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  1. Astronomers Just Found 72 Stellar Explosions, but Don’t Know What’s Causing Them
  2. Launching Rockets from Balloons is About to be a Thing, But We Need a Better Name tha
  3. Carnival of Space #555
  4. A Magnetar Just Woke Up After Three Years of Silence
  5. This is the COOLEST! Everything that’s Orbiting the Earth Right Now
  6. What If New York City Had No Light Pollution?
  7. Proxima Centauri Just Released a Flare so Powerful it was Visible to the Unaided Eye.
  8. Now’s Your Chance to Play Kerbal Space Program for Only $12 US
  9. Io Afire With Volcanoes Under Juno’s Gaze
  10. New Saturn Storm Emerging?
  11. Carnival of Space #556
  12. Weekly Space Hangout: April 11, 2018: Emily Lakdawalla’s “The Design and Engineering
  13. Zoom In, and In, and In! on this Amazing Falcon 9 Photo by Brady Kenniston
  14. Elon Musk Just Shared an Image of the Main Body Tool for Building the BFR. That Thing
  15. Dense Star Clusters Could be the Places Where Black Hole Mergers are Common
  16. Living Underground on Other Worlds. Exploring Lava Tubes
  17. See The Finest Sights Before You Die With “Wonders of the Night Sky”
  18. Pluto’s Charon Gets Mountains Named After Sci-Fi Authors Octavia Butler and Arthur C.
  19. Look at This Fascinating Variety of Planet-Forming Disks Around Other Stars
  20. Could We Detect an Ancient Industrial Civilization in the Geological Record?
  21. Carnival of Space #557
  22. The Aurora Station Will be the First Luxury Hotel in Space
  23. The NewSpace Revolution is About to Bring us Tiny Space Telescopes we can all Control
  24. How to Listen to the Background Hum of Gravitational Waves From all the Black Holes C
  25. Weekly Space Hangout: April 18, 2018: Kevin Gill: Art and Science from Juno and MRO
  26. Musk Says that SpaceX will use a Giant Party Balloon to Bring an Upper Stage Back. Wa
  27. Farewell Kepler. Welcome TESS
  28. This Meteorite is One of the Few Remnants from a Lost Planet that was Destroyed Long
  29. The Challenges of an Alien Spaceflight Program: Escaping Super Earths and Red Dwarf S
  30. Did You Know the Earth Has a Second Magnetic Field? Its Oceans
  31. Carnival of Space #558
  32. The DARKNESS Instrument Will Block Stars and Reveal Their Planets. 100 Million Times
  33. Earth is an Exoplanet to Someone Else. What Would Aliens be Able to Discover?
  34. Facial Recognition Deep Learning Software is Surprisingly Good at Identifying Galaxie
  35. I Can’t Stop Watching This Amazing Animation from Comet 67P
  36. Weekly Space Hangout: April 25, 2018: Carolyn Collins Petersen discusses “Space Explo
  37. How Many Planets is TESS Going to Find?
  38. Asteroids Smack Jupiter More Often Than Astronomers Thought
  39. Thanks to a Massive Release from Gaia, we now Know Where 1.7 BILLION Stars are in the
  40. Dream About the Future of Big Telescopes; Monster Space Telescopes That Could Fly by
  41. Jeff Bezos Says The New Shepard Will Soar Next on Sunday. Here’s How to Watch It Live
  42. By Jove: Jupiter at Opposition for 2018
  43. Astronomers See a Pileup of 14 Separate Galaxies in the Early Universe
  44. Messier 68 – the NGC 4590 Globular Cluster
  45. Carnival of Space #559
  46. For the First Time, Astronomers Have Found a Star That Survived its Companion Explodi
  47. ExoMars Has Sent Back its First Images From Mars
  48. One Bonus From the Gaia Data Release: the Rotation of the Large Magellanic Cloud
  49. Weekly Space Hangout: May 2, 2018: Life on Mars: What to Know Before We Go
  50. NASA is Investigating a Self-Assembling Space Telescope
  51. One of the Trappist-1 Planets Has an Iron Core
  52. NASA Has Tested a New Fission Space Reactor that Could be Used in Future Missions
  53. Here’s Stephen Hawking’s Final Theory About the Big Bang
  54. Carnival of Space #560
  55. Messier 69 – the NGC 6637 Globular Cluster
  56. Breathing Lunar Dust Could Give Astronauts Bronchitis and Even Lung Cancer
  57. How Many of Earth’s Moons Crashed Back Into the Planet?
  58. China is Working on Their Own Reusable Rocket: the First Stage of the Long March-8, W
  59. Weekly Space Hangout: May 9, 2018: Tom Bridgman of NASA’s Scientific Visualization St
  60. The Giant Planets in the Solar System Stunted the Growth of Mars
  61. Jupiter and Venus Change Earth’s Orbit Every 405,000 Years
  62. The Future of Our Sun is Still a Bit of a Puzzle. What Will Happen When it Dies?
  63. Evidence for Thousands of Black Holes Buzzing Around the Center of the Milky Way
  64. NASA is Sending a Helicopter to Mars as Part of the 2020 Rover
  65. Recovered Asteroid 2010 WC9 Set to Buzz the Earth Tomorrow
  66. Carnival of Space #561
  67. If There is a Multiverse, Can There be Life There Too?
  68. Pros and Cons of Various Methods of Interstellar Travel
  69. Interview With Dr. Alan Stern and Dr. David Grinspoon, Authors of Chasing Pluto
  70. Weekly Space Hangout: May 16, 2018: Ethan Siegel’s Treknology: The Science of Star Tr
  71. Gaia Turns Up 13,928 White Dwarfs Nearby the Sun, Including Several Formed Through Me
  72. There was Evidence for Europa’s Geysers Hiding in Plain Sight in Old Spacecraft Data
  73. Are Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Coming From the Collapse of Strange Star Crusts?
  74. Are Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Coming From the Collapse of Strange Star Crusts?
  75. Are Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Coming From the Collapse of Strange Star Crusts?
  76. NASA Cubesat Takes a Picture of the Earth and Moon
  77. The Pressure Inside Every Proton is 10x That Inside Neutron Stars
  78. Carnival of Space #562
  79. Are We Headed Towards Another Deep Solar Minimum?
  80. Weekly Space Hangout: May 23, 2018: Mike Massimino and Nat Geo’s ONE STRANGE ROCK
  81. The Ant Nebula Actually has Intense Laser Emissions Coming From its Core
  82. Oumuamua was Just the Beginning. Astronomers Find an Interstellar Asteroid Orbiting R
  83. Uh oh, the EMDrive and Mach Drive Could be Getting Their “Thrust” From Cables and Ear
  84. Two Spacecraft Will Get Closer to the Sun Than Ever Before
  85. Come Vote and Turn this SpaceX LEGO Set into a Reality
  86. Pluto is What You Get When a Billion Comets Smash Together
  87. Astronomers Observe a Pulsar 6500 Light-Years From Earth and See Two Separate Flares
  88. Here’s What Really Happened to That Camera That Melted During a Rocket Launch
  89. Carnival of Space #563
  90. Virgin Galactic Performs the Second Test of VSS Unity, Reaching Mach 1.9
  91. Planets on Parade: Saturn at Opposition 2018
  92. This is What Happens When a Black Hole Gobbles up a Star
  93. What are the Chances that the Next Generation LSST Could Find New Planets in the Sola
  94. Weekly Space Hangout: May 30, 2018: Skylias – Science Communicating on Twitch!
  95. Clearly a Fan. Jeff Bezos Himself Announced that Amazon was Picking up The Expanse
  96. Engineers Propose a Rocket that Consumes Itself as it Flies to Space
  97. Language in the Cosmos I: Is Universal Grammar Really Universal?
  98. Pluto has “Sand Dunes”, but Instead of Sand, it’s Grains of Frozen Methane
  99. Carnival of Space #564
  100. Okay, Last Year’s Kilonova Did Probably Create a Black Hole
  101. An Asteroid was Discovered Just Hours Before it Exploded over Africa
  102. Here’s the First Image From NOAA’s New Weather Satellite
  103. Join Fraser and Dr. Paul Sutter to Tour Costa Rica in March, 2019
  104. Language in the Cosmos II: Hello There GJ273b
  105. Globular Clusters Might not be as Old as Astronomers Thought. Like, Billions of Years
  106. Weekly Space Hangout: June 6, 2018: Stars Shine for Everyone: Jean-Pierre Grootaerd &
  107. Astro Challenge: Spotting 4 Vesta at its Best for Decades
  108. Are There Enough Chemicals on Icy Worlds to Support Life?
  109. Breakthrough Starshot is Now Looking for the Companies to Build its Laser-Powered Sol
  110. Chandra Observatory Checks to Make Sure Alpha Centauri is Safe, You Know, in Case We
  111. And NASA’s Big Announcement is: Ancient Organic Molecules Found on Mars!
  112. There are Strange Objects Near the Center of the Galaxy. They Look Like Gas, but Beha
  113. Carnival of Space #565
  114. Does Climate Change Explain Why We Don’t See Any Aliens Out There?
  115. Astronomy Cast Ep. 490: What’s New with Supernovae
  116. It Might Not be Planet 9 Causing Disruptions in the Kuiper Belt, Just the Collective
  117. A Powerful Dust Storm Has Darkened the Skies Over Opportunity on Mars
  118. Weekly Space Hangout: June 13, 2018: Stella Kafka, Director of the AAVSO
  119. What Comes After James Webb and WFIRST? Four Amazing Future Space Telescopes
  120. One Way to Find Aliens Would be to Search for Artificial Rings of Satellites: Clarke
  121. What’s the Minimum Number of People you Should Send in a Generational Ship to Proxima
  122. The Black Hole Ultimate Solar System: a Supermassive Black Hole, 9 Stars and 550 Plan
  123. A Meteoroid Smashed Into the Side of a Crater on Mars and Then Started a Landslide
  124. Ceres Has Even More Organic Molecules on it Than Previously Thought
  125. Could Cyanobacteria Help to Terraform Mars?
  126. Weekly Space Hangout: June 20, 2018: Dr. Jillian Scudder’s Astroquizzical
  127. How an Advanced Civilization Could Stop Dark Energy From Preventing Their Future Expl
  128. New Model Predicts That We’re Probably the Only Advanced Civilization in the Observab
  129. Strange Landscapes on Mars were Created by Explosive Volcanoes
  130. The Tools Humanity Will Need for Living in the Year 1 Trillion
  131. Carnival of Space #566-567
  132. The Martian Dust Storm Has Covered the Entire Planet
  133. Planetpalooza: All Bright Planets Visible in the July Dusk Sky
  134. The Universe’s Missing Matter. Found!
  135. Thanks to a Gravitational Lens, Astronomers Can See an Individual Star 9 Billion Ligh
  136. Weekly Space Hangout: June 27 2018: “In Saturn’s Rings” with Stephen van Vuuren
  137. There’s Sand on Titan, Where Does it Come From?
  138. A Satellite With a Harpoon, Net and Drag Sail to Capture Space Junk is in Orbit and W
  139. Complex Organics Molecules are Bubbling up From Inside Enceladus
  140. A Long Exposure Hubble Image of a Galaxy Cluster Also Turned up 22 Asteroids
  141. Weekly Space Hangout on Hiatus until September!
  142. Oumuamua Accelerated Out of the Solar System Like a Comet
  143. Good News, James Webb is Still a Go. Bad News, Launching in 2021
  144. Astronomers Have Found Grease in Space
  145. Stunning First Ever Photograph of a Newly Forming Planet
  146. NASA Has Awarded a Contract to Study Flying Drones on Venus
  147. A Spectacular Grazing Occultation for Aldebaran at Dawn
  148. What Would a Camera on a Breakthrough Starshot Spacecraft See if it’s Going at High V
  149. Instead of Building Single Monster Scopes like James Webb, What About Swarms of Space
  150. New Insights Into What Might Have Smashed Uranus Over Onto its Side
  151. NASA is Looking for New Ways to Deal With Trash on Deep Space Missions
  152. A Partial Solar Eclipse Down Under
  153. Kepler Mission Placed in Hibernation to Download Data Before its Last Campaign
  154. New Research Raises Hopes for Finding Life on Mars, Pluto and Icy Moons
  155. Cassini’s “Grande Finale” Earns an Emmy Nomination!
  156. Juno Data Shows that Some of Jupiter’s Moons are Leaving “Footprints” in its Aurorae
  157. NASA Simulation Shows How Europa’s “Fossil Ocean” Rises to the Surface Over Time
  158. How Fast is the Universe Expanding? Hubble and Gaia Team Up to Conduct the Most Accur
  159. Carnival of Space #569
  160. NASA’s Juno Mission Spots Another Possible Volcano on Jupiter’s Moon Io
  161. Enter the Red Planet: Our Guide to Mars Opposition 2018
  162. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will Inspect the Atmospheres of Distant Gas Giants
  163. Carnival of Space #570
  164. Twelve New Moons Discovered Around Jupiter, and One of Them is Pretty Odd!
  165. This Stunning Photo Shows the Martian Dust Storm as it was Just Getting Going
  166. This is a Photo of Neptune, From the Ground! ESO’s New Adaptive Optics Makes Ground T
  167. Carnival of Space #571
  168. Life on Europa Would be Protected by Just a Few Centimeters of Ice
  169. Mars Meets the MiniMoon During the Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century
  170. Andromeda Shredded and Consumed a Massive Galaxy About Two Billion Years Ago
  171. Underground Liquid Water Found on Mars!
  172. Was There a Time When the Moon was Habitable?
  173. Titan Looks Cool in Infrared
  174. Mars is 1000x Drier Than the Driest Places on Earth
  175. New Photos of Saturn and Mars from Hubble
  176. Catch Comet C/2017 S3 PanSTARRS in Outburst
  177. Carnival of Space #572
  178. Einstein Was Right… Again! Successful Test of General Relativity Near a Supermassive
  179. Our Book: The Universe Today Ultimate Guide to Viewing the Cosmos
  180. With All These New Planets Found in the Habitable Zone, Maybe it’s Time to Fine Tune
  181. Uh oh, Mars Doesn’t Have Enough Carbon Dioxide to be Terraformed
  182. Look at This Adorable Pen-Sized Booster, Perfect for Tiny Satellites
  183. The Coldest Place in Space Has Been Created. Next Challenge, Coldest Place in the Uni
  184. Five Teams Compete to Design a 3D Printed Mars Habitat for NASA
  185. It Looks Like Plate Tectonics Aren’t Required to Support Life
  186. A Partial Solar Eclipse and the Perseids Round Out August
  187. New Canadian Radio Telescope is Detecting Fast Radio Bursts
  188. Is it a Massive Planet or a Tiny Brown Dwarf. This Object is Right at the Border Betw
  189. 170 Years Ago, Eta Carinae Erupted Dramatically. Astronomers Now Think They Know Why
  190. TESS Practices on a Comet Before Starting on its Science Operations
  191. As the Martian Dust Storm Subsides, There’s Still No Word From Opportunity
  192. The Sun is Actually One of the Most Difficult Places to Reach in the Solar System. He
  193. Carnival of Space #574
  194. Spinning Heat Shield Concept Could Provide a Lightweight Way to Survive Atmospheric R
  195. Oort Clouds Around Other Stars Should be Visible in the Cosmic Microwave Background
  196. Catch Comet 21/P Giacobini-Zinner at Its Best
  197. This Planet is so Metal. Iron and Titanium Vapour Found in the Atmosphere of an “Ultr
  198. Carnival of Space #575
  199. Cosmic Void Contains Fewer Galaxies than Expected, which, Ironically, Makes it Harder
  200. Another Way to Search for Biosignatures of Alien Life. The Material Blasted out of As
  201. Lockheed Martin Shows off its new Space Habitat
  202. Earth’s Mini-Moons are the Perfect Targets to Test Out Asteroid Mining
  203. That New Kind of Aurora Called “Steve”? Turns Out, it Isn’t an Aurora at All
  204. Building Bricks on the Moon From Lunar Dust
  205. Cosmic Watch Review: A Unique Perspective on the Night Sky
  206. Dust off Your Lunar Colony Plans. There’s Definitely Ice at the Moon’s Poles.
  207. There are so Many Water-Worlds Out There
  208. We’re in the Milky Way’s Second Life. Star Formation was Shut Down for Billions of Ye
  209. This is a 3D map of 400,000 Hot Massive Stars Located Within 10,000 Light-Years From
  210. Look at all the Aerosols Pushed into the Atmosphere, from Fires, Volcanoes and Pollut
  211. Hayabusa’s Target Itokawa Formed 4.6 Billion Years Ago, But Then it Was Smashed Up Ab
  212. Are We Witnessing the Start of Solar Cycle 25?
  213. Construction on the Orion Capsule is Done. Next it’ll be Sent to Florida for Final As
  214. New Horizons Sees its Next Target for the First Time: Ultima Thule. Flyby Happens Jan
  215. Another Juno Flyby, Another Amazing Sequence of Images of Jupiter
  216. Carnival of Space #576
  217. This is the Habitat in Hawaii Helping Astronauts Preparing to Explore Mars
  218. Telescope Pierces into One of the Biggest Nebulae in the Milky Way to Reveal its Newl
  219. How the Next Generation of Ground-Based Super-Telescopes will Directly Observe Exopla
  220. Aerojet Rocketdyne Tests Out its New Advanced Ion Engine System
  221. Carnival of Space #577
  222. Estimating When Life Could Have Arisen on Earth
  223. Forming Dense Metal Planets like Mercury is Probably Pretty Difficult and Rare in the
  224. Europan Space Whales Anyone? Planets Covered by Deep Oceans Can Still Have Life on Th
  225. Exploring the Ice Giants: Neptune and Uranus at Opposition for 2018
  226. This is the Exact Spot that ESA’s SMART-1 Crashed Into the Moon in 2006
  227. Cassini Data Has Revealed a Towering Hexagonal Storm at Saturn’s Northern Pole
  228. Japanese Startup is Working on a Reusable Rocketplane to Carry Passengers to Space, a
  229. What is the Cosmic Microwave Background?
  230. New Reasons why Pluto Should be Considered a Planet After All
  231. A Japanese Company is About to Test a Tiny Space Elevator… in Space
  232. Astronomy Cast Ep. 499: What is the proposed Hubble-Lemaitre Law?
  233. A Mission to Deflect an Asteroid Just Moved into the Final Design and Assembly Phase
  234. The Bizarre Picture is a 360-Degree View Around Curiosity on Mars
  235. Superfast Jet of Material Blasted Out From Last Year’s Neutron Star Merger
  236. This Beautiful Photo of Galaxy NGC 3981 was Taken by the Most Powerful Telescope in t
  237. Stare Down from Space into the Churning Maw of Hurricane Florence
  238. Was This Huge River Delta on Mars the Place Where its Oceans Finally Disappeared?
  239. Until We Get Another Mission at Saturn, We’re Going to Have to Make Do with these Pic
  240. India Shows off the Spacesuit its Astronauts Will be Using in 2022
  241. New Video Shows Construction Beginning on the World’s Largest Telescope
  242. The Closest Planet Ever Discovered Outside the Solar System Could be Habitable With a
  243. Sunspot Solar Observatory has been Shut Down by the FBI and Nobody’s Saying Why
  244. To Avoid Vision Problems in Space, Astronauts Will Need Some Kind of Artificial Gravi
  245. Elon Musk Reveals who the First Lunar Tourist Will Be
  246. Heralding the 2018 Harvest Moon
  247. How to Know Once and For All if the Universe Began With a Bang or a Bounce
  248. Carnival of Space #579
  249. Last Year’s Gravitational Wave Detections Failed to Provide a Hint of Any Extra Spati
  250. Narrowing Down the Mass of the Milky Way