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  1. Ice Volcanoes on Ceres are Still Actively Blasting out Material
  2. Inside the Crust of Neutron Stars, There’s Nuclear Pasta; the Hardest Known Substance
  3. Astronomers find Planet Vulcan – 40 Eridani A – Right Where Star Trek Predicted it.
  4. Here are the First Pictures From the Parker Solar Probe. Wait… That’s Not the Sun
  5. Astronauts Could Use the ScanMars Device to Search for Water on Mars
  6. The Milky Way is Still Rippling from a Galactic Collision Millions of Years Ago
  7. Astronomers are Tracking the Interstellar Asteroid ‘Oumuamua to its Home System
  8. Matter is Going Into this Black Hole at 30% the Speed of Light
  9. Musk Gives an Update on When a Mars Colony Could be Built
  10. Noctilucent Clouds Perform Delicate Dance for NASA’s Balloon-Cam
  11. Optical Rocket Boosts Electrons to Nearly the Speed of Light
  12. NASA Spots Opportunity as the Dust Storm Clears. Still No Word From Her Though
  13. Carnival of Space #580
  14. Titan First-Ever Detected Dust Storms Proves the Moon to be More Earth-like than Ever
  15. JunoCam Wows Us Again With Detailed Images of the Great Red Spot
  16. Technosignatures are NASA’s New Target for Detecting Other Civilizations in Space. Wa
  17. NASA Report Outlines How it Will Go Back to the Moon, to Mars, and Beyond in a Sustai
  18. The “Death Comet” Will Pass By Earth Just After Halloween
  19. NASA Tests a Tiny Satellite to Track Extreme Weather and Storms
  20. A New Solution to the Space Junk Problem. Spacecraft with Plasma Beams to Force Space
  21. A Tiny Motor on Curiosity was one of the First Instruments to Notice the Global Marti
  22. Japanese Rovers are Now on the Surface of an Asteroid, Sending Back Amazing Pictures
  23. Good night Kepler. NASA’s Planet Hunter is Almost out of Fuel, and has Gone Into Slee
  24. New Dwarf Planet Found in the Outskirts of the Solar System, Giving Astronomers More
  25. Dark Matter Isn’t Made From Black Holes
  26. Lockheed Martin Unveils Their Proposal For a Lunar Lander
  27. Weekly Space Hangout: Oct 3, 2018 – Dr. David Warmflash
  28. 2018 Prospects for Obscure Comet 38P Stephan-Oterma
  29. Gaia Sees Stars Out in Deep Space, Flying Between Galaxies
  30. First Exomoon Found! A Neptune-Sized Moon Orbiting a Jupiter-Sized Planet
  31. A German-French Hopping Robot Just Landed on the Surface of Asteroid Ryugu
  32. Now You Can Buy Fake Mars Dirt for $20/Kilogram. Obviously You’ll Want to Know if Pot
  33. Microsoft and Partners Hope to Create a Time Capsule… On the Moon!
  34. New Image Shows the Rugged Landscape of Comet 67P
  35. Europa is Going to be Tough to Land on, it Could Have Towering Walls of Ice Spikes Ac
  36. Astronomy Cast Ep. 501: Water Worlds Revisited
  37. 348 Years Ago, a French Astronomer Monk Might have Witnessed the Collision Between a
  38. Weekly Space Hangout: Oct 10, 2018 – Sean Carroll
  39. Ceres Rolled Over at Some Point in the Past
  40. Soyuz Launch Carrying Two Astronauts is Forced to Abort, Landing Safely Back on Earth
  41. What Neil Armstrong’s Sons Really Think About the Movie “First Man”
  42. Next Generation Telescopes Could Use “Teleportation” to Take Better Images
  43. The Milky Way Could Be Spreading Life From Star to Star
  44. Even Ganymede is Showing Tectonic Activity. We’re Going to Need Another Icy Moon Orbi
  45. Carnival of Space #582
  46. The Path that MASCOT Took Across Asteroid Ryugu During its 17 Hours of Life
  47. Plans for a Modular Martian Base on that Would Provide its own Radiation Shielding
  48. Astronomers Get Ready, Another Artificial Star to Ruin Your Data is Coming. Artist is
  49. You’ve Got to Watch this Stunning NASA Video of Arctic Sea Ice. Now at its Lowest Lev
  50. Here’s What the First Images from the Event Horizon Might Look Like
  51. Surprising Discovery. Four Giant Planets Found Around a Very Young Star
  52. Australian astronomers have been able to double the number of mysterious fast radio b
  53. Review: The Most Unknown
  54. Weekly Space Hangout: Oct 17, 2018 – Paul Geithner, Deputy Project Manager, JWST
  55. A Star Exploded as a Supernova and Then Collapsed Into a Neutron Star. But Only a Fra
  56. How Mission Delays Hurt Young Astronomers
  57. A Red Dwarf Blasts off a Superflare. Any Life on its Planets Would Have a Very Bad Da
  58. How the Hubble Unlocked the Universe
  59. Astronomy Cast Ep. 502: No Touching: Determining Composition of Worlds Remotely
  60. To Find Evidence of Life on Exoplanets, Scientists Should Search for “Purple Earths”
  61. Exos Aerospace Completes Successful Launch Test of Their SARGE Rocket
  62. This is How NASA Releases Almost Half a Million Gallons of Water in 60 Seconds
  63. NASA Has Some Cool Space Sounds You Can Use for Ringtones
  64. Carnival of Space #583
  65. Gas and Dust Seen Swirling Around our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole
  66. Gravitational Waves Might be the Key to Finding Dark Matter
  67. It Could be Possible to Transfer Data Through Gravitational Waves
  68. Polar Researchers Spot Two Rectangular Icebergs
  69. Here You Go, It’s Official: Space Force. Seriously Though, Why Couldn’t they have Cal
  70. Being Cassini. Experience What It Was Like to Fly Past Jupiter and Saturn and Their M
  71. Binary Stars Orbiting Each Other INSIDE a Planetary Nebula
  72. Our New Book is Out! Everything You Need to Know to Become an Amateur Astronomer
  73. Weekly Space Hangout: Oct 24, 2018 – Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder
  74. Asteroid Phaethon breaks all the rules. It acts like a comet, it supplies particles t
  75. There Might be Enough Oxygen Below the Surface of Mars to Support Life
  76. Has a New Dwarf Galaxy Been Found Hiding Behind Andromeda?
  77. Gravitational waves were only recently observed, and now astronomers are already thin
  78. There’s a Funny Cloud on Mars, Perched Right at the Arsia Mons Volcano. Don’t Get Too
  79. Blue Origin will be Landing its Rockets on a Used Cargo Ship. It’ll Get Converted in
  80. Messier 70 – the NGC 6681 Globular Cluster
  81. Whoa. That’s the Milky Way, Bouncing off the Moon in Radio Waves
  82. How Science Journalism Helped Me Become a Better Sci-Fi Writer
  83. What is Direct Imaging?
  84. Virgin Orbit Shows off its “Launcher One”, a Rocket Carried by an Airplane
  85. Scary Giant Blue Stars May Unlock Mysteries of Stellar Evolution
  86. Comet 46P Wirtanen Rounds Out 2018
  87. Could Oumuamua Be an Extra-Terrestrial Solar Sail?
  88. Yes! Hubble is Back in Operation
  89. Parker Solar Probe Became the Closest Thing We’ve Ever Sent to the Sun. And it’s Just
  90. This is What Icebergs Look Like at the End of Their Lives. This One’s 18 Years Old
  91. It’s Over For Kepler. The Most Successful Planet Hunter Ever Built is Finally out of
  92. Weekly Space Hangout: Oct 31, 2018 – David Dickinson
  93. An Extremely Large Hole has Been Dug for the Extremely Large Telescope
  94. Timelapse Shows the Glowing Wreckage from Supernova 1987a Expanding Outward Over 30 Y
  95. Astronomy Cast Ep. 504: Radar, Lidar, and Sonar
  96. Exoplanets Will Need Both Continents and Oceans to Form Complex Life
  97. Planetary Scientists Have Chosen a Few Landing Sites for the Mars 2020 Rover
  98. Astronomers Get as Close as They Can to Seeing the Black Hole at the Heart of the Mil
  99. This Star Killed its Companion and is now Escaping the Milky Way
  100. We Could Build a Powerful Laser and Let Any Civilizations Within 20,000 Light-Years K
  101. Weekly Space Hangout: Nov 7, 2018 – Colin Stuart ‘s “How to Live in Space”
  102. Carnival of Space #585
  103. That Rectangular Iceberg Took a Long, Hazardous Journey
  104. Mars InSight Lands on November 26th. Here’s where it’s going to touch down
  105. Ancient Star Found that’s Only Slightly Younger than the Universe Itself
  106. SpaceX is going to build a mini-BFR to launch on a Falcon 9
  107. Not all the Earth’s Water Came From Comets
  108. Carnival of Space #586
  109. Astronomy Cast Ep. 505: Seismology
  110. Messier 71 – the NGC 6838 Globular Cluster
  111. Weekly Space Hangout: Nov 14, 2018: Paul Sutter’s “Your Place in The Universe”
  112. Direct Observations of a Planet Orbiting a Star 63 Light-Years Away
  113. Catching Asteroid 3 Juno at Its Best
  114. An Extremely Rare Gamma Ray Emitting Neutron Star Binary Has Been Found
  115. Gaia Spots an Enormous Ghost Galaxy Right Next Door that’s Being Dismantled by the Mi
  116. ARCHIMEDES: Digging into the ice on Europa with lasers
  117. Scientists are using artificial intelligence to see inside stars using sound waves
  118. Honey, Where’s the Space Sperm? It’s in Low-Earth Orbit, Dear
  119. Going 1 Million Miles per Hour With Advanced Propulsion
  120. So Cool! Japanese Space Research Center will be Suspended Over a Moonlike Crater
  121. SpaceX Gives More Details on how their Starlink Internet Service Will Work. Less Sate
  122. New Comet V1 Machholz-Fujikawa-Iwamoto Takes Observers by Surprise
  123. Lunar Outpost Shows off their New Rover that will Crawl the Moon, Searching for Resou
  124. Super Earth Planet Found Around One of the Closest Stars to us. But it’s Probably a T
  125. Huge Asteroid Impact Crater Found Just Under the Ice in Greenland
  126. Chinese Fusion Experiment Reaches 100 Million Degrees
  127. Carnival of Space #587
  128. Astronomers Finally Spot the Type of Star That Leads to Type 1C Supernovae
  129. The Power of the Wobble: Finding Exoplanets in the Shifting of Starlight
  130. Strange Grooves on Phobos Were Caused by Boulders Rolling Around on its Surface
  131. SpaceX to Launch 64 Satellites, Including Orbital Reflector
  132. It’s Decided, the Mars 2020 Rover Will Land in Jezero Crater
  133. Astronomers Find One of the Sun’s Sibling Stars. Born From the Same Solar Nebula Bill
  134. Lakes on Mars Filled up so Quickly They Would Overflow Catastrophically Carving Canyo
  135. Astronomers Detect Water in the Atmosphere of a Planet 179 Light-Years Away
  136. Massive Triple Star System Creates this Bizarre Swirling Pinwheel of Dust. And it Cou
  137. Weekly Space Hangout: Nov 21, 2018: Bruce Betts’ “Astronomy for Kids”
  138. Europe’s Vision of a Future Moon Base. Made out of Moon Dust.
  139. Name Change Alert! SpaceX’s BFR is Now Just Called “Starship”
  140. The Earth’s Wandering Poles Could Have Caused the Ice Age
  141. Messier 72 – the NGC 6981 Globular Cluster
  142. Carnival of Space #588
  143. InSight Lander Touches Down! Begins Mission to Unlock the Secrets of Mars
  144. Some of the Stars in this Cluster are Almost as Old as the Universe Itself While Othe
  145. InSight Deploys its Solar Cells, Prepared for Surface Operations on Mars!
  146. Hubble’s First Picture After Returning to Service. The Telescope is Fully Operational
  147. Astronomy Cast Ep. 507: From Fiction to Fact : Ion Drive
  148. Weekly Space Hangout: Nov 28, 2018: David Eicher’s “Mission Moon 3-D”
  149. One of the Most Exciting Parts of InSight is Actually the Tiny Cubesats Tagging Along
  150. We Have the Technology. Airplanes Could Spray Particles into the Atmosphere to Battle
  151. We May Soon Be Able To See the First, Supergiant Stars in the Universe
  152. Now that TESS is Operational, Astronomers Estimate it’ll Find 14,000 Planets. 10 Coul
  153. There Could be Hundreds of Interstellar Asteroids and Comets in the Solar System Righ
  154. A 2018 Outburst From the December Andromedids?
  155. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria has been Found on the Space Station’s Toilet
  156. Prehistoric Cave Paintings Show That Ancient People Had Pretty Advanced Knowledge of
  157. A New Atomic Clock has been Built that Would be off by Less than a Second Since the B
  158. Messier 73 – the NGC 6994 Star Cluster
  159. Astronomy Cast Ep. 508: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
  160. Micrometeorite Damage Under the Microscope
  161. OSIRIS-REx has Finally Caught up with Asteroid Bennu. Let the Analysis and Sample Col
  162. SpaceX Uses a Thrice-Launched Booster to Send 64 Satellites Into Space.
  163. Carnival of Space #589
  164. New Gravitational Waves Detected From Four More Black Hole Mergers. Total Detections
  165. Building Gas Stations and McMurdo Scale Outposts on the Moon
  166. A Meteor may have Exploded in the Air 3,700 Years Ago, Obliterating Communities Near
  167. Weekly Space Hangout: Dec 05, 2018: Dr. Pamela Gay talks CosmoQuest Hangoutathon!
  168. The Large Hadron Collider has been Shut Down, and Will Stay Down for Two Years While
  169. Good News: a SpaceX Cargo Resupply is Off to the Space Station. Bad News: Failed Hydr
  170. New SPECULOOS Telescope Sees First Light. Soon it’ll be Seeing Habitable Planets Arou
  171. On the Astronomy Trail in Nebraska
  172. Ice loss in Greenland is Accelerating
  173. Astronomers Count all the Photons in the Universe. Spoiler Alert: 4,000,000,000,000,0
  174. InSight’s Robot Arm is Ready to go to Work
  175. The Draco Constellation
  176. Mercury-Bound BepiColombo is About to Start Using the Most Powerful Ion Engines Ever
  177. A Rapid Rise in Temperature Led to the Worst Extinction in our Planet’s History
  178. Carnival of Space #590
  179. OSIRIS-REx Has Already Found Water on Bennu
  180. InSight Uses its Seismometer to “Hear” the Sound of Wind on Mars
  181. Get Ready for the 2018 Geminid Meteors
  182. Finally! Voyager 2 is Now in Interstellar Space
  183. A Supernova 2.6 Million Years Ago Could Have Wiped Out the Ocean’s Large Animals
  184. Every Few Hours There’s a Flash of Light Coming From the Moon. Another Impact.
  185. There’s a Surprising Amount of Life Deep Inside the Earth. Hundreds of Times More Mas
  186. Exactly How We Would Send our First Laser-Powered Probe to Alpha Centauri
  187. You’re Looking at an Actual Image of a White Dwarf Feeding on Material from a Larger
  188. Of Course You’ll Want to See InSight’s First Selfie.
  189. Rosetta Flew Through the Bow Shock of Comet 67P Several Times During its Mission
  190. Here’s the First Image of the Sun from the Parker Solar Probe
  191. Here are 20 Protoplanetary Disks, With Newly Forming Planets Carving Out Gaps in the
  192. Just discovered! “Farout”, the Farthest Object Ever Seen in the Solar System
  193. Messier 74 – the NGC 628 Spiral Galaxy
  194. Did You Know that the Earth Loses Several Hundred Tons of Atmosphere to Space Every D
  195. Weekly Space Hangout: Dec 19, 2018: News Roundup
  196. Carnival of Space #591
  197. A Nuclear-Powered Tunneling Robot that Could Search for Life on Europa
  198. Saturn is Losing its Rings, Fast. They Could be Gone Within 100 Million Years
  199. The Saturn Nebula Kind of Looks Like the Planet in a Small Telescope, But in One of t
  200. Even if Exoplanets Have Atmospheres With Oxygen, it Doesn’t Mean There’s Life There
  201. Remember the Discovery of Methane in the Martian Atmosphere? Now Scientists Can’t Fin
  202. InSight Just Placed its Seismometer onto the Surface of Mars to Listen for Marsquakes
  203. New Research Reveals How Galaxies Stay Hot and Bothered
  204. The Equuleus Constellation
  205. This Crater on Mars Traps the Cold, and Remains Filled With Ice, All Year Round
  206. Weekly Space Hangout: Dec 26, 2018 The Year in Review
  207. Top Astronomy Events For 2019
  208. Something Twice the Size of Earth Slammed into Uranus and Knocked it Over on its Side
  209. Astronomy Cast Ep. 510: 2018 – Year in Review
  210. NASA’s Technosignatures Report is Out. Every Way to Find Evidence of an Intelligent C
  211. Russian Cosmonaut says that the Hole in the ISS was Drilled From the Inside
  212. Messier 75 – the NGC 6864 Globular Cluster
  213. Prototype Version of the SpaceX Starship with a Stainless Steel Skin is Under Constru
  214. A Guide to Hunting Zombie Stars
  215. Quadrantid Meteors Kickoff a Busy January 2019
  216. India is Going to be Sending Three People to Space in Three Years
  217. The Pictures are Here! New Horizons Close Up View of 2014 MU69
  218. See a Simulation of the Moon for Every Day in 2019
  219. Juno Saw One of Io’s Volcanoes Erupting During its Recent Flyby
  220. The Eridanus Constellation
  221. Weekly Space Hangout: Jan 2, 2019- News Roundup
  222. China’s Chang’e-4 lands on the far side of the Moon
  223. The SpaceX Starhopper has Three Raptor Engines on the Bottom
  224. Carnival of Space #592-3
  225. Carnival of Space #594
  226. Still no Word from Opportunity
  227. Check out this Amazing Picture of the Triangulum Galaxy by Hubble.
  228. Astronomy Cast Ep. 512: Direct Imaging of Exoplanets
  229. China’s Yutu-2 rover is on the move on the far side of the Moon
  230. TESS Finds its Third Planet, a sub-Neptune with a 36-Day Orbit
  231. Interstellar Objects like Oumuamua Probably Crash into the Sun Every 30 Years or so a
  232. It Looks Like Dark Matter Can be Heated Up and Moved Around
  233. Bad News. Planets Orbiting Red Dwarfs Might not have the Raw Materials for Life
  234. Weekly Space Hangout: Jan 9, 2019 – Lucianne Walkowicz
  235. Extreme Bacteria on the Space Station are Evolving to Handle the Harsh Conditions, no
  236. Our Complete Guide to the January 21st Total Lunar Eclipse
  237. Canadian Telescope Finds 13 More Fast Radio Bursts Including the Second One Ever Seen
  238. Uh oh, Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 is Down
  239. In the far Future our Sun will Turn Into a Solid Crystalline White Dwarf. Here’s How
  240. Giant Streak Structure Found in Venus’ Cloudtops
  241. Neutrino Telescopes Look Deep in the Earth and Deep into Space
  242. Astronomers See the Exact Moment a Supernova Turned into a Black Hole (or Neutron Sta
  243. Habitable Planets Around Red Dwarf Stars Might not get Enough Photons to Support Plan
  244. Messier 76 – the NGC 650/651 Planetary Nebula
  245. Incredible Descent Video of the Chinese Lander to the Lunar Far Side
  246. Bizarre Double Star System Flipped its Planetary Disk on its Side
  247. A New Technique to Figure Out How Old Stars Are
  248. Titan’s Thick Clouds Obscure our View, but Cassini Took these Images in Infrared, Sho
  249. Jupiter Meets Venus at Dawn in a Close Conjunction
  250. The Prototype for the Starship has been Assembled, Hop Tests Could be Happening Soon