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  1. Good News for Future Moon Bases. There’s Water Inside the Moon
  2. Carnival of Space #519
  3. Ancient Volcanoes on Mars Could Have Been the Place for Life
  4. Dream Chaser Mini-Shuttle to Fly ISS Resupply Missions on ULA Atlas V
  5. Ready to Leave Low Earth Orbit? Prototype Construction Begins for a Deep Space Habita
  6. Breakthrough Lofts the Smallest Satellites Ever, not Interstellar Yet, but a Step For
  7. New Comet: C/2017 O1 ASAS-SN Takes Earth by Surprise
  8. Hubble Sees Tiny Phobos Orbiting Mars
  9. Cassini Finds that Titan is Building the Chemicals that Might Have Led to Life on Ear
  10. Opportunity Starts Historic Descent of Tantalizing Martian Gully to Find Out How Was
  11. The Crater Constellation
  12. What Is the Name Of Our Galaxy?
  13. Where Will the Space Launch System Take Us? Preparing For The Most Powerful Rocket Ev
  14. Veteran Multinational Trio Launches on Soyuz and Arrives at International Space Stati
  15. Messier 52 – the NGC 7654 Open Star Cluster
  16. Carnival of Space #520
  17. NASA Detects More Chemicals on Titan that are Essential to Life
  18. Impending Asteroid Flyby Will be a Chance to Test NASA’s Planetary Defense Network!
  19. Physicists Take Big Step Towards Quantum Computing and Encryption with new Experiment
  20. A Partial Lunar Eclipse Ushers in Eclipse Season
  21. Kepler Spots the First Exomoon Candidate 4000 Light Years From Earth
  22. Need a Job? NASA is Looking for a New Planetary Protection Officer
  23. Hubble Eyes Stratosphere Around a Very Hot, Watery Jupiter!
  24. Bad News For Proxima b: An Earth-Like Atmosphere Might Not Survive There
  25. NASA Voyager Probes Still Going Strong After 40 Years
  26. Musk Says Maiden Falcon Heavy to Launch in November, Acknowledges High Risk and Relea
  27. Carnival of Space #521
  28. Messier 53 – the NGC 5024 Globular Cluster
  29. Experiment Detects Mysterious Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering For the First Time
  30. Gorgeous Images of the August 2017 Partial Lunar Eclipse
  31. Standford Team Creates mDOT, a Mini-Starshade for Exoplanet Research
  32. New Horizons’ Next Flyby Target Just Got Weirder!
  33. What are Gas Giants?
  34. New Study Claims There are Four Exoplanets Around Nearest Sun-Like Star!
  35. Sunshield Layers Installed on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope as Mirror Cryo Coolin
  36. A Different Kind Of Science Show
  37. Study of Lunar Rocks Indicates Moon’s Magnetic Field Existed 1 Billion Years Longer T
  38. Star Ark: A Living, Self-Sustaining Spaceship
  39. “Eclipse Across America:” Could This Event Bring Us All Together?
  40. Stars Orbiting Supermassive Black Hole Show Einstein was Right Again!
  41. Cosmic Census Says There Could be 100 Million Black Holes in our Galaxy Alone
  42. NASA Reignites Program for Nuclear Thermal Rockets
  43. Science Laden SpaceX Dragon Set for Aug. 14 ISS Launch, Testfire Inaugurates Triad of
  44. Scientists Discover TRAPPIST-1 is Older Than Our Solar System
  45. Stunning SpaceX Space Station Cargo Blastoff and Cape Landing Kicks Off Sunshine Sta
  46. Messier 54 – the NGC 6715 Globular Cluster
  47. Potentially Habitable, Tidally-Locked Exoplanets May be Very Common, say New Study
  48. Carnival of Space #522
  49. The Most Distant Galaxy Observed to Date Provides Insight into the Early Universe
  50. Station Crew Grapples SpaceX Dragon Delivering Tons of Science After Thunderous Lifto
  51. Can Astronauts See Stars From the Space Station?
  52. Prelude to Totality: A Final Look at the Total Solar Eclipse
  53. Gravitational Lensing Provides Rare Glimpse Into Interiors of Black Holes
  54. NASA Plans to Send CubeSat To Venus to Unlock Atmospheric Mystery
  55. NASA’s Tracking Data Relay Satellite-M Vital for Science Relay Poised for Liftoff Aug
  56. Another Nearby Red Dwarf Star System, Another Possible Exoplanet Discovered!
  57. Large Near-Earth Asteroid Will Pass Earth by This September
  58. NASA Completes Vital Space Communications Network with Spectacular Launch of Final TD
  59. NASA Live-Broadcasting 2017 Solar Eclipse!
  60. New Study Says that Martian Weather May Get Snowy Overnight
  61. Incredible Solar Eclipse Images From Our Readers
  62. Tales From Totality: Standing in the Shadow of the Moon
  63. Study of Moon Rocks Suggest Interior of the Moon is Really Dry
  64. Hallelujah, It’s Raining Diamonds! Just like the Insides of Uranus and Neptune.
  65. Elon Musk Reveals New SpaceX Spacesuit
  66. Mars Express Captures Mars’ Moving Bow Shock
  67. Witnessing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Across America Mesmerizes Millions: Photo/Vid
  68. Carnival of Space #525
  69. New Study of Antares Creates the Best Map Ever of a Distant Star
  70. Threat Tracking USAF Satellite Launching Nighttime Aug 25 on Cape Debut of Retired IC
  71. Dragonfly Proposed to NASA as Daring New Frontiers Mission to Titan
  72. Is the “Alien Megastructure” around Tabby’s Star Actually a Ringed Gas Giant?
  73. Cold-War Era Derived ICBM Blasts Military ORS-5 Surveillance and Space Junk Tracking
  74. NASA Says James Webb Telescope will Study Solar System’s “Ocean Worlds”
  75. Messier 55 – the NGC 6809 Globular Star Cluster
  76. Settle the Moon Before Mars, Says Astronaut Chris Hadfield
  77. Carnival of Space #524
  78. Watch Asteroid 3122 Florence Zip Past Earth This Weekend
  79. Exoplanet-Hunters Detect Two New “Warm Jupiters”
  80. Second Hyperloop Pod Design Competition A Success
  81. Breakthrough Detects Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Coming from Distant Galaxy
  82. NASA’s Plan to Explore Venus with a “SteamPunk” Rover
  83. Hubble Spots First Indications of Water on TRAPPIST-1s Planets
  84. The Crux Constellation
  85. Ultraviolet Light Could Point the Way To Life Throughout the Universe
  86. Successful Static Fire Test Sets SpaceX on Target for Post Labor Day Launch of USAF X
  87. Preparations for Deployment of InSight Lander to Mars are Rampting Up!
  88. NASA’s Peggy Whitson Safely Returns Home in Soyuz from Record Breaking Stay in Space
  89. Carnival of Space #525
  90. Another Monster Black Hole Found in the Milky Way
  91. Researchers Tackle Question of How the Universe Became Filled With Light
  92. NASA, NOAA Satellites Track Hurricane Irma’s Path
  93. Big Solar Storm Coming Our Way, Now’s Your Chance to See Auroras
  94. Now We Know When Stars Will Be Passing Through the Oort Cloud
  95. Supermassive Black Holes or Their Galaxies? Which Came First?
  96. The Orbit of Earth will be Hiding Earth 2.0
  97. Secret X-37B Military Mini-Shuttle Set for SpaceX Blastoff/Landing Sept. 7 as Cat 5 H
  98. Second Fastest Pulsar Spins 42,000 Times a Minute
  99. X-37B Secret Air Force Spaceplane Blasts Off on SpaceX Falcon 9 as Monster Hurricane
  100. Chinese Astronomers Spot Two New Hypervelocity Stars
  101. Detection of Mineral on Mars Bolstered Argument that Mars was Once Habitability
  102. New Study Claims that TRAPPIST-1 Could Also Have Gas Giants
  103. X-ray Study Shows Older Stars May be More Supportive to Life
  104. Exoplanet-Hunting Aliens Could Be Looking at Earth Right Now!
  105. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Closes as Deadly Hurricane Irma Targets Direct Hit on Flo
  106. Juno Missions Make Mysterious Finds about Auroras on Jupiter
  107. Messier 56 – the NGC 6779
  108. Gravitational Waves will let us see Inside Stars as Supernovae Happen
  109. Unexpected Solar Flare is Also the Largest in Twelve Years
  110. Weekly Space Hangout -Sept 13, 2017: Dr. Claudia Lagos from ICRAR
  111. Cassini Conduct a Final Flyby of Titan Before Crashing into Saturn
  112. Galaxies Swell due to Explosive Action of New Stars
  113. This Weekend: The Moon Photobombs ‘Planet-palooza’ at Dawn
  114. Three Possible Super-Earths Discovered Around Nearby Sun-Like Star
  115. Russian-American Trio Blasts Off and Boards International Space Station After Fast Tr
  116. Cassini: The Mission That Will Live Forever
  117. Astronomer Spot Hellish World with Titanium in its Atmosphere
  118. Loss of Signal: Cassini Spacecraft Plunges Into Saturn
  119. Hubble Spots Pitch Black Hot Jupiter that “Eats Light”
  120. KSC and Visitor Complex Reopen in Aftermath of Hurricane Irma; with Launches Delayed
  121. New Study Indicates that Planet 9 Likely Formed in the Solar System
  122. SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down in Pacific with 2 Tons of NASA Space Station Science
  123. Study of Martian Sedimentary Layers Reveals More About the Planet’s Past
  124. Carnival of Space #527
  125. Venus Express Probe Reveals the Planet’s Mysterious Night Side
  126. Northrup Grumman Acquires Orbital ATK for $9.2 Billion
  127. Dawn Probe Finds Evidence of Subsurface Ice on Vesta
  128. New Study Says Primordial Asteroid Belt was Empty
  129. Weekly Space Hangout -Sept 20, 2017: ANU Citizen Science Project for Supernovae
  130. More Surface Ice on Mercury than Previously Thought, says New Study
  131. 300 Asteroids to be Explored by a Fleet of Nanosatellites
  132. New Study Says a Fast Radio Burst Happens Every Second in the Universe
  133. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sampler Slingshots Around Earth Friday, Sept. 21 – Catch I
  134. Scientists Urge Europe to Stick With “Armageddon”-style Asteroid Mission
  135. Proposed Hyperloop Route Between Toronto and Montreal!
  136. Where Do We Go Next? Building the Deep Space Gateway
  137. Hubble Spots Unique Object in the Main Asteroid Belt
  138. Rare Element Could Point the Way to Past Life on Mars
  139. Australia To Create Its Own Space Agency
  140. Messier 57 – The Ring Nebula
  141. Carnival of Space #528
  142. Newly Discovered Star Cluster Analyzed by Gaia Probe
  143. New Study Could Help Locate Subsurface Deposits of Water Ice on Mars
  144. New Study Provides Explanation for Pluto’s Giant Blades of Ice
  145. Russia Says They’ll Be Pitching in on the Deep Space Gateway
  146. Weekly Space Hangout -Sept 27, 2017: Dr. Jason Schneiderman of NASA’s HERA Mission
  147. Rosetta Team Finds New, Final Image Hiding in the Data
  148. Hey Citizen Scientists! Help NASA Analyze Images Taken from the Space Station
  149. LIGO and Virgo Observatories Detect Black Holes Colliding
  150. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Captures Lovely Blue Marble during Gravity Assist Swing-by to Aster
  151. New Study Sheds Light on How Earth and Mars Formed
  152. Elon Musk Reveals Further Plans to Colonize Mars and Make Aerospace Transit a Reality
  153. New Study Says Earth Avoided a “Carbon Overdose” During Formation
  154. Mission to Metal World Takes a Big Step Forward with Thruster Test
  155. NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed to 2019
  156. Old Mars Odyssey Data Indicates Presence of Ice Around Martian Equator
  157. Matt William’s New Sci-Fi Book is Out: The Cronian Incident
  158. Lockheed Martin Unveils Details of their Proposed Base Camp for Mars
  159. SpaceX Targets Saturday Launch of SES-11 after Successful Static Fire Test of Recycle
  160. Determining the Mass of the Milky Way Using Hypervelocity Stars
  161. LIGO Scientists who Detected Gravitational Waves Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
  162. NRO Spysat Set to Kick Off Florida Space Coast Launch Double Header Overnight Oct. 5
  163. Weekly Space Hangout -Oct 4, 2017: CosmoQuest’s Image Detective Citizen Science Proje
  164. New Study Proposes a Giant, Space-Based Solar Flare Shield for Earth
  165. VP Mike Pence Lays Out Administration’s Plan to go Back to the Moon
  166. Carnival of Space #529
  167. Not an Alien Megastructure, a Cloud of Dust on a 700-Day Orbit
  168. New Clues Emerge for the Existence of Planet 9
  169. Scientist Find Treasure Trove of Giant Black Hole Pairs
  170. Carnival of Space #530
  171. SpaceX Sets Oct. 11 Sunset Blastoff of SES-11 North American UHD TV Sat on Used Falco
  172. Dwarf Planet Haumea Has a Ring
  173. This Meteorite Came From a Volcano on Mars
  174. Watch a House-Sized Asteroid Pass Close to Earth Tonight (October 11/12)
  175. Weekly Space Hangout – Oct 11, 2017: SpaceX From The Ground Up by Chris Prophet
  176. SpaceX Stages Stunning Sunset Blastoff as Recycled Falcon 9 Soars to Orbit with SES/E
  177. Tales of the King: Watch as the Moon Occults Regulus for North America This Weekend
  178. Ancient Hydrothermal Vents Found on Mars, Could Have Been a Cradle for Life
  179. Debris Disks Around Stars Could Point the Way to Giant Exoplanets
  180. Astronomers Find the Missing Normal Matter in the Universe, Still Looking for Dark Ma
  181. NASA Undeterred by the Threat of Space Radiation
  182. Musk’s Era of Routinely Re-flown Rockets (ala SpaceX) a ‘Major Sea Change Getting Cl
  183. Clandestine Black Ops NRO Satellite Launches into the Black over Florida Spaceport Sk
  184. Carnival of Space #531
  185. First Cosmic Event Observed in Both Gravitational Waves and Light
  186. Scientists Find Evidence of Extreme Methane Storms On Titan
  187. Messier 58 – the NGC 4579 Barred Spiral Galaxy
  188. Twice Flown SpaceX Booster Sails Proudly into Port Canaveral at Sunrise 3 Days After
  189. Flowing Water on Mars Likely Cold and Frosty, Says New Study
  190. Weekly Space Hangout – Oct 18, 2017: Weekly News Roundup
  191. Metal-Eating Bacteria Could Have Left their “Fingerprints” on Mars, Proving it Once H
  192. Stable Lava Tube Could Provide a Potential Human Habitat on the Moon
  193. More Evidence Presented in Defense of Planet 9
  194. Forecast for Titan: Cold, with a Chance of Noxious Ice Clouds
  195. Where Do Comets Come From? Exploring the Oort Cloud
  196. Bigelow and ULA are Sending a Habitat to Lunar Orbit by 2022
  197. Nope, our Temporary Moon Isn’t Space Junk, it’s an Asteroid
  198. Sky Pointing Curiosity Captures Breathtaking Vista of Mount Sharp and Crater Rim, Cli
  199. Looking for Signs of Life on Distant Planets Just Got Easier
  200. Good News Everyone! There are Less Deadly Undiscovered Asteroids than we Thought
  201. Covert NRO Satellite Fades into Capes Cloudy Night Skies Shrouded in Liftoff Secrecy:
  202. Carnival of Space #532
  203. What is an Electric Sail? Another Exotic Way to Explore the Solar System
  204. Weekly Space Hangout – Oct 25, 2017: Dr. John Charles of NASA’s Human Research Progra
  205. You Can Now Use Google Maps to Explore the Solar System
  206. Water Worlds Don’t Stay Wet for Very Long
  207. Neptune-Sized Exomoon Found Orbiting a Jupiter-Sized Planet?
  208. Has the First Interstellar Comet Been Discovered?
  209. Project Blue: Building a Space Telescope that Could Directly Observe Planets Around A
  210. GW170817 Update: Surprises From First Gravitational Wave Observed Independently
  211. Juno Finds that Jupiter’s Gravitational Field is “Askew”
  212. An Artificial Intelligence Just Found 56 New Gravitational Lenses
  213. October Launch Trifecta from Florida Cleared as SpaceX Conducts Static Fire Engine Te
  214. The X3 Ion Engine Test Break Thrust Records
  215. Astronomers Start Mapping the Structure of the Far Side of the Milky Way
  216. Wow! Asteroid/Dwarf Planet Ceres Once had an Ocean?
  217. Superb Weather Forecast for SpaceX Halloween Eve Launch and Landing from Florida with
  218. Astronomers Find Comets Orbiting a Star 800 Light-Years Away
  219. New Research Says “Levitating” Sands Explain how Mars Got its Landscape
  220. Spectacular SpaceX Falcon 9 KoreaSat Launch Lights Space Coast Sky with Halloween Eve
  221. Exoplanet-Hunting Survey Discovers Three More Giant Alien Worlds!
  222. That’s Strange. Jupiter’s Northern and Southern Auroras Pulse Independently
  223. “Monster Planet” Discovered, Makes Scientists Rethink Theories of Planetary Formation
  224. New Method for Researching Activity Around Quasars and Black Holes
  225. SpaceX Matches ULA Single Year Launch Record with KoreaSat, Record Breaker On Tap: Ph
  226. I Still ? the ISS: More Reasons to Love the International Space Station
  227. Using Atmospheric Beacons to Search for Signs of Extra-Terrestrial Life
  228. Check Out NASA’s New Instrument that will Look for Life on Enceladus
  229. Carnival of Space #533
  230. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 1, 2017: Dr. Kelly & Zach Weinersmith & “SOONISH”
  231. The SpaceX Booster is Back in Town, Legs Quickly Detached: Photo/Video Gallery
  232. Cutting-Edge Astronomy Confirms Most Ancient Galaxy to Date
  233. Messier 59 – the NGC 4621 Elliptical Galaxy
  234. New Study Says Enceladus had Internal Ocean for Billions of Years
  235. They Just Began Casting the Giant Magellan Telescope’s 5th Mirror. What a Monster Job
  236. Proxima Centauri has a Cold Dust Belt that Could Indicate Even More Planets
  237. Carnival of Space #534
  238. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov 8, 2017: This Week in Musk, and More!
  239. Astronomers Practice Responding to a Killer Asteroid”
  240. A Brown Dwarf Prevented a Regular Star from Going Through its Full Life Cycle
  241. Busy Space Coast December Ahead as SpaceX Reactivates Damaged Cape Launch Pad, Aims f
  242. Building Electronics That Can Work on Venus
  243. Orbital ATK Antares Rocket Set for Breakfast Blastoff from Virginia to Space Station
  244. Life on Mars can Survive for Millions of Years Even Right Near the Surface
  245. The Cygnus Constellation
  246. NASA Moving Ahead with Deployment of Orion Capsule and Space Launch System
  247. Antares Rocket Blasts Off from Virginia Bound for Space Station with Cygnus Cargo Shi
  248. Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 15, 2017: Dr. Manuella Campanelli and Dr. John Whelan of
  249. Dinosaur Killing Asteroid hit Earth in Exactly the Wrong Spot
  250. Triton’s Arrival was Chaos for the Rest of Neptune’s Moons