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  1. Preleminary Results In NASA Twins Study Released
  2. Get Away From It All with these Amazing DTM Views of Mars
  3. Superbowl Smackdown: Watch the Moon Occult Aldebaran on Sunday
  4. A Novel Concept For Braking Breakthrough Starshot
  5. Meteorite Confirms 2 Billion Years of Volcanic Activity on Mars
  6. Weekly Space Hangout – February 3, 2017: Meredith Rawls & the LSST
  7. The Cassiopeia Constellation
  8. The Race To Image Exoplanets Heats Up!
  9. Used SpaceX Booster Set for Historic 1st Reflight is Test Fired in Texas
  10. Juno Buzzes Jupiter a mere 4,300 Km’s above the Cloud Tops
  11. See a Flirtatious Lunar Eclipse This Friday Night
  12. Ancient Annular: Dating Joshua’s Eclipse
  13. Messier 34 – the NGC 1039 Open Star Cluster
  14. A Black Hole’s Record Breaking Lunch
  15. How Long is a Day on Venus?
  16. Watch Comet 45P Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková Fly Past Earth This Week
  17. SpaceX Awaits FAA Falcon 9 Launch License for 1st Pad 39A Blastoff on NASA ISS Cargo
  18. Cassini Images Of Enceladus Highlight Possible Cradle For Life
  19. Curiosity’s Martian Chronicles Rife With Intriguing Inconsistencies
  20. Carnival of Space #495
  21. 31 Years After Disaster, Challenger Soccer Ball Returns To Orbit
  22. Uber Brings In NASA Engineer To Build Flying Cars
  23. The Magellenic Clouds Stay Connected By A String Of Stars
  24. Watch the Moon Make a Pass at Earth’s Shadow, Then Kiss Regulus This Valentine’s Week
  25. Can We Launch Nuclear Waste Into the Sun?
  26. NASA Approves First Commercial Airlock for Space Station Science and SmallSat Deploym
  27. Weekly Space Hangout – February 10, 2017: Weekend Eclipse, Occultation and Comet 45P!
  28. This Is The Highest Resolution Image Of Europa We Have … For Now
  29. Watch the Curiosity Rover Roll Across Mars’ Surface
  30. Time To Build A Venus Rover
  31. The Centaurus Constellation
  32. What is the Surface Area of the Earth?
  33. First SpaceX Falcon 9 Erected at Historic Launch Pad 39A for Feb. 18 Blastoff
  34. 91 Astronomers Combine 1000 Images Into One Amazing Journey to Jupiter
  35. Asteroid 2017 BQ6 Looks Like A Brick
  36. SpaceX Falcon 9 Breaths First Fire at KSC Pad 39A – Successful Static Fire Test Paves
  37. Carnival of Space #496
  38. Through The Nuclear Looking Glass: The Moon & The Bomb
  39. Distance & Speed Of Sun’s Orbit Around Galactic Centre Measured
  40. Chance Discovery Of A Three Hour Old Supernova
  41. Dream Chaser Spacecraft May Be Used For Hubble Repair Mission
  42. India Sets Record With 104 Satellites In Single Launch
  43. How Long is a Year on Mercury?
  44. Video of Green Comet 45P Puts You Close To The Action
  45. NASA To Study Launching Astronauts on 1st SLS/Orion Flight
  46. What is the Weather like on Saturn?
  47. Will You Be The Discoverer Of Planet 9?
  48. At T Minus 1 Day from ISS Liftoff SpaceX Rolls Falcon 9 to KSC Pad 39A – Feb. 18 Igni
  49. Weekly Space Hangout – February 17, 2017: Samuel Mason, Director of the Tesla Science
  50. Carnival of Space #497
  51. Poopy Ideas Net $30,000 For Challenge Finalists
  52. The Universe Has A Lithium Problem
  53. Earth Just Got A New Continent
  54. Ceres Provides First Detection Of Life’s Building Blocks In Asteroid Belt
  55. A Region On Mars With Recent Water Is About To Get Major Attention
  56. SpaceX Falcon 9 Goes Vertical with Station Science at KSC Pad 39A – Watch Live
  57. Juno Will Get No Closer To Jupiter Due To Engine Troubles
  58. NASA’s Historic Pad 39A Back in Business with Maiden SpaceX Falcon 9 Blastoff to ISS
  59. Messier 35 – the NGC 2168 Open Star Cluster
  60. Drone Captures Amazing Footage of Falcon 9 Landing
  61. Sad About Pluto? How about 110 Planets in the Solar System Instead?
  62. Spectacular SpaceX Space Station Launch and 1st Stage Landing – Photo/Video Gallery
  63. United Arab Emirates Has a Plan to Colonize Mars with 600,000 People in 100 Years
  64. How Long is a Year on Venus?
  65. Here’s Something We Never Thought We’d See on a Comet: Shifting Dunes
  66. Huge News, Seven Earth-Sized Worlds Orbiting a Red Dwarf, Three in the Habitable Zone
  67. Get Ready for the First Pictures of a Black Hole’s Event Horizon
  68. Here’s an Aerial View of a Massive Iceberg Shearing away from Antarctica
  69. Planet 9 Can’t Run Forever. Two Asteroids Give Up Some Clues
  70. SpaceX Dragon Arrives at Space Station with Tons of Earth and Human Science Experimen
  71. Ring of Fire: Catch the Only Annular Solar Eclipse of 2017 This Sunday
  72. NASA Fires a Rocket into the Northern Lights, for Science!
  73. It Might Be Possible to Refreeze the Icecaps to Slow Global Warming
  74. Wow, Mars Sure Can Be Pretty
  75. Weekly Space Hangout – February 24, 2017: 7 New Exoplanets Around Trappist-1 and More
  76. Supernova Blast Wave Still Visible After 30 Years
  77. The Cepheus Constellation
  78. SETI Has Already Tried Listening to TRAPPIST-1 for Aliens
  79. NASA Studies Whether to Add Crew to 1st SLS Megarocket Moon Launch in 2019
  80. Carnival of Space #498
  81. Rise of the Super Telescopes: The Giant Magellan Telescope
  82. This is Actual Science. Crystals at the Earth’s Core Power its Magnetic Field
  83. Elon Musk Announces Daring SpaceX Dragon Flight Beyond Moon with 2 Private Astronauts
  84. Join the Eclipse MegaMovie 2017 Chronicling the August Total Solar Eclipse
  85. Rise of the Super Telescopes: The Overwhelmingly Large Telescope
  86. You Can’t See the Great Wall of China From Space, But You Can See Their Giant Solar F
  87. Finally, the Missing Link in Planetary Formation!
  88. UFO Visualizations Show the Trends in Alien Spotting. Saucers Are Down, Lights Are Up
  89. So it Begins, Red Dragon Delayed 2 Years to 2020
  90. How Far is Mercury from the Sun?
  91. 7 Questions For 7 New Planets
  92. Rise of the Super Telescopes: The European Extremely Large Telescope
  93. What the Oldest Fossil on Earth Means for Finding Life on Mars
  94. Volcanic Hydrogen Gives Planets a Boost for Life
  95. Some Active Process is Cracking Open These Faults on Mars. But What is it?
  96. When Galaxies Collide, Stars Suffer the Consequences
  97. NASA Proposes A Magnetic Shield to Protect Mars’ Atmosphere
  98. Curiosity Watches a Dust Devil Go Past
  99. Catch ‘The Great American Occultation’ of Aldebaran Saturday Night
  100. Weekly Space Hangout – March 3, 2017: Dr. Alan Stern of New Horizons
  101. Astronomy Cast Ep. 432: Geoglogic Ages of Mars – From Wet and Wild to Desolate Desert
  102. This Asteroid Broke In Half, and Then Both Halves Grew Tails Like Comets
  103. Rise of the Super Telescopes: The Large Synoptic Telescopes
  104. Astronomy Cast Ep. 442: Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 6: Magnetic Pole Reversal
  105. NASA’s Plans to Explore Europa and Other “Ocean Worlds”
  106. Messier 36 – The Pinwheel Cluster
  107. Carnival of Space #499
  108. Towards A New Understanding Of Dark Matter
  109. Mineral Points To A Water Rich Mars
  110. Brightest ‘Spot’ on Ceres is Likely a Cryovolcano
  111. Reading The Signs Of A Martian Mega-Flood
  112. Rise of the Super Telescopes: The Thirty Meter Telescope
  113. Exploring Titan with Balloons and Landers
  114. How Long is Day on Mercury?
  115. What Did Cassini Teach Us?
  116. 1st SLS 2nd Stage Arrives at Cape for NASA’s Orion Megarocket Moon Launch in 2018
  117. Rise of the Super Telescopes: The James Webb Space Telescope
  118. How Will NASA Find Life On Other Worlds?
  119. Are Fast Radio Bursts Evidence Of Alien Activity?
  120. The Future of Space Colonization – Terraforming or Space Habitats?
  121. SpaceX Conducts Successful Static Fire Test Permitting Post Midnight Spectacle with E
  122. Comet Encke Reemerges in the Dawn Sky
  123. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar 10, 2017: Nic DiPalma and Spacetime Labs
  124. Astronomy Cast Ep. 443: Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 7: Tsunamis
  125. Earth’s Twisted Sister: How Will We Reveal Venus’ Secrets?
  126. Fried Egg? Flying Saucer? Nope. Just Cool New Closeups of Saturn’s Moon Pan
  127. Exploring Titan with Aerial Platforms
  128. Next Cygnus Cargo Ship Christened the SS John Glenn to Honor First American in Orbit
  129. Carnival of Space #500
  130. Messier 37 – the NGC 2099 Open Star Cluster
  131. Closest Star Around A Black Hole Discovered
  132. Strange Loner Planet Gets Astronomers’ Attention
  133. March Launch Madness: Triple Headed Space Spectacular Starts Overnight with SpaceX Ma
  134. Exploring the Universe For Magnetic Fields
  135. Are You Ready For The NanoSWARM?
  136. What’s on the Surface of Venus?
  137. Trump’s NASA Authorization Act In All Its Glory
  138. Canada To Get Its Own Spaceport
  139. Warm Poles Suggest Enceladus’ Liquid Water Near Surface
  140. NASA Brings Trappist-1 Into Focus… Kinda Sorta
  141. High Winds Scrub Legless Falcon 9 Liftoff Reset to March 16 – Live Webcast
  142. How Far is Venus From the Sun?
  143. Russia Recruiting For Its Moon Bound Cosmonauts
  144. Flawless SpaceX Falcon 9 Takes Rousing Night Flight Delivery of EchoStar TV Sat to Or
  145. Zero2Infinity Successfully Test Launches Its Bloostar Prototype
  146. Last Look At Mimas For A Long Time
  147. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar 17, 2017: Stuart McNeill of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space
  148. NASA Twins Study Researchers Take Genetic Data To Next Level
  149. TRAPPIST 1: An Evening With Fraser Cain
  150. Stunning Imagery Shows 1st Nighttime Falcon 9 Launch off Pad 39A; EchoStar XXIII Phot
  151. Sunset Delta Set to Dazzle Cape with Mighty Air Force SatCom Launch March 18 – Watch
  152. Get Ready For The >100 Planet Solar System
  153. A Family Of Stars Torn Apart
  154. Delta IV Delivers Daunting Display Powering International Military WGS-9 SatCom to Or
  155. Catch Comet 41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák At Its Best
  156. Ever Wondered What Final Approach To Mars Might Feel Like?
  157. How Did Uranus Get its Name?
  158. SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down in Pacific with Treasure Trove of Space Station Science
  159. Eye Opening Numbers On Space Debris
  160. Stephen Hawking Is Going To The Edge Of Space
  161. Carnival of Space #501
  162. Large Hadron Collider Discovers 5 New Gluelike Particles
  163. Rosetta Images Show Comet’s Changing Surface Close Up
  164. What’s the Difference Between a Rocket and Space Plane? Amazing Hand-Drawn Animations
  165. SpaceX & NASA Studying 2020 Landing Sites For Dragon
  166. Why Doesn’t Earth Have Rings?
  167. Curiosity’s Battered Wheels Show First Breaks
  168. Astronauts Capture Great Views of Mount Etna Eruption
  169. New Study Wants To Rip T-Rex From Its Place On Dino Tree
  170. SpaceX Outbids ULA for Military GPS Contract Igniting Fierce Launch Competition
  171. Curiosity Captures Gravity Wave Shaped Clouds On Mars
  172. German ‘Largest Artificial Sun’ To Generate Climate Friendly Fuel
  173. Process Behind Martian Streaks Continues To Puzzle
  174. Watch Stars Orbit The Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole
  175. Nighttime Delta IV Blastoff Powers Military Comsat to Orbit for U.S. Allies: Photo/Vi
  176. Juno’s Monday Jupiter Flyby Promises New Batch of Images & Science
  177. What About a Mission to Titan?
  178. See Mercury At Dusk, New Comet Lovejoy At Dawn
  179. NASA Test Fires New Engine Controlling ‘Brain’ for First SLS MegaRocket Mission
  180. Carnival of Space #502
  181. Messier 38 – The Starfish Cluster
  182. Successful HotFire Test Sets SpaceX on Course for Historic Relaunch of 1st ‘Flight-P
  183. What is an Astronomical Unit?
  184. What is the Color of Pluto?
  185. How Long is a Year on Pluto?
  186. Take a Peek Inside Blue Origin’s New Shepard Crew Capsule
  187. Watch Rotating Horns of Venus at Dawn
  188. Finite Light — Why We Always Look Back In Time
  189. SES ComSat Boss Proclaims High ‘Confidence’ in Bold SpaceX 1st ‘Flight-Proven’ Rocket
  190. How Long is a Year on Uranus?
  191. SpaceX Attempting Launch of 1st Orbit Class Recycled Rocket March 30 – Watch Live
  192. The Ever-Working Mars Orbiter Passes 50,000 Orbits
  193. Solar Probe Plus Will ‘Touch’ The Sun
  194. SpaceX Accomplishes American ‘Science Triumph’ with ‘Mind Blowing’ Historic 2nd Launc
  195. ARCA Unveils the World’s first Single-Stage-to-Orbit Rocket
  196. Weekly Space Hangout – Mar 31, 2017: The IDATA Project and Afterglow Access
  197. Four Candidates For Planet 9 Located
  198. Space Station Drama After Vital Micrometeorite Shielding Floats Away
  199. Deepest X-ray Image Ever Made Contains Mysterious Explosion
  200. 1st Reflown SpaceX Falcon 9 Soars to Orbit with SES-10 Revolutionizing Rocketry Forev
  201. Surprise: Comet E4 Lovejoy Brightens
  202. Mars’ Trojans Show Remains Of Ancient Planetoid
  203. Astronomy Cast Ep. 444: Fractals
  204. Venus 2.0 Discovered In Our Own Back Yard
  205. Extraterrestrial Origin Of Fast Radio Burst Phenomenon Confirmed
  206. TRAPPIST-1 Is Showing A Bit Too Much Flare
  207. Cassini’s Final Mission to Annihilation Starts April 22
  208. Worlds’ 1st Recycled Booster from SpaceX Sails Serenely at Sunrise into Port Canaver
  209. World’s Largest Rocket Will Be Recoverable & Reusable
  210. By Jove: Jupiter at Opposition 2017
  211. A Star Going Supernova In Slow Motion Discovered
  212. What Are You Doing For Yuri’s Night?
  213. Confirmed: Ceres Has a Transient Atmosphere
  214. When Will Mars Be Close to Earth?
  215. Weekly Space Hangout – April 7, 2017: Weekly News Roundup
  216. Carnival of Space #503
  217. Finally! A Low Mass Super-Earth With Some Funky Atmosphere
  218. Hubble Takes Advantage Of Opposition To Snap Jupiter
  219. Messier 39 – The NGC 7092 Open Star Cluster
  220. What Constellation is the Sun in?
  221. Hubble Sees Intense Auroras on Uranus
  222. SpaceX Just Re-Used a Rocket. Why This Changes Everything
  223. Carnival of Space #504
  224. Juno Sees Overlapping Colliding Clouds on Jupiter
  225. Space Station Trio Touches Down on Earth as NASA’s Next Cargo Ship Targets Apr. 18 Bl
  226. A Bored New Horizons Spacecraft Takes Part Time Job To Fill The Time
  227. NEO Asteroid 2014 JO25 Set to Buzz Earth on April 19th
  228. NASA Bombshell: Key Ingredient For Life Discovered On Enceladus
  229. Researchers Image Dark Matter Bridge Between Galaxies
  230. Weekly Space Hangout – April 14, 2017: Brad Peterson and LUVOIR
  231. Black Hole Imaged For First Time By Event Horizon Telescope
  232. NASA Releases Spellbinding Images Of Earth At Night
  233. Dynamo At Moon’s Heart Once Powered Magnetic Field Equal To Earth’s
  234. SS John Glenn to Debut as World’s 1st Live 360 Degree Video of Rocket Launch April 18
  235. Who Discovered Uranus?
  236. What is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
  237. Carnival of Space #505
  238. Could Space Travelers Melt As They Accelerate Through Deep Space?
  239. The Orbit of Saturn. How Long is a Year on Saturn?
  240. SS John Glenn Launching Science Stash to Space Station atop Atlas V April 18 – Watch
  241. Do I Believe in UFOs?
  242. The Orbit of Neptune. How Long is a Year on Neptune?
  243. Ceres Prank Lands Bart Simpson In Detention For Eternity
  244. Ride Shotgun Through the Solar System with Chris Hadfield
  245. Cygnus Soars to Space on Atlas Carrying SS John Glenn on Course to Space Station
  246. CERN Declares War On The Standard Model
  247. Art History NASA Style
  248. 2014 JO25 Flies By Earth — See It Tonight
  249. In-Situ Technology for Exploring Venus
  250. Soyuz Launches and Fast Track Docks to ISS with Russian-American Duo