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  1. The Antlia Constellation
  2. We Have Underestimated Our Sun’s Destructive Reach
  3. Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 19, 2016: Rebecca Roth
  4. Hubble Directly Measures Rotation of Cloudy ‘Super-Jupiter’
  5. Commercial Cygnus Cargo Freighter Departs ISS After Resuming US Resupply Runs
  6. Does Antarctica Have A Hidden Layer Of Meteorites Below Its Surface?
  7. Astronomy Cast Ep. 404: What We Know, What We Don’t Know and What We Can’t Know
  8. Messier 4 (M4) – The NGC 6121 Globular Cluster
  9. ExoMars 2016 Orbiter and Lander Mated for March Launch
  10. NASA Thinks There’s a Way to Get to Mars in 3 Days
  11. NASA Releases Strange ‘Music’ Heard By 1969 Astronauts
  12. Double Shadow Transit Season for the Jovian Moons Begins
  13. Book Review: Hollyweird Science
  14. The Definitive Guide To Terraforming
  15. SpaceX Set for 1st Cape Launch of 2016 with SES-9 on Feb. 24 after Smooth Static Fire
  16. Gorilla Escapes Inside ISS and Chases Crew Mercilessly
  17. Your Favorite Planet May Soon Turn Up In The Mail
  18. The Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Pulsar Webs, Space Interferometers and Ev
  19. Search Narrows For Planet Nine
  20. We Explored Pluto, Now Let’s Explore The Nearest Star!
  21. Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 26, 2016: Fast Radio Bursts & Missing Baryons
  22. The Apus Constellation
  23. Spotlight On Pluto’s Frozen Polar Canyons
  24. Missing Matter Found! Fast Radio Bursts Confirm Cosmological Model
  25. SpaceX Resets Launch of Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket for Serene Sunday Sunset on Feb. 28
  26. Messier 5 (M5) – The NGC 5904 Globular Cluster
  27. Astronomy Cast Ep. 405: Method Not Found
  28. Incredible Hand-Drawn Animations Explain How Spacecraft Work
  29. Are Supermassive Black Holes Hiding Matter?
  30. By Jove: Our 2016 Guide to Jupiter at Opposition
  31. NASA’s New X-Plane Program to Bring Quiet Supersonic Flight
  32. Harrowing Return to Earth Ends Year in Space for Kelly
  33. NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns from a Historic Year in Space on Station
  34. Carnival Of Space #445-6
  35. Carnival of Space #447
  36. ESA Planning To Build An International Village… On The Moon!
  37. Venus: 50 Years Since Our First Trip, and We’re Going Back
  38. Surfing On Titan Would Be Best In Summer
  39. An Ancient Volcanic Cataclysm Spun Mars Off Its Poles
  40. Fast Radio Bursts On Repeat – Aliens, Or A Rotating Neutron Star?
  41. Scott Kelly Arrives Back On Earth and the USA from Year in Space! Enjoys Dip in His
  42. SpaceX Aims for Friday Sunset Launch After Boats and Winds Delay Falcon 9 Liftoff and
  43. India’s MOM Publishes Amazing Mars Images
  44. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar. 4, 2016: Dr. Michelle Thaller
  45. J.J. Abrams Heading To The Moon With Google Lunar X-Prize
  46. The Aquarius Constellation
  47. SpaceX Stuns with Spectacular Sunset Launch of SES-9 Telecom Satellite
  48. Clouds Seen On Pluto For First Time
  49. Farthest Galaxy Ever Seen Viewed By Hubble Telescope
  50. ExoMars 2016 Spacecraft Encapsulated for Red Planet Launch in One Week
  51. Dark Stains on Mercury Reveal Its Ancient Crust
  52. Russian Crowdfunded Satellite May Soon Become Brightest “Star” in the Sky
  53. Messier 6 – The Butterfly Cluster
  54. Astronomy Cast Ep. 406: Stellar Cannibalism
  55. SpaceX Falcon 9 Dazzles with Dramatic SES-9 Sunset Launch – Photo/Video Gallery
  56. Chasing the Shadow: Our Guide to the March 9th Total Solar Eclipse
  57. How Do We Terraform Venus?
  58. Dinosaur Killer Chicxulub Crater To Be Drilled For First Time
  59. China Plans Space Telescope That Will Dock With Their Space Station
  60. Standing in the Shadow: Amazing Images of Today’s Total Solar Eclipse
  61. The Early Universe Was All About Galactic Hook Ups
  62. First Tomatoes, Peas Harvested From Simulated Martian Soil
  63. It’s Going To Be A Blast! First RS-25 Flight Engine Test Set For March
  64. MRO: Ten Years Of Breathtaking Work Above Mars
  65. Carnival of Space #448
  66. DSCOVR Captures EPIC Views of the March 2016 Eclipse
  67. InSight Mars Lander Saved from Termination, Reset to 2018 Blastoff
  68. Comet Created Chaos In Mars’ Magnetic Field
  69. Cassini Watches Star Through Enceladus’ Plume
  70. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar. 11, 2016: Dr. Sarah M. Milkovich
  71. Kuiper Belt Objects Point The Way To Planet 9
  72. NASA Test Fires SLS Flight Engine Destined to Launch Astronauts Back to the Moon
  73. 18 Billion Solar Mass Black Hole Rotates At 1/3 Speed Of Light
  74. Countdown Begins for Blastoff of ExoMars 2016 Spacecraft on March 14 – Watch Live
  75. ExoMars Spacecraft Launches to Red Planet Searching for Signs of Life
  76. Stunning Conjunction of Mars and Beta Scorpii This Week
  77. What are the Different Kinds of Supernovae?
  78. Who Discovered Helium?
  79. The Milky Way Galaxy’s Dark Halo Of Star Formation
  80. Messier 7 (M7) – The Ptolemy Cluster
  81. Eat Your Heart Out Pluto
  82. 90 Years Ago Goddard’s Liquid-Fuelled Rocket Launched Spaceflight
  83. Bold Euro-Russian Expedition Blasts Free of Earth En Route to Mars in Search of Life’
  84. How Do We Terraform Mars?
  85. Astrophotography Book Review: Treasures of the Universe
  86. Carnival of Space #449
  87. The Bright Spots on Ceres are Blinking
  88. Virtual Reality and Space: From NASA to Smartphones
  89. Comet Craziness: 252P LINEAR Brightens, and a Close Pass for BA14 PanSTARRS
  90. NASA’s About To Do The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do In Space
  91. Sun-Like Star Shows Magnetic Field Was Key For Early Life On Earth
  92. Next Cygnus Cargo Freighter Named in Honor of Columbia’s Last Commander Rick Husband
  93. VLA Shows Early Stages Of Planet Formation In Unprecedented Detail
  94. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar. 18, 2016: Song of the Stars
  95. Where is the Closest Black Hole?
  96. New Lenses To Help In The Hunt For Dark Energy
  97. New Horizons Team Releases First Papers On Pluto And Its Moons
  98. The Aquila Constellation
  99. First American to Live on ISS for 3 Long Missions Arrives after Soyuz Night Launch an
  100. What Are The Benefits Of Volcanoes?
  101. Book Review and Giveaway: Ask the Astronaut
  102. Messier 8 (M8) – The Lagoon Nebula
  103. Beyond WIMPs: Exploring Alternative Theories Of Dark Matter
  104. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Leads the Way to Easter Weekend
  105. Full Moon Offers Spectacular Nighttime Launch Outlook for Orbital ATK Cygnus Resupply
  106. Kepler Catches Early Flash Of An Exploding Star
  107. Ancient Pluto May Have Had Lakes And Rivers Of Nitrogen
  108. Best NASA Images Yet Of Ceres’ Brightest Spot
  109. Stunning Nighttime Cygnus Freighter Rockets to ISS Stocked with Science Mesmerizing S
  110. High Albedo Points To Huge Collision Forming Plutonian System
  111. Carnival of Space #450
  112. Solar Storms Ignite Aurora On Jupiter
  113. Moonbase by 2022 For $10 Billion, Says NASA
  114. Most ‘Outrageous’ Luminous Galaxies Ever Observed
  115. Book Review: The Chang’E-1 Topographic Atlas of the Moon
  116. The Moon’s Other Axis
  117. ExoMars Mission Narrowly Avoids Exploding Booster
  118. Streaks Galore as Cygnus Soars Chasing Station for Science; Photos, Videos
  119. See Historic Comet BA14 Up Close in These New Radar Images
  120. See Historic Comet BA14 Up Close In These New Radar Images
  121. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar. 25, 2016: Andrew Helton & Ryan Hamilton of SOFIA
  122. Atlas V Engine Anomaly Forces Thrust Makeup During Cygnus Launch, Next Flight Delayed
  123. Earth’s Rotation
  124. Cygnus Commercial Space Freighter Arrives at Space Station with 3.5 Tons of Supplies
  125. What is the Earth’s Mantle Made Of?
  126. Teasing the Galactic Ghoul, Past and Present
  127. Astronomy Cast Ep. 408: Universe Cannibalism
  128. Japan’s Black Hole Telescope Is In Trouble
  129. Messier 9 (M9) – The NGC 6333 Globular Cluster
  130. Carnival of Space #451
  131. Jupiter Just Got Nailed By Something
  132. A Challenging Daytime Occultation of Venus for Europe
  133. Inflatable Space Habitat To Be Tested On The ISS
  134. Mars Colony Will Have To Wait, Say NASA Scientists
  135. Kennedy’s Modernized Spaceport Passes Key Review Supporting SLS/Orion Launches
  136. How Do We Terraform The Moon?
  137. Russian Space Freighter Hauling Fresh Fruit Blasts Off for ISS Crew
  138. ALMA Captures Never-Before-Seen Details of Protoplanetary Disk
  139. Andromeda’s First Spinning Neutron Star Found
  140. Don’t Want Aliens Dropping By? Engage Laser Cloaking Device
  141. The Constellation Ara
  142. Do We Live in a Special Part of the Universe?
  143. Is Planet X Linked to Mass Extinctions?
  144. Opportunity Discovers Dust Devil, Explores Steepest Slopes on Mars
  145. Ten Interesting Facts About Jupiter
  146. Did the Sun Steal Planet Nine?
  147. Gender Generates Biological Challenges For Long Duration Spaceflight
  148. Messier 10 (M10) – The NGC 6254 Globular Cluster
  149. Huygens Data Confirms Presence Of Methane Fog At Titan’s South Pole
  150. New Horizons Snaps Amazing 3-D View of Pluto’s Mysterious ‘Bladed’ Terrain
  151. GRAIL Data Points To Possible Lava Tubes On The Moon
  152. How Long Does It Take to Get to Jupiter?
  153. Carnival of Space #452
  154. Mysterious Pull On Cassini Probe May Help Find Planet Nine
  155. New Horizons Did Amazing Work Before Even Arriving At Pluto
  156. Nearby Supernovas Showered Earth With Iron
  157. Astronomy Cast Ep. 409: Spin in the Solar System
  158. NASA’s ‘Hubble Hugger’ and Science Chief John Grunsfeld To Retire
  159. Watch the Moon Occult Vesta and Aldebaran This Weekend
  160. Venus Compared to Earth
  161. Supermassive Black Hole Found In The Cosmic Boonies
  162. SpaceX Dragon Set for ‘Return to Flight’ Launch to ISS Apr. 8 – Watch Live
  163. What Is The Electron Cloud Model?
  164. Weekly Space Hangout – Apr. 8, 2016: Space News Roundup
  165. A Star With A Disk Of Water Ice? Meet HD 100546
  166. SpaceX Achieves Historic Landing!
  167. SpaceX Launches to ISS with BEAM Habitat Prototype and Lands First Stage At Sea
  168. Can We Now Predict When A Neutron Star Will Collapse?
  169. Huge Sunspot Turns Earthward
  170. SpaceX Dragon Carrying New Room Captured and Mated to Space Station
  171. Astronomy Cast Ep. 410: Planet 9 Facts and Fiction
  172. Messier 11 (M11) – The Wild Duck Cluster
  173. When Will Earth Lock to the Moon?
  174. Prelude to Transit: Catching Mercury Under Dusk Skies
  175. SpaceX Falcon 9 Recovered 1st Stage Arrives Back in Port After Historic Upright Landi
  176. Carnival of Space #453
  177. The Laws Of Cosmology May Need A Re-Write
  178. This Day In 1961: The First Human Into Space
  179. What Causes Air Pollution?
  180. Hawking Supports Tiny Spacecraft To Alpha Centauri
  181. NASA Discovers 72 New Asteroids Near Earth
  182. Bigelow and ULA Partner to Launch Commercial Space Habitat in 2020
  183. Are there Storms on the Moon?
  184. How to Safely Watch Mercury Transit the Sun on May 9
  185. A Super-Fast Star System Shrugs Its Shoulders At Physics
  186. Weekly Space Hangout – Apr. 15, 2016: Dr. Howard Trottier
  187. ExoMars Takes First Hi-Res Image With The Lens Cap On
  188. Icy Hot: Europa’s Frozen Crust Could Be Warmer Than We Thought
  189. Astronomy Cast Ep. 411: The Science of Sunset Colors
  190. Sensational Photos Show ‘Super Smooth’ Droneship Touchdown of SpaceX Falcon Booster –
  191. Is Alpha Centauri The Best Place To Look For Aliens?
  192. Space Station Gets Experimental New Room with Installation of BEAM Expandable Habitat
  193. ‘Wow!’ Signal Was…Wait For It…Comets
  194. Dwarf Dark Matter Galaxy Hides In Einstein Ring
  195. Antarctica Provides Plenty Of Mars Samples Right Now
  196. April Lunacy: Getting Ready for the Full ‘Mini-Moon’
  197. NASA Invests In Radical Game-Changing Concepts For Exploration
  198. Gravity Waves On Pluto?
  199. NASA Welds First Flight Section of SLS Core Stage for 2018 Maiden Launch
  200. What’s Outside the Universe?
  201. What Is The Surface of Neptune Like?
  202. Our Sun May Have Eaten A Super Earth For Breakfast
  203. Carnival of Space #454
  204. Supermassive Black Holes In Distant Galaxies Are Mysteriously Aligned
  205. An Earth-like Planet Only 16 Light Years Away?
  206. Recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster Moves Back to KSC for Eventual Reflight
  207. Landslides and Bright Craters on Ceres Revealed in Marvelous New Images from Dawn
  208. Dawn Just Wants To Make All The Other Probes Look Bad
  209. How Do We Know There’s a Planet 9?
  210. Weekly Space Hangout – Apr. 22, 2016: Mike Simmons highlights Global Astronomy Month
  211. Chinese Space Baby Research Lands In Mongolia
  212. How Do We Terraform Jupiter’s Moons?
  213. Stunning Auroras From the Space Station in Ultra HD – Videos
  214. Spaceflight Will Give You The Body Of An Elderly Alcoholic Shut In
  215. NASA Selects Aerojet Rocketdyne to Develop Solar Electric Propulsion for Deep Space M
  216. Bayesian Analysis Rains On Exoplanet Life Parade
  217. Dark Moon Discovered Orbiting Dwarf Planet Makemake
  218. Into the Red: Our Complete Guide to Mars Opposition 2016
  219. Carnival of Space #455
  220. Three Words: SpaceX… Mars… 2018
  221. New Highest Resolution Images Of Long-Lost Beagle 2 Lander
  222. How Do We Terraform Saturn’s Moons?
  223. SpaceX Announces Plan to Launch Private Dragon Mission to Mars in 2018
  224. An Old Glass Plate Hints at a Potential New Exoplanet Discovery
  225. James Webb Space Telescope Takes The Gloves Off
  226. Who Discovered Gravity?
  227. Curiosity Cores Hole in Mars at ‘Lubango’ Fracture Zone
  228. How Do We Terraform Mercury?
  229. Weekly Space Hangout – Apr. 29, 2016: Dr. Michael Richmond
  230. The New Vostochny Cosmodrome Brings Launches Back To Russian Soil
  231. The Constellation Aries
  232. Astronomy Cast Ep. 412: The Color of the Universe
  233. Fermi Links Neutrino Blast To Known Extragalactic Blazar
  234. Fuel Control Valve Faulted for Atlas Launch Anomaly, Flights Resume Soon
  235. Scientists Assemble Fresh Global Map of Pluto Comprising Sharpest Flyby Images
  236. Three New Earth-sized Planets Found Just 40 Light-Years Away
  237. ExoMars 2018 Rover Postponed to 2020 Launch
  238. Messier 12
  239. A Summer Comet: Our Guide to Observing X1 PanSTARRS
  240. Boiling Water Is Carving Martian Slopes
  241. Starshade Prepares To Image New Earths
  242. Is A New Particle About To Be Announced?
  243. 2016 Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks May 5-6
  244. How Do We Terraform Ceres?
  245. SpaceX Set for Night Launch and Drone Ship Landing Friday, May 6 – Watch Live
  246. SpaceX Scores Double Whammy with Nighttime Delivery of Japanese Comsat to Orbit and 2
  247. SpaceX Taps Superhero Designer For Its Spacesuits
  248. How Long Does it Take Mars to Orbit the Sun?
  249. Weekly Space Hangout – May 6, 2016: Paul Reichert
  250. The Constellation Auriga