has Just Doubled
  248. Space Weather Storm Monitoring Satellite Blasts off for Deep Space on SpaceX Rocket
  249. The Most Unique Rocket Launch You’ll Ever See
  250. Tammy Plotner Has Passed Away