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  1. SpaceX just launched 60 satellites for its Starlink Constellation. Internet service p
  2. Sen has Launched a 4K Video Stream to Space
  3. Theory proposes that Venus could have been habitable, but a large ocean slowed down i
  4. Catching a Ride on the Starlink Satellite Train: Midnight Marvel, or Night Sky Menace
  5. 18 – Yes, 18 – New Earth-sized Exoplanets have been Found in Kepler’s Data
  6. New layers of water ice have been found beneath Mars’ North Pole
  7. NASA’s Long-Term Climate Predictions have Proven to be Very Accurate, Within 1/20th o
  8. This Strange Feature on Mars was Probably the Result of an Ancient Volcanic Explosion
  9. Weekly Space Hangout: May 29, 2019 – Dr. Molly Peeples of the Space Telescope Science
  10. Different Conditions From Earth Drive the Movement of Sand Dunes on Mars
  11. Astronomers are Finding Binary Pairs of Stars Thrown out of Galaxies Together
  12. This is Where Mars 2020 Rover is Heading. From this Picture, I Think You Can Guess Wh
  13. A Very Rare Planet Discovered. Less Massive than Neptune, Hotter than Mercury. Very F
  14. Why do Some Hubble Images Have That Chunk Taken Out of the Corner?
  15. Curiosity has Found the Mother Lode of Clay on the Surface of Mars
  16. The First-Ever Film of a Total Solar Eclipse – in 1900 – was Just Discovered and Rest
  17. MOONRISE: Melting lunar regolith with lasers to build structures on the Moon
  18. Phew! James Webb passes its final thermal vacuum test. Still on track for 2021
  19. LEGO’s New Apollo 11 Lunar Lander has been Released
  20. Rovers on Mars should be searching for rocks that look like pasta – they’re almost ce
  21. Subaru Telescope Sees 1800 Supernovae
  22. NASA is building up a map of the entire sky seen in X-rays, line by line with its NIC
  23. Carnival of Space #614
  24. How Will NASA and ESA Handle Mars Samples When They Get Them Back to Earth?
  25. Weekly Space Hangout: June 5, 2019 – Jean Wright, NASA’s Seamstress to the Stars
  26. Is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Vanishing as We Near Opposition 2019?
  27. Astronomers See Adorable Baby Planets Forming Around a Young Star
  28. Astronomers See an Enormous Coronal Mass Ejection… On Another Star!
  29. Engineers are Still Troubleshooting Why Mars InSight’s Mole is Stuck and Won’t Go Any
  30. A double asteroid came uncomfortably close this weekend. Here’s what astronomers saw
  31. There’s a Ring of Cool Gas Wrapped Around the Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole
  32. Europe is Working On a Reusable Space Transport System: Space Rider
  33. Don’t Worry About Asteroid 2006QV89. There’s Only a 1 in 7000 Chance It’ll Hit the Ea
  34. The Japanese asteroid-hunter had another photo opportunity when it dropped a target m
  35. You Can Use a Live Webcam to Watch NASA Build the Mars 2020 Rover
  36. Black hole simulation solves a mystery about their accretion disks
  37. Perfect Example of a Barred Spiral Galaxy, Seen Face On. This is What Our Milky Way M
  38. New observations from the Planck mission don’t resolve anomalies like the CMB “cold
  39. Carnival of Space #615
  40. Messier 87 – the Virgo A Supergiant Galaxy
  41. Ep. 533: Indigenous South African Astronomy
  42. That Explains a Lot. The Moon’s Largest Crater has a Chunk of Metal Embedded in it Th
  43. New Instrument is Searching for Planets Around Alpha Centauri
  44. It’s Been Exactly One Year Since Opportunity Sent This Final Message Home – on its 5,
  45. 1.2 billion years ago, a 1-km asteroid smashed into Scotland
  46. Apollo 10’s “Snoopy” Lunar Lander May Have Been Found in Space
  47. Weekly Space Hangout: June 12, 2019 – Mike Simmons of Astronomers Without Borders and
  48. Mimas Pushes Through Saturn’s Rings Like a Snowplow
  49. Ceres is a Strange Place, Including a Volcanic Peak 4,000 Meters High Made From Bubbl
  50. An Orbit Map of the Solar System
  51. In order to reveal planets around another star, a starshade needs to fly 40,000 km aw
  52. This is What the Ground Looked Like After InSight Landed on Mars
  53. Saltwater Similar to the Earth’s Oceans has been Seen on Europa. Another Good Reason
  54. Robotic asteroid mining spacecraft wins a grant from NASA
  55. Satellites Equipped With a Tether Would be Able to De-Orbit Themselves at the end of
  56. Earth has a Water Cycle. Mars has a Dust Cycle
  57. Inflatable Heat Shield Could Deliver Heavy Payloads to Worlds With a Thick Atmosphere
  58. Martian Clouds Might Start with Meteor Trails Through the Atmosphere
  59. Weekly Space Hangout: June 19, 2019 – Corey Gray, Lead Operator at the LIGO Hanford O
  60. Carnival of Space #616
  61. New Ideas to Reduce Muscle Loss During Spaceflight
  62. This is the Closest OSIRIS-REx has Gotten to Bennu. Just 680 Meters Above the Asteroi
  63. The Earliest Example of Merging Galaxies Ever Found
  64. Competition Will Let You Name an Exoplanet
  65. Two Earthlike Worlds Found Orbiting a Red Dwarf Only 12.5 Light-Years Away
  66. Stunning Image Shows How Saturn’s Tiny Moon Sculpts the Planet’s Rings
  67. Want to Find Aliens? The Largest Dataset in the History of SETI has Been Released to
  68. Enceladus is Filled with Tasty Food for Bacteria
  69. Deep Space Atomic Clocks Will Help Spacecraft Answer, with Incredible Precision, if T
  70. NASA Model Shows Greenland’s Ice Sheet Will Disappear Over the Next 1000 Years, Raisi
  71. Messier 88 – the NGC 4501 Spiral Galaxy
  72. Uranus’ Rings are Surprisingly Bright in Thermal Emissions
  73. Hubble is the Ultimate Multitasker: Discovering Asteroids While it’s Doing Other Obse
  74. Carnival of Space #617
  75. Third Falcon Heavy Launch Blasts 24 Payloads Into Orbit Including a Solar Sail. Doesn
  76. Curiosity Sniffs a Spike in Methane. Could it be a Sign of Life?
  77. Of Course Mars 2020 is Going to Get a New Name. NASA is Looking for Judges for an Upc
  78. Hubble Finds Buckyballs in Space
  79. Lakes on Titan Might Have Exotic Crystals Encrusted Around Their Shores
  80. SpaceIL Scraps its Plans to go Back to the Moon. Instead, it’s Got a New Secret “Sign
  81. The Most Efficient Way to Explore the Entire Milky Way, Star by Star
  82. Our Complete Guide to the July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse
  83. Eruption of the Raikoke Volcano, Seen From Space
  84. French Scientists Claim to Have Created Metallic Hydrogen
  85. NASA is Going Back to Saturn’s Moon Titan, this Time With a Nuclear Battery-Powered Q
  86. Earth To Mars In 100 Days? The Power Of Nuclear Rockets
  87. A Fast Radio Burst has Finally Been Traced Back to its Source: the Outskirts of a Gal
  88. The Latest Insanely Beautiful Image of Jupiter Captured by Juno
  89. Meet the Comet Interceptor. It’ll Wait Patiently In Space for a Comet, Then Pounce On
  90. Astronomers See Evidence of Supermassive Black Holes Forming Directly in the Early Un
  91. Ep. 536: Everyday Relativity
  92. Who Wants to be a Trillionaire? Mission to Psyche Could Uncover Tons of Precious Meta
  93. “Eight Years to the Moon:” Read a Book Excerpt
  94. Airplane Contrails are Contributing to Global Warming Too
  95. Carnival of Space #618
  96. SpaceX has Lost Contact With 3 of its Starlink Satellites
  97. Dr. Avi Loeb Thinks the Government Should set its Sights on Big Ideas in Space Explor
  98. Hubble has a Brand New Picture of the Massive Star Eta Carinae. It Could Detonate as
  99. NASA Telescopes Reveal the Atmosphere of A Strange Hybrid Exoplanet
  100. NASA’s Still Trying to Get InSight’s Mole Working Again. Progress is Slow.
  101. The Planet-Hunting TESS Discovers Its Smallest Exoplanet to Date
  102. Where Does Mars’ Methane Go? New Study Provides Possible Answer, with Implications in
  103. Orion Capsule Passes Key Launch Abort Test. Next Stop: The Moon!
  104. Fraser and John Michael Godier Debate the Fermi Paradox
  105. Carnival of Space #619
  106. A Jarful of Titan Could Teach Us A Lot About Life There, and Here On Earth
  107. The ESA’s SpaceBok Robot Will Hop Its Way Around Low-Gravity Worlds
  108. Is NASA Sacrificing Sending Astronauts to Mars in Order to Get to the Moon Sooner?
  109. Our Guide to Saturn Opposition Season 2019
  110. LightSail 2 Mission is Going Strong and Sending Mission Info Home!
  111. Mars’ North Pole is Doing the Dust Storms Thing Again
  112. Skywatcher and Satellite Tracker Photographs US Air Force’s Secret Space Plane in Orb
  113. New Study Shows How Breaching “Carbon Threshold” Could Trigger Mass Extinction in Ear
  114. Can We Use Special Sails To Bring Old Satellites Back Down To Earth?
  115. NASA has Figured Out How to Extend the Lives of the Voyagers Even Longer
  116. Two NASA Heads Demoted, Possibly as Part of a Shake-Up to Get Back to the Moon.
  117. There Should Be More Iron In Space. Why Can’t We See It?
  118. Virgin Orbit Tests its Satellite-Delivery Rocket for the First Time
  119. Move Over SpaceX. Amazon Wants To Launch Thousands of Internet Satellites Too
  120. Researchers May Have Found the Missing Piece of Evidence that Explains the Origins of
  121. Hubble Spots “Impossible” Debris Disk Around a Black Hole
  122. Carnival of Space #620
  123. A Disk of Debris is Forming Moons Around an Exoplanet. A Proto-Lunar Disk?
  124. There’s A Fire in Greenland… Again. It’s 10 Degrees Hotter Than Normal
  125. Messier 89 – the NGC 4552 Spiral Galaxy
  126. Our Guide to Tuesday Night’s Partial Lunar Eclipse
  127. Hayabusa 2 is the First Spacecraft to Sample the Inside of an Asteroid
  128. NASA is Building Robots That Can Climb Rock and Ice Cliffs
  129. Pictures from Curiosity Show the Bottom of an Ancient Lake on Mars, the Perfect Place
  130. First Ever Image of Quantum Entanglement
  131. Crew Dragon Exploded Back in April Because of a Nitrogen Tetroxide Leak
  132. Screaming Sounds Sent to the Edge of Space, Confirming That… “In Space, No One Can He
  133. Gaia Mission is Mapping Out the Bar at the Center of the Milky Way