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  1. Astronomy Cast Ep. 390: Occam’s Razor and the Problem with Probabilities
  2. New Horizons Maneuvers Toward Potential Kuiper Belt Target
  3. Boulder Extraction and Robotic Arm Mechanisms For NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission St
  4. Hunting Prospero
  5. The Puzzle of Planetary Protection
  6. Bio-Mimicry and Space Exploration
  7. Stunning Triple Planetary Conjunction Pictures from Around the World
  8. A Halloween Season ‘Taurid Meteor Swarm’ on Tap for 2015?
  9. Dawn Starts Steep Descent to Most Dazzling Orbit of Ceres
  10. Images from Enceladus ‘Plume Dive’ Courtesy of Cassini
  11. Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 30, 2015: Yoav Landsman
  12. Tonight’s the Night! Maps to Help You Spot Asteroid TB145
  13. Charon’s Twin ‘Star Wars’ Craters Are Distinctly Different; New Horizons Continues To
  14. One Year after Antares Failure, Orbital ATK Revamps Rocket for 2016 ‘Return to Flight
  15. Artificial Object in Trans-lunar Orbit to Impact Earth on November 13
  16. Artificial Object in Trans-lunar Orbit to Impact Earth on November 13
  17. Astronomy Cast Ep. 389: Roundtable with Paul M. Sutter
  18. Astronomy Cast Ep. 391: Entropy
  19. International Space Station Achieves 15 Years of Continuous Human Presence in Orbit
  20. The Moon Greets the Planets in the November Dawn
  21. New Visualization Shows Incredible Variety of Extraterrestrial Worlds
  22. Ion Propulsion: The Key to Deep Space Exploration
  23. Protecting Juno’s Heart
  24. NASA’s MAVEN Orbiter Discovers Solar Wind Stripped Away Mars Atmosphere Causing Radic
  25. Carnival Of Space #429
  26. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 6, 2015: Astronaut Mike Massimino
  27. NASA Again Postpones Space Station Commercial Cargo Contract Awards, Boeing Out
  28. Radio waves absent from the reputed megastructure-encompassed Kepler star?
  29. Opportunity Rover Driving Between ‘Lily Pads’ in Search of Martian Sun and Science
  30. From a Roar to a Purr: Prospects for the 2015 November Leonid Meteors
  31. Astronomy Cast Ep. 392: The Standard Model – Intro
  32. Mars’ Moon Phobos Undergoing ‘Structural Failure’
  33. Possible Ice Volcanoes Discovered on Pluto
  34. MESSENGER Spies a Meteor Shower… on Mercury
  35. NASA and Space Station Astronauts Salute Americas Veterans This Veteran’s Day
  36. Asteroid? Rocket Stage? Whatever it is, WT1190F Plunges to Earth Tonight
  37. Carnival of Space #430
  38. Spectacular Breakup of WT1190F Seen by Airborne Astronomers
  39. A New “Mathematical” Definition Proposed for What Constitutes a Planet
  40. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 13, 2015: Daniel Stern, Project Scientist on NuSTAR
  41. ‘Explody’ Taurid Meteors Produce Persistent Trains
  42. Book Review: Dawn of Small Worlds
  43. Sweet Sights for November Nights
  44. Cygnus Freighter Fueled and Loaded to Resume American Cargo Launches to Space Station
  45. New Dwarf Planet is Most Distant Object Yet Observed in our Solar System
  46. Cosmologist Thinks a Strange Signal May Be Evidence of a Parallel Universe
  47. NASA vs. Cigarettes: A Numbers Game
  48. Astronomy Cast Ep. 393: The Standard Model – Leptons & Quarks
  49. ULA Skips Competitive Bid for Air Force GPS Launch Contract, Door Opens to SpaceX
  50. Hunting Unicorns: Is an Alpha Monocerotid Outburst Due in 2015?
  51. Curiosity Mars Rover Nears First Study Site of Active Sand Dunes Beyond Earth
  52. Carnival of Space #432
  53. It’s Finally Here! Comet Catalina Greets Dawn Skywatchers
  54. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 20, 2015: Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Director of Sky Line
  55. See Daytime Views of Pluto and Charon’s Rotation
  56. NASA Orders First Commercial Crew Mission to Space Station from SpaceX
  57. Comet Catalina Grows Two Tails, Soars at Dawn
  58. Astronomy Cast Ep. 394: The Standard Model – Baryons
  59. Blue Origin Completes Successful Test Flight and Nails the Landing of New Shepard Roc
  60. Carnival Of Space #434
  61. NASA Awards Contract to Aerojet Rocketdyne to Restart RS-25 Engine Production for SLS
  62. They’re Back! Win a Copy of the 2016 Year in Space Wall Calendar
  63. Do Comets Explain Mystery Star’s Bizarre Behavior?
  64. Spotting Asterix: France Marks 50 Years of Space Exploration
  65. Pre-Order “Treasures of the Universe” Astrophotography Book Through Kickstarter
  66. First Mirror Installed on NASA’s Webb Telescope, Final Assembly Phase Starts
  67. Earth May Be “Hairy” with Dark Matter
  68. Astronomy Cast Ep. 395: The Standard Model – Baryons and Beyond
  69. Orion Gets Beefed Up, Silver-Metallic Thermal Protection Coating for Next Flight on E
  70. Enceladus, the Jet-Powered Water World
  71. Spinning Worlds: Orrery of Kepler’s Exoplanets, Part IV
  72. Watch SETI-Seeking Radio Dishes Dance Across the Universe
  73. The Solar Heliospheric Observatory at 20
  74. Hayabusa 2 to Flyby the Earth Tomorrow
  75. Timeline of the Universe, From the Big Bang to the Death of Our Sun
  76. Critical Cygnus Return to Flight Mission via Atlas V Set to Restore US Cargo Launches
  77. Astro-Challenge: Watch the Moon Occult Venus in the Daytime
  78. Spacecraft Launches to Test the Hunt for Ripples in the Fabric of Spacetime
  79. Weekly Space Hangout – Dec. 4, 2015: Mark Jackson, President of Fiat Physica
  80. New Horizons Takes Closet Image Ever of a Kuiper Belt Object
  81. Carnival of Space #434
  82. Happy Marriage of ULA and Orbital ATK Set for Atlas V Blastoff of Cygnus Freighter to
  83. Our Highest Resolution Views Yet of Pluto’s Surface
  84. Spectacular Blastoff of Atlas Cygnus Ignites Restart of American Cargo Missions to IS
  85. Book Review: We Are All Stardust
  86. Astronomy Cast Ep. 396: Family Astronomy for the Holidays
  87. Viewing Guide to the 2015 Geminid Meteor Shower
  88. How Many Moons Does Mars Have?
  89. Cygnus Docks at Station for Christmas Delivery to Successfully Resume American Resupp
  90. The 2015 Geminids: Observing, History, Imaging, Prognostications and More
  91. SpaceX Targeting Dec. 19 ‘Return to Flight’ Liftoff for Falcon 9 after June Mishap
  92. Watch Fast and Furious All-sky Aurora Filmed in Real Time
  93. Space Station Trio Returns Safely to Earth for Rare Night Landing After 141 Day Missi
  94. Universe Today’s 2015 Holiday Gift Giving Guide for the Space and Astronomy Fan
  95. Weekly Space Hangout – Dec. 11, 2015: Carolyn Collins Petersen
  96. Carnival of Space #435
  97. Dawn Spacecraft Unraveling Mysteries of Ceres Intriguing Bright Spots as Sublimating
  98. Astronomy Cast Ep. 397: A Universe From Nothing
  99. Curiosity Reaches Massive Field of Spectacularly Rippled Active Martian Sand Dunes
  100. Catch This Season’s ‘Other’ Comet: S2 PanSTARRS
  101. Black Holes Explained from Birth to Death
  102. First British Astronaut Blasts Off to ISS on Soyuz with Russian/American Crewmates
  103. Win a Great Holiday Gift: The ‘Year in Space’ Wall Calendar
  104. Moisture Vaporators, Death Star Construction and Other Real Star Wars Tech
  105. Earthrise Like You’ve Never Seen It Before
  106. Weekly Space Hangout – Dec. 18, 2015: Miguel Drake-McLaughlin Returns!
  107. Carnival of Space #436
  108. NASA Receives Significant Budget Boost for Fiscal Year 2016
  109. SpaceX Sets Dec. 20 For ‘Return to Flight’ Launch and Historic Rocket Ground Landing
  110. SpaceX Targets Dramatic Nighttime Falcon 9 Launch and Daring Cape Canaveral Landing o
  111. Watch the Moon Occult Aldebaran for Europe Wednesday Night
  112. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket and Landing Zone 1 Ready for Historic Dec. 21 Blastoff – Live
  113. “The Falcon Has Landed” – SpaceX Soft Lands Rocket after Launch in Historic Feat
  114. SpaceX Nails Perfect Return to Flight Launch and Historic Vertical Return Landing – G
  115. 2016 Launch of NASA’s InSight Mars Lander Postponed Due to Instrument Vacuum Leak
  116. Curiosity Celebrates Christmas at Red Planet Paradise at Namib Dune with 1st Mastcam
  117. ‘A City on Mars’ is Elon Musk’s Ultimate Goal Enabled by Rocket Reuse Technology
  118. The Top 101 Astronomical Events for 2016
  119. Astronomy Cast Ep. 343: The Universe is Trying To Kill You!
  120. Carnival of Space #438
  121. James Webb Space Telescope Mirror Installation Reaches Halfway Point
  122. Buildup Of First Boeing Starliner Crew Vehicle Ramps Up at Kennedy Space Center
  123. Mountains: How Are They Formed?
  124. How Strong is Gravity on Other Planets?
  125. Nebulae: What Are They And Where Do They Come From?
  126. Space Stories to Watch in 2016
  127. Giveaway: One More Chance to Win the 2016 Year in Space Calendar
  128. How Many Moons Does Mercury Have?
  129. Pluto Has Been Explored, Here Are The Stamps To Prove It
  130. Orbital ATK Integration of Upgraded Antares Kicks Into High Gear For 2016 ‘Return to
  131. Will 2016 Be the Year Elon Musk Reveals his Mars Colonial Transporter Plans?
  132. Gorgeous Views of Earth from Space Ring in New Year 2016 From the Space Station and B
  133. Astronomy Cast Ep. 398 – Seeing Things: Emitting, Reflecting, Ionizing Light Sources?
  134. Watch Venus Brush Past Saturn This Weekend
  135. What’s Ahead for Recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster?
  136. What Is The Heliocentric Model?
  137. Book review: Success Strategies from Women in STEM
  138. Solar Analemma 2015: A Year-Long Picture
  139. What Is The Atmosphere Like On Other Planets?
  140. Spirit Rover Touchdown 12 Years Ago Started Spectacular Martian Science Adventure
  141. Understanding Juno’s Orbit: An Interview with NASA’s Scott Bolton
  142. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 8, 2016: Elizabeth S. Sexton-Kennedy from FermiLab
  143. “X” Marks the Spot of Convective Churning on Hot Pluto
  144. Space Zinnias Rebound from Space Blight on Space Station
  145. What Is The Geocentric Model Of The Universe?
  146. Comet US10 Catalina: The Final Act
  147. Carnival of Space #440
  148. SpaceX Trying Ambitious 2nd Rocket Recovery Landing in 4 Weeks
  149. What Are The Uses of Electromagnets?
  150. Dawn Unveils New Bright Features on Ceres in Striking Close-Ups
  151. Astronomy Cast Ep. 399: Women in Science
  152. What Would Earth Look Like With Rings?
  153. Dream Chaser Spaceplane Gets ‘GO’ as NASA Awards Trio of Space Station Cargo Contract
  154. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 8, 2016: Dr. Steve B. Howell from Kepler
  155. SpaceX Test Fires Recovered Falcon 9 Booster in Major Step To Reusable Rockets
  156. SpaceX Launching NASA Jason-3 Ocean Surveillance Satellite Jan. 17; with Barge Rocket
  157. NASA Jason-3 Sea Level Rise Reconnaissance Satellite Successfully Blasts off on Space
  158. Watch the Moon Occult Aldebaran Tuesday Night
  159. Carnival Of Space #441
  160. Watch SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Almost Stick Droneship Landing, then Tip and Explode; Vi
  161. What Is The Plum Pudding Atomic Model?
  162. First Space Zinnia Blooms and Catches Sun’s Rays on Space Station
  163. Lights Out: A Fine Occultation of Aldebaran Spans the Atlantic
  164. How Long Is A Day On The Other Planets Of The Solar System?
  165. Astronomers Find Theoretical Evidence for Distant Gas Giant Planet in Our Solar Syste
  166. Extinction Alert: Stephen Hawking Says Our Technology Might Wipe Us Out
  167. NASA Completes Welding on Lunar Orion EM-1 Pressure Vessel Launching in 2018
  168. And Mercury Makes Five: See All Naked Eye Planets in the Sky at Once
  169. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 22, 2016: Stuart Robbins
  170. Why Haven’t We Heard From All The Aliens? Because They’re All Dead!
  171. Monster Blizzard of 2016 Strikes US East Coast, Tracked by NASA and NOAA Satellites
  172. This Road Leads to the Heart of the Milky Way
  173. Snowzilla’s East Coast Blast Captured as ‘Rare Thundersnow’ by Scott Kelly on Station
  174. Astronomy Cast Ep. 400: State of the Universe
  175. Curiosity Sticks Her Toes in a Martian Sand Dune, Takes a Selfie
  176. Why Do We Sometimes See a Ring Around the Moon?
  177. Opportunity Robustly in Action on 12th Anniversary of Red Planet Touchdown
  178. Lonely But Not Alone: A Planet Orbits its Star at 1 Trillion Kilometres
  179. Milky Way with Nearby Constellations by Matt Dieterich
  180. Blue Origin Reaches Another Milestone: Reusable Rocket Launches and Lands Safely
  181. Our Place in the Universe: The Most Detailed Map Yet
  182. Challenges We’re Overcoming Following the Challenger Accident
  183. How Long Is A Year On The Other Planets?
  184. Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 29, 2016:
  185. Book Review: Lunar and Interplanetary Trajectories
  186. How Does The Earth Rotate?
  187. SpaceX Crew Dragon Conducts Propulsive Hover and Parachute Drop Tests; Videos
  188. Flyover Video of Ceres Shows the Grandeur of Space Exploration
  189. What is the Higgs Boson?
  190. Messier 1 (M1) – The Crab Nebula
  191. Guide to the Constellations and Messier Objects by Tammy Plotner
  192. Massive Ariane 5 To Launch Giant NextGen Telescope In Dynamic Deployment To L2
  193. NASA’s Orion Crew Module Backbone Arrives at KSC Aboard Super Guppy for Exploration M
  194. A Cataclysmic Collision Formed the Moon, but Killed Theia
  195. Saturn’s Rings Continue to Surprise Scientists
  196. A Challenge in Visual Athletics: Hunting the Gegenschein
  197. Astronomy Cast Ep. 401: Predictions for 2016 and Beyond
  198. 50 Years Ago We Got Our First Picture from the Moon
  199. China Shares Stunning New Moon Photos With the World
  200. The Highest-Resolution Image Ever Seen in Astronomy
  201. What Are Alien Megastructures?
  202. First Atlas Launch of 2016 Set For Blastoff with Air Force GPS Satellite on Feb. 5 –
  203. Earth From Afar Would Look Only 82% Right For Life
  204. Jupiter Not the Planetary Protector We Thought it Was?
  205. What Are The Constellations?
  206. Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 5, 2016: Dr. Or Graur
  207. ULA Atlas V Delivers Final GPS IIF Navigation Satellite to Orbit for USAF – Critical
  208. NASA Says “No Chance” Small Asteroid Will Hit Earth On March 5th
  209. Space Station Back At Dusk / See Orion’s Curlicue and Five Dawn Planets
  210. 6th Man on Moon Edgar Mitchell, Dies at 85 on Eve of 45th Lunar Landing Anniversary
  211. Peculiar ‘Cauliflower Rocks’ May Hold Clues To Ancient Mars Life
  212. Astronomy Cast Ep. 402: Gravity Eyes: See The Invisible With The Force
  213. Gravitational Waves and How They Distort Space
  214. All Primary Mirrors Fully Installed on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope
  215. New Horizons Latest Find: Floating Ice Hills On Pluto!
  216. Carnival of Space #443
  217. Vesta Rules the February Dusk Skies
  218. NASA Unveils Orion Pressure Vessel at KSC Launching on EM-1 Moon Mission in 2018
  219. Messier 2 (M2) – The NGC 7089 Globular Cluster
  220. Largest Rocky World Found
  221. Gravitational Wave Detectors: How They Work
  222. Great Attractor Revealed? Galaxies Found Lurking Behind the Milky Way
  223. Sources of Gravitational Waves: The Most Violent Events in the Universe
  224. Why Do Planets Have Rings?
  225. Was A Man Struck And Killed By A Meteorite In India?
  226. Gravitational Waves Discovered: A New Window on the Universe
  227. Massive Planet Gone Rogue Discovered
  228. Musk Says Hyperloop Could Work On Mars… Maybe Even Better!
  229. Retro Travel Posters Show Us The Future
  230. Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 12, 2016: Amy Shira Teitel
  231. The Andromeda Constellation
  232. Obama Administration Proposes Smaller NASA Budget of $19 Billion for Fiscal Year 2017
  233. Send Your Sweetie An Out-Of-This-World Valentine
  234. Chinese Fusion Test Reportedly Reaches New Milestone
  235. Was The Big Bang Just A Black Hole?
  236. Watch the Moon Beat a Path Across the Hyades Tonight
  237. Astronomy Cast Ep. 403: Funding Big Science: from Alma to LIGO to TMT
  238. Rosetta’s Philae Lander in Permanent Sleep
  239. Messier 3 (M3) – The NGC 5272 Globular Cluster
  240. Carnival of Space #444
  241. Stunning Images of the February Dawn Planetary Line-up from Around the World
  242. If You’re Going to Fall Into a Black Hole, Make Sure It’s Rotating
  243. Russia’s New Ballistic Missiles to be Tested on Asteroids
  244. Time-lapse Video Documents Assembly of Webb Telescope Primary Mirror
  245. First Super-Earth Atmosphere Detected
  246. China to Relocate Thousands for World’s Largest Radio Telescope
  247. How Dense Are The Planets?
  248. First Woman to Ever Win Canada’s Top Science Award is Astrophysicist Victoria Kaspi
  249. Did a Gamma Ray Burst Accompany LIGO’s Gravity Wave Detection?
  250. Space Farmer Scott Kelly Harvests First ‘Space Zinnias’ Grown Aboard Space Station